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					    Build Your Bottom Line
 Introductions
 Agenda
Netware to NT Migration
   Rebate Promotion
      Tammy Gibson
    Netware to NT Migration
       Rebate Program
   From now until April 30th, you’ll receive a
    10% rebate (up to $2,000 per invoice) on all
    Microsoft BackOffice products sold under
    Open License that include Microsoft Windows
    NT Server CUP or BackOffice Server CUP, as
    well as SBS
   In order to receive a rebate, you must first
    register for the program
                SBS 4.5
   Product enhancements include:
    – User limit increased from 25 to 50
    – Maximum database size; 10 GB per
    – Includes latest products, such as SQL 7.0,
      Exchange 5.5 and Proxy 2.0
    – Y2K compliant
            SBS 4.5
 Free upgrade from 4.0 to 4.5
 Product availability
 List availability dates.
 Describe where product can be
  purchased, or where to direct orders.
   W. Ruben Collazo
    (813) 281-3918
  Licensing Specialist
       Learning Objectives
   Explain the Open Licensing Program and why
    it works for Small & Medium sized business
   Understand point counts, price levels, product
    pools, pool minimums under the Open
    License program.
   Understand license types Clients & Servers
   Understand the Reseller Price List
   Fill out an order form
 Microsoft Volume Licensing
                    (1,000 -100,000+ PC’s)
            Price based on volume
            Requires 2 year contract
            Specialized sales channel (LAR)

                      Open License
                         (5 - 1000+ PC’s)
            Easy to acquire licenses

            Initial quantity sets discount
            Broad reseller channel
          Customer Benefits

   Simple transaction process
    – Customer only pays once
   Price based on volume (approximate
    discounts off ERP)
    – Level A = 18% discount
    – Level B = 22% Discount
    – Level C = 28% Discount
      Value of Open License
   Simple, Easy, cost-effective solution
   Eliminates the need for buying & managing
    Full Package Product
   For small & medium sized organizations. (As
    few as 5 computers qualify)
   Adds additional license rights. Such as the
    right to copy and distribute the original copy
    of the software. Up to number purchased.
   The original copy can be FPP, WWF etc.
W. Ruben
             Value of Open License
Period starts at

first of month.

          Acquisition of licenses to match the number
           of users.
          Application concurrency is no longer
          Customer places an initial order that
           establishes a price level for the following 24
           full calendar months.
          Upgrade rights are available for the covered
          Per Seat/Per Server still available for some
         Reseller Benefits
   Build customer relationships
    – two year relationship
    – Upgrade advantage
Less overhead for resellers
 Deployment opportunity for increased
    – Services
    – Asset Management through secure Website
   Cost Effective (FPP vs Open esp. Servers)
    When is software in use?
   Software is copied when it is installed on the
    hard disk of a computer or when it is loaded
    in the computer’s temporary memory (RAM).
   Computer software is protected against
    unauthorized copying and use by copyright
    law and other intellectual property laws and
    treaties. These laws and treaties grant the
    author, typically the publisher of the program,
    a number of exclusive rights, most importantly
    the right to make copies of the software.
How Does the Open License Work?
                Products are            ...And Assigned
Applications     Grouped...             A Point Value...

                                           points         30 points
…Which Adds Up To
 A Discount Level...
                                   …Which Customers Can
                                    Use For Two Years
     A     B        C                 (reorders at 1 point minimum)
Three Different Product Pools
   Application Pool        System Pool           Server Pool
   Microsoft Office   Microsoft           Microsoft
                       Windows ’98         BackOffice Server
   Microsoft Office   Microsoft Windows   Microsoft
   Professional        NT Workstation      BackOffice Client
                       v 4.0 upgrades       Access License
   Office Upgrade      Windows Upgrade     Microsoft Windows
                       Advantage            NT Server
   Office Upgrade                           Windows NT Server
   Advantage                                Upgrade
   Microsoft Excel                         Microsoft Windows
                                            NT Server Client
                                            Access License
   Microsoft Word
Point values
   Application   Point   System Pool   Point   Server Pool   Point
  Office          2      Windows       2      BackOffice    30
                         ’98 Upgrade           Server
  Office          2      Windows        2      BackOffice    2
  Professional           NT                   Client
                         Workstation           Access
                         v 4.0                 License
  Office          2      Windows       2      Windows        15
  Upgrade                Upgrade               NT Server
  Office          2                            Windows        15
  Upgrade                                      NT Server
  Advantage                                    Upgrade
  Excel           1                            Windows        1
                                               NT Sever
  Word            1
         Upgrade Advantage
      Get Current & Stay Current

Office 4.x

             Advantage      
                                 Rights to future upgrades

             Buy Open
             License                             2 years
   Upgrade Advantage
Get Current & Stay Current
 Keep enrolled licenses up to date
 Aggregate to meet level requirements
 Pricing is not tiered
 It’s always the right time to buy upgrade
    – Office 2000 coming
    – Windows 2000 also on its way
(“Electronic Microsoft Open License Program”)

 Web-based delivery of license rights
 Replaces hard-copy License Certificate
 Secured web site for customer
 Drives Internet commerce
How does it work?

•Process order
•Post order
information on
distributor website
•Post confirmation to customer eMOLP website
•Send notification letter to customer          secure
   •Authorization #                            eMOLP
   •Web site address                           web site
   •Customer creates password

     24 hours                   48 hours
Licenses for Servers & Client Access

   Microsoft License Model - Servers &
    Clients are licensed separately

   Client Access License: Gives the right to
    access a SERVICE on the Server
         License Examples
            What level?
   1 Server
   5 Users

                  2 Servers
                  150 Users

                                  5 Servers
                                  250 Users
      Open Example A
 50 Clients running Windows 95 already
  have access to One Windows NT Server
  F&P. (50 existing CALS).
 Customer wants to: (1) Upgrade all
  clients to Win NT Workstation (2)
  Implement email for the 50 clients on
  Exchange server.
 What part #s do you order and how
  many should you acquire?
                           $ 15,201 ERP
     Answers example A
 50 Work Station Licenses for Win NT x
  2 = 100 points (systems product pool)
 1 Server license for Exchange Server x
  15 points (Server Product Pool)
 50 Exchange Server CALS x 1 point =
  50 points (Server Product Pool)
            Open Example B
   Current Situation:
    – 2 Netware Servers
    – 175 Clients using Windows 95
    – 75 clients using Windows 3.11
   Customer Objectives:
    –   Migrate Servers to Windows NT Servers
    –   Upgrade 75 computers to Windows 98
    –   Upgrade 175 clients to Windows NTW
    –   Have 250 computers using File & Print Services.
                          $ 48,291 ERP
    Example B - Answer
 2 competitive upgrades for 2 Microsoft
  Windows NT Servers X 15 = 30 points
  (Server product pool)
 250 NT Server CUP CALS x 1 = 250
  points (Server product pool)
 75 Windows 98 Upgrade X 2 = 150
  points (systems Pool)
 175 Windows NT Workstation x 2 = 350
  points (systems pool)
Converting Influencers into
   Order fulfillment, customer tracking
   Conference with MCSP/VAP’s
    customers to close the sale
   Authorized Education Reseller
   Provides Microsoft District reporting
   Push/Pull Marketing Programs
   Provide Terms/Leasing
    Get the Button!
Get the Button, Get the
 Business, Get the $$$
   MCSP/VAP signs on via web and
    establishes profile
   Add the Button to your Website
   Customized to MCSP/VAP logo and
   Online Quick Quote™ pricing tool

• Microsoft® Cordless Phone System
• $159.00 Retail
• Winners published on WebSite
   Open License Video
    – CD-ROM or Video
   Resellers:
    – Open License Bulletin newsletter
    – Open License sales materials
    – eMOLP
   Customers: