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already stretched thin. It may be more                            Gilbert Tang MD MBA                                                                 gizes for the error and any inconven-
beneficial to have a dedicated research                           Cardiac surgery resident (PGY-4),                                                   ience it may have caused.
                                                                  University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
group that can travel to different re-
gions to train community and univer-                              Competing interests: None declared.
sity groups. A hub-and-spoke model,                                                                                                                   REFERENCE
with local leading universities training                                                                                                              1.     Silversides A. Fault/no fault, part 3: vested interests
                                                                                                                                                             and the silence of suffering patients cited as obsta-
smaller groups in their region, may be                            REFERENCES                                                                                 cles to system change. CMAJ 2008;179:515-17.
more sustainable. Third, what is the                              1.      MacDonald N, Kabakyenga J. Microresearch: bor-
                                                                          rowing from the microfinance experience [edito-
broader impact of these microresearch                                     rial]. CMAJ 2008;179:399.
projects? Although the goal of microre-
search is to produce a local impact in                                                                                                                In the recent article on the approach to
local communities, the differences in                                                                                                                 the management of mild to moderate
community demographics may be such                                Corrections                                                                         dementia,1 the affiliation for coauthor
that it may not be possible to share data                                                                                                             Anne Carswell should have read
from one local area to develop best                               An article in the Sept. 9, 2008, issue                                              “School of Occupational Therapy, Dal-
practices in another community. This                              about the prospects for no-fault insur-                                             housie University, Halifax, NS.”
may be the Achilles heel for funding                              ance for Canadian patients1 contained
microresearch: most large foundations                             incorrect numbers for the Canadian
will see that these research projects will                        Medical Protective Association’s an-                                                REFERENCE
not have a broad impact, whereas re-                              nual settlements in medical liability                                               1.     Hogan DB, Bailey P, Black S, et al. Diagnosis and
                                                                                                                                                             treatment of dementia: 4. Approach to manage-
search projects on malaria and tubercu-                           cases. From 2002 to 2006, the annual                                                       ment of mild to moderate dementia. CMAJ 2008;
losis will. Nonetheless, I applaud the                            number of legal actions settled ranged                                                     179:787-93.
editorialists’ article and their idea.                            between 372 and 448. CMAJ apolo-                                                    DOI:10.1503/cmaj.081558

                                                                           TEQUIN CLASS ACTION
                                                  PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE CAREFULLY AS IT MAY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.
                                                 YOU MUST ACT WITHOUT DELAY TO COMPLY WITH DEADLINES AS SET OUT BELOW.
                          TO ALL CLASS MEMBERS: To all Canadian residents who ingested                        2. OPTING OUT - All persons who come within the class definition
                       Tequin (“Tequin Recipient") or their personal representatives, heirs,               will automatically be included in the class unless they exclude
                       assigns and trustees (“Representative Claimants”), and any other                    themselves from the class (“Opt Out”). To Opt Out, a Class Member will
                       residents of Canada asserting the right to sue the Defendants by reason             have to complete, sign and return an “Opt Out Form” postmarked or
                       of their familial relationship with a Tequin Recipient, including, without          deposited with a courier by December 27, 2008. If a Class Member
                       limitation, spouses, common law spouses, same-sex partners, as well as              does not timely and properly Opt Out and does not timely and properly
                       parents, grandparents, siblings or children, by birth, marriage or                  make a Claim under the Settlement Agreement, he or she will be forever
                       adoption (“Derivative Claimants”).                                                  barred from receiving any payments under the Settlement Agreement,
                          Tequin is an antibiotic which was commonly prescribed for the                    and from instituting any action against the Defendants and/or Released
                       treatment of pneumonia and other infections including those of the                  Parties related to the use of Tequin.
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