Birthday Party Package III

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					                       Birthday Party Package III

Birthday Party Package includes the following (Minimum of 30 persons

♥ Complimentary use of an elegant and luxurious function room at Shangri-La
  Hotel, Beijing

♥ Choice of Chef’s specialties for Chinese or Western set menu

♥ Chef’s hand made birthday noodles or “Shou Tao”

♥ Free flow of soft drinks, local beer for 2 hours and 1 bottle of local house wine per
  table during the party

♥ Corkage waived for beverages

♥ VIP holding room with Chinese Tea

♥ 8 Pounds home made birthday cake

♥ Special souvenir by Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

♥ Stage set-up with basic sound system and wireless microphone with professional
  A/V technician

♥ Characteristic table set up and centerpiece

♥ Guest registration desk with guest signing book and centerpiece

♥ Complimentary 5 car parking space on event day

                                      RMB588 net per person

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              Package Price at RMB 588.00 nett per person
                          位每 价净元
                          位每 价净元
                          位每 价净元
                          位每 价净元          /       币民人
                                Fresh Fruits Platter
                  ) 果 水 鲜 令 时 球 环 (朝 今 岁 岁
                              Chilled Mango Pudding
                      ) 丁 布 滑 果 芒 (日 今 年 年
                      Steamed birthday bun with lotus paste
                      ) 桃 蟠 贺 母 皇 (寿 贺 母 皇
               Braised E-Fu Noodles with Beancurd in Spicy Sauce
                  ) 面 伊 干 腐 豆 婆 麻 (年 延 鹤 松
                  Stir-fried Shark’s Fin Gristle with Chili Sauce
                      ) 翅 鱼 瑶 汁 辣 (升 高 带 玉
          ‘Wuer’ Cucumber with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoot
                    ) 参 洱 乌 扣 东 双 (寿 添 福 添
                    Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Conpoy
                      ) 鸡 妃 贵 柱 瑶 (齐 天 与 寿
               Steamed live Turbot Fish with Black Bean Dressing
                    ) 鱼 宝 多 蒸 汁 豉 (余 有 贵 富
                  Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Abalone Sauce
                      ) 翅 肉 蟹 烧 红 (山 南 比 寿
                    Sautéed Shrimps with Clams in X.O Sauce
               )蚌瑚珊炒仁虾酱         X.O                    (海 东 如 福
                    Crispy Seafood Rolls with Salad Dressing
                      ) 卷 鲜 海 律 沙 (堂 满 乐 欢
                    Sucking Pig Barbecued Meat Combination
                  ) 盘 拼 大 味 烧 猪 乳 (全 寿 禄 福
                          Birthday Party Menu
                            生 日 宴 菜 单