Price earns second consecutive Sportsman title at points race by ProQuest


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                  Price earns second consecutive Sportsman title at points race
                     ACTION CITY DRAGWAY
                  USA, Terre Haute, Ind. (Sept.
                  20) — The track held its latest
                  points race and had new faces in
                  the winner’s circle.
                     Jake Orman, in his ’93 S-10,
                  finally earned a spot in the
                  winner’s circle by stopping Tony
                  Virgilio in the Super Pro final with
                  a .015 light and 5.88 on a 5.87 dial.
                  Virgilio’s ’06 R.E.D. cut a .018 light
                  but broke out with a 4.84 on a 4.85      (Above) Steve Byrley’s ’69 Chevelle won the Pro title over
                  dial. Jeremy Lawson was the semi-        Scott Murphy’s ’75 Maverick with a 7.44 (7.33 dial). (Right)
                  finalist.                                Jake Orman, in his ’93 S-10, earned a spot in the winner’s
                     Steve Byrley’s ’69 Chevelle won       circle by stopping Tony Virgilio in the Super Pro final with a
                  the Pro title with a 7.44 on a 7.33      .015 light and 5.88 on a 5.87 dial.                                                           More Member Track News on page 84
                  dial over the ’75 Maverick of Scott
                  Murphy, who scored a 7.22 on a
                  7.19 dial. Mike Tewell was the
                     Up-and-coming racer Adam Price                                              DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT,
                  won his second consecutive Sports-
                  man title this year. In the
                  double-breakout race, Price’s ’74
                                                                      HERE’S WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY...
                  Duster finished ahead of Jeff
                  Lathrop’s ’70 Nova, 8.33 (8.35 dial)                                                                                                                    “I would not build an engine that did not
                  to 8.31 (8.35). Chad Eaton and                                                                                                                          have Total Seal Gapless Top Rings in it.
                  Gary Johnson were quarterfinalist.                                                                                                                      Every Super Stock and Stock Eliminator
                                                                “At ECR Engines we build engines for
                     The Bike winner was Brad Miles,                                                             “A Nascar Cup engine will see about 1 million firing     engine has picked up horsepower with
                                                                Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Craftsman
                                                                                                                 cycles on an average weekend and we only trust           the Total Seal Gapless Top Ring.”
                  in his ’02 Suzuki, over Ray Yonker’s          Truck series. When you build 600 plus
                  ’06 Polaris, 6.09 (6.05) to 10.99             engines a year it’s a tough balancing act        Total Seal Rings to contain those explosions. Also,      Jeff Taylor
                                                                between being a production facility and a        as much as we like to change things, Total Seal's        Jeff Taylor Performance
                     Russell Tolbert drove his Camaro           custom engine shop at the same time. Total       service is the only ring manufacturer that can
                                                                Seal is a great partner in the fact that they    handle it. They bring new designs and improvement        “At Eaton Enterprises, we use Total Seal
                  to victory over Dale Lewis’ ’06                                                                to the table too. I believe they have the best rings     Piston Rings exclusively in our high
                  Mustang in the Trophy final with a            bring consistency from batch to batch on the
                                                                production side while constantly pushing the     out there.”                                              RPM Competition Eliminator, Super
                  10.82 on a 10.90 dial. Lewis red-             envelope on the development side at the          Mark Cronquist                                           Stock, Stock Eliminator, and Bracket
                  lighted with a -.135 and scored an            same time. I wouldn’t recommend anything         Joe Gibbs Racing                                         engines. We have found through
                  8.98 with an 8.94 dial.                       but Total Seal rings in any engine!!”                                                                     extensive dyno testing that only Total
                     Carli Henson earned Jr. Dragster           Rick Mann                                        “Total Seal makes the best rings we have ever used!      Seal Rings perform to our
                  honors over Nick Wallace. Henson              Earnhardt-Childress Racing Engines               The quality control combined with their great            specifications.”
                  broke out with a 7.88 on a 7.90 dial.                                                          service and technical support, makes them a              Rick Watters
                                                                                                                 combination that can't be beat! Our engines use          Eaton Enterprises LLC
                  Wallace went red with a -.036 and             “The Total Seal Gapless Top Ring increases       Total Seal rings exclusively, because they're the best
                  ran an 8.91 on an 8.90 dial.                  horsepower over a conventional ring in our       rings on the market.”                                    “We use Total Seal Piston Rings
                     In Jr. Dragster Consolation,               normally aspirated, big cubic inch, aluminum     David Nickens            
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