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The Leadership Students and the After School Student Tutors
from Guildford Park Secondary School joined together with Alpha
Security and Guildford Park Community Group Society to send over 50
      Christmas Gift Boxes to children in Honduras.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                  Page 2

The students at Guildford Park stood up to bullying by wearing pink on
November 21, 2008 - Anti-Bullying Day.
                             GUILDFORD PARK SECONDARY
                       “Providing Opportunities and Challenges Through Education”
                                  10707-146 Street, Surrey, B.C., V3R 1T5
                                Phone: (604) 588-7601 Fax: (604) 588-7762
                               Continuing Education Office: (604) 589-2221
                chool Opening Newsletter
                         OUR MISSION STATEMENT
                         OUR MISSION STATEMENT
      Our mission is to create a caring, accepting, learning community where students fulfill their potential
      Our mission is to create a caring, accepting, learning community where students fulfill their potential
 individually and collectively, participate in quality learning experiences, recognize and celebrate their diversity
individually and collectively, participate in quality learning experiences, recognize and celebrate their diversity
                and accomplishments, and prepare for a lifetime of challenges and opportunities.
                and accomplishments, and prepare for a lifetime of challenges and opportunities.

December 2008                                                                    Volume 4, 08/09               Inside this
                         School Newsletter                                                                     Christmas Gift Boxes       1

                                                                                                               Anti-Bullying Day          2

                                                                                                               Principal’s Message        3

                                  Principal’s Message                                                          Coming Events              4

                                                                                                               Parents urged to listen    5,6

Happy Holidays!                                                                                                Employment opportunities   7

                                                                                                               PAC Agenda                 8
Congratulations to our Leadership Class and our After School Tutors in their joint effort with Alpha           Science Fair
Security and the Guildford Park Community Society for preparing over 50 Christmas Gift Boxes sent to
children in Honduras!                                                                                          Gr. 8 Math Challenge       9

                                                                                                               Wrestling                  10
On November 21, 2008, all Guildford Park Students stood up to bullying by wearing pink ribbons. This was
another excellent project that the Leadership Class planned and organized. We appreciate their leadership      Parent Information         11
skills and talents in developing service projects and programs for our school.                                 Yearbook                   12

In this issue of the Newsletter, you will find the Honour Roll and Super “G” lists for the first term of       Examination Schedule       13,
semester one. The report cards were distributed in a special homeroom on November 20, 2008. In first term,
40% of our students appeared on either the A or B Honour Roll and 34% of our students achieved Super           YES Program                15

“G” for their work habits. We thank all parents for encouraging and supporting their sons/daughters because    Huumanities Co-op          16
we know that parent involvement is one of the most important reasons for student success at school.            Automotive Coop            17
                                                                                                               Career Centre
The basketball season began in November and our teams are doing well. So far the Grade 8 boys, Grade 9
                                                                                                               Planning 10                18
girls and Sr. Girls and Boys have participated in Tournaments. December 4 was the annual senior dance for
grade 10-12 students. It was an outstanding success, and the young men and women that attended really          Honour Roll                19 -
enjoyed themselves. On December 15, 16 and 17, the winter arts festival featured the two nights of Jr. and
Sr. Class Plays, 3 nights of Jr. and Sr. Art Gallery, and it culminated with the Christmas Band Concert.       Grad News                  25
These evenings always demonstrate the amazing talent of our fine arts students.
                                                                                                               Plastics                   27
The Provincial Exam Schedule for grades 10. 11 and 12 students in January 2009 is on page 13 and the
                                                                                                               Aboriginal News            28-
school exam schedule is on page 14. Please consult the schedule for any exams that your son/daughter may                                  30
be taking.
                                                                                                               PSST Website               31
Our January 13, 2008 PAC Meeting is the course planning meeting at 7:00 pm in the school library. One of       Student Insurance          32
our counsellors and Mr. Hardy, Vice Principal, will review and explain the course planning process. All        Seasons Greetings          33
parents are welcome to attend.

The Guildford Park Staff wishes all of our families a happy holiday season. Take time to rest and relax from
your busy schedules. We also send best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

                 Mrs. C. Oram

                                  Guildford Park Secondary’s Administrative Staff
                                                  Vice-Principals: Mrs. C. Staff
                                 Guildford Park Secondary’s AdministrativeMorris, Mr. A. Moan
                     Principal: Mrs. C. Oram
                 Principal: Mrs. C. Oram       Vice-Principals: Ms. S. Hammond, Mr. S. Hardy, Ms.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                         Page 4

                         Coming Events . . . mark your calendars!

December 3            Large Group Photos                 January 15      English Cross-Grade Make-up Exam
December 4            Sr. Snowball Dance                 January 26      English 12
December 9 & 10       En 12/Comm 12 Grad Transition                      Principles of Math 10
December 11 & 12      Sr. Boys’ Basketball Tournament                    Math Essentials 10
December 15-17        Winter Fine Arts Festival          January 27&28    School Exams (Grs. 8 & 9)
December 17           Gr. 8 Spelling Bee                 January 27       English 10
December 18           Locker Clean Out                                   Communications 12
                      Newsletter Issued                                  History 12
December 19           Last Day of Classes before                         French 12
                      Winter Vacation                                    Social Studies 11
December 22—          Winter Vacation                    January 28       Science 10
January 2                                                                 Principles of Math 12
January 5            First Day of Classes after Winter   January 29       Exam Conflict Day
                     Vacation                                            Biology 12
January 8            Science Fair                                        Physics 12
                     Gr. 8 Spelling Bee Final                            Newsletter Issued
January 9&10         Jr. Boys’ Basketball Tournament     January 30      Semester Turnaround Day
January 13           English Cross Grade Exam                            Chemistry 12
                     PAC Meeting at 7:00 pm                              Geography 12

                              IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT
                                 UPCOMING NEWSLETTERS

                     In an effort to reduce costs and be environmentally
                     conscious, we will no longer be sending newsletters home.

                     Newsletters will be posted on the school website at:
                     so that parents can access them from home. There will be
                     a limited number of newsletters printed and kept at the
                     office. We will also send them to parents’ e-mail accounts
                     if you provide us with your e-mail address.    Please ask
                     your child to pick one up if you do not have internet
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                    Page 5

      Specialists say parents talk “to” rather than “with” their children
                                By Jim Gibson

Parents don’t pay attention when their children talk, according to child and parent

“We don’t listen enough,” says counselling psychologist Anne Marshall, director of the
University of Victoria’s Centre of Youth and Society. “We talk to children more than talk
with them.”

Parent and child conversations are important, she says. “That’s how you establish the
relationship and build trust and communication, so when things are tough, you’re still

Some parents are too involved in their own realities to hear the children’s, according to
professor Jessica Ball of UVic’s School of Child and Youth Care.

“They find it hard to relate with a child’s world,” she adds.

A direct question about what the child did at school might prompt the child to excitedly
talk about winning a game. Instead, the parent wants to hear about the child excelling in
class, parental educator Allison Rees says.

The child could, for example, be having trouble with a teacher. Instead of encouraging the
child to talk about the problem, a parent usually demands to know what the child did to
upset the teacher.

“It shuts the kid down,” Rees says.

All this weakens the connection or attachment with the parent essential to the child’s

“You might be the only person on the planet who can actually communicate with the child
in a deep and meaningful way,” she says.

A good way to start conversation with a child is to simply be available.

“You’re there, you’re interested, but the trick is not to dominate the conversation,” Ball
says. “Back off and let the child lead the conversation.”
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                      Page 6

  The child is less likely to talk if parents react with advice or preaching.

  As a parent of now-university-age children, Rees says when they were younger, she had to
  bite her tongue at times when they opened up to her. The temptation to moralize or
  admonish must be quashed.

  Furthermore, a parent should not minimize or dismiss a child’s feelings, she says.
  Remember they are legitimate to the child.

  By becoming attuned to the child’s body language and emotions, parents will know when
  the child has something he needs to say, according to Rees.

  This might happen at the dinner table Rees is a fan of the old-style Sunday dinner where
  everyone sits down together, Children respond well to its structure and predictability.

  Ultimately, parents have to recognize that children will choose to talk on their own
  timetables. This may well be at bedtime when children are more relaxed. “The mistake
  parents make is thinking children can talk on demand.

                               TALKING TIPS FOR PARENTS

     ♦   Be available to your child.
     ♦   Recognize body language and emotions indicating your child wants to talk.
     ♦   Don’t expect your child to talk on demand.
     ♦   Avoid direct questions which put a child on the defensive.
     ♦   Don’t dominate the conversation
     ♦   Be patient. Let the child tell it his way.
     ♦   Be interested in what the child says.
     ♦   Avoid preaching or moralizing
     ♦   Good questions to help child foresee outcomes
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                Page 7

                                EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

Aboriginal high school students can apply online by January 18, 2009 for
employment opportunities with Canada Revenue Agency.

These opportunities are flexible. Work may be part or full time and could be ongoing
or temporary. This would include summer 2009 employment and other full and part
time possibilities.

No experience is required, and the salary range is $9.35 to $18.76 per hour.

Just follow this link:

Should you have any problems with the above link, alternatively, go to CRA’s
website: and click “English”, then click “Site Map”, then
click “Job Opportunities”, then click “Student and Graduate Hiring”, then click
“Search Other Student Job Notices”, then click “00007935”.

Here are some other links for more information:

Information on Student and Graduate hiring:~

Information on various career opportunities within CRA - see attached pamphlets~

Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tips for applying online:
                                                                                      Page 8
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School

                          PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                            Speakers’ Agenda for 2008-2009

 January                      January 13, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
                              Course Planning Evening
                              “Discussion with a School Counsellor about planning
                              From grade 8 to grade 12”

 February                     February 10, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
                              Learning Disabilities Association Speaker—Lesley Sheppard

 March                        No PAC Meeting scheduled

 April                        April 14, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
                              “Internet Safety”, Speaker: Merlyn Horton

 May                          May 12, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
                              Spring Potluck

 June                         June 9, 2009 @ 7:00 pm
                              PAC elections

 We invite all parents to our Parent Advisory Committee meetings. This year, we are hop-
 ing that the speakers will be of interest to you. If you send us your email, we can email
 reminders to you. School email should be directed to

 We look forward to your participation in your sons’ and daughters’ education.

                                                  SCIENCE FAIR

             The January 8th Science Fair has been postponed to second semester. Instead
             of the Science Fair, the science department has offered a variety of lunch time
             activities throughout this semester to stimulate creative and analytical
             thinking in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for all students to enjoy.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                      Page 9

                    GRADE 8 MATH CHALLENGE

Guildford Park’s grade 8 Math Challengers did the Sabres proud
on December 4, 2008 at the Surrey Math Challenge.

We had three teams representing Guildford Park in very challenging individual
and team rounds with two students finishing in the top 10 (from a field of 40!)

Lylly Truong finished 10th and clawed her way to #8 in the sprint round.
Colleen Xie Finished in 6th place. Congratulations!

The efforts of the teams were amazing to watch. Mad math skills!!

Other team members contributing to this winning effort include:

Christine Le                                Myo Ang                    Alaina Rogers
Colleen Xie                                 Dexter Zamova              Hanna Rosalejos
Samanta Hossain                             Carmine Dung               Devon Stroud
Lilly Truong                                Julius Landis              Arthur Sogocio

                                      FINE ARTS NEWS

Watch for the Secondary Art Exhibit coming to Guildford Town Centre Mall from February
2 to February 19, 2009. There are 17 secondary schools participating so be sure to mark
your calendar for this exciting district event. The Special Recognition night will be on the
last day, Thursday, February 19, 2009.
 Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                Page 10

                          UPPER FRASER VALLEY NOVICE 2008
In the last weekend of November, Guildford Park’s newest wrestlers showed that they are ready to help
contribute to winning our third consecutive Provincial Championship in 3 years.

Guildford Park finished in the top 3 at the Fraser Valley Novice and were led by a couple of rookies who
looked more like seasoned wrestlers. Hamid “The Hammer” Sultan and Jallab “The Masher” Maki led our
group of rookies with silver medal winning performances. Hamid has been very impressive early in this
season and with his first tournament medal, he looks poised to add many more to his mantle. Jallab looked
equally dominant and lost a hard fought final. Jallab caught the eye of many at this tournament and looks
to have a bright future in the sport.

Also turning in medal performances were Ahmed Hassoun who won a silver at 57 kg and Sandra
Livingstone who won a silver medal in her first tournament. Sandra looks to add some much needed depth
to our up and coming girls’ team. Other strong performers were Adam Maki who finished 4th, Daniel
Otchere who placed 5th, Spencer King-Linderbeck who won a bronze and Ibsaa Jafer who placed 6th.

                                  TIMETABLE CHANGES

Please see a counsellor if you want to discuss the possibility of changing
a course for second semester.
 Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                   Page 11

                          PARENT EDUCATION/INFORMATION

                               SABRE WEAR

Shorts (black or white)                      $15.00 to $20.00
T-shirts (grey)                              $15.00
Long Sleeve Shirts (black or white)          $25.00
Sweatshirts/Hoodies                          $40.00 - $45.00
Sweatpants (with/without paws)               $35.00

Clothing will be available soon at the Sabres Den or see Ms. Biggar

                                           Caffeine and Kids
Confused about caffeine and your kids? Caffeine has the same stimulant effects on children and teens as
it does on adults, though these effects can be stronger in children because their bodies are smaller.
Caffeine side effects can prevent children from doing well in school, they include:

           irritability and restlessness
           difficulty concentrating
           afternoon sleepiness

Caffeine can be found in some soft drinks (colas, some root beers), chocolate, coffee, tea, iced mocha
drinks and some other drinks (the name usually includes the words “energy”, “rush”, “adrenaline”, “bull”).
Caffeine is not always listed in the ingredient list but caffeine containing ingredients to look for include:

           coffee or coffee beans (not coffee flavoring)
           green or black tea leaves
           cocoa beans

Children and adolescents can also experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, irritability and
restlessness. Be sure to stock beverages at home with little or no caffeine, this will make the better
choices easier for everyone! Your best options are water, milk, 100% fruit juice.

Public Health Nutrition Program

        For school resources, lesson plans and more, visit - search
                                        'school nutrition'.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                               Page 12

                                             STRESS-LESS HOLIDAYS

                         “The holiday season is supposed to be fun, so why am I dreading it and
                         feeling so stressed?” Here are just a few suggestions that may help:

Slow down and reconnect: At the end of the day, sit down and talk with your children. Read
them holiday stories or talk about holidays when you were a child.

Simplify whatever you can: For dinner on busy days, enjoy soup and sandwiches with a glass of
milk. No law says that a family must have a full course meal to make it healthy.

Invite your children to think of special gifts for people on your list: You’ll be surprised
at how thoughtful little ones can be about other people’s needs.

Find something to laugh about: Laughter really is the best medicine. Get silly and find your own
inner child!

                Remember…the best holiday memories are of the FUN TIMES, not the
                extravagant gifts or meals.

                         A message from your school’s Public Health Nurse

               ATTENTION EVERYONE!! Make sure you don’t miss the deadline
               for purchasing your yearbook.

               The last day to purchase your 2008/2009 yearbook is February 22,
               2008. Please note that the earlier you purchase a yearbook, the more
               times your name will be entered to win a free copy of the yearbook
               (your purchase price would be refunded). Bi-weekly and monthly prizes
               will be drawn up to January 31, 2008. Also, the last day to have your
               yearbook personalized is the 2nd week in January.

               Please note that there will be no yearbook sales in June so don’t miss
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                    Page 13

                                 Graduation Program Examination Schedule

                                                       JANUARY 2009
                      DATE                             SUBJECT                            TIME*

        Monday                            English 12                         8:30 am to 11:30 am
        January 26, 2009

                                          Essentials of Math 10              12:30 to 3:30 pm
                                          Principles of Math 10

        Tuesday                           English 10                         8:30 to 11:30 am
        January 27, 2009                  Communications 12
                                          French 12

                                          Social Studies 11                  12:30 to 3:30 pm
                                          History 12
        Wednesday                         Science 10                         8:30 am to 11:30 am
        January 28, 2009
                                          Principles of Math 12              12:30 to 3:30 pm
        Thursday                          Biology 12                         8:30 to 11:30 am
        January 29, 2009
                                          Physics 12                         12:30 to 3:30 pm
                                          First Nations 12
        Friday                            Geography 12                       8:30 to 11:30 am
        January 30, 2009
                                          Chemistry 12                       12:30 to 3:30 pm

                  •    All Provincial Examinations are designed to be completed within 2 hours.
                  •    Students are permitted an additional one hour if required
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                           Page 14

      Grade 10 and 12 exams begin on January 26, 2009. Please make sure you know the date and time of
      your exam by checking the schedule on the previous page. Most exams will be written in the
      Community Building.
      You must:
          √ Be on the register to write the exam. Walk-ins cannot be accommodated.
          √ Arrive at the exam room 30 minutes BEFORE the scheduled exam starts.
          √ Bring all your needed supplies (pens, pencils, eraser, calculator, ruler, etc.)
          √ Photo ID (Go Card, Driver’s License).
      You will not be allowed to leave the room for 60 minutes after the exam begins, and if you leave during
      the exam, you cannot return. We advise students to take care of bathroom issues before they arrive. See
      the attached exam tips, and dates below.

      School exams occur over a 2-day period.
                 Tuesday, January 27              Blocks C, D, A, B
                 Wednesday, January 28            Blocks B, A, D, C

      Students are expected to be writing exams on those days. If a school exam conflicts with a provincial
      exam then the conflict day is:

                  Thursday, January 29            Special arrangements with subject teacher.

      The only reason a student may miss the school exam is a conflict with a provincial exam. Should there
      be an emergency family issue or illness, special arrangements must be made to write school exams on
      January 31, 2008. The next set of provincial exams will take place in June, 2009.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                       Page 15

                Have you checked out YES yet?
                Have you checked out     yet?
                      Well, what are you waiting for???
                       Well, what are you waiting for???
                         Youth Educational Support
                          Youth Educational Support
                 is like a youth centre right in your school!
                 is like a youth centre right in your school!
         (Located in the Community Building behind the Library)
         (Located in the Community Building behind the Library)
                Monday Tuesday Wednes- Thursday    Friday
                  Monday            Wednesday Thursday
                           Tuesday day                    Friday

                - 3:00 8:00 3:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 3:00                8:00
     Hours 8:008:00 - 3:00 -8:00 - 3:00 - 3:00 - 3:00 - 3:00 - 8:00 - 3:00 - 3:00

                Lounge Lounge
            Lounge            Lounge Lounge  LoungeLounge Lounge Lounge Lounge
     Before Open
  Before         Open    Open Open Open Open Open Open Open               Open
  8:00-       for for      for for      for    for    for    for for        for
      8:15 Breakfast
   8:15                      Breakfast      Breakfast
                                     Breakfast                  BreakfastBreakfast
                     Lounge Open to      Lounge Open to     Lounge Open to Eve-      Lounge Open to       Lounge Open to Ev
                Lounge Open to    Lounge Open to     Lounge Open to       Lounge Open to      Lounge Open to
                        Everyone            Everyone                ryone                Everyone               ryone
                  Everyone          Everyone            Everyone            Everyone              Everyone
   At At Grade 8s 8s Floor Floor Soccer Soccer Dance Dance
             Grade                                      Student’s Student’s
    Lunch                Hockey
            Only Gym Hockey
  Lunch Only Gym                                         Choice Choice

              Lounge/Gym Lounge/Gym Anime Club Lounge/Gym Lounge/Gym
      After Lounge/
   After               Lounge/  Anime Club  Lounge/   Lounge/
      2:26- Gym Open Gym Open
   2:26-         Open       Open           Gym OpenOpen Open Open

 √ Comfy Lounge                        √ Basketball   √ Safe Place to Talk
 √ Board Games                         √ Soccer       √ Quiet Place to
 √ GameCube                            √ Floor Hockey   catch up on work
 √ Fun Activities                      √ Dodgeball    √ Help connecting to
 √ Special events                      √ Foosball       services in your
 √ Healthy Snacks                      √ Ping Pong      community
                                                                                         Page 16
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School

                                             ork I go
                            “’s off to w                                      CO-OP

                               Guildford Park Co-op Program

                                       HUMANITIES CO-OP 2008
                                         December 3 to 19, 2008

                Joma Aguinaldo                             Lions Gate Hospital
                Jenny Blanthorne                           Lena Shaw Elementary
                Gordy Bond                                 Pacific Rim Architecture
                Cody Braun                                 Moxies Restaurant
                Cassandra Cerney                           West 49th
                Stephanie Chee                             Holly Elementary
                Khizer Daya                                Collingwood Police Station
                Tony Driscoll                              Mary Jane Shannon Elementary
                Katherine Gervais                          Old Yale Road Elementary
                Marlon Hernandez                           Riverdale Elementary
                Kristi Kilbach                             Bluenotes
                Aleksandra Kuligowski                      Surrey Museum
                Ryan Kwon                                  Surrey Public Library, Dec 3 to 9
                                                           White Spot - Guildford
                Alyssa Laboucan                            White Spot - Surrey Place
                Amei-Lee Laboucan                          The Gap
                Donna Le                                   Holly Elementary
                Anastasia Meyer                            Van Arts Film & TV
                                                           Lord Tweedsmuir Library
                John Molloy                                Fresco Inn Restaurant
                Raine Murdoch                              Allondale Animal Hospital
                Kim Nguyen                                 The Keg
                Dora Phanouvong                            Bell Theatre
                Doras Prasad                               Surrey Board of Trade
                Alyssa Raymond                             Lena Shaw Elementary
                Julainne Spence                            La Senza Lingerie
                Jason Vo                                   Metrotown Insurance, Dec 3 to 12
                                                           Vancity Credit Union, Dec 15 to 19
                Willem Vooys                               Extreme Clothing Company
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                            Page 17

                         AUTOMOTIVE TECH COOP

Congratulations to Mr. Rovtar's Automotive Tech Co-op class! These
students participated in an 80 hour work experience in various automotive service
centres. Here, students had the opportunity to apply their in-class learning to real
"hands on" work. Many of these students now know that they wish to pursue
careers as automotive service technicians or in collision/autobody re-finishing and
will have the opportunity to get a head start in these careers by pursuing further
work in this field and working towards an automotive apprenticeship.

Guildford Park students are fortunate to have a variety of Co-op Programs to
select from. Course planning is approaching beginning of January. Students
planning for grade 11 and 12 should definitely consider co-op as an option!

       Jay Cartabio                         Lyon Chahine                 Leanne Dewinter
       Shale Dunn                           Mike Funk                    Dustin Kowalski
       Matnoh Koya                          David Lai                    Nikko Layson
       Ondrej Martinovsky                   Matt McGillvray              Alex McNeil
       Brock Mitzel                         Greg Newman                  Shola Ogunniyi
       Marco Sumera                         Maegan Toth

                      IF YOU:
                                  are you serious about getting a job?

                     The CAREER CENTRE will help you:
                                 To write a résumé
                                 Cover Letter
                                 Fax Services
                                 S.I.N. Applications

                     Check out the “OPPORTUNITIES” listed every week in the Career Education

                     It can be your chance to make some always needed cash, develop
                     work experience and maybe secure a long-term position.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                Page 18

                                      PLANNING 10
Life Saver Certifications

Guildford Park’s Planning 10 students from first semester have just finished getting
certified in St. John Ambulance’s Life Saver Program. All students passing the course
were required to show off their new skills on the practical components and as well as
pass the written exam.

Work Experience Hours
Deadlines are approaching for all First Semester Planning 10 students. They are
expected to have completed their 30 Hours of Work Experience by Wednesday,
December 17, 2008. This includes the necessary paperwork. More information can be
found on the following School Websites:


                          December Highlights

       - LifeSaver First Aid Certification
       - Budget Projects

                              Upcoming Planning 10 Events

       - Course Planning                             January
       - Health Unit                                 January
       - January Presentations
             Red Cross
             Substance Abuse
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                           Page 19

                                     Guildford Park Secondary School

                                 HONOUR ROLL for November, 2008

Students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or better qualify for the “A” Honour Roll at the
end of each reporting period, and an average of 3.0-3.49 qualifies for the “B” Honour Roll.

The grade point average is calculated from an average of the marks for each course.

Congratulations go to the following students on achieving “A” and “B” Honour Roll standing for the first
report card.
               A=4             B=3            C+ = 2.5             C=2          C-= 1
                                           4.0 = Straight A’s
                                              * denotes 4.0

                                   Grade 8 “A” Honour Roll

*Bautista, Kim            *Fonseca-Knutson, Cassidy   *Li, Lucy                      *Rahman, Nadya
Beeharry, Adarsh          Gerwatowski, Patricia       *Lubas, Isabelle               Rosalejos, Hannah
Booth, Jake               *Hossain, Samanta           Melecio, Faith                 Roxas, Candice
*Borillo, April           *Huang, Michelle            Morano, Austine                *Sarcos, Jemimah
*Canas, Jedidah           Ingal, Katrina              Morzo, Irene                   Sumaculub, Francis
*Caparas, Karsten         Kang, Amneet                Nand, Shyleen                  Tajan, Joyce
Chapman, Emily            Kehler, Mikayla             Nguyen, Diana                  *Tamuno, Lolia
*De Guzman, Brem          Kim, William                Orr, Zolene                    *Tegally, Saheba
*Dhanda, Gurbinder        Klassen, Kiera              *Ortega, Eula                  *Tran, Daniel
Dimacali, Dana            Kwon, Kevin                 Peeters, Michael               *Truong, Lilly
Don, Martin               Lacoste, Megan              *Pham, Leeann                  Uppal, Jaspreet
*Dung, Carmine            Landas, Julius              Pham, Sally                    *Xie, Colleen
Faroon, Faize             Le, Cindy                   Pingol, Kaye                   Zamora, Dexter
Ferguson, Alexander       *Lee, Nathalia              Quitalig, Angelica

                                     Grade 8 “B” Honour Roll
Ahaja, Abdulwahid         Dixon, CJ                   Locquiao, Derrick               Shikh-Hussin, Ibrahim
Ahmad, Sami               Fitz-Gerald, Taryn          Lotfiazar, Arezou               Silva, Shyann
Amancio, Irvin            Hassoun, Ahmed              Maralli, Issah                  Sogocio, Arthur
Batin, Mark               Henderson, Matthew          McKillop, Cameron               Spence, Caneil
Batin, Matthew            Hernandez, Princess         Nisar, Intisar                  Stromgren, Anthony
Bebek, Nikola             Hildebrandt, Marisah        Noullettradermaker, Chanelle    Stroud, Devon
Billette, Steven          Huynh, Billy                Oliveira, Raquel                Tabalanza, Sherwin
Bookey, Brianna           Joziak, Arthur              Omer, Winny                     Tong, Lydia
Brazeau-George, McKayla   Kennedy, Clarissa           Pearce, Sheldon                 Tran, Vianna
Brown, Justin             Kennedy, Emily              Pham, Nelson                    Van, Anthony
Browne, Miranda           Khammountry, Joanna         Rivas Espinoza, Jackellyn       Yan, Myo
Chong, Eric               Kilani, Rajaa               Rogers, Alaina
Deo, Amanda               Le, Christine               Sandau, Taylor
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                 Page 20

                                       Grade 9 “A” Honour Roll

                              Gonzales, Jasmine       McIntosh, Kendra       *Roco, Nino
   Aguinaldo, Jo Anne         Grewal, Gaganpreet      Midani, Mona           Sarcos, Aaron
   *Alam, Muneeb              Grewal, Kamaldeep       Mohammad, Hasan        Severo, Roger
   Bucholtz, Kurtis           Haciles, Arjay          Mondair, Rubina        Shui, Jane
   Cabaccang, Ada             Hoang, Jenny            Morris, Zachary        Singh, Arshpreet
   Castillo, Katrina          Holcombe, Scott         Morse, Megan           *Singharaj, Cindy
   Castillo, Princess         Hua, Jennifer           Nand, Shenjy           Tran, Christina
   Daez, Leah                 Idolor, Nyca            Nelson, Briana         Trieu, Jennifer
   De Guzman, Kem             Jerezano, Diana         Ocampo, Mariella       Veroy, Austin
   Dimacali, Danica           Kandola, Vishav         Pancho, Karl           *Vuong, Tran
   Doan, Lisa                 Kuoch, Savannah         Ranas, Rae             Wisniewska, Monika
   Downton, Kyrsten           Lubas, Caroline         Rayat, Jaison          Wu, Daphne
   Ervin, Elizabeth           *Mahabirsingh, Juhi     Realina, Jilannie      Zhang, Karen
   Friesen, Josiah            Mahbub, Sahnon          Redota, Christine
   Fu, Raymond                *Mai, Susan             Reid, Katelynn

                                       Grade 9 “B” Honour Roll

  Ambartsoumian, Artashes    Gray, Ryan              Mardones, Courtney     Serrano, Rie
  Ayoub, Joanne              Hajdecki, Monika        Masters, Shelby        Silva, Sydney
  Barbor, Sydney             Halonen, Lisa           Mohamed, Lobna         Sotoj, Nena
  Bhatti, Israaz             Henderson, Kayla        Moncada, Dehl          Sujeen, Leeladarshini
  Bi, Peng                   Hesse, Lee-Anne         Moon, Alice            Szunyik, Dena
  Brown, Jeremy              Hwang, June             Morgan, Rebecca        Undershute, Matthew
  Burgoyne, Katrina          Jackson, Natasha        Naidu, Pracilla        Va, Alan
  Burzan, Stefan             Jaurigue, Avie          Newman, Trevor         Van Randen, Chelsea
  Carrod, Jessica            Khwaja, Sameer          Ngo, Alexander
  Chee, Alysha               Krawczyk, Carolina      Ospina, Andres
  Di Ramio, Michael          Larochelle, Austin      Pangapalan, Alan
  Doria, Ross                Le, Kelly               Pison, Czarina
  Golling, Dawn              Le, Timothy             Power, Alysha
  Gonzales, Shariz           Leontowicz, George      Rolston, Kara
  Goodwin, Jenelle           Magaling, Joy           Sastaunik, Jamie

                                      Grade 10 “A” Honour Roll

*Amancio, Irene             Geniebla, Katrina       *Nguyen-Don, Hillary   *Ta, Ellen
*Asia, Sylvanna             Hutchison, Rebecca      Nguyen-Don, Jenny      *Tabobo, Carizza
Bautista, Celine            Hwang, Irene            O’Bray, Jessica        Torok, Cristine
Beraki, Ruth                *Ku, Wayne              Palapar, Ken           *Tran, Francis
Carmen, Elaine              *Lee, Wesley            *Palha, Arnold         Trinh, Christina
Castillo, Joseph            Ly, Jacky               Pancho, Kevin          Truong, Jennifer
*Chalasani, Dheeraj         MacGregor, Justin       Park, Ye Ji            *Truong, Mai
Chandi, Sonam               *Mar, Trista            *Paular, Casey         Vellios, Stephanie
*Cheong, Eddy               *Malhi, Arshveer        Peeters, Melanie       Voros, Chris
Cho, Chan                   *Masih, Jason           Peirce, Anne           Voros, Patrick
Cho, John                   McKillop, Megan         *Pham, Tam             Vu, Sally
Custodio, Katrina           Midani, Marwah          *Popal, Sohail         Wallace, Brianne
*Dela Cruz, Ariel           Miyaoka, Sean           Prasad, Shyreen        *Wilgosh, Elysha
Dimacali, Diane             Montehermoso, Faith     *Qu, Weike             Zahra, Annie
Encendencia, Owen           *Morris, Alexander      Saepan, Amanda
Fernando, Carlos            Murray, Emily           Salviejo, Louie
*Fojas, Mary                *Ngalot, Mary           Sarai, Manbir
Gabo, Lestley               Nguyen, Trieu           Stanley, Curtis
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                  Page 21

                                        Grade 10 “B” Honour Roll
 Abdela Abu, Jemal         Kasseberi, Lawrence     Pilares, Janine          Szyndel, Agata
 Baird, Nicole             Khamkhay, Edward        Rattan, Rita             Thiara, Navroop
 Bascug, Aldwin            Klassen, Tayia          Salameh, Hala            Villena, Octavio
 Basra, Amrit              Marriott, Colin         Sandhu, Amrit            Viloria, Terrence
 Bell, Josh                McKenzie, Rayvon        Sangha, Sarbjot          Vitale, Natasha
 Bombhi, Deepika           Meeajan, Faarheen       Santos, Joy              Wilde, Brendan
 Bruehler, Justine         Morrissette, Ezekiel    Shamsi, Bilal            Worms, Michael
 Dela Cruz, Sarah          Morzo, Arlyn            Shikh Hussin, Mahmoud    Yaranon, Paula
 Fernandez, Ramon          Narayan, Tisha          Sial, Anam               Zanrosso, Jillian
 Honrado, Ralphie          Nguyen, Nicholas        Sotoj, Victoria          Zolotareva, Julia
 Ho, Ky                    Park, Hannah            Somsena, Jidanan

                                  Grade 11 “A” Honour Roll
Abas, Bryan               *Friesen, Karli         Martinez Solis, Kim      Seeratun, Dixsha
Aguinaldo, Joma           Hernandez, Marlon       Medel, Federic           Sial, Rajab
*Ball, Kirsten            Inocencio, Gian         Miro, Roxette            Smith, Christian
*Batin, Shiela            Jelasco, Jake           Mohamed, Ahmed           Spence, Julainne
Booluck, Pooja            Khwaja, Milode          *Moon, Ju Young          *Tran, Ahn
Braun, Cody               Kim, David              Nguyen, Linda            Undershute, Hailey
Cerney, Cassandra         Kim, Peter              *O, Dongha               *Vashisht, Vinayak
Chandi, Karandeep         *Krawczyk, Kamil        Paz, Anabelle            *Wong, Jason
Chee, Stephanie           Kwon, Ryan              Pham, Sharon             Young, Princess
*Cheng, Donald            Layson, Nikki           Prasad, Doras
Daya, Khizer              *Layson, Nikko          Ramnauth, Barkha
*Eldalk, Leenah           Mann, Sukhdeep          Sangha, Rubeen

                                Grade 11 “B” Honour Roll
 Aarts, Amanda            Laboucan, Amei-Lee      Morse, Kathryn           Raymond, Alyssa
 Canas, Grace             Lamba, Nikit            Murdoch, Raine           Sanico, Gelina
 Chahine, Hermez          Le, Donna               Nguyen, Rocky            Sanico, Genina
 Cheas, Kevin             Lee, Sam                Nguyen, Tuan             Santos, Angel
 Ching, Clarence          Leopold, Breanne        Ojeda, Rosaura           Schuss, Jordon
 Driscoll, Tony           Melville, Ashley        Pereira, Elizabeth       Sogocio, Claire
 Grewal, Harleen          Meyer, Anastasia        Phanouvong, Dora         Soldatova, Kristina
 Hall, Sara               Molloy, John            Pingol, Butch            Takhar, Jagbir
 Kim, Junwoo              Moon, Michelle          Prele, Arielle
 Kuligowski, Aleksandra   Moreno, Patrick         Raboy, Mike

                                 Grade 12 “A” Honour Roll

 *Al-Obeidi, Mohammed     *Castillo, Daniel       Meyer, Patrick           Rowe, Garret
 *Amistad, Clark          *Chan, Kaylar           Moon, Tae Hwi            Runtuwene, Odie
 Ayeras, Maye             *Chua, Wilbetson        Morin, Jon               Russell, Brian
 Beattie, Josh            *Dyal, Ramandeep        *Narayan, Sage           *Smith, Adam
 Bermudez, Karina         *Ferrer, Maisie         *Nelson, Larissa         Somsena, Kesinee
 *Bhindi, Jayna           *Gabo, Lyle             Nguyen, James            Stanley, Darryl
 Bochar, Marsha           Gutierrez, Alvin        *Nguyen, Thao            *Xie, Michael
 Bonnett, Brandon         Kim, Rachel             Nguyen-Don, Kimberly
 Buenaventura, Patricia   Lee, Bessie             Ocampo, Richie
 Cadorniga, Kitkat        Lee, Jen                *Ravi, Ranjita
 Calimoso, Khristine      *Mach, Marilyn          Respicio, Thea
            Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                                      Page 22
                                                                                                                    Page 22

                                           Grade 12 “B” Honour Roll
  Abousaleh, Muhjah             Fernandez, Cara                Molloy, Samantha               Sidhu, Jaskeerat
  Anwar, Maseeh                 Garbutt, Kayla                 Newman, Gregory                Tran, Wendy
  Babooram, Navesh              Grewal, Anu                    Ng, Yan                        Truong, Daniel
  Billette, Michael             Hills, Kirstie                 Ngo, Anita                     Truong, Kathy
  Booluck, Avinash              Ingal, Carl                    Nguyen, Huyen                  Uher, Sarah
  Bulahan, Jayson               Jaber, Duha                    O’Connor, Shawn                Vander Meer, Nina
  Christensen, Matthew          Johal, Monica                  Pham, Tommy                    Vigner, Nicholas
  Csirkes, Kayla                Landas, June                   Ping, Oscar                    Villanueva, Kevin
  Dabbas, May                   Le Mond, Ashley                Pollock, Cole
  Dang, Peng                    Lumugdang, Alexander           Ramzan, Shaiza
  Delano, Brittani              Malbataan, Lovely              Rebillaco, Katrina
  De Ros, Alexis                McGillivray, Matthew           Rosie, Kevin
  Duran, Silvia                 Miyaoka, Joanne                Sevdianishvili, David

                                         GUILDFORD G’s
                                          November 2008
We are proud of the work done by our students at Guildford Park. In addition to those students who we recognize for
achieving honour roll status, we would also like to congratulate students who have achieved marks of “G” for Work Habits in
all of their courses on the November, 2008 report card. This list represents students who worked hard throughout this
reporting period, and is not directly related to high marks. Anyone who is willing to work hard and put forth the effort is
eligible. Congratulations!

 Ahaja, Abdulwahid                    Joziak, Arthur                              Pham, Leeann
 Akulenko, Uliana                     Kang, Amneet                                Pham, Sally
 Ayeras, Reica                        Kehler, Mikayla                             Pham, Van
 Bautista, Kimberly                   Kennedy, Clarissa                           Pingol, Wilrose
 Billette, Steven                     Kennedy, Emily                              Quitalig, La Angelica
 Bookey, Brianna                      Khammountry, Joanna                         Rahman, Nadya
 Booth, Jake                          Kilani, Rajaa                               Rivas Espinoza, Jackellyn
 Borillo, April                       Kim, Dong                                   Rosalejos, Hannah
 Brazeau-George, Mckayla              Klassen, Kiera                              Roxas, Candice
 Browne, Miranda                      Komany, James                               Sandau, Taylor
 Canas, Jedidah                       Kwon, Kevin                                 Sarcos, Jemimah
 Caparas, Karsten                     Landas, Julius                              Silva, Shyann
 Chapman, Emily                       Le, Christine                               Sogocio, Arthur
 De Guzman, Bremiella                 Le, Cindy                                   Spence, Caneil
 Dhanda, Gurbinder                    Lee, Nathalia                               Stroud, Devon
 Dimacali, Dana                       Li, Yue                                     Sumaculub, Leonard
 Don, Martin                          Lotfiazar, Arezou                           Tabalanza, Sherwin
 Dung, Carmine                        Lubas, Isabelle                             Tajan, Joyce
 Faroon, Faize                        Maralli, Marie                              Tamuno, Lolia
 Fitzgerald, Taryn                    McKillop, Cameron                           Tegally, Bibi
 Fonseca-Knutson, Cassidy             Melecio, Mary                               Tran, Daniel
 Gerwatowski, Patricia                Morzo, Irene                                Tran, Vianna
 Henderson, Matthew                   Nand, Shyleen                               Truong, Tuyet
 Hernandez, Maria                     Nguyen, Diana                               Uppal, Jaspreet
 Hildebrandt, Mariah                  Oliveira, Raquel                            Xie, Colleen
 Hossain, Sarzana                     Orr, Jolene                                 Yan, Myo
 Huang, Michelle                      Ortega, Eula                                Zamora, Dexter
 Huynh, Billly                        Paz, Camille
 Ingal, Katrina                       Pearce, Sheldon
 Joson, Bianca                        Peeters, Michael
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                Page 23

  Aguinaldo, Jo Anne            Hrdalo, Joseph        Nguyen, Mi
  Al Hassani, Mohammed          Hua, Jennifer         Ocampo, Mariella
  Alam, Muhammad                Huynh, Randy          Ospina, Andres
  Barbor, Sydney                Idolor, Fe Nyca       Pison, Czarina
  Bi, Peng                      Jaurigue, Aviegaile   Power, Alysha
  Bucholtz, Kurtis              Jerezano, Diana       Ranas, Rae
  Burgoyne, Katrina             Kandola, Vishav       Rayat, Jaison
  Cabaccang, Earl               Khwaja, Sameer        Realina, Jilannie
  Castillo, Katrina             Kim, Dokun            Redota, Chrstine
  Castillo, Princess            Krawczyk, Carolina    Reid, Katelynn
  Christensen, Joshua           Kuoch, Savannah       Roco, Nino
  Crawford, Samantha            Lam, Nicholas         Rolston, Kara-Lee
  Daez, Leah                    Larochelle, Austin    Sarcos, Aaron
  De Guzman, John               Lawrence, Jonathan    Sastaunik, Jamie
  Dimacali, Danica              Lee, Ki               Serrano, Rie
  Doan, Diem                    Lubas, Caroline       Severo, Roger
  Doria, Roswell                Luong, Steven         Sharma, Priya
  Downtown, Kyrsten             Magaling, Edlyn       Shui, Qian
  Ervin, Elizabeth              Mahabirsingh, Juhi    Silva, Sydney
  Francis, Justyce              Mai, Susan            Singh, Jasmine
  Friesen, Josiah               Masters, Shelby       Singharaj, Sadaphone
  Fu, Raymond                   McIntosh, Kendra      Sleman, Valantena
  Golling, Dawn                 Midani, Mona          Smith, Gabrian
  Gonzales, Jasmine             Mohamed, Lobna        Sotoj, Lidia
  Gonzales, Shariz              Mohammad, Hasan       Sujeeun, Leeladarshini
  Goodwin, Jenelle              Mondair, Rubina       Szunyik, Dena-Marie
  Gopy, Harshana                Moon, Jiwon           Tran, Christina
  Grewal, Gaganpreet            Morgan, Rebecca       Trieu, Jennifer
  Grewal, Kamaldeep             Morris, Zachary       Van Randen, Chelsea
  Haciles, Arjay                Morse, Megan          Vanderpol, Amber
  Hajdecki, Monika              Nand, Shenjleen       Vuong, Tran
  Halonen, Lisa                 Nelson, Briana        Wisniewska, Monika
  Hoang, Jenny                  Ngo, Alexander        Wu, Yang
  Holcombe, Scott               Nguyen, Jimmy         Zhang, Rui

 Abdela Abu, Jemal             Carmen, Elaine         Fojas, Mary
 Adam, Jonathan                Castillo, Joseph       Gabo, Lestley
 Amancio, Irene                Chalasani, Dheeraj     Geniebla, Katrina
 Asia, Sylvanna                Cheong, Choon-Khiong   Ho, Ky
 Baird, Nicole                 Cho, Chan              Honrado, Ralphie
 Bascug, Aldwin                Cho, Sung              Hussein, Esraa
 Basra, Amrit                  Custodio, Katrina      Hutchison, Rebecca
 Bautista, Celine              Dela Cruz, Ariel       Hwang, Hyojeong
 Bombhi, Deepika               Dimacali, Diane        Khammountry, Leah
 Bruehler, Justine             Encendencia, Owen      Kilani, Reem
 Bunda, Janella                Fernandez, Ramon       Ku, Chun
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                     Page 24

 Larochelle, Ryan              Pancho, John                 Ta, Nguyen
 Lee, Westley                  Park, Hannah                 Tabobo, Carizza
 Ly, David                     Paular, Casey                Tran, Francis
 Ly, Jacky                     Peeters, Melanie             Trinh, Christina
 Mar, Trista                   Peirce, Anne                 Truong, Jennifer
 Marriott, Colin               Peterson, Temple             Truong, Mai
 Masih, Jason                  Pham, Tam                    Vellios, Stephanie
 McKillop, Megan               Pilares, Janine              Vitale, Natasha
 Meeajan, Faarheen             Popal, Sohail                Voros, Chris
 Miyaoka, Sean                 Qu, Weike                    Voros, Patrick
 Montehermoso, Faith           Rattan, Rita                 Vu, Cam
 Morris, Alexander             Sadian, Clarence             Wallace, Brianne
 Morzo, Arlyn                  Saepan, Amanda               Wells, Christopher
 Narayan, Tisha                Santos, Roma                 Wilde, Brendan
 Ngalot, Mary                  Sarai, Manbir                Wilgosh, Elysha
 Nguyen, Trieu                 Shergill, Ramandeep          Yaranon, Leona
 Nguyen-Don, Giang-The         Shikh Hussin, Mahmoud        Zahra, Andleeb
 Nguyen-Don, Ha-The            Sotoj, Victoria
 O’Bray, Jessica               Stanley, Curtis
 Palha, Arnold                 Szyndel, Agata

Aarts, Amanda                    Krawczyk, Kamil              Raymond, Alyssa
Abas, Bryan                      Kuligowski, Aleksandra       Sangha, Rubeen
Aguinaldo, Joma                  Kwon, Hyeokjune              Sanico, Gelina
Ali, Yazib                       Layson, Nikki                Sanico, Genina
Ball, Kirsten                    Layson, Nikko                Santos, Angel
Batin, Shielamarie               Le, Donna                    Schuss, Jordon
Booluck, Pooja                   Leopold, Breanne             Seeratun, Dixsha
Braun, Jonathan                  Mann, Sukhdeep               Smith, Christian
Canas, Grace                     Martinez Solis, Kimberly     Sogocio, Claire
Cerney, Cassandra                Meechan, Monica              Soldatova, Kristina
Chandi, Karandeep                Miro, Roxette                Spence, Julainne
Chee, Stephanie                  Mohamed, Ahmed               Tran, Anh
Cheng, Donald                    Moon, Ha Yeon                Vashisht, Vinayak
Daya, Khizer                     Moon, Ju Young               Villanueva, Joshua
Driscoll, Anthony                Morse, Kathryn               Vo, Jason
Eldalk, Leenah                   Murdoch, Raine               Vongsavath, Deion
Friesen, Karli                   Nguyen, Linda                Wong, Jason
Geniebla, Gene                   O, Dongha                    Young, Princess
Gervais, Katherine               Ogunniyi, Oluwafunmilayo
Grewal, Harleen                  Ojeda, Rosaura
Hernandez, Marlon                Paz, Ma
Inocencio, Gian                  Pham, Sharon
Jelasco, Jacob                   Phanouvong, Dora
Kandola, Shiv                    Prasad, Doras
Khwaja, Enayat                   Prele, Arielle
Kim, David                       Ramnauth, Rohini
 Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                 Page 25

  Abousaleh, Muhjah               Gutierrez, Alvin                Ranas, Rae
  Al-Obeidi, Mohammed             Hills, Kirstie                  Ravi, Ranjita
  Amistad, Clark                  Hussein, Faiza                  Rebillaco, Katrina
  Anwar, Maseeh                   Jaber, Dahah                    Respicio, Thea
  Ayeras, Riza                    Johal, Monica                   Rowe, Garret
  Babooram, Navesh                Kim, Hyo                        Rudzit, Alena
  Beattie, Joshua                 Lee, Hye Bok                    Runtuwene, Claudia
  Bermudez, Karina                Lee, Jen Huey                   Sidhu, Jaskeerat
  Bhindi, Jayna                   Mach, Marilyn                   Smith, Adam
  Billette, Michael               Malbataan, Lovely               Tran, Wendy
  Bochar, Marsha                  Maliksi, Alexis                 Truong, Daniel
  Bonnett, Brandon                Meyer, Patrick                  Truong, Thien
  Booluck, Santosh                Miyaoka, Joanne                 Vander Meer, Nina
  Buenaventura, Patricia          Molloy, Samantha                Williams, Jacqueline
  Bulahan, Jayson                 Moon, Tae Hwi                   Xie, Michael
  Cadorniga, Kit                  Narayan, Sage
  Castillo, Daniel                Nelson, Larissa
  Chan, Kaylar                    Ng, Yan
  Chua, Wilbetson                 Ngo, Anita
  Dabbas, May                     Nguyen, Huyen
  Dang, Peng                      Nguyen, James
  De Ros, Alexis                  Nguyen, Jason
  Duran, Silvia                   Nguyen, Thao
  Dyal, Ramandeep                 Nguyen-Don, Anh-Thu
  Ferrer, Maisie                  Ocampo, Richmond
  Gabo, Lyle                      Pham, Thang-Long
  Grewal, Anuraj                  Ramzan, Shaiza

This year, our grad committee sat down and came up with a schedule of events for the
school year. We encourage you to support the grads by buying popcorn or tickets whenever

                             CANADIAN BLOOD SERVICES NEEDS OUR HELP

            By helping Canadian Blood Services, you can potentially help Guildford Park Grads. Each
            year, Canadian Blood Services has a contest for the Surrey grad classes. When you go and
            donate blood, please give them Guildford Park’s name. They will tally how many parents,
            relatives, friends and students of Guildford Park donate. In the spring, the school with the
            most donors will win a pizza lunch and possibly a money donation.
 Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                              Page 26

                                        SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

  December 4                      Senior Dance
                                   Grade 10, 11 and 12 students only
                                   A semi-formal evening of dancing to the tunes
                                   YOU want to hear!!
                                   Dress Code in effect - no jeans
                                   School Rules in effect
                                   When: 6:30 to 9:30 pm
                                   Cost:    $8.99 in advance, $10.00 the week of the dance
                                   Tickets will be on sale starting the 17th of November

  December 4                      Pictures with Santa
                                  December 8 to 12th in the plaza

                            EVENTS IN THE PLANNING STAGE FOR 2009

  January 14                      Karaoke Night

  February 12                     Talent Show
                                  When: 7:00 pm

                              DONATIONS FOR DRY GRAD
 Grad Council is ALWAYS looking for donations of money or gifts to make the After Grad Party a

 Donate Canadian Tire money, Save-on-Foods points, HBC points or anything you can afford to give!!

                                           THANK YOU!

                               From Grad Council and Ms. Nielsen

                                    GRAD DINNER/DANCE

This year, the Grad Dinner/Dance will be held at the Pan Pacific on May 30, 2009. Once
again, the After Grad party will consist of a cruise. More details will follow in February.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                        Page 27

                               (Excerpt from the CCPA Monitor, November 2008)

♦   There are more than 50 different groups of plastics and hundreds of different varieties. An estimated
    113 billion kilos of raw plastic pellets are produced every year from petroleum. The world uses an
    estimated 1 million plastic bags every minute - 150 bags per year for every person on Earth. It takes
    about 11 barrels of oil to make one ton of plastic bags.

♦   The province of Ontario banned plastic bags from government liquor stores earlier this year - a ban
    that is expected to result in 80 million fewer bags being used yearly. China also banned plastic bags
    completely this year, following the lead of Bangladesh, Taiwan and Botswana.

♦   Plastic makes up 60 to 80% of all garbage floating in the oceans. Every square kilometre of ocean
    contains 13,000 to 18,000 pieces of plastic. Plastic debris causes the deaths of more than a million
    seabirds a year, as well as 100,000 marine mammals.

♦   Discarded plastic fishnets (called “ghost nets”) are perpetual killing machines, continuing to catch fish
    and other species. Scientists recently recovered a 1.5 km long net that contained 99 seabirds, two
    sharks, and 75 salmon. The net was estimated to have been adrift for 90 days and had travelled 60

♦   Three toxic chemicals found in thousands of common plastic household items have been linked to
    birth defects and liver damage.

♦   Phthalates are compounds used to soften plastic in everything from shower curtains and children’s toys
    to vinyl flooring and hospital tubing. They are also used in many personal-care products like perfume,
    body lotion, nail polish and shampoo.

♦   BPA (bisphenol A) is a basic constituent of poly-carbonate plastic, the hard durable plastic used to
    make large water-cooler bottles, baby bottles, dental sealants, CDs and DVDs, and the lining in canned
    food and some drink containers. Two billion kilos of BPA are produced yearly.

♦   PRDE (polydephenyl ethers) are used as flame retardants and added to plastic cases of consumer elec-
    tronics such as TVs, laptops, and digital cameras, and also found in textiles, curtains, foam cushions,
    mattresses and upholstery.

♦   Worldwide, the bottling of water uses about 2.7 million tons of plastic each year. An estimated 4
    billion of these plastic bottles end up in the garbage, costing cities $70 million a year in clean-up costs.

Sources: International Herald Tribune, Toronto Star, the UK Guardian, Environmental
Working Group Research, Greenpeace, New Internationalist.
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                   Page 28

                                                  SEE NEXT PAGE
Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School   Page 29
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Volume 4, 08/09 Guildford Park Secondary School                                                       Page 31

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It is a place for students to write articles, share their experiences and connect with each other in a safe en-

PSST also provides reliable information on important issues that affect students. The youth resources sec-
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               FROM THE STAFF
               AND STUDENTS OF

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