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Subject: Gr. 3 Science      Teacher: Miss Wilkie

Lesson: 2     Duration: 2 X 30 minutes           Unit: Building with a Variety of Materials

Topic: Gift Box

Rationale: Students will design and build a structure that is meant to be used as a gift box, and
serve as a container.

General Learner Expectations:

      3-6 Use, safely, a variety of tools, techniques and materials in construction activities.

      3-7 Construct structures, using a variety of materials and designs, and compare the
       effectiveness of the various materials and designs for their intended purposes.

Specific Learner Expectations:

      3-6-1 Using a variety of materials and techniques, design, construct and test structures that
       are intended to:
          o Serve as containers

      3-6-2 Select appropriate materials for use in construction tasks, and explain the choice of
       materials. Students should demonstrate familiarity with a variety of materials, such as papers,
       woods, plastics, clay and metals.

      3-6-3 Select tools that are suitable to particular tasks and materials, and use them safely and

      3-6-4 Understand and use a variety of methods to join or fasten materials.

      3-6-5 Identify the intended purpose and use of structures to be built, and explain how knowing
       the intended purpose and use helps guide decisions regarding materials and design.

      3-6-6 Understand that simple designs are often as effective as more complex ones, as well as
       being easier and cheaper to build, and illustrate this understanding with a practical example.

      3-6-7 Recognize the importance of good workmanship, and demonstrate growth toward good

      3-6-8 Maintain and store materials and tools safely and properly.

      3-6-9 Apply skills of listening, speaking and cooperative decision making in working with other
       students on a construction project.

The student will…

      Design a container that will hold a package of starburst, and that opens and closes.

      Use their knowledge of containers to design a method of making their own container using a
       variety of types of paper and adhesives.


Topic B: Building with a variety of materials (EPS), scissors, glue, tape, variety of paper(manila tag,
construction paper, card stock), felts to decorate, starburst to fit in the box, worksheet A.


(40-45 minutes)

      Today we are going to be doing an activity that requires us to build a structure that serves as a

      Begin by discussing the uses and designs of gift boxes.

      Show the students the different types of materials they will be able to use for their task.

      Hand out Worksheeet A and have the students complete the planning section.

                     After they have completed the planning section, have the students gather the
                      necessary materials.

                                o Have some “shape maps” available to those students who struggle
                                  with mental imaging of a box design.

                     While they are building their gift boxes, ask the following questions to individual

                            Why did you choose the paper you did?

                            How did you make it sturdy?

                            What method did you choose to use to have your gift box open and close?

      Complete Worksheet A. If there is time, the students may decorate their boxes using felt

(8-10 minutes)

      Class share and discuss about the different boxes that were made. Is your box sturdy? What
       would you change now that you have designed and built it?

    What are the necessary parts of a structure that allow it to serve as a container? The
      container must be able to open and close, must be sturdy and large enough to hold something.


      Students will be asked individually questions about the choices they made for their box in order
       to see if they understand the purpose of the structure as well as the strength of the materials
       that they chose to use.

Resources: Topic B: Building with a Variety of Materials– Edmonton Public Schools


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