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					                Fredericton Youth Sailing School (FYSS) 2008
                         Adult Learn to Sail Program
                            Registration Package

                       Head Instructor: Kathryn Caiger
                         Instructor: Robert LeBlanc

                          Small Craft Aquatic Centre
                              Phone: 460-2260
                                Fax: 460-2243

The Small Craft Aquatic Centre is located next to the Old Government House on
               the Woodstock Road along the Saint John River.

                                To Register:
                In person at the Small Craft Aquatic Centre
                 Methods of Payment: Visa, Cash, Cheque
            Make cheques payable to Small Craft Aquatic Centre

 In order to complete registration please fill out and return the registration form
                               and the medical form.
A list of supplies needed for the course as well as frequently asked questions are

                          Cost of Programs: $250.00
                       Fredericton Youth Sailing School 2008
                            Adult Learn to Sail Program
                                 Registration Form

Name of Student: _______________________________________________________________

Age: ______ Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

_________________________________ Postal Code: _________________________________

Telephone: _______________________ Email: _______________________________________

Phone #’s: Home _____________________ Work/Cell _________________________________

Swimming Level Achieved: _______________________________________________________

Swimming Ability (i.e. strong, fair, weak): ____________________________________________

Previous CYA Sailing Level Achieved – Please check where appropriate:
None                    _____
White Sail            1 _____       2 _____       3 _____
Bronze Sail           4 _____       5 _____

Other Sailing Experience: _______________________________________________________

Session Choices - please indicate which session(s) you will be attending:

Lessons once a week for 6 weeks from 6pm to 9pm.
Cost : $250
    Evening Option #1              Tuesdays                   July 8 to August 12
    Evening Option #2              Thursdays                  July 10 to August 14

* Thursday evenings will be an advanced course for sailors who have completed White Sail 2 or
who have a strong demonstrated knowledge of sailing.

Weekend lessons Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.
Cost : $250
    Weekend Option #1                June 21/22
    Weekend Option #2                July 12/13
    Weekend Option #3                August 16/17
* Weekend option #3 will be an advanced course for sailors who have completed White Sail 2 or
who have a strong demonstrated knowledge of sailing.

I, ____________________, do herby release and forever discharge from personal injury, loss of
life, or liability, the Fredericton Youth Sailing School, the City of Fredericton, the Small Craft
Aquatic Centre, the Fredericton Yacht Club, the Canadian Yachting Association, their employees
or agents, and do further agree not to make claims or cause any action. I have been advised of
the Sailor’s Code of Conduct and the consequences should an incident occur.

________________________________________                 ________________________________
Signature                                                Date

                                SAILOR’S CODE OF CONDUCT

The Sailor’s Code of Conduct has been developed to let you, student sailors, know how the
instructors expect you to act during your time at the Fredericton Youth Sailing School program.
Appropriate behavior will allow you to become well-rounded, self-confident sailors. We here at the
Fredericton Youth Sailing School program expect the highest level of sportsmanship, teamwork,
fair play, and good behavior. Your behavior, either on or off the water, should be to maintain this
level of sportsmanship and conduct and make other sailors proud to be a part of the FYSS
program. The use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any kind is strictly prohibited.

In order to achieve this we ask that you follow these guidelines:
     Sail for fun and the love of the sport. Enjoy yourself.
     Work hard to improve your skills.
     Listen, ask questions, and watch others to see how you can better your skills.
     Be a team player – get along with your teammates.
     Appreciate the contributions each person makes to the team.
     Learn the rules, and play by them. Always be a good sport and set a positive example for
        others, particularly younger sailors.

We expect you to:
    Use good language – the use of profanity, obscene language, or obscene gestures is not
    Respect your instructors and your teammates. The rules of the Canadian Yachting
      Association and FYSS are to be observed by all. Absolutely no unsportsmanlike conduct
      will be tolerated.
    Be on time for lessons.
    Attend regularly – you need to develop your individual skills, sailing fundamentals, as well
      as develop team discipline, unity, spirit, commitment, and loyalty.
    NEVER participate in any physical violence or fighting under any circumstances.
    If you do not follow the Sailor’s Code of Conduct, depending on the severity and the
      regularity of the violation, the following steps will be taken:
   1) Sailor suspended for 1 day.
   2) Sailor suspended for balance of session (pro-rated refund).

________________________________________                 ________________________________
Signature                                                Date
                           Fredericton Youth Sailing School
                             Adult Learn to Sail Program
                                     Medical Form

NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

FAMILY PHYSICIAN: _________________________________ PHONE # : ________________

NB MEDICARE NUMBER: _______________________________________________________


NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER(S): ____________________________             _____________________________

Do you have any allergies?          Yes __________        No __________

If yes please list allergies _________________________________________________________


Are any medications being taken?         Yes __________     No __________

________________________________________________________________ _____________

Please list any medical conditions you feel we should be aware of:



Please list any restrictions on physical activities:



Additional Information/Comments:


                        Fredericton Youth Sailing School
                             Adult Sailing Program
                          Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions novice sailors have can easily be answered, and hopefully, they
are answered here. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us
by phone 460-2260 or by email

Q: How are students evaluated?
A: Our instructors evaluate students daily, on water and on land. Evaluation is
ongoing, and includes sailing skills, and participation. Evaluation forms are filled
out for each participant at the end of each session.

Q: Is attendance mandatory for all courses?
A: It is highly recommended that you register for a program that you will be able
to commit to all the scheduled lessons. Lessons are held regardless of the
weather as there are always dry-land lessons that can be taught. For the evening
courses, missing more than 2 or 3 classes can greatly influence your learning.

Q: Is there a maximum or minimum number of sailors that will be accepted
for a session?
A: Yes. The program would suffer from quality and safety perspectives if we
accept too many sailors and it is not feasible to run a program with too few.
Should a program be cancelled due to lack of participants, full refunds will be

                             List of Things to Bring:

    CSA or Canadian Coast Guard approved life jacket or PFD (personal
     flotation device). This must fit properly and be in good condition. If it is too
     large, too small, or torn, it is not safe. A whistle should be attached to the
    Plenty of water and maybe some snacks. A lunch is needed for the
     weekend courses.
    Sunscreen. Remember that the sun’s UV rays are more intense on the
     water than on land (even in the evenings).
    Sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.
    A hat with a clip or twine so it can be tied to my PFD and won’t be lost.
    Fast drying, soft soled shoes (no dark soles), or sandals (no flip-flops)
     and a second pair of shoes that I won’t get wet. Your shoes should fit
     properly and not fall off while swimming.
    A large beach towel and bathing suit.
    At least one complete change of clothes.
    A small notepad and pencil. It is very helpful to take notes during
     lessons. Students may also purchase CYA Sailing Manuals appropriate to
     their level from the Fredericton Youth Sailing School.

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