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									Suzanne Thomas, CMT
has provided massage as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) since 1989. Originally from the Grand
Haven/Muskegon MI area, Suzanne trained at the Health Enrichment Center in LaPeer, MI where she
received over 1000 hours of classroom and hands-on classroom training. While continuing her prior work
in restaurant management, she built her massage practice by sharing an office with an experienced therapist
who mentored her in the profession. "Massage therapist by day; restaurant manager by night".

                                                       For Massage Scheduling with Suzanne:
                                                                       phone: 574/ 993-7537

In 1994 Suzanne moved to South Bend to marry her husband Rob, and welcome his daughter Madison into
her life. Suzanne and Rob now have 5 children ages 7 to 16 years old who attend Trinity School and
Veritas Academy in South Bend, IN. With her children all in school, she is now able to return to providing
the calming, centering, healing bodywork that she loves. In 2007 Suzanne met fellow massage therapist
Jeff Nixa. After working together professionally Jeff invited Suzanne to utilize his Prairie House Massage
office for her own clients.

                                 ”Suzanne’s manner is mild and her hands are strong. While she's no
preacher, when she lays hands on me I get healed! This kind of massage makes you feel like you can go on
and conquer the challenges of your world rather than wait for the ibuprofen to kick in.”
                                                                   Robert E., National Sales Manager
Education and Permits
  Certification in Massage Therapy, Health Enrichment Center, LaPeer, MI 1989. Professional
  Organization Member, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) # 226561.

   Massage Specialty areas: Swedish Massage. Deep Tissue Massage

   Continuing Education: Oncology massage (Memorial Hospital, South Bend, 2007)Brain Gym/ Bal-A-
   Vis-X (maximizing cognitive function through movement) Praxis Parapro Assessment (Indiana
   professional standards qualification for teacher's aides), National Assoc. for the Education of
   Young Children (NAEYC)

   Permits: St. Joseph County Health Department: Massage Therapist permit #SJCHD 03-605 City of
   South Bend, IN Business/ Occupational license # 09-00002951

                                                           For Massage Scheduling with Suzanne:
                                                                           phone: 574/ 993-7537

A passion for Special Needs Suzanne youngest son, Solomon, is a special needs
child with PDD-NOS on the autistic spectrum. Her experience with Solomon, his
schools, education and challenges have revealed Suzanne’s passion for working with
special needs children. Suzanne now spends much of her time working at Hearts &
Hands Early Childhood Youth Ministries.

Suzanne is very dedicated to her children, her husband and her work with special needs
children. She’s also a woman of strong faith who understands the work of the Spirit all
around her, and through the work of her hands.      - Jeff Nixa, Massage Therapist

Suzanne’s Massage "I seem to have an innate sense for reading the body's needs," says
Suzanne. "This and a deep compassion for people who were hurting drew me to the
massage profession- I knew from my own experience that I could help."

 One client who had never received a massage before told Suzanne she felt nervous prior
to the session. But afterwards she was "more relaxed than I ever realized I could be,"
and scheduled a massage each month as a treat for herself.

Suzanne provides each client a massage tuned to his or her own needs. Both therapist
and client learn to work with each other over time, and her massage, like the body's
needs, changes accordingly. By integrating her natural ability, knowledge
and intuition with the research and experience of working with her son's special needs,
Suzanne excels at working with the human body, and seeing body, mind, and spirit as

 I can't wait for my monthly massages, Suzanne is the best! She always makes sure to
know where I'm hurting each month and I always leave feeling amazing!

                                                                             Melissa, Hairstylist
Whenever I have a minor ache or a severe point of pain in my back, neck, shoulder, or
legs, Suzanne quickly finds the source of the difficulty and gives a massage that relieves
the pain and brings relaxation with a method unmatched by other therapists I have used,
whether they be chiropractic, acupuncture, electric muscle stimulation, or a variety of
other therapeutic methods that I have had.

                                                    Robert E., National Sales Manager

 Suzanne is a competent, skilled massage therapist. But more than those essentials, I
appreciate her sense of humor, her energy and her inner character and strength.
Suzanne is an amazing woman with that rare balance between being smart and being
willing to learn. Which means everything in the evolving field of massage and bodywork,
as there are no ‘experts’ when it comes to the human body. Just humble healers with
varying capacities to learn from the body and its complex expressions of tension and
flexibility, pain and joy. Suzanne is one of those healers.

                                                             Jeff Nixa, massage therapist


                                              For Massage Scheduling with Suzanne:
                                                               Phone: 574/ 993-7537

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