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Foley makes most of second chance


Representing Montgomery Motorsports Park, Foley drove his '74 Duster to a final-round victory against Moroso Motorsports Park's Jeremy Jarosz to earn a trip to California and a national title shot.

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									Division 2                         Sportsman
Foley makes most of second chance

        Montgomery Motorsports Park’s Steve
        Foley (inset) captured the Sportsman
        title with a final-round victory over
        Moroso Motorsports Park’s Jeremy
        Jarosz. Foley, near lane, ran a near-
        perfect 8.202 on his 8.20 dial to
        overcome a .005 reaction time from
        Jarosz, who broke out.

   NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES FINALS                                           kind of worked out. The                                                                      and tried to make it as
(Div. 2) — In 2006, Steve Foley came within a                                 weekend that I would                                                                         tight as I could.”
heartbeat of winning the Division 3 NHRA Summit                               have been in California                                                                          Foley spotted each of
Racing Series Finals Sportsman title. Racing for                              [for the NHRA Summit                                                                         his next three opponents
London Motorsports Park, Foley had Jimmie Barrett                             Racing Series National                                                                       big head starts but was
on the Tree by seven-thousandths in the final but ran a                       Championship], my dad                                                                        better on the Tree and
hundredth under his dial in a double-breakout loss.                           was saved by the Lord                                                                        beat all three with
   “I had him on the Tree but took too much stripe                            Jesus Christ. If I’m in                                                                      relative ease, including
and lost,” said Foley, a former IHRA bracket                                  California, he might                                                                         Sunshine’s Donovan
champion, eight-time track champion, and two-time                             have been with me and                                                                        Norton in the
NHRA Division 3 Race of Champions winner. “But it                             maybe doesn’t get saved,                                                                     quarterfinals. Foley then
                                                                              or he gets saved and I        (Above) Foley cut a .007 light and ran an 8.22 on his 8.20 used a .007 light to beat
                                                                              don’t get to see it. I just   dial to defeat Sunshine Dragstrip’s Joe Tillman in the semi’s. Norton’s teammate, Joe
                                                                              figured if it’s meant to      (Below) In the other semifinal round, Jarosz was better on Tillman, in the semi’s.
                                                                              be it’ll happen.”             the Tree and ran an 8.88 on his 8.85 dial to hold off Silver       “I thought I was red,
                                                                                  Driving the same car Dollar Raceway’s Josh Renfroe, who ran a near-perfect but when the red-light
                                                                              that he was runner-up         8.338 (8.33 dial).                                             didn’t come on, I knew I’d
                                                                              with two years earlier,                                                                      mowed it,” said Foley,
  Quarterfinalists: Jeremy Jarosz (’93 Mustang —                              Foley competed at the                                                                        who ran an 8.22 on his
  Moroso); Craig Gingerich (’01 Corvette — Bradenton); Joe                    Division 2 NHRA                                                                              8.20 dial against
  Tillman (’07 Tundra — Sunshine); Chris Peeler (’73                          Summit Racing Series                                                                         Tillman’s breakout 9.45
  Challenger — Northwest Tennessee); Steve Foley (’74                         Finals. Representing                                                                         (9.47). “When my win
  Duster — Montgomery); Donovan Norton (’04 F-150 —                           Montgomery                                                    
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