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									                                                                      r h.+r-t.-.f'   ~F..t.'Ice    "l lJOht.l't..f'ce tTl1ft.h

                                           ~~6-1A                                              ~;JtT                               ;J~1IJ

                                             FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA

                                                          OFTHE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

                                                                           nit. -rf'*"  &..Yutr"tP,.';!t»ht.o.,tP, tT11t\.h

                  hP.t'~\lH';;:  ~olJ'1' <#I'PC:j;ji                                                                                         14th Year      NO.61
                                                                           ft"h1Hl .,,(Ot}f':r- 9"tlC O,-r mlJc/:~-r {'lOtll
                ~\,'t{}MJ(] ~(11(),Xi! "") flit ~.9"                                                                               ADDIS ABABA          25th August, 2008

                                                   O?aJ'tili}.                                                                    CONTENTS

                                       hCP:~    ~TC     %fff/~i'i. ~.9"                                               Proclamation No..602l2008

        rn.c;" 'PI,.,}' 4~'P'PCc;" <JNIJ'.'}; "cp~
                                                                        ... 1~' Qi'i.jl.~~?;        Coffee Quality Control and Marketing Proclamation Page

                                                                                                                  PROCLAMA          TION NO. 60212008.

                                                                                                          A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR COFFEE
                                                                                                              QUALITY CONTROL AND MARKETING

               'Pt.""               .el\m-e; Ohl\SJD h~~      '}O,e -tlD~~t

        {.ItJu, ro.e;                SJDC'''' I\m-6l,b U'}C '}O,e O-t~'IlI1&.                             WHEREAS,        in order to efficiently supply quality
        Vc~:J" 1\000~l..'O rtPJ..efl"fA r'I'i)'7il\ ro~e; 'Pt.""                                    and competitive coffee to the global market it has
        ~h'P'PCe; dJ'O~'''' p'C~"" OOllC.'J"" OOlJfI&.1\   'Ff                                      become necessary to establish an improved system for
                                                                                                    coffee quality control and marketing;

                     ro.e;        "'O,e..,.     h&. 'OSJD'} &J'1'}e; lDQ;I. ~flJ{l                    .
        (JOIJ.f.:l.."/ro.e; hSJDt.¥":f" h.,.o,e.,:                           -t'}{lm''} '}et           WHEREAS, it has been found necessary to make
        {.Io?.e'}'r;..o'''''}              oo'}'},r.'    oo,'C ,'J""         hfl&./a'l.     lYe;    the coffee marketing system fast and cost effective, in
        O'oo'}'f ,,::                                                                               order to enable coffee producers to earn better income
                                                                                                    from coffee transactions;

               ro.e;'} "'O,e:,. hh...,.r- A",e rSJDc"" '}O,e hIP
                                                                                                       WHEREAS, it has become necessary to harmonize
        t.C "'}JtlJcr         h-ti'ii)-I\m. roo'}.,p'''''    oo/-nt,e
                                                                                                    coffee marketing with the organizational work of the
        fL.y.":fc hY.l..]f~"" :JC OfJn'flJSJD OOlJfI .1\.,.:
                                                                                                    Ethiopia Commodity Exchange and the reorganization

                                                                                                    of the executive organs ofthe Government;
              Oh. :,-or-k,e &..Y..t.'I~ Jt quht.f\,e~  tT'Ol\.h
        ~)1'} OO'}.,p,..,.  h'}~~?\ :lli (li) OOlPl.."" rtPJ.h-t                                     NOW, THEREFORE,               in accordance with Article 55 (1) of
        'I\OJ' :Jcm-,"{,A::                                                                         the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
                                                                                                    Ethiopia it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
                                                hlj:1:\ h'}f:
                                                                                                                                  P ART ONE
                                                  ill   ~   /a   /a
        Ii .
                     "   6f.b C CiJfI

                                                                                                    1. Short title
                     ,etJ        h'l':(-  1't...,. ~'P'Pce;
                                              "ro~e;                                   dJ.O,e..,.
                     hlf':(- ~hTC ~f~/~it" -t'OI\" 1\.1I1pfl                          ,e":f''IA::         This Proclamation may be cited as the "Coffee Quality
                                                                                                          Control and Marketing Proclamation No. 602/2008"

         .     ,n~       'P.")                                                                                                            '1;Jt!f- ;Jlf.tlI T."I""~   itM
                                      4.85                                                                                                Negarit G. P.O.Box 80001
               Unit Price

11\   §7i.ff f ;J;'X           ~'D{,.A         't;Jt.:"   ; </!'I"C ?:/i   't"'r'I. Ii! "") fit ~.?"        Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 61   25th   August, 2008   page   4267

 I. -rC=}tII                                                                                                  2.   Definitions

           f:Pi\. h11l'0 ItA -rCr~ fDtft'lmm-                                                 I-tAtr'1             Unless the context requires otherwise, in this
           Oft-t."C OU.Uhtp~ CD-ft1'1                                                                              Proclamation:

           iil            "ftlf"     1nJl\:t- 01nJ1~CD-~ '}.e'1-rlf
                                                                                                                   1/ "coffee" me
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