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									Problem Manager - The RFI / Variances Database - Any variance or problem is a
disruption and must be resolved to ensure the project remains on track.

The Objective!

The Problem Manager - RFI /Variance Database contains the forms and reports used to
document and resolve problems that occur on project. The five forms in the database are
used to resolve technical questions with engineering and design, recover costs for
defective material or services, and assign new work to contractors for the variance scope.
The NCR form documents approval of engineering or design changes.


Getting the information to the right parties is very important. With one mouse click, the
Problem Manager database creates a "snap shot" of a form or report and opens up an
email window. The user selects the destination and the email is sent! A simple solution to
a time consuming problem.

The Program

Problems assault your schedule and budget on a daily basis. The way you deal with them
is a key component in your success.

You need to identify problems, determine their impact, recover costs for defects, and
assign work to fix the problems.

                                             Now you can answer questions like:

                                                  How many questions to company "x" are
                                                  What's the total cost of variances to date?
                                                  How many field work orders have been
                                                  What's the recovery on that backcharge?
                                                  What's the estimate for that change?

RFI – Request for Information; VN – Variance Notice; BCN – Back Charge Notice; FCR – Field Change
Notice; NCR – Engineering Non-conformance.

Five Key Forms to Link the Variances

The problem database is structured around two parent forms, the request for information
(RFI) and the construction variance (VN). Technical problems are resolved through the
question/answer RFI process. Problems that are a variance to the project scope, cost,
schedule, or design are documented with a Variance Notice (VN).

RFI forms are communications between the project and a technical organization. The goal
is to resolve a technical problem or procedure that has been brought to the attention of the
project. An RFI can stand alone if it resolves a question and does not generate extra work
for the project. When extra work is required as a result of the RFI, the project has a
variance and a VN form is required.

The VN is the parent project document that contains all cost and status information and
can be created as a result of an RFI or any other project variance. Children documents,
including the backcharge form (BCN), the authorization of new field changes form (FCR),
and approval of non-conforming engineering form (NCR), are generated from the VN form
and contain the information necessary to execute the change.

                                                          RFI – information request

                                                          NCR – non-conformance

                                                          BCN – backcharge

                                                          FCR – field change

                                                          VN – Variance

Completing the BCN, FCR, or NCR forms requires only form specific information. All
associated forms are linked through the VN form and data is entered only once.

The BCN form, generated from the VN form, contains a special feature that generates a
form letter to be sent to the backcharge company. The letter identifies the problem and
requests a response from the vendor defining his acceptance of the backcharge or the
process he will follow to resolve the problem. Early notification!

Problem Manager- The RFI and Variances Database - (The Reports!)

Problem Manager - RFI / Variance Database reports are the tools the project uses to
manage and control all variances!

The VN, RFI, BCN, FCR, and NCR forms identify the problem and proposed solutions but
the reports tell the project what has happened toward final resolution.

Management can quickly review logs and aging reports to concentrate efforts to ensure
the project stays on track.

Reports Menu: Simply select the desired report from a pull down menu!

28 Reports to View Status!

The Problem Database has 20 VN - Log reports and 8 RFI specific reports to show all
cost, progress, aging, and scope status.

The following is a sample of a few reports available from the menu selections above:

RFI Log:

Variance Log:

Backcharge Summary Report:

RFI Aging Report:

VN Log With Cost:

Over 20 other reports are available to see the impacts of variances on the project.


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