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This proposal presents my reqest to obtain funding from the Lexington Recreation Commission to operate a summer
day camp for school children. I will discuss the project in terms of four factors: Scope of the Project, Day Camp
Activities, Estimated Costs, and Estimated Revenues. If approved, the student workers involved in the project will
complete preperations for the day camp by June 30 and run the day camp on weekdays from July 1 to August 31.


The proposed day camp will asist parents in the Lexington area who need supervised care for their school-age
children during the summer months. The goal of the project is to provide school children with safe, creative, and
fun activities from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays throughout the summer months. In addition, the project will
provide useful and challenging summer employment for five students from Lexington Community College.

The summer day camp operated by the North Lexington Recreation Commission provides the model for the
Lexington project. Students from East Kentucky State College organized and ran the day camp with the assistance
of a government grant and the North Lexington Recreation Commission. This day camp has run for two years and
has been so successful that enrollment for the summer of 1998 has tripled.

Description of Need

At present, no supervised summer day camp operates in the Lexington area to provide local parents with reasonably
priced care for their school-aged children. Gladys Sperling, President of the Parents' Association for the Lexington
Central Elementary School, summarizes the situation. “A drop-in day camp in our area would give our children a
safe and healthy summer experience, while combatting the recruitment efforts of local youth gangs to involve young
children in their activities.”

Workers Involved

Five students from Lexington Community College will work part-time from May 1 to June 30 to set up the day
camp and enroll the children. From July 1 to August 31, the students will work full-time to organize and supervise
the day camp activities.

        Student Name      Phone Number
        [Your Name]       [Your Phone Number]
        Jennie Gruber     987-8897
        Tom Allenson      987-5543
        Marla Weinstein   987-3341
        Ricardo Sanchez   987-1189


Tom Allenson and Marla Weinstein, two of the students involved in the project, have developed a schedule of
activities in consultation with Dr. Maria Ferrars, a professor in the Department of Education at Lexington
Community College.

Daily Schedule

Each morning, the children will meet at 8:30 a.m. in the games room at the Lexington Community Center. During
the summer months, this room is vacant all morning until noon. The children will participate in organized games
and craft activities, and then prepare for an outing.

Outings will be conducted from aproximately 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The children will then return to the
Lexington Community Center and either swim in the pool or participate in organized games. The pool is open for
public swimming every weekday from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Sample Week

The following schedule lists the outings and activities that will be conducted during a typical week at the Lexington
Summer Day Camp.

         Day                Activity
         Monday             Miniature Golf at Heat Wave Fun Land
         Tuesday            Kentucky Zoo
         Wednesday          l0-pin Bowling at Bangorama
         Thursday           Watersports at Lexington Lake Water Park
         Friday             Laser Tag at Funderland


In March of this year, the students involved in the project surveyed children at five elementary schools in the
Lexington area. Forty percent of the children surveyed were extremely interested in the day camp, while 20% were
very interested. As of April 15, the parents of 30 of these children have already contacted project members with
firm offers to enroll their children.


The total labor cost for the project will be $19,200 based on a 20-hour workweek in May and June and a 40-hour
work week in July and August for the five students.

Rental of the community center facilities for approximately three hours each day will amount to $800 and additional
costs for activities, craft supplies, and entrance fees are estimated at $1,600. The total estimated cost for the project
is $21,600.


The pie chart below displays the breakdown of revenue by source, assuming that 40 children attend the day camp for
five days each week at a cost of $50 per child.


The project members request a total grant of $6,000 from the Lexington Recreation Commission to help fund a
summer day camp for children aged 8 to 12. If the revenue generated from the day camp is higher than current
estimates, this amount would be repaid. Any additional revenue would be invested in a day camp program for the
following summer.

If the day camp project is approved, the students involved in the project will gain valuable work experience to assist
them in their chosen careers in the field of education. More importantly, the parents who send their children to the
day camp will enjoy a worry-free summer, while the children themselves will enjoy safe and healthy activities
designed to promote social interaction and personal development.

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