DEB'S DELIGHTS Celebrating 20 Ye by fjhuangjun


									                             DEB’S DELIGHTS *Celebrating 20 Years*
                             Debra Dechert, 67 Shearer Avenue, East Aurora, NY 14052
                             Telephone: (716) 652-8298
*    Products contain MEDIUM heat jalapeno and/or chili peppers      *   Products contain HOT habanero peppers

Pickles & other Favorites:        Chili Sauce, Salsas & other Favorites:                    Pickled Garlic:
$8.00 - 32 oz. Quart size         $6.50 each or any 3 for $19.00 - 16 oz. Pint size         $9.25 - 16 oz.

Dill Pickles                      Chili Sauce                                           Pickled Garlic
   Old Fashioned Dill Pickles        Chosen Chili Sauce XX or Chosen Chili XXX             XX Hot & Sweet
   Hot & Sweet Dill Pickles       Corn Relish                                              XXX Hot Garlic
   Dare Ya’ Dills                    Hot Salsa XXX
Bread & Butter Pickles               Hot Asparagus Nibblets
   Hot & Sweet Pickle Mix         Bread & Butter Pickles                                Deb’s Specialties:
Zucchini Pickles                  Bread & Butter Pickles w/ a Bang   XX or XXX          $7.25 - 16 oz.
Pickled Beets                        Hot & Sweet Pickle Mix
   Dilly Green Tomatoes           Zucchini Pickles                                   Pickled Asparagus
Fruit O’ Plenty                   Pickled Beets                                Hot or Med. Hot Dilly Beans
                                  Chow-Chow                                     Sweet & Sassy Jalapeno Slices
                                     Dilly Green Tomatoes
                                     Hot & Sweet Jalapeno Mustard               Mediterranean Olives - $8.25
                                  Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce
                                     Pickled Okra

Wing Sauce, Hot Sauce & BBQ Sauces:
    Jim Beam Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce                                                    $8.95
    XXX Wreck-Tumm Wrooter Wing Sauce (8 oz. and 16 oz.)                                    $6.00/$8.00
    Hari-Kari Hot Sauce and Hidden Death Hot Sauce (5 oz.)                                  $7.00
    Chipotle BBQ Sauce                                                                      $8.00

$5.95 - Deb’s Specialty Jams - 8 oz. Chocolate Raspberry Jam, Cherry Almond Jam, Christmas Jam (seasonal),
Elderberry Jam and Kahlua Kream Coffee Jelly.

$5.75 - Jams and Pepper Jellies - 8 oz.

      Grape Jam, Blueberry Jam, Doubleberry Jam, Peach Jam, Raspberry Jam, Raspberry Plum Jam, Rhubarb Jam,
Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Banana Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Traffic Jam.

    Blueberry Pepper Jelly,   Christmas Pepper Jelly (seasonal),      Grape Pepper Jelly, Hot Cherry Pepper
Jelly,   Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Habanero Pepper Jelly, Peach Pepper Jelly and   Raspberry Pepper Jelly.

                       * Mix and Match any of the above 8 oz. jams and jellies at 3 for $17.00
             * Mix and Match 4 oz. hex jars in all the above flavors at $3.50 each or any 3 for $10.00

Spreads & No Sugar Added Jams (18 oz.) $7.00
Apple Butter spread, Blackberry Preserves, Peach Preserves, Strawberry Preserves and Raspberry Preserves.
                                              DEB’S DELIGHTS
                                                “To Taste Is To Believe…”

Gift Ideas:

Created by you for that special occasion or someone special. Beginning with a base price of $9.99 you choose a
basket or one of our designer gift boxes and customize your selection with any size jars and any amount of product to
your liking! Add product cost and applicable NYS sales tax. We will cellophane wrap your creation and top it off
with a homemade bow!

Chip & Salsa Plate $24.95 plus NYS sales tax

A beautifully decorated 2 piece vitrified stoneware plate and dip bowl with hot pepper decal, tortilla chips and your
choice of Deb's salsa or chili sauce. May also substitute pepper jelly/crackers. Combination stoneware is oven,
microwave and dishwasher safe and is made locally here in Buffalo, NY.

“Awesome Threesome” - Any 3 of our 4 oz. hex jars of jams/jelly gift–bagged with a bow. $11.50 tax included.

Our standard “Taste of the Country” shipping boxes fit a mix of 3 pints or jams or 2 quarts. Add cost of products to
beginning base price of $14.99, which includes custom box, NYS sales tax, handling charges and shipping charges to
any address in the continental USA. No P.O. Boxes please!

Find us: (Listed alphabetically. Not all products available at all locations.)
    Adventures In Heat                   10189 Main Street, Clarence, NY
    Chateau Buffalo                      1209 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY
    Dash’s Markets                        499 W. Klein Rd., East Amherst, NY
                                         1210 Colvin Blvd., Tonawanda, NY
                                         8845 Main Street, Clarence, NY
    Harmony Market                       8796 State Rd., Colden NY
    Mayer Bros. Cider Mill               Transit @ Seneca Creek Rd./ West Seneca/Elma, NY
    McChesneys Farm Market               4709 Rt. 430, Maple Springs, NY
                                         77 North Main Street, Cassadaga, NY
    Old Greene Farm                      Rte. 394, Ashville, NY
    Red Barrel Cider Mill                8978 Boston Street, Boston, NY
    Tops Market                          Grey Street Plaza, East Aurora, NY
    Wegmans Markets                      4960 Transit Rd., Lancaster, NY
                                         3740 McKinley Pkwy, Blasdell, NY
                                         370 Orchard Park Rd., West Seneca, NY
    Wilson Farms                         42 Riley Street, East Aurora, NY
    Wolfe’s Wine & Brew House            249 Main Street, Arcade, NY

     East Aurora Farmer’s Market: 7 am to 1 pm                           Buffalo Country Market: 8 am – 2:30 pm
     Every Saturday May 2nd thru November                                Every Thursday May 21st through end of October
     East Aurora Farmer's Market - Grey St. Plaza                        Downtown Buffalo Farmer’s Market – Main St.

                            Deb’s Delights has been in business since 1989 and was incorporated in February 2001.
     Deb is certified by Cornell University and the FDA and is licensed by NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets.

                    Mix and Match! 10% discount off full case (12 jars) quantities. We accept VISA & MasterCard
                                                 with a $15.00 min. purchase please.

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