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					Eddie Reese
    Reason for talk

   Physical equation for success

   Your place

   Physiology-anerobic, aerobic, nervous system
   Young swimmer or beginner

   Everything works to make them better

   Fast, long, slow, kick, just get in the water

   Reasons for early success
   (100free-1:30/50 kick-1)x6-10

   Prefer freestyle kick in aerobic sets early in

   Start gently and build gradually

   100free-1:30/100IM-1:40x(free instead of fly)x5-
   5min. Swim/4 min. kick/3 min. swim/ 2 min.
    kick/1 min. swim

   Measure distance traveled

   Record, save, compare

   Value to all
 Other sets: 8-12-15x100free; same for IM with
or without fly; 100’s of stroke

Breath control can aid aerobic quest

Garrett’s 100; Bart’s last 25

 Last 25-everyday
   Something forever and for all:

   100’s in 20 min.-15 sec. rest-determine a
    constant interval

   In 30 min., in 40 min., in an hour

   100’s on 2 min., 1:45, 1:30, 1:20, 1:05, etc.
   12-15 yr. olds-most aerobic gains possible

   All are 4IM/1500 at that time for those years

   Technique at all times

   Workload should increase(the body will adjust
    to the same stimuli unless changed
    Biggest problems:

   At that age, physical maturation will make it look
    like the program is working
    Strength gain is 3 to 6% per year because of them
    Have THE plan, know what should be
    accomplished at that stage of the swimmers career
     Don’t be taken off track due to “fast” success
      Aerobic sets for all:(competition makes us
    go, get them to compete against themselves)

   Here is a base set: (200 free-2min./175free-
   From here-(200free-2/150 stroke-2)X6-10
   200free-2:15/150kick-2:15)x6-10
   100free-1/75free-1)x8
   Best set ever(short course)-
   5x1,4x2,3x3,2x4,1x5-2min.-same set, interval

   300-800 repeats in all strokes-can be
    100swim/100drill or pull or kick)x 4
   Hard to do 800’s breast, but 400’s are great
   Fly is very difficult:
   100-1/75-45/50-30/25-15/4x50free-35(under

   8-10x100-1:20(25fly kick

   20x50fly-35
My new toy: 50fly-30/50fly kick-40)x????

   Change intervals relative to strength

   Work into more difficult “tests” gradually

   Kicking well is an absolute necessity
   2000 kick set to start most practices during the
    first 4-5 months of the program

   Mostly free kick

   Tennis shoes
   Freestyle is best stroke for aerobic training due
    to ability to maintain fast rate

   Free kick for capillarization

   Distance with different strokes

   Don’t be put off track due to someone going
   My plan: harder every year; tough on pros

   Don’t be afraid to make changes

   Our sport doesn’t allow for changes in the
    easier direction