; Kick It 3v3 Soccer - Regional Qualifying Events
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Kick It 3v3 Soccer - Regional Qualifying Events


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									                                                    Kick It 3v3 Soccer - Regional Qualifying Events
The events listed below are not owned and operated by Kick It 3v3 Soccer. These events have partnered with Kick It 3v3, and as such: teams and participants are able to enjoy some of the benefits of the Kick It 3v3
Soccer Tour - including an invitation to the top 3 teams of each division of each Regional Qualifying Event to any of the Kick It Regional Championships Events (for a listing of the Kick It 3v3 Soccer Regional
Championships Events, visit www.kickit3v3.com). The top 6 teams of each division from the Kick It 3v3 Soccer Regional Championships events qualify for the Kick It 3v3 Soccer World Championships at Disney's
Wide World of Sports Soccer Complex near Orlando, Florida, USA - held January 16-18, 2010.

            Event Date      Event Name                                                        Event City                State        Website / Registration Link
        May 9-10, 2009      Tri County Classic                                                Mabank                    TX           www.tricountysoccer.us
       May 16-17, 2009      3v3 Super Soccer Shootout                                         Lancaster                 PA           www.3v3soccerseries.com
       May 23-24, 2009      Mayfield's Moov-It 3v3 Classic                                    Athens                    TN           www.mcminnunitedfc.com
       May 29-31, 2009      THE Dakota Gold 3v3                                               Harrisburg                SD           www.dakotagoldsoccer.com
       May 30-31, 2009      11th Annual Roughrider 3v3 Tournament                             San Antonio               TX           www.neyso.org
           June 6, 2009     Sizzling Showdown 3v3 Tournament                                  McPherson                 KS           www.macstrikers.org
      June 12-14, 2009      Gateway 3v3 Shootout                                              Troy                      IL           www.gateway3v3.com.
      June 12-14, 2009      Kick in the Park 3v3 Soccer Tournament                            Rapid City                SD           www.BH3v3.com
          June 13, 2009     Amarillo Skip Ferrell 3v3                                         Amarillo                  TX           www.amarillosoccer.org
      June 13-14, 2009      Clay County Soccer Summer 3v3                                     Orange Park               FL           www.claycountysoccer.com
          June 20, 2009     Glenview 3v3 Summer Soccer Fest                                   Glenview                  IL           http://www.glenview3v3.org/
      June 20-21, 2009      CGSA 3v3 Summer Sizzler                                           Savannah                  GA           http://www.soccerincollege.com/tournament.aspx?id=SIZZLER
      June 20-21, 2009      Columbia 3v3 Summer Challenge                                     Ellicot City              MD           www.elitetournaments.com
          June 27, 2009     Skillz Check 3v3                                                  Hollis                    NH           www.skillzcheck.com
          June 27, 2009     Kirkwood Soccer "Buddy Dobson" 3v3                                New Castle                DE           http://www.kirkwoodsoccer.org
           July 11, 2009    Kick In The Grass 3v3                                             Carmel                    IN           www.kickinthegrass.net
      July 11 - 26, 2009    Beat the Heat 3v3                                                 Oswego                    IL           http://www.espcomplex.com/BeatTheHeat.html.
       July 11-12, 2009     The Lily Ellen 3v3 North East Cup                                 Flemington                NJ           www.northeastcup.info
       July 18-19, 2009     Colorado Force 3v3 State Championship                             Loveland                  CO           www.forcesoccer.org/force/3v3.asp
       July 18-19, 2009     Jefferson Open 3v3                                                Richmond                  VA           www.strikerstournaments.com
       July 18-19, 2009     7th Annual RECCOS 3v3 Soccer Tournament                           Scottsbluff               NE           http://www.reccos3v3soccer.com/
       July 18-19, 2009     Premiership 3v3 Classic                                           Kansas City               MO           www.gsisports.com
       July 18-19, 2009     tc Sportz 3v3 Challenge Cup                                       Murray                    KY           www.tcsportzevents.com
       July 18-19, 2009     West Chester 3v3 Tournament                                       West Chester              PA           www.wcusc.org/3v3tournament
           July 25, 2009    Kick It Calcio - 3v3                                              Pueblo                    CO           www.3v3pueblo.com
       July 25-26, 2009     Jenna Johnson Memorial 3v3 Soccer Tournament                      Western Springs           IL           http://www.gotsport.com/forms/app/?eventid=6689
         August 8, 2009     NEPA 3v3 Soccer Tournament                                        Clarks Summit             PA           www.nepa3v3soccer.com

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