Use Case _M.E._ 2 by zah33r


									                             METALLIC ERA DATA BASE MANAGEMENT

1. Use-Case Name
UC_002<Customer Info>

2. Goal in Context
This database allows the user to add information in the respective fields of the customer’s respective information
after forwarding the quotation and using the previous quotation no. in this form to proceed with the process,

3. Summary
In short the whole use-case emphasizes on the users control, how he manages to deal with the form categories and
the buttons for the customer’s personal information to keep a record of each customer who buys products from
Metallic Era. Following is the list of the people who will be affected directly or indirectly in the above case.

        System Architects and Designers
        Customers/ Clients
        Project Managers

4. Actors

4.1 Primary Actors

        Staff Member

4.1.1 Staff Member
Staff member gets personal information from the customer/client and keeps record of the quotation no. with the
customer id.

5. Pre-Conditions.
For each new entry form should be cleared.
Check Availability form should be having status that stock is available.

6. Scenarios
Following are the scenarios which are possible by the staff member’s act.

        User provides personal details to staff member and he/she enters its information in the form
        After completing the form clicks the save button to store the record of the customer in database.
        If any mistake is done while entering input in any category then staff member click new button to clear the
        When done record is saved and user clicks the back button to go to previous use-case of Availability Check

7. Non-Functional Parts
The non-functional parts consists of the following material

        Environment
        OS Compatibility
        Alternative Paths

7.1 Environment
Environment of the software consists of Text which is used in the form and on the button moreover a title is
provided at the top of the Screen to show respective screens to its user.
7.2 OS Compatibility
Everything of the software is Windows compatible.

7.3 Alternative Paths
The Alternative path on this use-case is that if the availability of the stock is found a new window pops up to show
ORDER NOW or CANCEL ORDER for the customer.

8. Priority
The priority of the current use-case is important because it has to keep record of the user and to proceed with the
customer dealing process when delivering products, this process had to be done.

9. Channels to Actor
       Computer running Windows XP or later
       Actor is literate of the format usage i.e. Database Handling

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