; up close with...Kelly Ripa
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up close with...Kelly Ripa


THERE ARE PLENTY OF WAYS TO DESCRIBE LIVE CO-HOST KELLY RIPA: upbeat, candid, funny, sexy, smart. But our favorite is enthusiastic. "Every day I get to meet the most interesting people," says Kelly, 38. "I can't tell you how much I've learned from them all." Well, actually, she can. Like a savvy big sister, Kelly is constantly passing along little tips and techniques she's picked up-from her guests and from her own life-to the millions of viewers who watch her every day. How did she become such a wealth of info? When she interviews someone, she always comes up with exactly the right questions. 'There are things I just want to know, so I ask," says Kelly. Then she listens very carefully to their answers. So what-and who-has made the biggest difference in her life? Here are the insights that keep Kelly healthy and happy-and will do the same for you.

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