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					                               Accelerated Chemistry Lab Journal
Many of the labs completed in the chemistry classrooms will require you to complete the lab activity
with some synthesis of the data and procedures. Other labs will have certain sections missing from them
for you to complete on you own. These particular labs should be placed in your chemistry lab journal,
the following will give you an idea of the criteria you should use when completing any of the following
sections. Refer to the following website for assistance and clarification:

      All labs are required to have a title; this should be descriptive of what was covered. In the lab,
      you should try to relate the independent and dependent variables, if at all possible.
      Start out by stating (in a sentence or two) the scientific concept the lab is about and then describe
      how that scientific concept that is relevant to the lab (typically one or two paragraphs). Set down
      in sentence form the main lab objective(s) and then describe what these objectives will help to
      learn about the scientific concept of the lab (typically one paragraph). State the hypothesis and
      then explain how he/she arrived at the hypothesis, using knowledge about the scientific concept of
      the lab as the basis for reasoning (typically one or two paragraphs).
    This section is often overlooked when writing lab reports, but can make or break your lab
    experiment. If you are missing a listed item in a real life experiment and begin without that one,
    you might have to stop the experiment to get that item, miss a key observation and have to start
    over. Think carefully about what the procedure is asking of you and list all things necessary for
    the experiment.
     Provide a concise, easy-to-follow description of the specific procedures followed in the lab. Give
     enough detail of both the materials and the procedure used so that the experiment could be
     repeated in the same way.
  Results and Analysis of results:
     Begin with a sentence or two describing the overall findings of the lab. Provide visuals (tables or
     graphs or other figures) that are appropriate to the data and are arranged in an order that best tells
     the "story" of the data. Provide a paragraph for each visual and structure each paragraph by (1)
     summarizing in a sentence or two the overall trend shown in that visual and then (2) supporting
     the summary by including any specific details from the visual that are important for
     understanding the results. Clearly refer to the appropriate visuals in the paragraphs (Table 1,
     Figure 2, etc.). Report the data from the experiment only, successfully avoiding any explanations
     or conclusions about the data.
     This is not a rewrite of the lab. You need to restate why you did the lab, what you observed, what
     you learned and what the data shows. Use the following questions to guide your conclusion:
        What was the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment?
        Was the hypothesis supported by your data? Why or why not USE DATA in examples. Use
        knowledge learned about the scientific concept of the lab to explain in a convincing way why
        or why not the data supports hypothesis.
        What were the major findings? (i.e. the results) Refer to DATA!!!
        What explanation can you offer for the findings?
        Relate the experiment to what is being discussed in the class.