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									                                                               Administration of George W. Bush, 2008                                                                         1359

                                                                  In the evening, at the International Mone-                   Leep. He then traveled to Ada, MI, where,
                                                               tary Fund building, the President met with                      at Schnitz Ada Grill, he had lunch with local
                                                               G–20 finance ministers and central bank gov-                    business leaders. Later, at a private resi-
                                                               ernors.                                                         dence, he attended a Congressional Trust
                                                                                                                               2008 reception. He then returned to Wash-
                                                               October 13                                                      ington, DC.
                                                                  In the morning, the President had an intel-
                                                               ligence briefing.                                               October 16
                                                                  In the evening, on the North Portico, the                       In the morning, the President had an intel-
                                                               President and Mrs. Bush greeted Prime Min-                      ligence briefing. Later, at the State Depart-
                                                               ister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy. Later, in the                 ment, he attended several briefings and met
                                                               East Room, they and Prime Minister                              with State Department employees.
                                                               Berlusconi viewed entertainment.
                                                                                                                               October 17
                                                               October 14                                                         In the morning, the President had an intel-
                                                                  In the morning, the President had an intel-                  ligence briefing.
                                                               ligence briefing. Later, he had separate tele-                     In the afternoon, the President traveled to
                                                               phone conversations with Prime Minister                         Camp David, MD.
                                                               Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom,
                                                               Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and
                                                               President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to dis-
                                                               cuss the global financial markets situation.
                                                               Then, in the Roosevelt Room, he met with                        Nominations
                                                               the President’s Working Group on Financial                      Submitted to the Senate
                                                                  Later in the morning, in the Oval Office,                    NOTE: No nominations were submitted to the
                                                               the President participated in a bill signing                    Senate during the period covered by this issue.
                                                               ceremony for S. 3001, the Duncan Hunter
                                                               National Defense Authorization Act for Fis-
                                                               cal Year 2009. Later, he traveled to Arling-
                                                               ton, VA, where, at the Pentagon, he partici-
                                                               pated in Defense Department briefings.                          Checklist
                                                                  In the afternoon, the President returned                     of White House Press Releases
                                                               to Washington, DC.
                                                                  The White House announced that the
                                                               President will welcome President Ellen                          The following list contains releases of the Office
                                                                                                                               of the Press Secretary that are neither printed as
                                                               Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia to the White
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