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Country Profile
Capital:                    Thimphu
Administrative divisions:   20 districts
Area:                       47,000 sq km
   Population:               691,141
   Median age:               23.9 years
   Urbanization:             35% of total population
   Literacy:                 47%
   Education expenditures:   7% of GDP (2005)
   GDP (purchasing power     $3.789 billion (2008 est.)
   GDP - real growth rate:   6.6% (2008 est.)
   GDP - per capita (PPP):   $5,600 (2008 est.)
   GDP - composition by      agriculture: 22.3%
   sector:                   industry: 37.9%
                             services: 39.8% (2006)

   Unemployment rate:        5.5% (2009)
   Exports:                  $350 million
   Imports:                  $320 million
   Imports - partners:       India 74.5%
   Exchange rate             1.00 USD = 48.8350 BTN

Telephones - main lines in use:   29,900 (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular:     149,400 (2007)
Internet hosts:                   9,046 (2008)
Internet users:                   70,000 (2008)
INDO- Bhutan
• Bhutan had a Friendship Treaty (1949)
  with India under which it agreed to be
  guided by the advice of India in its external
  relations. This clause was removed in a
  new Friendship Treaty which was signed
  by India and Bhutan during the Bhutanese
  King’s visit to India on 8th February
  2007. The Indo-Bhutan Friendship Treaty
  of 2007 strengthens Bhutan's status as an
  independent and sovereign nation.
Districts (20)
1.Bumthang                         11.Samdrup Jongkhar
2.Chukha (old spelling: Chhukha)   12.Samtse (Samchi)
3.Dagana                           13.Sarpang
4.Gasa                             14.Thimphu
5.Haa                              15.Trashigang (Tashigang)
6.Lhuntse                          16.Trashiyangtse
7.Mongar                           17.Trongsa (Tongsa)
8.Paro                             18.Tsirang (Chirang)
9.Pemagatshel (Pemagatsel)         19.Wangdue Phodrang (Wangdi Phodrang)
10.Punakha                         20.Zhemgang (Shemgang)
Royal Institute of management
       Department of Information & Communication Technology

       Network Applications &
          Administration                          Detail

            Web Design                            Detail
          Web Application                         Detail
        Desktop Publication                       Detail
       Database Management                        Detail
                 MIS                              Detail
       Hardware Technology                        Detail

 Software Application & Programming               Detail

   Diploma in
                         2 Years      Class XII            Detail
CISCO Partners (5)

     Rindeki Enterpises

     Peljorkhang Pvt Ltd

     Real Techno solutions

     Bhutan telecom Ltd

     Bhutan Centre of Excellence
Microsoft Partners
   Digital Shangri-La
   ( training also)

   New Edge Technologies Pvt. Ltd

IT companies

• Around 150 companies