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					> duck pond news update #3 <>
 thursday, 21 sep 2000 (published occasionally)

i have just opened a new community hotmail address.
the email address is password: quackquack
feel free to access this email site and consider it a community site.

> > > big news!!! over 200 signatures have been gathered in two days
on a 'petition to save the duck pond at 1333 lawrence expressway'!!!

> power to the people!!! more on this later...

as of yesterday, about ten more ducks died from what appears to be
botulism, and more crawdads dead as well.
someone has continued placing duck carcasses in the dumpster, which
could be causing a greater problem reported around the sunnyvale water
treatment facility. (seagull eats duck, crow eats seagull, etc...)
also, wednesday i saw a big fish floating dead at the flora vista end of the pond.
others were reported as well...

the weather has cooled off a bit, and this will hopefully help slow
the spread of the bacteria.

i found out that the person responsible for the fountains is new and
does not know how to turn on the water yet,
as the last grounds maintenance person quit because of the possible changes afoot...
this is possibly causing the botulism outbreak,
so those fountains must be turned on!

vector control said they are going to try and do something about it...

i just found out yesterday that the city of santa clara has expressed interest in the structural integrity of the buildings at 1333 lawrence
and will be inspecting them soon.

an injured duck who went to the wildlife center a fews days back is still alive and getting his hurt foot soaked every day as of yesterday,
possible predatory nibbling, but suspicious looking to me...

one other thing:
it turns out that many dmv workers want the pond kept as well.
a security guard is going to take a petition over there...

all for now...

> duck pond news update - dpn #4
<> password:quackquack
 monday, 25 sep 2000 (published occasionally)

welcome to fall everybody!
a flock of 50 or so geese made a stop over at the pond on saturday afternoon
on the first official day of fall. they even flew over where i live!

much has happened since the last duck pond news update.
i just spoke to a santa clara humane society law enforcement agent on the phone,
and i was informed of some previously unknown information regarding the duck pond situation at
the kaiser foundation facility at 1333 lawrence expressway in santa clara.

apparently, the plan to decimate and pave over the lake at 1333 lawrence expressway has somehow
mysteriously received permission from the inherently evil santa clara city council.
this does not surprise me, as amidst all this ‘prosperity’ in the valley that politicians spout about, in my own neighborhood, we have
gone through a year-long runaround with the city of santa clara to have speed humps installed, or some kind of effective traffic
calming method put to use. we are going to be lucky to get a few signs installed on our street when they eventually feel like getting
around to it.

welcome to the end of democracy as we know it people,
because the way it looks, our petition campaign to save the duck pond may also be laughed at by the city, unless we are all willing to
make a major stink out of it!
(examples: any form of protest, from legally appealing the decision in court, obtaining a permit to protest,
all the way to voting the bums who let this happen out of public office, etc)
i was even considering canceling my kaiser membership!
i pay big bucks and never go to the doctor anyway!

this looks like one of those corporate deals where the city does not seem to care about the habitat of several endangered species,
or the habitat of the people who work at the facility who love the pond so dearly.
or the squirrel who lives in the trees between buildings. or the fact that some of the buildings allegedly have structural termite/water
damage and probably need to be retrofitted before any major new construction is done, (because paving over the pond is not going to
fix the supposed pre-existing water damage, and as far as i know, there are laws requiring retrofitting for potential earthquakes in this
highly seismic zone).

or the fact that the lakeside café is bound to be adversely affected by the changes once construction starts.
how can it be the lakeside café with no lake?
well, i think that the city is looking at increasing revenues more than anything else,
and as usual, everything else takes a backseat to that singular goal.

once again, welcome to the end of democracy as we know it people,
the u.s. government is up for sale!
unless you want to bring about positive change!

for those with computers you can access your local/county/state/federal governments
search: association of bay area governments (abag)
here are some email addresses for you:
federal- (vice president of the united states)
logical- (the mighty ralph nader)
state- (governor of california)
county- (santa clara county supervisor)
city- (mayor of santa clara)
santa clara city website-
or call santa clara city council at 408-615-2250
santa clara city manager’s office 408-615-2210
and remember the community web email address:
@ password: quackquack

all for now...

> duck pond news update #5 password: quackquack
monday 2 oct 2000 (published occasionally) dpn volume 1 number 5

well, here we are one week after the last duck pond news update, and on one hand,
much has happened regarding the duck pond, but on the other hand, nothing has happened.

there is some encouraging news, though.
apparently, i have heard an unconfirmed report from a security guard that someone from
the state of california supposedly contacted someone in building 100 and said that they
own the adjacent property where the duck pond is located.
i am hoping to god that this is true, because if for some reason the state of california
could lawfully grab that adjacent land next to the dmv for sound environmental reasons,
that would be enormously appreciated.

and speaking of god, it is quite ironic that the day animals were being blessed in honor
of st. francis in san francisco, i show up to feed the ducks and find many poor
creatures dying wallowing in the mud of the newly drained pond.
i immediately called the animal cruelty investigator at the humane society and she spent
most of sunday afternoon helping to save the animals from frying in the shallow waters.
a verbal agreement made last week was ignored regarding the pumping of the pond, and the
need for professional contractors to be present to save any wildlife affected by this.
(a security guard saw someone sneak in at midnight friday night to turn on the pumps
apparently to expedite the pumping process, and i have a hunch that it is because
we had gained serious momentum with our petition at the end of last week)
nothing would have happened if i had not called and reported the violation of agreement.
about twenty ducks have died due to negligence, and still no animal cruelty charges.
i took another sick duck down to the wildlife center on sunday afternoon,
and someone at the center said that the first duck i brought in looked like it had chemical burns on one of its feet.

you can donate money to:
wildlife rescue, inc. 4000 middlefield road palo alto, ca. 94303
make checks payable to: wildlife rescue, inc.
(you can also call and check on ducks #2034-2098-2123 & 2150 @ (415)-494-save)

also, sometime last week a lady told me that the pond actually used to be part of
calabasaz creek before they changed its course for flood control reasons.
if it is true, then it is not just a man-made lake and could contain indigenous plant and wildlife, and this could change everything.

i have also unfortunately been informed that perhaps the city of santa clara is the wrong source to get help from regarding the duck
pond. please excuse me, if you will, for being naive enough to think anybody at the city of santa clara even cares about this important

and as a last ditch effort, the sierra club has been contacted and i hope to
attain help in filing a lawsuit to stop development if at all possible.

after receiving this email from the city of santa clara on 18 sep 2000:
‘your email dated september 11, 2000 to mayor nadler regarding kaiser permanente's plans to cement over a duck pond at el camino
and lawrence has been referred to jennifer sparacino, city manager. she has requested further investigation from city staff and will
respond to you when she receives their reports. sincerely, pam morrison senior staff aide cc: mayor and city council - jennifer
sparacino, city manager geof goodfellow, director of planning and inspection’
i have still not received an official response from the city regarding this matter.
in the new city of santa clara code of ethics and values, new rule no.6 states that:
‘as a representative of the city of santa clara, i will be communicative.’
(i guess we have to wait for when they are legally required to act like normal human beings)

due to my own personal experience with the santa clara city council,
and an upcoming election, i have taken it upon myself to make my recommendations for the upcoming elections. these are the bums :
john mclemore, lisa gillmor, judy nadler, and patricia mahan. why? mclemore treated me with obvious disrespect at a hearing last
july 25, 2000. lisa gillmor did not even look at me in the eyes the whole time, while attentively listening to all others speaking. this is
discrimination plain and simple. judy nadler has not returned one email i have sent her, and wasn’t even at the council meeting along
with patricia mahan.
(while former mayor of san jose susan hammer actually sent me a message back one time.
i take that very seriously) these are my winners: ron diridon, jr., aldyth parle,and jamie matthews. why? ron diridon actually came
out and talked to us after our neighborhood’s city council hearing and offered to help us out in the future. aldyth parle is a very nice
lady who was very respectful and attentive during the whole public hearing, and actually seemed to care. jamie matthews honestly
came off like a very straight-forward and no-nonsense individual.
(i am not sure which council seats are actually up for re-election, but those are names to remember.
but, it seems they have ignored our petition, so maybe they are all bums)

several things have me fed up with the government in america at this time.
first off, a) corporations and/or government are keeping ralph nader out of the upcoming debate, b) the federal government is virtually
non-existent with environmental enforcement regarding the duck pond at 1333 lawrence expressway and the habitat being destroyed,
c) the city of santa clara’s distant cold-heartedness regarding several properties that have had wildlife decimated by asinine
developmental decisions (including property right next to mission college that was set aside as wildlife habitat according to the
president’s office at mission college, and inhabited by jack rabbits, ground squirrels and owls until the city of santa clara allowed for
its destruction, the recent decision to fill some of the last open space at the old agnews property, etc etc) d) and a general non-existence
on the part of both the city of santa clara and sunnyvale regarding traffic calming in our neighborhood,
because of this, i have all but completely lost faith in my government.

i am absolutely disgusted with the fact that ralph nader is being kept out of the presidential debates. if this were true democracy, nader
would be allowed to debate.
as of now, he is not. it is absolutely hypocritical to charge microsoft with stifling competition, and then have the government/corporate
media power monopoly turn around and keep nader out of the debate. and msnbc (microsoft-nbc) seems to be part of it!
on meet the press sunday morning, nader was censored!
(corporations are sponsoring the debate, nader is suspect of corporate power, nader is not in the debate. simple.) and i can't help but
see parallels between milosevics' stubborn denial of his ousting from power in yugoslavia, and the present administration’s fear of
ralph nader.
do corporations now control american democracy?

give unto god what is god’s, give unto caesar a swift kick in the pants?

i personally see ralph nader the way my dad saw harry truman,
as a straight-talking no-nonsense leader that will bring about real change.once again, i have almost completely lost faith in my
and i believe that democratic reforms are as necessary in america as
anywhere else in the world.

and whether anybody knows it or not, many of us who were comforted over the years by the natural setting of the duck pond at 1333
lawrence expressway were actually having a spiritual experience in the process, much like going to church.
in ancient numerology, the words god and nature had equal value...
much has changed since then.
(in fact, 11,046 plants and animals on the earth risk disappearing forever, according to the most comprehensive analysis of global
conservation ever undertaken, the world conservation union's 2000 red list of threatened species.
the recently released report examined some 18,000 species and subspecies around the globe.
earth has an estimated 14 million species - and only 1.75 million have been documented.
the primary reason: humans. everything from expanding cities to deforestation, agriculture and fishing pose a significant threat to the
planet's biodiversity.
in the last 500 years, some 816 species have disappeared)

            Here are some numbers to call:
            ANNA ESHOO - 14TH DISTRICT –
            (408) 245-2339 OR (650) 323-2984

            TOM CAMPBELL - 15TH DISTRICT -
            (408) 371-7337
> duck pond news update #6 password: quackquack
wednesday 4 oct 2000 (published occasionally) dpn volume 1-number 6

on tuesday night october 3rd 2000, the santa clara city council discussed the
‘petition to save the duck pond at 1333 lawrence expressway’.

after finding out about the council meeting at about 3 pm tuesday the day of the meeting
(in usual government fashion) at the last minute i quickly put together and distributed
flyers to generate interest in the meeting.

while the initial item #11 on the agenda only included the amendment of previously approved pd zoning
to now permit a 3-story 55,000 square foot office building, (2-stories were actually approved years back)
our last minute petition appeal came at just the right time.
but, while the council approved the 3-story amendment to a previously approved pd zoning that initially allowed the addition of a 2-
story building,
the amendment to fill in the pond was also given approval.
but, it was recommended by the council to save all of the aquatic life involved regardless of outcome,
and retrofit the existing structures as a first priority over the new 3-story building.
the original plan called for 2/3 of the pond to be removed,
but the new owners’ developmental decision has called for the complete removal of the pond.
the mayor and city clerk said that the matter is now out of the hands of the city,
and suggested that we demand a hearing with upper kaiser management and the property owner to be heard.
(for more info about the proceedings on tuesday night, call the santa clara city clerk at (408) 615-2221)

also i was informed that the santa clara valley water district is the source to find out about calabasaz creek and whether the pond used
to be a stretch of the old creek. – for information regarding this call community projects at (408)265-2600 contact sue tippets or miles

apparently, all of the people who signed the petition at 1333 lawrence expressway,
who by the way spend roughly 1/3 of their lives at this facility, have not had their collective suggestions taken into consideration. in
fact, i overheard some head honcho jerk talking with the humane society animal cruelty investigator about placing the fish from the
pond in barrels and poisoning them! they absurdly called it ‘humanely euthanizing’.
(he was trying to avoid ‘a public relations nightmare’. well you got one bucko!!! i know a bunch of crap when i hear it!!!)
has anyone heard of any oxymoron? look that word up.
so, if they remove the fish, they are removing a major food source for the wildlife that lives in the area. being that a number of
endangered species frequent this pond, and the fact that the pond by the acapulco restaurant has heinous chemicals that do not
support aquatic life, any animal that attempts to use that pond as a food source is now going to go hungry.


there are federal laws that prohibit the destruction of endangered species habitat.
was anyone aware of that? so, in other words, we would be best off finding a good environmental lawyer to take the case, because no
one at the city of santa clara will get in trouble for allowing the habitat to be destroyed. this is where laws need to change, in that, if city
officials were to be held accountable for their obviously faulty environmental decisions, they would not make those faulty decisions to
begin with! (in theory, anyway)

so, it appears if kaiser management and the new owner still decide to ignore all of our voices after a hearing,
then i would suggest a one-day walkout and/or strike.
a one-day walkout could apply some pressure to kaiser, and force them to listen to you.
and, as i have said before, i am also seriously considering canceling my kaiser membership!

and, an employee (who shall remain nameless) has been allegedly silenced for speaking out against the new parking lot plan!
here are some names for you all to remember: joseph stalin, adolph hitler, saddam hussein, and bill clinton.
and here is another thing to keep in consideration: the first amendment of the united states constitution –

amendment 1
congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom
of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

but what if corporations have become so powerful that on one hand they are taken to court for anti-competitive practices, then on the
other hand used by the government to control the democratic election process? and what if kaiser’s corporate mini-government
structure is part of that censorship? what if i said bite the corporate big one?
i heard this morning that at the debates tuesday, ralph nader had a ticket to get into the general public viewing area, but was escorted
away by armed nazi u.s. law enforcement personnel!
our government is apparently using the police as stalinist thugs to control our democratic process!
i have always said that we need democratic reform in america, and that our government is essentially a stonewalling demagogue that
shoves any decision they damn well please down our collective throats, but i had no idea! i think the time has come to hand down our
demagogue style democracy to third world countries, and bring real needed change to our own political system. and once again, as of
now our only recourse is to vote the bums out of office who have crossed our collective paths.
this is where ralph nader enters the picture once again.
(check out his web site @ )

reject antidisestablishmentarianism reject antidisestablishmentarianism reject antidisestablishmentarianism
votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader

and, as for my initial impression of the council stated in the duck pond news #5 (as if my opinion matters anyway),
that has changed a bit since tuesday’s hearing. why? because mayor judy nadler actually showed up and did a real good job handling
the situation, even if she was speaking out of both sides of her mouth to please both parties with necessary neutrality. while initially
chastising john mclemore, i have to say that he is very likeable person who has much humor in his eyes. he seems to be a good soul.
my views of ron diridon and jamie matthews remain unchanged. these are no-nonsense people.
patricia mahan actually showed up to the meeting this time, and i like her a lot now that i have seen her in person.
aldyth parle seemed to like me a lot better at the last hearing i attended, perhaps because i was putting on my best
eddie haskal impersonation. she looked at me this time like i was some sort of freako.
lisa gillmor was a.w.o.l. not only in mind, but in body as well this time. she got up and left before i spoke.
what about rule #6 of the ethics code? oh well…

here are some numbers to call:
>house of representatives
anna eshoo - 14th district – (408) 245-2339 or (650) 323-2984
tom campbell - 15th district – (408) 371-7337

>p.e.t.a. national coordinator – 1-757-622-7382

>the ruckus society @

‘there is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious,
makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part,
and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers,
upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. and you've got to indicate to the people
who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from
working at all’ – mario savio


votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader votenader

> duck pond news update #7 password: quackquack
monday 16 oct 2000 (published occasionally) dpn volume 1-number 7

roughly 4,000 fish were ordered to be put to death by state fish and game agents last week at
the 1333 lawrence expressway property, a plan supported by kaiser upper-management as well as the new property owner, innocent
victims caught in the crossfire of an american capitalist plutocracy.

local government made it all possible with approval from the city council,
and a lame excuse from the santa clara fire department about needing ‘fire access’,
the same excuse they have been giving our neighborhood about speed humps for years.
the government has a way of shoving these developmental decisions down your throat
one way or another, whether you like them or not.
(if one department does not come to the rescue, then another one will)
the state government is the one who ordered the mass slaughter of the innocent fish
and other aquatic life caught in this horrendous corporate/government holocaust.
the county government was distant and under-funded as usual.
the federal government has been an election year cartoon show of rhetoric and photo ops,
sprinkled with police corruption and lightly toasted deception.
and ralph nader was escorted away by armed u.s. law enforcement for seeing through it all.
is this crap what we pay our taxes for?

a synchronistic parallel event occurred the same night as the first presidential debate.
as i was speaking to the santa clara city council regarding the extreme negligence
and the mass death about to be needlessly inflicted upon the animals,
a security guard (who shall remain nameless for fear of reprisal)
got a call from his ‘superior’ (let’s just call him ‘schmoe’)
allegedly ordering him to tell me that next time i come on the property
(which i am legally entitled to do as a soon-to-be ex-kaiser member)
‘tell him if he does not leave the property, he will be arrested’.
i guess i know how jesus felt when he was ordered to be arrested.
(by the way, those who study history will see that the united states is running some
dangerous parallels to the ancient roman empire, only the u.s. does not crucify thousands of people and hang their bodies along the
roads to warn them not to defy their royal anuses, instead we create thousands of useless indecipherable onerous laws that no one
knows about, and often passed at midnight while you sleep, to lock up the superfluous excess population that capitalism so depends
upon.     the crucifixes have been replaced by televisions, which display faces like modern day headstocks in the public square. is this
what happens when people speak at the city council meeting on tv?)

well, apparently schmoe had no idea that i would immediately report this to the
kaiser permanente complaint line and rat on him, let alone write about it!
i have been publishing for eight years approaching a lot bigger stuff that this
@ (, so writing about this is about as natural as breathing.
i want to make a big point out of this, so schmoe never becomes a police officer.
schmoe is one of those people who would become what is known as a ‘bad cop’.
we do need anymore schmoes, so let’s bring this out into the open now, and nip it at the bud.
i have experienced my share of police corruption, so i know all about this nazi crap.

and in an almost synchronistic parallel trade off, as a new populist leader takes hold of a budding democracy in yugoslavia, the 1333
lawrence expressway property gets a new dictator, and a corrupt secret police commander to attempt to control the kaiser
foundation’s new corporate regime.
this should be a lesson to all involved that america is not a populist democracy, it is in fact a money-dominated capitalist plutocracy
that politicians take their marching orders from.

in fact, i have been told by experienced activists, that the more you get ‘into the fray’ of activism,
the closer you get to the flame of truth, and the more your voice starts to resonate,
the more that government will want to find some technical glitch in your behavior to
‘take you out of the fray’, so to speak. now, i am a bit hesitant to tell anybody this,
because i do not want to scare people out of pursuing activism in the future.
realistically though, this is not berkeley, california and most people are so busy just trying to exist that protesting becomes something
you watch on tv, not something you actually do.
but, as with yugoslavia, if enough people get fed up, it can become like an unstoppable tidal wave...

one day the people of 1333 lawrence expressway felt united,
and had formed a coalition to stop the destruction of their sacred pond.
and by merely planting seeds of petitions, the cause caught on like wild fire,
and for a fleeting moment, they were united and had become one.

then the corporate/government revenue interests ultimately took precedence over their spirits,
and the animals were sacrificed for their false money gods, taking part of their spirits with it.
now, while some were not affected by the slaughter,
others, including me, looked and felt like they had their own spirits torn out by the
whole thing the day after. i have never seen so much unhappiness in peoples’ eyes.
the entire metaphysical ‘feel’ of the place changed overnight from one of nature and beauty,
to one of death and decay. it makes you wonder how these city council people can live with themselves.
how do they sleep at night? are they are so disconnected, that it becomes just a job?

and i could feel the spirits of the departed and troubled animal souls in the wind that day,
trapped in a time warp and wondering what was happening to them, and what has happened to their beautiful paradise. now, i know
that there are probably some know-it-alls out there reading this who think this is ridiculous, and are finding the fact that i entertain
such thoughts quite amusing!

well, shortly after a local neighborhood duck got run over by some idiot a while back,
i placed it in a cage in the backyard until i was to go to the wildlife rescue center.
before i could leave, as i watched the duck die in convulsions in the cage from the head injuries it had experienced, a very large (10 feet
wide) vortex of wind emanated up through the trees.

the buddhists have well developed and very old philosophies regarding how to die ‘correctly’,
and it would seem that a smooth transition into afterlife would have a benefit. then there was the fateful and awful day that my
eighteen year old cat boris died. i buried old boris in the backyard and prayed a bit every day at that spot. (and still do) after a few
months of this ritual, i started to notice that the wind would kick up every time i was back there in that spot, leading me to speculate
that the 'spirits are in the wind' or something, as i was telling a friend in a music store one day a few years back. just as i said this, a
mortician who was in the store at the time happened to overhear me and commented that he sometimes receives cadavers of those who
have died very quickly and unexpectedly, and when he goes to make an incision to begin the embalming process, he feels a 'cool wind'
rise up out of the body cavity that he described as the spirit of the person. (i thought about it later, a television program i saw on
professional 'ghost busters' looked for a cool spot in the room that averages 10 degrees cooler when locating a spiritual entity) he also
said that he is very respectful of the confused spirit in this troubled transition time. i got the heeby-geebies from this initially, but when
i thought about it later, it all started to make sense. i know this all probably sounds a little crazy, but many new ideas initially sound
preposterous and far-fetched, if not totally ludicrous, but this is by no means a new idea. the ancient hebrews called it the nefesh, or
wind part of the spirit, and the native americans call them the wind spirits. some people look for a trick of light or an apparition from
beyond to see spirits, while i see them all around in the wind everyday. then there is the light so many people witness in near afterlife,
which arthur said is the sun...

(you can read more about it @ click on back issues, volume 8 – number 1, perhaps section)

anyway, my larger point is this; there is one law in the universe.
do what you will but harm none because all you do will return in threes.
this is the ancient witch law that no one can escape, and being how witches were the ancient ‘doctors’, doctors today have a similar
oath stating essentially the same thing. it is where the golden rule originated from, and a major tenet in almost every major modern
religious philosophy. this is all based on action-reaction or cause and effect, a basic law of physics. it is one of those situations where
the laws of physics and metaphysics manifest in ways you would not think.

it is my belief that these animal spirits who have been wronged do not just go away, and the perpetuators of this animal holocaust will
pay a great price for their inequities, as there is no escaping your own personal karma and/or god...


in retrospect, effective legal protections are needed for ethical whistleblowers who alert
americans to abuses or hazards to health and safety in the workplace, or contamination in the environment. such conscientious
workers need rights to ensure they will not be fired or demoted for speaking out within the corporations, the government, or in other

we also need modern mechanisms so that civic power for self-government and self-reliance can correct
the often converging power imbalance of big business and big government that weakens the rights of citizens. this is just a small part of
ralph nader’s concord principles written back in 1992, and applies directly to the employees who are aware that the 1333 lawrence
pond drainage did not happen in a lawful fashion, and who have been threatened by their management to stay silent and turn their
backs on their consciences. for instance, why was it considered inappropriate to transfer the pond fish infected with botulism to central
park, but ok to drain about ninety percent of the pond water into storm drains, which apparently lead to the bay?

someone has also confiscated or essentially stolen our petition.
petitions are public property and part of our sacred first amendment rights, so this is illegal.
this is a serious matter that will not be overlooked.

this should be a lesson to all involved that america is not a populist democracy, it is in fact a money-dominated capitalist plutocracy
that politicians take their marching orders from.

i know that none of us will ever look at things the same way after this.


> duck pond news update #8 password: quackquack
tuesday 17 oct 2000 (published occasionally) dpn volume 1-number 8

*it was announced on 12 june 2000 that the long-awaited process to disclose definitive evidence and proof regarding extraterrestrial
intelligence, ufos and covert government projects related to the subject has been funded and launched.

disclosure news programming (dnp), an investigative reporting news organization, has been formed to spearhead and coordinate this
disclosure over the next year. key features of the project include: a prolonged, sustained and coordinated multimedia global release of
definitive evidence and the testimony of top secret witnesses about extraterrestrial intelligence, secret and compartmented government
programs and advanced technologies related to energy and propulsion systems; an integrated strategy which includes a multi-part
investigative news special, compendia books and transcripts of government witness testimony, an internet site dedicated to the
disclosure evidence and on-going executive briefings for government, military, scientific, congressional, international, and corporate
leaders; a de facto international government disclosure by virtue of the large numbers of military, intelligence, government, corporate,
scientific and government-related institute witnesses now ready to come forward during this integrated and sustained program; a news
conference during which top-secret witnesses disclose the full nature of their direct knowledge concerning ufos. currently, over 200
top-secret witnesses have been identified in the us, brazil, united kingdom, denmark, germany, norway, belgium, russia, italy and other

it is important to note that during briefings at the pentagon and with senior congressional leaders and executive branch staff that this
civilian effort to disclose this matter has been repeatedly green-lighted and even encouraged. disclosure news programming and its
related strategies are supported by a team of senior researchers and consultants with substantial expertise in military affairs,
international affairs, national security, science, technology and related areas. this international team working intensely on the
disclosure process has been recently joined by one of the most senior aerospace executives in american history - a person who has
specific knowledge since the 1970s of the planned use of ballistic missile defense (the star wars program) to target extraterrestrial
objects in space - even though there is no evidence of any credible threat from these craft.

it has been determined that the combination of accelerating global environmental degradation (i.e. the duck pond)
and the dangers associated with the weaponization of space necessitates a near-term disclosure process.
the risks of doing nothing and the benefits to humanity resulting from disclosure make it clear that such an effort –
long overdue by most accounts - is now a global imperative. the public is invited to assist in this project by referring credible
government and corporate witnesses who have first-hand knowledge of these covert programs, as well as other evidence and materials,
to disclosure news programming.
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15 OCT 2002
after the santa clara city council allowed for illegal redevelopment at a santa clara property by paving over a wildlife
sanctuary a few years back, the territory was then mitigated across the street to an adjacent pond where no food is available,
and the property owner was apparently not properly informed of the eventual full effects of the mitigation...

at this same santa clara city council meeting, the mayor gave one particular sunnyvale activist (me) express permission to
continue caring for the displaced waterfowl... now a sign has appeared warning that anyone that enters the property to feed
ducks will be this the workings of the city of santa clara once again? trying to make a criminal out of someone
who is not, as usual? a weak attempt at criminalizing brazen duck feeders? trying to boost city revenues? trying to retaliate
against an activist once again? try kissing my ass...



I just found out new information about 1333 lawrence expressway in santa clara...

i was told by an anonymous source yesterday that the very large new
unoccupied building on the property was apparently built 'just for show' for investors...

> > don't tell anybody!!!...