Wilson seeks redemption with second chance by ProQuest


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									Division 2                         Pro
Wilson seeks redemption with second chance

In the Pro final, Bruce Wilson
    (above) was .030-second
  quicker off the starting line
  than Lucas Walker, far lane,
 and lit the scoreboards with
 a 6.62 (6.61 dial) to Walker’s
       6.43 (6.43) for the win.

    NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES FINALS                                            “This trip to Pomona is                                                                      advantage with his
(Div. 2) — Pro-class racer Bruce Wilson will soon be                         just as important,” said                                                                        .009-second reaction
packing up and heading to Pomona to compete in the                           Wilson. “And maybe I’ll get                                                                     and ran closer to his
NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championship,                             to redeem myself a little                                                                       dial in a double-
held during the Automobile Club of Southern Califor-                         bit from the first try.”                                                                        breakout match with
nia NHRA Finals, and if that sounds familiar, there is                          Wilson, who has been                                                                         B.J. Bianchi, earn-
a logical reason: He’s been there before. In 2001,                           bracket racing since he was                                                                     ing a critical bye
Wilson was the Division 2 NHRA Summit Racing                                 16, knew he was in for an                                                                       run into the final,
Series Finals winner but encountered more than his                           interesting weekend when                                                                        where he was again
fair share of parts failure once he got to California.                       he got past the first round                                                                     better out of the
Because of the problems, he didn’t get a time run,                           in Atlanta.                        Wilson posted a leisurely .131-second start and ran a gate than his oppo-
then the weekend went from bad to worse when he                                 “I’ve notoriously had           quick 6.62 on his 6.63 dial in his semifinal bye.            nent, this time
broke out in the first round.                                                bad luck at this race first                                                                     Lucas Walker, who
                                                                             round,” said the Huntsville Dragway competitor.              ran six-thousandths over his dial, to get the win.
                                                                             “I’ve only made it past the first round three                     Wilson and his family celebrated with dinner and
                                                                             times, and two of those times, I’ve won. If I can            plenty of conversation about what the future will hold.
                                                                             get past it, I’m good, but this time I actually had               “This is really a family thing,” said Wilson. “My
                                                                             to run one of the world champs who had already               sister, who passed away with cancer a few years ago,
                                                                             won in Pomona, Kyle Roberts.”                                won the High School Finals in 1998, I won in 2001,
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