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Pack 772


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									                                            Pack 772
                                     Event or Activity Record

Event or Activity Name: Fall 2005 Round Up
Date(s) Held: Second week after school starts
Place: Olivenhain Meeting Hall
Committee Chair:Susan Pacheco email:                     telephone: 760-436-2286

Committee Helpers: (List the number of people who helped you organize the event or activity.)
1) Cheryl Opalski                         email:_________________ telephone:_________________

2) Tom Hollenbeck                         email:_________________ telephone:_________________

3) Robert O'Neil                          email:_________________ telephone:_________________

4)                                                email:_________________ telephone:_________________

5)                                        email:_________________ telephone:_________________

6)                                        email:_________________ telephone:_________________

7)                                        email:_________________ telephone:_________________

8)                                        email:_________________ telephone:_________________

Supplies needed:
                 Items                              Details                           Who Stores Them
Encinitas Union School District             Call the school district at      Committe Chairperson
approved flyer produced by the BSA           760-944-4300 to obtain the
District Office.                             flyer counts for the current
                                            2005-2006 counts were 670
                                             for La Costa Height (18
                                             sets of 21 for K-3, 9 set of
                                             32 for 4-6 and 20 extras),
                                             and 800 for Oivenhain
                                             Pioneer (22 sets of 21 for
                                             K-3, 11 sets of 32 for 4-6,
                                             20 extras); all flyers in
                                             English, no Spanish
                                            Call Seth Alford, Pack
                                             772's District Rep. and
                                             place an order for flyers or
                                             stop in the District office
                                             and fill out a form for flyers
                                             and supplies.
                                               Sample flyer information:
                                                ALL BOYS and their
                                                PARENTS are invited by
                                                Pack 772 to attend an
                                                informational and sign-up
                                                meeting at Olivenhain
                                                Meeting Hall on the corner
                                                of 7th and Rancho Santa
                                                Fe Road, Tuesday,
                                                September 13, 2005 from
                                                6:30-7:00pm. Pack
                                                meeting to follow, bring
                                                your checkbook. For more
                                                information contact Susan
                                                Pacheco @760-436-2286
                                                or email
                                               Pick up flyers and stop in at
                                                the school district office, at
                                                the intersection of Rancho
                                                Santa Fe Rd. and Encinitas
                                                Blvd., to obtain the school
                                                district's stamp of approval.
                                                Stamp several flyers for
                                                each school's office files.
                                                Each flyer does not need a
                                                stamp of approval so the
                                                flyers can be printed before
                                                shown to the school district.
                                               Delivery flyers to the
                                                school by Tuesday of the
                                                week in which you would
                                                like them included in the
                                                distribution of the weekly
                                                packet of information.
4 blue plastic tablecloths             Used to cover the tables on which         Committee Chairperson
                                       the presentation boards sit.
4 presentation boards for these        Set up boards on table in a               Committee Chairperson
topics:                                convenient viewing location.
         Meeting
         Awards
         Activities
         More Activities
         Mini Boy's Life Magazine     Assemble into packets to hand to          Committee Person
         Tri-fold scouting brochure   parents as the enter the meeting hall.
         List of uniform items        Place extras in front of the
         Current Pack calendar        presentation boards.
         Scout application
         Adult applications
Miscellaneous examples of scout        Distribute these items in front of the    Committee Person
activities, such as                    presentation boards to further
         Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos   illustrate scouting activities.
         Pinewood Derby cars
       red patch vest
       craft project
        photo scrapbooks.
Pack T-Shirts                            Hand out one t-shirt to each scout       Committee Person
                                         that signs up that night and one t-
                                         shirt to each adult that signs the
                                         volunteer list.
Craft or game supplies                   Keep the boys busy with an activity      Committe Person and a few parents
                                         so the parents can get their
                                         information, ask questions and sign-
                                         up their boys.
Sheet                            Collect names and email address for      Committee Person
                                         each parent who attends, even if they
                                         don't sign up that night.
CubMaster, Den Leaders and other         Ask all leaders to attend the meeting.   CubMaster, Den Leaders, other
committee persons                        Once the information is given out        committee persons
                                         and questions are answered,
                                         introduce the parents to the leaders
                                         for their respective sons age group.
                                         Leaders can handle getting
                                         completed applications, Pack dues
                                         and letting the parents know when
                                         and where the first den meeting will

How much did I spend?
                 Item                                    Cost                                Who paid for it?
Craft supplies - neckerchief slides in   $15.00                                   Reimbursed from the Pack. Give
the shape of bats.                                                                receipts to Pack Treasurer

             TOTAL                       $15.00

Who should I contact?
            For what item                              Vendor                       Timeframes (how far in advance)
District Flyers                          Seth Alford, BSA District Rep 619-       4 weeks in advance of flyer
                                         298-6121, x257                           distribution in the schools
School District stamp of approval        760-944-4300                             After flyers are printed, but prior to
                                                                                  distributing to schools
Craft or game supplies                   Try Michael's Craft Store, Home          That's up to you and the activity.
What gets the job done:
            Task          Assigned to   Status
Comments and Suggestions:
What worked well:
      Get a lot of parent volunteers and current scouts to keep the prospective scouts busy and not bothering new
      Prepare an outline of pertinent information: time committment, cost, uniform, activities, meeting times,
       length of meetings, # of meeting/month
      Assign the treasurer to collect the checks, payable to Pack 772.
      Assign the Cub Master to collect the applications.
      Asisgn one committee person to collect names and email address of all prospetive new scout families.
      Ask the District Rep., Seth Alford to attend the meeting the talk about scouting.

What didn’t worked well:
      Talking too long and not leaving enough time for questions. The parents will all have a lot of questions.

What to do different next time:

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