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       Augmented Reality-based Cultural
          Heritage On-site GUIDE

                                Kick-off meeting

ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off Meeting
Ancient Olympia January 23-24, 2000

 INTRACOM Intracom SA, Hellenic Telecommunications
           and Electronics Industry
 IGD     Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der
         angewandten Forschung e.V.
 ZGDV    Zentrum fur Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V.
 CCG     Associacao CCG/ZGDV Centro de Computacao
 A&C2000 A&C 2000 s.r.l.
 HMC     Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Administrative Issues

 Project Contract
   signed on December 29, 1999
   official start on 1.1.2000
   30% Advance payment prepared & expected
 Consortium Agreement
   draft on Jan. 23rd
   comments from partners ASAP
   to be signed before end of February
 Associated contracts
   ZGDV to CCG
       PCB & PTC composition

                            PCB                       PTC
     INTRACOM               Nikolaos Ioannidis,       Theodoros Bozios
                            Theodoros Bozios

ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off Meeting
Ancient Olympia January 23-24, 2000
      Information dissemination

         Web site:                     http://archeoguide.intranet.gr/info
              Aquarelle and Liberator project web sites proposed as reference
               (http://aqua.inria.fr/ , http://thenortheast.com/liber)
         Ftp site:                     ftp.intranet.gr
         Mailing list:                 archeoguide@intranet.gr
         INTRACOM: tmpo@intranet.gr, atir@intranet.gr, pkata@intranet.gr,
         IGD:      Matthias.Unbescheiden@igd.fhg.de
         ZGDV:     Klaus.Dorfmueller@zgdv.de, Frank.Seibert@zgdv.de,
                            Axel.Hildebrand @zgdv.de
         CCG:               bund@ccg.pt,     marcos@ccg.pt
         A&C2000:           fbi@aec2000.it,  rca@aec2000.it
         PR:                post@animbase.enet.gr
ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off Meeting
Ancient Olympia January 23-24, 2000
      Deliverables & reports

         Deliverables Template
         Deliverables preparation procedure
              The responsible partner completes the writing of the
               deliverable (format according to template)
              14 days before final submission ---> a draft of the
               deliverable is sent to all partners for comments,
              7 days before final submission ---> the updated
               deliverable is sent to INTRACOM
              The deliverable is sent to the EC on the “due date”

ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off Meeting
Ancient Olympia January 23-24, 2000

 management reports (every 2 months)
   BCR template
 progress report (every 6 months)
 final report (quality at least equivalent to the MAID final report)
      ARCHEOGUIDE - Objectives

         The ARCHEOGUIDE project intends to provide new approaches for
         accessing information at cultural heritage sites in a compelling, user-
         friendly way through the development of a system based on advanced
         IT including
           augmented reality,
           3D-visualization,
           mobile computing, and

           multi-modal interaction techniques.
         The system will be tried out in Ancient Olympia where particular
         emphasis will be given to virtual reconstruction of the remains.

ARCHEOGUIDE Kick-off Meeting
Ancient Olympia January 23-24, 2000
ARCHEOGUIDE - indicative measurable
     All the categories of Archeoguide users will be satisfied from the system in a
      percentage more than 80%. The level of user satisfaction from the system will be
      extracted from the questionnaires that will be used for the system evaluation.
     There will be an increase in the number of visitors in the sites where the
      Archeoguide system is deployed, which directly can be translated to more money
      from tickets.
     There will be an increase in the mean time of visitors’ stay on sites, which can be
      indirectly translated to more money from refreshments, food, books, posters, etc.
     There will be an increase in the reputation and the visibility of the site (this can be
      approved from the increase of the number of newspapers and magazines that
      publish articles for these sites).
     Ministry of Culture will decide to deploy the system to other cultural heritage sites.
     If the project partners start using the technology and the experience gained in the
      project in other domains (e.g., industry, different types of exhibitions, medical
      application, etc.).
 The measurable objectives for the assessment of ARCHEOGUIDE
 will be defined in detail in WP 6 “Assessment and Evaluation,” Task
 6.1. “Trials Definition” (months 7 to 9 of the project)
    ARCHEOGUIDE project structure

                                                   2.1 Overall System
  1.2 ARCHEOGUIDE                                                                      3.1 Site Server
                                                   INTRACOM        Month 21
    User Requirements                                                                     Database

  HMC              Month 6                                                      INTRACOM          Month 26
                                                    2.2 FS & Design of
                                                     the Tracking System

                                                    IGD             Month 21      3.2 Remote Access
                 1.3 Identification of                                                                       5.1 Integration & Testing
                 Realistic Application                                                                        of the Initial Prototype
                       Scenarios                                                INTRACOM          Month 26
                                                                                                             ZGDV           Month 15
                INTRACOM        Month 6             2.3 FS & Design of
                                                      the Com. System
                                                   INTRACOM          Month 21     3.3 Content Creation
1.1 Survey of Related
                                                                                 PR               Month 26   5.2 Integration & Testing
                                                                                                               of the Final Prototype
 ZGDV             Month 4                           2.4 FS & Design of
                                                    the Site Inf. System                                     INTRACOM       Month 26
                                                                                    4.1 Position and
                                                    PR              Month 21      Orientation Tracking
                                                                                 IGD              Month 26

                                                    2.5 FS & Design of                                          6.3 Olympia Trials
                                                      the Mobile Unit             4.2 Navigation and
                                                                                    User Interaction         HMC            Month 30
                                                    ZGDV            Month 21
                                                                                ZGDV             Month 26
                        6.1 Trials Definition

                        CCG              Month 9                                   4.3 Visualisation
         7.1 Market Survey                                                      ZGDV             Month 26
           and Positioning
                                                         6.2 Preparation of
    PR                  Month 12                            Olympia Trials        4.4 Mobile Database
                                                                                   Access Component
                                                     PR              Month 24
                                                                                INTRACOM          Month 26

                                                                                                                                           7.2 Definition of
                                                                                                                                         Exploitation Strategy
                                                                                                                                     INTRACOM            Month 30
ARCHEOGUIDE overall system architecture
                                          Site Information Server

         Central Database Manager                                     Browsing and
                        3D Models,                                   Content Creation
 Audio/Video        Pre-rendered Images
                                              Visit Profile
  Database                                     Database                     Tool

                  Remote Access Interface


                                                              Mobile Unit
                  Wireless                          Position
                  Interface                         Sensor

    Position &                Navigation Manager              User                  Audio
                                                                                                            Superimposed Image
    Orientation                                               Interaction           Output
                                    Visualisation                                   Graphics

                  Local Database
         Landmark                Image 3D             Site
      Feature Database        Geometry Database      Information
                                                                                                   Mobile Unit
                              Communication                                              Data
                                Subsystem                                                control
First 3 months Tasks

 WP 1 Application requirements [ZGDV]
     Task-1.1 Survey of ARCHEOGUIDE related applications [ZGDV]
     Task-1.2 ARCHEOGUIDE User requirements [HMC]
     Task-1.3 Identification of realistic, suitable application scenarios
 WP 7 Dissemination and Implementation [PR]
     Task-7.1 Market Survey and Positioning [PR]
     Task-7.2 Definition of Exploitation Strategy [INTRACOM]
     Task-7.3 Dissemination and Standardization Activities [CCG]
WP 1 Application requirements

 Identification of actors of the ARCHEOGUIDE system
 gathering the requirements of these actors,
 identification of structure of the ARCHEOGUIDE system
 specification of precise application scenarios and technical
 integration guidelines.
    survey of related applications and of the state of the art in the
     enabling technology
    specification of user requirements of the system addressing both
     visitors and site managers
    specification of application scenarios for ARCHEOGUIDE taking
     into account both types of users
WP 7 Dissemination and Implementation

 define the exploitation strategy
 analyze the market reality within which the
 ARCHEOGUIDE system is going to operate
 identify the market through potentialities and competition
    «Dissemination and Use plan» (month 5)
    dissemination of knowledge gained during the work (publications,
     exhibitions and participation to related workshops, mailing list,
     web sites, etc.)
    high quality project brochure (mid of project) and a project flyer
     (month 2)
    one "editorial" will be prepared by a professional journalist (every
     6 months)
    updated fact sheet on project objectives, consortium, contact
     details, public deliverables, results etc. (every 6 months)
    Technological Implementation Plan (TIP)
Related Deliverables

 D1 Consortium Agreement                                                   2
     ownership of the rights, responsibilities of each partner and the
      dependencies between them
          Definitions, Purpose and Duration, Coordinator, Project Coordination
          Committee, Responsibilities of each Party, Costs - Payment,
          Confidentiality, Liabilities, Force Majeure, Access, Standards,
          Publications, Press Releases and Reports to the Commission, No
          partnership or agency, Assignment, Termination, Settlement of
          Disputes, Language, Notices, Applicable Law, Entire Agreement -
          Amendments, Counterparts

 D2 ARCHEOGUIDE Project presentation                                       4
     in English 2 to 3 pages under the following headings:
          Contract number, Project acronym, Project name, Key Action, Action line,
          Project logo (if any), List of participants (organization name, country), Total
          cost (€), Commission funding (€), Project main goal(s), Key issues, Technical
          approach, Expected achievements/impact, Co-ordinator contact details
Related Deliverables

 D3 Dissemination and Use plan                         5
     ARCHEOGUIDE product and sub-products, characteristics, and
      the ARCHEOGUIDE Market, trend and size.
     ARCHEOGUIDE position within the Market. Target markets for
      the ARCHEOGUIDE system and potential buyers will be spotted.
     individual exploitation plans of the partners,
     framework for a possible Exploitation Agreement between the
 D4 ARCHEOGUIDE application scenarios                  6
     identification of the potential users of the ARCHEOGUIDE
     their requirements and the associated application scenarios.

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