First Annoncement for Balkan Speleo Expedition-2010 by keara


									       The expedition is under the patronage of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Balkan
                     Speleological Union , European Federation of Speleology

Speleo Clubs”Streshero” and “Veslets”-Vratca , Municipality of Vratsa and Natural Park “Vratchanski
Balkan” have the pleasure to invite the cavers and speleologists from the Balkan countries to take part in
the Balkan Speleological Expedition “ Vratsa- Mizhishnica’2010”

Dates of implementation: from 01 May to 08 May 2010
Place: Vratsa Mountain – Vraanski Balkan Natral Park - region "Mizhinitsa"
Departure – 2 o’clock p.m 1 May 2010
Venue: The Visitors Centre of Vraanski Balkan Natral Park – Vratsa Town
Necessary equipment : Camping gear, individual caving equipment for caves and potholes.
Accommodation: Camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags etc.)
Tasks of the expedition: Discovering and exploring new caves, surveying on recent detailed maps of the already
known caves and establish links between them, a study of groundwater, promoting natural, cultural and historical
realities of Vratsa Vratsa region and mountains, creating conditions for establishing friendly relations and
cooperation between speleologists from the Balkan countries.
Expected outcomes: to be discovered and explored new and interesting caves, to establish a new modern
documentation of some famous sites in the area of the mountain, fix the exact locations of the cave sites in
conjunction with their conservation and rational use of Vraanski Balkan Natural Park.
Participants: Rrepresentatives of 2 cavers from each Balkan country!
Preliminary program:
01.05.2010 - Arrival of participants in the expedition.
03.05.2010 - 06.05.2010 – Field work
06.05.2010 – Cultural program – Closing
08.05.2010 - Departure of participants
How to reach Vratsha ?
When you come to Bulgaria, you should take a bus or train to the city of Vratsa, North Bulgaria. The best way to
reach Vratsha is your own vehicle!
Some important road information:
Distance from place to place: Sofia – Vratsha – 116 km , Plovdiv – Sofia – 149 km.; Svilengrad-Plovdiv – 141 km;
Vratsa region
Within this region, most of the mountain Vrachnska Planina is situated – a band oriented NE-SW. It rises sharply
above the plain of Vratsa and the hilly area of Mezdra – bordering it on the northeast. The slopes are abrupt,
rocky, about 600 - 700 m high. The valley of Leva River subdivides it into two parts: Bazovska (southeastern) and
Stresherska (northwestern), with the highest summits respectively Buk (1394 m) and Streshero (1212 m). The
valley of Leva River has formed the picturesque gorge Vratsata between Zgorigrad and Vratsa.
In general, plateau-like relief is typical here with peneplenized surface, mainly between 1000 and 1200 m a.s.l.
The peneplenized area features a typical karst relief with residual tumuli, separated by poljes, blind dolines and
blind valleys. Other surface forms are developed as well - funnels, karren, karren fields.
Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park has a territory of 28,844 hectares, most of which is covered with karst limestones,
1,300 meters thick. Unique in their beauty caves and chasms can be seen in the park. Their total number is above
500. On the territory of the park about 950 species of high plants have been registered, of which more than 80 are
rare species. From a scientific and preservation point of view the most interesting species are the groups living in
the caves (vertebrates and bats) and the day birds of prey. There are 214 registered species of vertebrates in the
Within the limits of the park lies the reserve Vrachanski karst. It covers an area of 1453.1 hectares, situated along
the northern stone cliff slopes of Vrachanska Mountain. The territory of the reserve is inhabited by the rare and
endangered species of Egyptian vulture, peregrine falcon, short-toed eagle, long-legged buzzard, 8 species of
bats etc. The Natural park “Vratchanski Balkan” occupies the biggest area of the Vrachanska mountain and the
massive of the Lakatnishkite skali.
For the forming of karstic features here, especially important is the thick Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous
limestone. Underneath, there are rocks of Middle and Lower Jurassic (aleurolyths and aleuryths), missing in some
places. A Trias carbonate complex (karstified limestone and dolomite) follows. In their base, they transit into
Lower Trias sandstone and aleurolyths.
As a whole, in the area there are more than 250 caves and potholes were known More numerous,
although smaller are the caves in the eastern part. However, in the western part most of the bigger cave potholes
are situated. So far, in Vratsa There are seven cave potholes and proper potholes over 100 m deep (some of
them also of considerable length).
The impassion form the Vratsa Region you can obtain in:

Please inform us about your interest to take part in the Expedition by making application. You can do this by using
free text, but you should include your full name and contact address. The cavers from the countries outside the
European Union should add to their application the number and date of issue of their international passport. This
is necessary for preparing of an official invitation, which will make easier the visa procedures for Bulgaria!

The deadline for application is 15 April 2010!
You can make application on e-mails: or

Please let us know if nobody if your country do not intent to participate befor 10 April 2010 so to make
possible the participation of more cavers from other countries!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

                          “Vratsa – Mizhishnica’ 2010
                                         REGISTRATION FORM

Family Name
First Name
Speleo Club, Union or Federation
Email address
Phone number
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Transportation underline the necessary    car , bus ,train, plane

   Please fullfill and e-mail befor 15 April 2010
   Please let us know if nobody if your country do not intent to participate befor 10 April 2010
   So to make possible the participation of more cavers from other countries!

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