Global Pest and Disease Database by coronanlime


									Cooperators                     Purposes                                              Global Pest and Disease
                                  Support pest risk assessments                               Database
                                  Provide focus on emerging pests
USDA APHIS PPQ CPHST              Identify pests that are threatening the U.S.    The Global Pest and Disease Database (GPDD)
                                  Orient development of risk mitigation          is an archive of exotic pest information specific to
  Woodward Bailey
                                  Focus off-shore surveys                        PPQ needs, for uses including: prioritization of
USDA APHIS PPQ Pest Detection     Focus port activities                          pest threats to the U.S.; focus of off-shore
                                  Emphasize taxonomic/diagnostic needs           mitigation strategies, domestic exotic pest surveys,
  CoAnne O’Hearne                 Focus domestic surveys for exotic pest         and domestic port activities; conducting risk
                                Information Sources                                 PPQ's information needs have historically driven
  Joe VanTiem                                                                    diverse information management strategies. There
                                  CABI Compendia                                 is widespread concern that existing information on
  Mark Teachman
                                  Scientific Society Pest Lists                  exotic pest threats is not readily accessed by PPQ
NSF Center for IPM at NCSU        NPAG data sheet and files                      staff due to database complexity, limited
                                  INKTO-PNKTOs                                   accessibility, and poor knowledge of available
  Karl Suiter                     CPHST mini-risk assessments                    resources.. PPQ has not previously attempted to
                                  Draft and final PRA’s                          comprehensively assemble the existing information
Bugwood Network at UGA            Other Internal documents                       on exotic pests. Likewise there have been few
                                  NAPPO PAS data                                 efforts to link the large amount of information which
  Keith Douce                     Numerous web references                        PPQ collects with any type of pattern analysis for
                                  Grey literature                                detection of pathways of entry or for potential
                                                                                 bioterrorism attempts.
                                Data Search By                                       GPDD currently contains detailed information on
                                                                                 over 600 plant and animal pests not native to the
 More Information                 Type of pest                                   United States. Because all known information is
   GPDD                           Scientific name                                included, each record has a source authority,
                                  Common name                                    security code and comments field to allow APHIS
   1730 Varsity Dr, STE 110
                                  Country/region                                 experts to provide explanations and contradictory
   Raleigh, NC 27606              Host                                           findings. The GPDD is intended for internal expert
   919-513-8180                   Pathway                                        use, but maybe shared in part or whole with other          Source document type                           agencies and foreign trade partners

                May 2005
Features                                      Included Information                             Species included
Relational/distributed database                                                                  Regulated Plant Pests
Every record has security code,                                                                  CAPS priority species
   source comments, and date                                                                     Species of concern
Secure access for sensitive data                                                                 Additional NPAG species
Seamless access to multiple data                                                                 Actionable pests
Seamless Interface with Lucid/other
   keys                                                                                        Focus/Users
Seamless Interface with risk models            Taxonomy
Seamless Interface with predictive             Life Cycle                                       Offshore Pest Information System
   models/mapping                              Pictures                                         Risk Assessors
Different access/views for different           Biology                                          CAPS Survey Priorities
   clients                                     Hosts                                            Pathway/Interception Analysts
                                               Monitoring                                       PPQ “List Developers”
                                               Sensitive Data                                   Homeland Security
Connectivity                                   Risk Characters                                  Other Federal Agencies
                                                                                                Trade Partners
All connected databases use XML-based                               Distribution                USDA Centers
requests within a secure environment.                               Symptoms                    State Cooperators
Connected data sources include:                                     Management
                                                                    Risk Assessments           Technology Used
Offshore Pest Information System
Biological and Taxonomic Services DB                                Web Search                  Web-based https
Risk Analysis Biological Informational DB                           Full Document Access        Cold Fusion/Java
Bugwood Network                                                     Links to other databases    XML data exchange
CABI Compendia (in process)                    Ceratitis capitata                               PDF archive of web info
Phytosanitary Alert System (in process)                                                         ORACLE database
Agricultural Monitoring System (in process)    Mediterranean Fruit Fly
                                                                                                REMEDY data entry
APHIS PIN-309 (in process)                                                                      ISCA Certified CISCO Firewall
NAPPFAST GIS (in process)

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