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             Evidence-based drug therapy                                                                 Privatizing health care
             in acute myocardial infarction
                                                                                                         Angell explains why Canada should stay away from partial
             Prescriptions for evidence-                                                                 privatization of its health care system. She says the claim
             based drug therapy are cur-                                                                 that the system in the United States offers “more choice and
             rently filled after discharge by                                                            better quality” is a myth. See Analysis, page 916
             nearly 80% of elderly patients
             with myocardial infarction.
             This is the finding by Austin
                                                                                                         Diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular
             and colleagues in 1 of their 2
             articles in this issue. In the sec-                                                         disease
                                             Pasieka/Science Photo Library

             ond article, they report that pa-
             tients who received treatment                                                               The priorities for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
             from noncardiologists and                                                                   in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus are control of blood
             physicians with 29 or more                                                                  pressure and cholesterol levels, say Bhattacharyya and col-
             years of clinical experience                                                                leagues. They describe the key elements of the 2008 Cana-
             had substantially lower use of                                                              dian Diabetes Association guidelines for managing cardiovas-
             evidence-based drug therapies                                                               cular disease. See Practice, page 920
             compared with those treated by cardiologists and physicians
             with less experience. See Research, pages 895 and 901
             Learning from Listeria                                                                      A 45-year-old man with acute onset of abdominal distension,
                                                                                                         small bowel obstruction and mild blurry vision turns out to
             Wilson and Keelan question the autonomy and independ-                                       have botulism. See Practice, page 927
             ence of the Public Health Agency of Canada and its chief
             public health offic
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