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									                                                                                  On the Run with Del Cox Jr.
                                                                                 driver of the RG Industries A/Fuel Dragster
                                                                                 T      op Alcohol Dragster is my life now. I’ve been
                                                                                        driving Curt Schendel’s A/Fuel Dragster for five
                                                                                   races, and I already have a for sale sign on three
                                                                                   Top Dragsters, a Top Sportsman car, and a trailer.
                                                                                      I have to say that things are going well. I’m in
                                                                                   the top five in Division 7 in the A/Fuel car, and Val
                                                                                   Torres Jr. is tied for second in our Top Sportsman
                                                                                   car. As much as I wanted to drive the Top
                                                                                   Sportsman car, I knew that A/Fuel is where I
                                                                                   wanted to be, so I put 100 percent into pursuing it.
                                                        It all started when I was 10 years old, and my family got me into Jr. drag
                                                     racing. I had a great time starting out with the help of my dad, Del Sr., who is
                                                     no longer with us. I was fortunate enough to win the 1997 NHRA O’Reilly Auto
                                                     Parts Jr. Drag Racing League championship in Denver before moving on to the
                                                     big cars. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been driving a big car for that long, but it’s
                                                     been almost 10 years now.
                                                        I’ve been racing naturally aspirated dragsters on the West Coast for a while
                                                     now, and the classes in Division 7 have allowed me to go faster and faster. I
                                                     ran in Super Eliminator, which has a 7.90 index, and got to be in some pretty
                                                     close points battles. I tied for first for the division title in 2004 but lost the
                                                     tiebreaker to Terry White. We got involved with the Top Dragster and Top
                                                     Sportsman classes, which have been a lot of fun. I was able to win the Pacific
                                                     Division championship after a hard-fought points battle with Rod Hartzell that

      NOVEMBER 13-16
                                                     came down to the last race of the year.
                                                       “The first time I hit the throttle, it was
                                                         like getting socked in the chest.”
                                                        My goal for a while was to get behind the wheel of an A/Fuel Dragster. They
                                                     are the fastest naturally aspirated race cars in the sport, and going fast without

                                                     a blower has always been my thing. I talked to Curt Schendel about driving his
                                                     car for more than a year before I finally got a chance to try it. It was kind of a
                                                     luck-of-the-draw deal after their old driver moved on to form his own Top
                                                     Alcohol Funny Car team, and things didn’t work out with their new guy. Curt
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