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									                                                             he ’90 Camaro that Jimmy Spell competes with in the         four-speed, and Tom Schweitzer at Schweitzer’s Custom

                                                       T     Super Stock GT/K class has been pretty good to the
                                                             North Carolina-based racer from the start; he collected
                                                        a runner-up finish at the national event in Reading soon
                                                                                                                         Paint in Pine Bluff, N.C., did the paint. The car rides on
                                                                                                                         Motegi racing wheels and has Mickey Thompson tires.
                                                                                                                            Spell, whose past rides include a ’67 Buick Gran Sport
                                                            after putting together the car and has since set eight       and a Chevy II, among others, got the racing bug while
                                                                 national records. This season, Spell, fifth in          working in New Jersey 20 years ago.
                                                                      Division 2 Super Stock points at the time of          “We used to race up there in New Jersey,” said Spell. “I
                                                                           print, is heading towards a top 10 finish.    was there working, and I saved my money [and] then came
                                                                                              Fifteen years ago, Spell   back home to North Carolina and went into business for
                                                                                          purchased the body and         myself. Now, I’m in the concrete and masonry business and
                                                                                            took it to Ed Quay Race      do government work. I have to make some money to go
                                                                                              Cars in Pottstown,         racing with.”
                                                                                                Penn., where the            Every year, Spell takes a month off of work and makes
                                                                                               chassis was built, and    his way to Florida to race in the block of divisional and
                                                                                   since then, “I haven’t had to turn    national events that take place in the area, and the practice
                                                                               any bolts on it, just did gas shocks      could very well have him on his way to a win.
                                                                               on the front,” said Spell.                   “I really thought I might win the race in Richmond,”
                                                                                   The 283-cid Chevy engine              said Spell, who ran close to his dial in the first two rounds
                                                                              produces 230 horsepower and was            but broke out by a hundredth and fell to Jim Harrington in
                                                                              originally built by Bobby Warren, but                        round three.
                                                                              Spell now builds and refreshes his                                        Spell thanked Jerico
                                                                             own engines. The car’s best times are                                  Transmission and RAM Clutch
                                                                             10.29 and 129 mph.                                                          as well as Patterson Racing
                                                                                “I also build my own headers, my                                              for their assistance. ND
                                                                            own cylinder heads, and do almost
                                                                            everything myself,” said the seasoned
                                                                      racer, who owns Spell Performance in
                                                                      Stedman, N.C.
                                                                          The small-block is
                                                                       enhanced with a 4G
                                                                    carburetor, the
                                                               transmission is a Jerico

                                                                                                        or a Stock                                                         against

                                                                                                 F      enthusiast, Greg
                                                                                                        Rowe seems to have
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