Creating a drop cap

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					Creating a drop cap

Drop caps are often used at the beginning of an article in a publication. To apply a drop

   1. Click inside the paragraph where you want to apply a drop cap.
   2. From the Format menu, select Drop Cap.

The Drop Cap dialog opens.

   3. Select the drop cap style you want to use.
   4. You can also define a custom drop cap by selecting the Custom Drop Cap tab:
   5. Here, you can specify the precise size of the drop cap. First, select a letter
      position. The number in the Lines field changes for each selection, but you can
      adjust this as necessary. Lines specifies the number of blank lines that appear
      before the remainder of the text. Entering 0 causes the remainder of the text to
      appear in line with the top of the drop cap. Entering 1 moves the remainder of the
      text down a line, as shown above.

Size of letters specifies the size of the drop cap, and Number of letters specifies how
many letters will be dropped. In the example above, only 1 letter (the first letter) is
dropped. If we entered 2, the word “In” would be dropped.

Under Select letter appearance, you can define the font, color, and style of the drop cap.


Custom drop caps are added to the list of available drop cap styles, so you can easily
reuse any style you define.

   6. Click OK to close the dialog and apply the effect.