Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Proclamation No. 590

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                                                               ~                                                    pfIJ      /.,
                                                 Ph .pp.A> P L9../I'i\fJ                               I/~n

               Oo~ CI-,., 'J                                                                           ~"I- "..,rL..'
               FEDERAL NE«                                                                             RIT GAZETA

                                            OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCF                                          EPUB1.IC OF ETHIOPIA

     -.   - - ..-~.            ...

                                                                                                                                     I                                                        I
                               °'1 lJ)'6T.1.                                        1=                                              CONTENTS

                                                                                                                       r IU~lalllaUUII     l'lU.   ~"U/"'UUO
                                     - ..                      - ...

                                                                                                               ..                            ~ ..~_.
           h'P~ cfI1'C ~f'1ll7t                                                                                                                        -'"''''-''''''''.

                                                                                                     r1rl      A 1\/1 A TION        TO   POOVlnI<'             I<'OO       I<'OI<'I<'nOl\J1
    'D'J~2;t 4lH.Y~ ).~ POII.I..:( "'Il~"}

                                                       0".,;               ~O~~~;       ~t~~~~~;~f            a~d      i~~~
                                                   -                                I
 '/?i   Ui'i.rr~r         t...~ut..A. ~;Jt:"   ;J1f.n/ <IITC ~!i "t~ C 11{; ""J f7i./i      '}.SIP Federal   Negarit Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008.."   page   4323

        (101/,."f1     ~'Ph6,(a,.fcr.   ()Ch~1         I\OO11'l~                                Aware that a free, independent and diverse mass
rO".f.~ 101' '1'~~          ()h.:rll? r°?tf'1aJ-          OOrf'tt.1                          media with high ethical standards and professional
rl\.l\aJ-       :1'-11:" o?C; OO66J,01~ rOY."fA             t."'"                            competence plays an indispensable role in the national
(1hC;::'f'9 ()'1?1JC'J'lC (10"'1,) Oh~"';;:      00. .f~ 11:P~                               endeavour to build democratic order in E~hiopia;
r°?14>tt 4>()         '1'C; LC 1: 1111, rOO1C;;;: 11".."
(a."°c 11;F OOtf'1-1 (1OO111111T
                                                                                                Recalling the role of the mass media in ensuring
       OO1C;;;: 11".01                      nU1      OO1"1()i: 1\"'~;J1m'                    respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms
OO(a~.-rcr. 'I""'" "fc,'                   OOl1.,.:f    ootlnc    h 1"tV.?"                  guaranteed by the Constitution, and in promoting
I\(all?":  I\hh.A'1~T                      "C;::~UC; 1\~'fPh6<(a.     f~aD'                  peace, democracy, equality and justi~e;
OOtf'1,1 noo~~~-:

                                                                                                 Recognising the right of the media. to collect and
            UU11j':;:     -IJH,'!")   h;JII6l.b    f(f~,:""}     lJJ.9"r.'     uut.1i9'      disseminate information, including df a critical nature;
1-"} fUUrHIfHllj'    f°'lr'M,lJJ."" uu.I)""     .f'II:fm,                      UUl1'~,"}     realizing that an independent mass media that serves as
I)UU'l1H.n: (lU11n1'     UlJtJhA ~~ f'!"'-IIIj'     fOlJlojf                    Am,a),
                                                                                             a public forum for uninhibited democratic dialogue

1'"} f°'l..f'OIJ:r1,Ij'        H."I1' (l~~ UlJlo'P,'r, ili'lrf'.f'f""")         t'\OI'fI     thrives on a viable freedom of information system that
.nfl'IF     t'\OI'<#>(lf.\Ij' t'\°?i'lr,.."t'\lJ:    .f''':fm'"}     OI'.n""      OP't'\,
                                                                                             facilitates the free flaw of information and ideas
(lOP,t'\,    },"}~,.f'lo;J'1m'        fO?,.f'i'l1,,,:t:m,         m.r,°7      fOlJlo1i
                                                                             0lJ .(' loti    among citizens by enabling them to exercise their right
i'ICf}"" .f' tI. T 1 Yo ~/IPtl ~fI,.f're
                            (l                     fU11 -II m. f, f,""
Ouu(f")      t'\°'l..f'1t'\'1A    ~~ fuu1r,:;:           -IJH-:)"} uAiJJ-r, h~'1             to seek, receive and impart information and opinions
                uuln,"}       (lOl"l1H.n:                                                    freely;     .
              fOO1"1()~                  "IA,)           h(a6,C:             n".".e?1J            .   Affirming the fundamental importance, in a
fU'l19aJ-?" 0/1\(a11 (1OO1"1()~ ht)II~ h~ f°?1}.                                             democracy; transparent conduct of government affairs
OO~~-$P:f1         fU'/"I}~     0011:"    "~'fPh6'()'«p'                                     and, in particular, the right of individuals to access
                                                                                             information held by public bodies;
tJ11t.rt'(a'-(1.fOaJ-1 oo(a~:rcr. m4>01J.:r nOO~~~T

         (1U1OO1°/()'I:      frt'~;J1m-~1                                        "lA')           Determined to promote and consofidate the values
                                                                                              of transparency and accountability in the conduct of
fOO 1 "I():1'-(e ~(at.Cfj      f'f'm.f~ .,:,..t                               h(a.,f"f
"11,/~(1Cc; .enA'1'     l\U?mc;hC      h 1"tV.?"                               fU'JIl1        public affairs, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and to

                                                                                              impose a legal obligation on public officials to
'1'~?"1     fOY.oot\hi:       1,~f-:f     .e4. cD'1'1'aJ- U'JIl1
h1~.cD1.e'l:faJ-       "u'lf:~"1     .e!FA 111f:1 fOO1"1"'~                                   facilitate access to individuals and the mass media to
;}IIt.9':f   ""lI\(ap:fC;      1\001'19     11".."   OO~~$P'.f1                               information so that matters of public interest may be
fll'l:"~ 11 "I~n:1'- nuo/       h 1~, "/A'l:t:aJ- ft°,/ f:~"lT                                disclosed and discussed publicly;

      n()6, II.e .f"aJ-1       fT&'() ~tp~ nU??PfA          Convinced of the need to amend the existing press
                                                        law and to replace it by a new law that is
n~ ""f-A'.f nool}~f: I'\.e tJ°?17aJ- ~D'fPh6,(a,.fcr.
p.'CC}~ ..,'}(I:J' ;JC n°'/."I"I?" h~,() U"I OO'f'I-J1: commensurable      with the ongoing           democratic
h()LII1, OOlr~1 noo~~~:                                 transformation that is taking place in Ethiopia;

                                                                                                 Now, therefore, in accordance with Article 55(1) of
    n~, ~{~*.f ~~6,I'\cr. ~, 'fPh6,fi..f(P. t :l1l\.h
                                                                                              the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of
rh1 OO1°11P:" h14'f1' :ll;(/i) OOlP~~ f°?h~f'I\aJ-
                                                                                              Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

                                       h~l\ ;;,1:                                                                        PART ONE
                                         m .r IIII                                                                    General Provisions

                                                                                            II.        Short Title
 !.     h6fJ>C Cll()

                                                                                                       This Proclamation may be cited as the "Freedom
            ,el' 1',tp~ "fOO1C,'9 1111.'/1'1 fOO~~ '1'''~
            htp~   c#l'1'C ?;f.1./flo," rf'l1ft.. I\,m"'() ,e:fl'\A::                                  of the Mass Media and Access to Information
                                                                                                       Proclamation No. 590/2008"
.,~   !ii'i.rnl'!!   ~.Y./..A '1:J{..}. :J/I,n/ "I'I'r. ;.;!! 'VH:       iI?; ""J     Mo.?! 'UI"   Fcderal    Negarit    Gazeta No. .64 4th December, 2008...   page   4324

I. TCa"l                                                                                     2.         Definition

      f ~4»1\."111.n 1\.4'\ ~rr.1.9\J {.I~J.I()tnOJ'                          .IAUJI,                   In this proclamation unless the context requires
      nil'I'(f>C (lII.U ,,«pJ: OJ'h'J':-                                                                otherwise:

      /il "fUD1'1~ ~"."'"    °71\+ nf'>' fDll.                                                    1/ "Mass Media" means printed matter that
          a>m. uroo-f :'f'1c; ~c: ~l1h,r'1'1 fDll.f                                                        includes periodicals and broadcasters
          I1rr rUroo~). J» Ir ~a>'::

      fll      "I'U""UP"" 1»&," °71''''' ur'1~'r,: 1Jn.",},}~' h,}                                      2/   "Printed Matter" means all material intended
               ~.II.?" 4\U"I'f) h ,}~...l',c/"l. ...1-(100)' f°7.flt..'1;1:                                  for public distribution, including mass media
               f"~"I.:J> {M.S"1''}:          f Mlr-:     ffl1f:«PA     OJ~9u                                 but also other printed material-including

               r ;r,Jlr-fl W'PA 1» t,.PJ:f.'}:           il6ft->:f.'}:   ~"O1'                               musical works, plays, pictures, cartoons,
               ~"'1''}:       I'Jc.f:(i1''}:   UP~IJCf:"'-'}: 0&." ~IJ.                                      books, pamphlets, posters and commercial
               G:1''}: ~A(fU1''} : 7'1Ii'(~1''}:              f'}"/.(' °711:J-                               advertisings as well as audio, visual and
               OJ+',f'9':'1.'}1      filS    "1A QJi\"'}'111 °7,}r,:O)'?"                                    audiovisual recordings, motion pictures and

               ,,~.,..,. 1\.4\"1' u""ur""1''}        fa?.pl,.}..}. C\tf11
                                                                                                             the likes, excluding;

               U/       OU"? hOJ'{J;}.1 O~~"'}-'I                        O;hol hft                           a)       official printed matters, notices, minutes,
                        ~..,~          h.I~'}         ;1'+ 00      OJ'     r~(I)(n'                                   reports, and decisions of legislative,
                         fA~ 'l~ OD"11\ (.fi/.9' l' ') 1                        ~
                                                                     "'I ft;J. CD of'

                                                                                                                      judicial or executive organs; or
                         9'1.')1     :PI\ '1-111..9,':;.')1 t7~CT
                         1'~) (I)J",9" OJ''''). 9' 1'~) 1 (I)J",9"

               1\/         1\')O/.4!,'Cj 1\'}Ir')h7~(>"'1         I\o..}                                     b)       materials only intended for the purpose
                         OJ.ft'f' h1A "1/\"'}'I l\"'ItJ()t,(/~ .,.~                                                   of commerce .and transport, domestic

                         r'1' ;1'ft()OJ. rOt;J'TtJDo L:C'l""""~)T                                                     and social life, such as forms ,price lists,
                         r'l';J ()')tnl1r1")I       r~)"1.4!:'1 ro.T                                                  printed    advertising    matter,    family
                         ().(J "'Ift;1'CD~.f'9'"f')1 ;rft+ ~Cj!..                                                     advertisements, post cards, pictorial
                                                                                                                      reproductions, annual business and

                         1.')1 TI11H'OJ' r~7im'           ft,,/\..':j'~)1
                                                                                                                      administrative reports, as well as election
                         r')"J.('C; hhT~S'.C        hOD;J''l~ tTC
                        T1' ') CD 9" r 9" C 6fi/. ()., j!..1' ') 1
                       h.f'.)   +

      e/         "Of1.u.aJo fa7.tDfl, U+oo+"          "71\+ n1~
                                                                                                   3/        "Periodical" means printed material which is
              . way' h!OIL (l00!1I (lTCO""" f1.U. htt:~1'+
                                                              ;J-o:J>p.                                      scheduled to appear in regular sequences of
                   e*l.'J'   (lTh;J-o;J-o.e "'~,COfl'
                                                                                                             at least twice a year, which has a fixed title
                o.f1h      n~oor     u.1\+ '      fDll.;rT9";

                                                                                                             and which has a general' distribution aimed at
                nm:l"".e        hC~r       fl\ a>''I     nm:J>""a>'                                          the entire public or a section thereof, and
                U~lT"'~        a>.e9" nn1~       (I'"a>''''' fUlI~                                           includes newspapers and magazines.
                htt:t.\    h ~n~ ;rhn fDll."'Ir~         :Jtt.(Tl
                ':['1'1 00(Jl/.-f""'1 fDll.fl1rr         fih+oo+

                1»t. .,aJo::

      9.1 " .,. (~.(' I'JIIi' C " °71\
                                                      f"/ A (0 ~ 9" r UP '}"/ II""
                                                                                                        4/ "Broadcaster" means a body which disseminates
                                                                                                            broadcast      programming,      including through
           Y:C ~;"')            O)'II",1f. "/'}1-H"1''}                f07,f'I'J""""ij
                                                         ,,~ ..,.t.-'}iI °7. .,. ~ l' '} 1                  terrestrial transmitters, cable or satellite, for public
           ?" .(' c 4\?" .(' C "IIi'''                                                                      consumption and for simultaneous reception.
           h.1)4\" T'}ij          I)i'''~'''''}            OUP/"It\, °7/"lt.-6liA. l'9'
                                                                                                            whether or not by subscription, through a radio
           h07I'J~"""             o&.           .('f'       OJ~?"       0-tl\.ii.1f'}                       and/or television broadcast receiver or other
           r'n~ .('I'JII""          UPAhh""                 UP+O,f'S"l'           OJ~?"                     related electronic equipment, but does not include
           01\."           I\. h""~". hll UP'" 0 ,f'9' :'1, "07I'J ~ 'I""                                   communications internal to a private organization
           OhCf:,f'           OJ~?"            ,f'4\hCf:,f'      f1)~'          .('hll""
                                                                                                            or a government body.
           T~"/t.-qo1''}                    Oh'}.('          1.11. U1f>O h,}~.
           ,f'..l'.?,,",=fOJ'        "II    
Description: Legislation on the Right Access to Information and on the Mass Media in Ethiopia
PARTNER Tamrat Assefa Liban
Tamrat Assefa Liban is an Ethiopian lawyer who practices law in his own law firm in Ethiopia and also manages Digital Ethiopia Private Limited Company, a company that publishes, compiles and consolidates Ethiopian Law in electronic format and in hard copy.