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					                          Accelerated Reader at MMAMSVPA
At McKinley Middle Magnet we feel that reading is essential to helping students meet
educational goals. Like practicing to improve students skills at playing musical instrument or at
playing a sport, reading practice develop student comprehension and vocabulary skills.
Therefore, the Accelerated Reader program is a vital part of our instructional agenda. Students
at all grade levels are expected to participate.

                                   Accelerated Reader Q&A

What Is Accelerated Reader?
  • A software program that helps manage reading practice, monitor daily progress and plan
What is the purpose of the program?
  • The main goal is to improve and increase reading comprehension. Other goals include
       accelerating reading growth, fostering a love of reading, developing lifelong learners,
       developing critical thinkers and improving test scores.

What grade levels participate in Accelerated Reader?
  • All McKinley Middle students are required to participate in the Accelerated Reader
      Program. Each student will be expected to accumulate 10 points (6th grade), 12 points
      (7th grade), and 15 points (8th grade) with 85% accuracy or above, every nine weeks by
      reading books within his/her Zone of Proximal Development, that is at the appropriate
      level for developing reading comprehension skills. The student’s ZPD is determined
      when he/she take the Star Reading Assessment Test.

How do students accumulate the points needed?
  • Each Accelerated Reader book has a point value that is determined by Renaissance
      Learning. In order to accumulate points, a student must not only read a book on the AR
      list, but also pass a reading practice quiz on the book with a minimum of 60% accuracy to
      earn the minimum number of points. The higher the percentage made on a test, the
      greater number of points earned, based on the point value of the book. No credit will be
      given for books read below a student’s ZPD range, and no points are awarded for tests
      below 60% accuracy for 10-question quizzes and 70% for 20-question quizzes. A reading
      log will be given to each student to keep track of his/her reading practice percentage and

How are AR points earned reflected in a student’s final grade?
  • Each teacher will provide a grading scale based on the total points earned.

Will a student fail if he/she does not earn any points at all?
   • That is a very real possibility. When a “0” is averaged in with your other grades, the final
        average can be very low. Read conscientiously and this should not be a problem

If more points are earned than needed will they carry over to the next grading period?
   •   Extra points cannot be carried over as credits for the next grading period. These points
       may be counted toward prize incentives. Incentives will be given to students who
       achieve their goal with at least 85% accuracy every nine weeks. These incentives may
       range from pencils to pizza parties. We also plan to give an extra special prize at mid-
       term and the end of the year.

How will students get an AR book and or take an AR quiz?
  • Students will be allowed to visit the library every two weeks during their ELA classes to
     check out books and take AR quizzes. Students will also be given the opportunity to visit
     the library during Mustang Moment with teacher permission and during Big Break.
     Students may check out AR books from the school or public library or purchase an AR
  • Our school uses the web-based version of Accelerated Reader known as Renaissance
     Place Enterprise. This online version gives students access to quizzes for more than
     100,000 books. Students may search for titles of interest, or see if a book is AR or not
     by searching
  • The student must keep a Student Reading Log. Show the librarian his/her Reading Log
     for approval to take the test. Make sure you have your teacher's initials and signature on
     the log. There must be 24 hours between the time the teacher initials the log and the time
     the teacher sign the log giving the student permission to take the test.

May students take tests on books that they have previously read?
  • The AR program will not allow you to take a test that you have already taken. Also note
       that because many of the questions on the tests are detail-oriented, it is recommended that
       you take a test as soon as possible after finishing a book.

What is Home Connect?
  • Home Connect is a new feature that allows parents to access their child’s AR information
       and to establish e-mail accounts to receive notification when he/she has taken a quiz. A
       Letter with the student’s login and password to access their information was given to the
       student by their ELA teacher.

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