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									                          The Left Atrium

                          Book review
                          To boldly lead                                                                                                                           To his violin
                          Leadership in Health Care                                                                                                                I found you, abandoned
                          Jill Barr and Lesley Dowding                                                                                                             in the attic of my boyhood home,
                          SAGE Publications Ltd; 2008                                                                                                              your broken bridge, rusting strings
                          260 pp $44.95 ISBN 978-1412920681                                                                                                        a testimony to disregard.

                                                                                                                                                                   When had you last sung?

                                   he role of health care practi-                                                                                                  In what year did he
                                   tioners is to provide patients                                                                                                  last hold you
                                   with advice and guidance                                                                                                        in his loving hands?
                          about health and disease. This is what
                          it means to be a teacher; this is what it                                                                                                Can you sing me a song
                          means to be a leader.                                                                                                                    of my lost father,
                              For health practitioners however,                                                                                                    of the times you had together —
                                                                         SAGE Publications

                          leadership does not stop at the patient                                                                                                  the long dead maestro,
                          encounter. Leadership extends into of-
                          fice management, practice building and                                                                                                   you, his prima donna.
                          inter-professional interaction; into team-                                                                                               When did he last place you
                          based management and synergistic out-                                                                                                    in your case,
                          comes. Leadership extends into the aca-                            This allows one to anatomize one’s ap-                                where you have waited
                          demic and collegial atmosphere creating                            proach in the leadership role and reflect
                          opportunities for mentorship, profes-                              on the leaders in one’s own life.                                     in aging velvet
                          sional advancement and continuing edu-                                 A major strength of the text is the                               until gently lifted
                          cation. It promotes research, produces                             prevailing theme of personal reflection.                              from that grave resting place,
                          guidelines, and demands consistency of                             Information is frequently offered in                                  and I stroked your strings.
                          care. In short, leadership prevents a                              contextualized questions, which allow
                          stagnant profession.                                               the reader to immediately use and so-                                 If I were to raise your frayed bow
                              Throughout history, the health profes-                         lidify what they have learned. In addi-                               touch so l
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