The pediatric doctor mom blues by ProQuest


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									                          The Left Atrium


                          The pediatric doctor mom blues
                          when I woke up this mornin’                                                                       the first mom’s got an attitude
                          I couldn’t get out of bed                                                                         the next mom’s runnin’ late
                          I was twisted in the covers                                                                       the next six kids got ADD
                          cat was sleepin’ on my head                                                                       I cannot concentrate
                          the clock was reading 8:15                                                                        the next kid is so whiny and
                          my clinic starts at 8                                                                             his mother is depressed
                          my husband turned off                                                                             wanna chuck these charts behind me
                            the clock alarm                                                                                 and go home for a rest
                          I’m gonna be so late                                                                              but there’s twenty nine dictations
                          I got those pediatric doctor mom                                                                  and prescriptions to call in
                            doctor mom doctor mom blues…                                                                    med student evaluations
                                                                                                                            some days you just can’t win
                          I go downstairs for breakfast                                                                     I got those pediatric doctor mom doctor
                          and feed the dog and cat                                                                            mom doctor mom blues…
                          no time for walks or exercise
                          I know I’m gettin’ fat                                                                            my work day’s finally over
                          the bread is gettin’ mouldy                                                                       my home work’s just begun
                          the milk has all gone sour                                                                        drive back and cook and clean the house
                          my son’s used the hot water up                                                                    no time to have some fun
                          how can I take a shower?                                                                          take Sara to her practice
                          the cereal box is empty                                                                           and put the laundry in
                          the dog needs to go out                                                                           the dishes in the dishwasher
                          my daughter wants cash for                                                                        recycling in the bin
                            new jeans                                                                                       then I pick her up from choir
                          or she is gonna pout                                                                              walk the dog around the block
                          I got those pediatric doctor mom                                                                  and go to sleep at midnight
                            doctor mom doctor mom blu
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