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									DAILY BULLELTIN                                                  28-4-2010

Public help sought:-

Old Delhi Railway Police have sought public help in identifying the
following bodies:-

   1.    A male age around 25 years, height 5’6”, shallow complexion,
         round face, wearing blue zeans pant and white blue shirt found on
   2.    A male age around 40 years, height 5’3”, wheatish complexion,
         round face, wearing white baniyan dnd blue jeans, found on 27-4-
   3.    A male age around 20/25 years, height 5’6”, shallow complexion,
         oval face, wearing yellow T.shirt and back jeans pant, found on 27-



      South District Police has arrested an accused who had raped his real
niece in year 2003 and had been evading arrest for the last 7 years in a
case of rape registered at Police Station Delhi Cantt on the complaint of
his niece Miss Puja (name changed). The Hon’ble Court had also declared
him Proclaimed Offender in the year of 2006.


Punnu, age 44 years resident of Village Tilok Pur, P.S. Barasagwar, Distt.Unao,


      Miss Puja (name changed) age 18 years lodged a report with Police
Station Delhi Cantt on 11.1.2003 that her father died about 5 years ago
and after that her mother also left their house. In the absence of parents,
she left her native village and started living with her uncle and aunty in
Delhi. After few days, her aunt and uncle surprisingly started misbehaving and
beating her on plea of some petty issues. She was confined to the house and
was raped several times by her real uncle with the consent of her aunt.
Then they both husband and wife started taking money from outsiders and
forced her to dance in objectionable position in their presence and further
pushed her forcibly in the prostitution. However, she came in contact with
one Dr. Shalini wife of an Army officer who helped her and hence, the case
FIR No.11/03 dated 11.1.2003 U/S 376/342/506/120 B IPC & 5 (C) (D) I.T.P
Act P.S.Delhi Cantt. was registered on her complaint and investigation taken
up. Her aunty Smt. Saroj was arrested and she was convicted to life
imprisonment on 22.2.2006 by the Hon’ble Court of Sh.S.K. Kaushik, ASJ,
Patiala House Court, but the main accused Punnu could not be arrested as
he had left the given address and thus could not be traced or arrested by the
police. He was thus declared P.O. by the Hon’Court on 22.2.2006 and since
then he was evading arrest in the case.

        In order to trace him a     She was confined to the house and was
team of Anti Auto Theft Squad,      raped several times by her real uncle with
South Distt consisting of HC        the consent of her aunt. Then they both
Abdul Hakeem Khan, Cts.Ajay         husband and wife started taking money
Tokas and Amit Kumar under          from outsiders and forced her to dance in
                                    objectionable position in their presence and
the leadership of Sub-Inspr.
                                    further pushed her forcibly in the
Balihar Singh, I/C AATS/SD          prostitution. Smt. Saroj was arrested and
and overall supervision of Sh.      she was convicted to life imprisonment on
Bal Krishan, ACP/Operation          22.2.2006 by the Hon’ble court of Sh.
South Distt. was formed. The        S.K.Kaushik, ASJ, Patiala House Court but
team so formed developed            the main accused Punnu could not be
intelligence that Punnu, who        arrested. He has now been arrested after
had evaded arrest in the case       more then 7 years.
of rape for the last so many
years would come in the area of P.S.Malviya Nagar to meet one of his known.
On this specific information, a trap was laid and he was arrested.


        On interrogation of Punnu, it was established that he is habitual drinker
and he had raped his niece several times under the influence of alcohol at that
time. Later on, he and his wife Saroj pushed her forcibly in the prostitution as
their financial condition was not good. They both did it only to earn money. His
wife Smt. Saroj was arrested by the police but he deliberately left the earlier
address and stopped even visiting his native village as he knew his fault. He
shifted to other cities of U.P with the help of relatives of his in-laws but he
regularly visited and contacted his wife in Tihar Jail with different names
during her judicial custody. But after her conviction to life imprisonment,
he took more precaution as he feared similar punishment for himself from
the Court.

      Delhi Cantt. Police has been informed regarding his arrest.

                                                     (H.G.S. DHALIWAL)
                                                    DCP/SOUTH DISTRICT


       South District Police has busted an interstate gang of auto lifters
and by arresting two accused and recovered ten vehicles i.e. three Bajaj
Discover Motorcycles, Two Hero Honda Splendour, Two Hero Honda
Passion, one Bajaj Platina Motorcycle, one Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle, one
LML Scooter, Spare Parts of 20 stolen scooters, R.Cs of two wheelers, a
bunch of keys and two mobile phones. With their arrest, 16 cases of vehicle
thefts of Southern Range have also been solved.


      1.     Noor Mohd       age 33 years S/O Nawab Ali R/O H.No.1/844,
             Village Khera, Delhi.

      2.     Rajinder age 24 years S/O Fateh Singh R/O Village Sadallabad,
             P.S.Loni, Distt. Ghaziabad (U.P).


       In the recent past, the incidents of vehicle thefts increased manifold in
various parts of Delhi and N.C.R. In order to prevent these incidents and to nab
the criminals involved in these vehicle thefts several teams were constituted. A
team of Anti Auto Theft Squad, South District consisting of ASIs Samay Singh,
Surinder Mohan, Om Parkash, Hawa Singh, HCs Parmod Kumar, Abdul Hakim,
Laxman Prasad, HC Jasraj singh, Satyawan and Cts. Ajay Tokas Amit Kumar,
Sanjeev Shah, Nihal Singh, Anil Kumar, Umesh Kumar, Kanwal Singh,
Kanwarpal singh , A.Rehman, Ct(Dvr) Naresh and Ct(Dvr) Satpal under the
supervision of Sub Inspector Balihar Singh , I/C AATS and Sh Bal Krishan
ACP/Operations was also formed to identify and and apprehend the accused
involved in these incidents.

       The team so formed worked relentlessly and collected details of several
criminals with similar modus- operandi and activated their secret informers to
collect the information about the criminals involved in these incidents. These
details were analyzed minutely and it came to fore that the gang headed
by notorious auto-lifter Noor Mohd. who has already been externed till
June 2010 by DCP/North-East Distt, might be involved in these incidents.
The hard work of police team bore results and acting upon a specific
information, accused Noor Mohd. was apprehended while he was on way to
dispose off one motorcycle stolen vide FIR No. 120 /10 dated 24.4.2010 u/s
411/482 IPC P.S. R.K.Puram, New Delhi.

        During the interrogation, it is
revealed that Noor Mohd. the leader        Noor Mohd. the leader of this
of this gang had previously been           gang     had     previously    been
                                           arrested alongwith associates by
arrested alongwith associates by
                                           the different police teams of Delhi
the different police teams of Delhi        and U.P. More than two dozen
and U.P. More than two dozen               cases of vehicle thefts are
cases of vehicle thefts are pending        pending in various courts, but as
in various courts, but as soon as he       soon as he is released on bail
is released on bail from the jail, he      from the jail, he again involve
again       involve      himself      in   himself in committing vehicle
committing vehicle thefts. Keeping         thefts.
in     view    of    his    continuous
involvement, this accused has already been externed from Delhi till June 2010
by DCP/North-East, but even then he is doing the same crime in Delhi in
violation of his externment order. He has now established contacts with several
Kabaris of Ghaziabad, Murad Nagar, Jalalabad and Meerut and all the stolen
vehicles are being disposed off to these Kabaris.

        Noor Mohd was born in the year of 1977 at Village Khera, P.S.Dilshad
Garden, Delhi. He is an illiterate. . He was first time arrested in the year of
2002 and several cases of vehicle thefts are pending against him in various

        Rajinder      was born in the year of 1986 at Village Saidllabad,
Ghaziabad (U.P). He is also an illiterate .He started a Kabari Shop about 2 years
ago in Giri Market, Loni, Ghaziabad and he came in contact with Noor Mohd.
about 5 months ago. All the stolen scooters received from this gang were
dismantled by him and then the spare parts and scrap was sold to one Mohd.
Abad of Mujjaffar Nagar (U.P). The body and other spare parts of about 20
stolen scooters have been recovered from the Kabari shop.


1.  FIR No.    116   dated 17.3.10 U/S /379 IPC P.S.Malviya Nagar, Delhi.
2.  FIR No.    308   dated 19.2.2010 U/S 379 IPC P.S.Indira Puram, Ghaziabad.
3.  FIR No.    797   dated 10.3.2009 U/S 379 IPC P.S.Shakarpur, Delhi.
4.  FIR No.    135   dated 25.4.2010 U/S 379IPC P.S.Uttam Nagar, Delhi.
5.  FIR No.    136   dated 16.4.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S.Preet Vihar, Delhi.
6.  FIR No.     80   dated 23.3.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S Vasant Vihar, Delhi
7.  FIR No.     40    dated 07.2.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S Vasant Vihar, Delhi
8.  FIR No.     23    dated 22.1.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S Vasant Vihar,Delhi
9.  FIR No.     12    dated 14.1.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S Vasant Vihar,Delhi
10. FIR No.     95    dated 06.4.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S R.K Puram ,Delhi
11. FIR No.     91    dated 02.4.10 U/S 379 IPC P.S R.K Puram ,Delhi
12. FIR No.     95    dated 01/3/10 U/S 379 IPC P.S Malviya Nagar, Delhi

1.   Three stolen Bajaj discover Motorcycles.
2.   Two stolen Hero Honda Splendour Motorcycles.
3.   Two Hero Honda Passion Motorcycles.
4.   One Platina Motorcycle.
5.   One Pulsar Motorcycle.
6. One LML scooter.
7. A bunch of keys.
8. Body and Parts of scooters.

       Investigation of the case is in progress and efforts are being made to
ascertain their other involvements and to effect more recoveries.

                                                           ( H.G.S.DHALIWAL )
                                                          DCP/SOUTH DISTRICT

                          PRESS RELEASE
                                                                      Dated: 28-04-2010


    With the arrest of two accused persons namely BABU@GANESH S/O MUNNA
R/O H.NO E2893, J.J.COLONY BAWANA DELHI Age 20 years and MOHD.
DELHI Age 19 years, the Railway Police of Police Station Sarai Rohilla Station has
busted a Gang who involved in drugging. Complainant Shri Mohd Umar s/o Mohd
Ahmed r/o H.No. P-353 Block No. 58 Rama Road, Rama Colony, Karam Pura, New
Delhi., reported that he was waiting at Shakur Basti Railway Station to board a train.
Three persons came to him and started talking. After some time one of the three brought
four frooties and offered one frooti to Shri Mohd Umar . He took one sip and found the
taste is not proper so he refused to consumed it. Accused persons namely
BABU@GANESH, took out his knife and other two robbed him. The passenger made
hue and cry at the railway station and the police officials of police post Kishan Ganj and
Railway Protection Force rushed to the spot and able to arrest two accused persons.
Third accused namely Gabber managed to escape from the spot.

    The button actuated knife alongwith ATIVAN 2 Mg tablets were recovered from the
possession of accused persons. D.V.D player along with C.Ds cloths, Railway Tickets &
Cash Rs. 1000/- which was robbed from the passenger were also recovered from them. A
case vide FIR NO.14/10, DATE 25-04-2010 U/S 328/511/392/397/411/34IPC AND
been registered. Further investigation is in progress.
                                               ADDL.DY.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                         RAILWAYS:NEW DELHI.

                                                                    28th APRIL, 2010


         With the arrest of Furkaan, aged 27 years s/o Mohd. Ahsan r/o Gali Gadaiya,
Kucha Chalan, Daryaganj, Delhi, Special Staff of Central District Delhi has
apprehended a dreaded burglar who committed the burglaries/house thefts by using
modern equipments. Two cases of burglaries have been solved. A country made pistol
with two live cartridges, one binocular, one mobile phone, five digital camera, wrist
watches, ornaments and door/house breaking tools have recovered from his possession.

           On 26.04.09, a secret information was received by Special Staff/Central
District that one person who was in possession of illegal arms would come near
Telephone Exchange, Darya Ganj. Consequently, a team led by Inspr. Satender Mohan
laid a trap around the spot and one person was apprehended who was carrying a country
made pistol and two cartridges. He was identified as Furkaan r/o Kucha Chalan, Darya
Ganj, Delhi.

          During sustained interrogation, he disclosed that he had committed a number
of burglaries and house theft in Ghaziabad, East Delhi, Central Delhi etc. He had
designed some special house breaking tools to enable him to break any kind of door and
locks. Before committing any incident, he used to identify the locked houses using a
binocular and after confirming the same, he alone used to commit the burglaries during
day time.     He also carried a country made pistol to thwart any resistance. On
verification of his antecedents, it was learnt that he is previously involved in twelve
cases of burglary, arms act, MV thefts etc. and is an absent BC of PS Darya Ganj. On
the basis of his disclosure, two cases of burglary of PS Darya Ganj have been solved.
Further investigation is in progress.

  1.   One Country made pistol with two cartridges
  2.   One binocular
  3.   Four digital cameras
  4.   One handy cam
  5.   One mobile phone
  6.   Twenty Two Necklaces
  7.   Six bracelets
  8.   Six ear rings
  9.   Six rings
  10.   Twelve silver coins
  11.   One DVD player

         Furkaan aged 27 years s/o Mohd. Ahsan r/o Gali Gadaiya, Kucha Chalan,
Daryaganj, Delhi is an absent BC of PS Darya Ganj and previously involved in 12
cases of burglary, MV theft, arms act etc. He had solemnized love marriage and
promised his wife to look after her family.

                                           DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLCE,
                                           CENTRAL DISTRICT, DELHI

    Dated 28.04.10

 •      Bomb Hoax caller nabbed.
 •      1 cell phone, 5 Sim cards recovered.

 A team of Special Cell led by Inspector Satender Sangwan under the
 supervision of Sh. L.N.Rao, ACP has apprehended a person for
 hoax calls to police control room on 24.4.2010 about the bombs being
 planted at Airport, Hotel, Hospital and New Delhi Railway Station.
 This caused panic in the city.

  Five calls were received in the police control room on 24.04.2010
 informing that bombs would go off at platform No. 9 & 4 of New Delhi
 Railway Station, IGI International Airport, at a Surya Hotel and Loins
 Kidney Hospital New Friends Colony. Police teams alongwith bomb
 disposal staff and dogs squad rushed to spot and after thorough
 search found these calls to be hoax. The police teams were kept on
 their toes for the entire day and it caused panic/tizzy amongst people
 in the city. Cases under appropriate sections of law were registered
 at PS New Friends Colony and PS IGI, Airport, New Delhi
 respectively against the hoax caller and investigation was taken up.
 The investigation revealed that these calls were made from a mobile
 phone. The caller was identified as Mohd. Sonu Siddqui R/o
 Khizrabad, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. One mobile Phone and
 five Sim Cards used for making hoax calls have been recovered from
 his possession.

                                         Further investigation is in progress.

                                                            (SHIBESH SINGH)
                                Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police
                                                Special Cell : Delhi.

DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE                            DATED: 28 -04-10

                          TRAFFIC ADVISORY

         To commemorate the tercentenary (300 years) of
Sirhind Fateh Diwas, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak
Committee (SGPC), Amritsar has commenced a Fateh March
(Procession) on 30.3.2010 from Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded
(Maharashtra) which will conclude at Sri Fatehgarh Sahib,
Punjab through various States. The procession is scheduled to
enter Delhi on 28.04.10 at about 03:00 p.m. via Gurgaon
Border and will leave Delhi for Haryana via Kalindi Border on
01.05.0. The scheduled programme and route for Delhi is as
under :-

        28.4.2010 (Ist day) - Gurgaon Border, M.G. Road,
Andheria Mor to Gurdwara Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Qutub
Hotel, Africa Avenue, Ring Road, Gurdwara Moti Bagh, Delhi
Canti, Jail Road, Gurdwara Chhote Sahibzade Fateh Nagar.

        29.4.2010 (2nd day)- Procession will start at 9:00 a.m.
at Gurdwara Chhote Sahibzade Fateh Nagar and proceed via
Tilak Nagar, Najafgarh Road, Subhash Nagar Mor, Moti Nagar,
Shaadi Pur, Patel Nagar, Shankar Road, Talkatora Road, Pt.
Pant Marg, Ashoka Road, India Gate, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg,
Nizamuddin, Jangpura, Ashram Chowk, Sriniwaspuri, Sapna
Cinema, Gurdwara SGSS (Pahariwala) Greater Kailash.
        30.4.2010 (3rd day)-Procession will start at 9:00 a.m.
at Gurdwara SGSS Pahariwala Greater Kailash and proceed via
Ashram, Nizamuddin Bridge, Pandav Nagar, Vikas Marg, Jheel,
Krishna Nagar, Gurdwara Majnu ka Tila.

         1.5.2010 (4th day)- Procession will start at 9:00 a.m. at
Gurdwara Majnu ka Tila, Outer Ring Road and proceed via
Peera Garhi Chowk, Rohtak Road, Nangloi and enter Haryana
via Tikri Boarder for its onward joumey.

     There is likelihood of slowing down and congestion of
traffic on the above mentioned roads. General public and the
motorists are advised to avoid the above mentioned roads and
co-operate with and follow the directions of the police men
posted there to avoid inconvenience. The latest information
regarding the procession can also be obtained from 24 hour
Traffic Help Line No. 23010101 and 1095.

                                                  Satyendra Garg
                                                  Joint CP/Traffic
                                                                       WEST DISTRICT

                             PRESS NOTE

       West District Police has solved the mystery of orphan radioactive sources found
in Mayapuri Scrap Market in the beginning of this month by locating the source i.e.
GAMMA CELL used in the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi.
   On 08.04.2010, information was received about suspected radioactive emissions from
shop No. D2/32 Mayapuri Phase-II, New Delhi. The team of Scientist/Experts from
Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD), Delhi, Atomic
Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and other officers visited the said shop and asked
police officials to cordon off the surrounding area as they noticed radioactive radiation
present in and around the shop. As advised, the area was cordoned off by the local police.
It was informed by the Experts that radioactive source is apparently present inside the
shop. Subsequently, a team of Radiation Safety Experts from Bhabha Atomic Research
Centre (BARC) Mumbai, Narora Atomic Power Station, (NAPS) and AERB identified
the radiation source after thorough search operation at shop No. D2/32, Mayapuri Ph-II.
The team could locate, recover and secure six sources of different intensity and placed
them in the lead shielded flask brought from NAPS. It is also pertinent to mention that
team has carried out similar operation at WZ-160/D31, Khazan Basti, Mayapuri, the
godown of Mr. Deepak Jain and could locate, recover and secure two sources of different
intensity. Subsequently, two more sources were recovered from the shop of Giriraj
Gupta. In all, total 08 persons have been so far found to be affected and showing sign of
radiation injuries. They are being treated in Apollo (01), AIIMS (04) and Military
Hospital, Dhaula Kuan (01). One person namely, Rajender Parshad has expired on
26.04.2010 and one person was discharged after treatment. A case vide FIR No. 31/10 u/s
337 IPC dated 8.4.2010 was registered at P.S. Mayapuri, after confirmation about the
presence of radioactivity in and around the said shop corroborated by the medical reports
of the victims.
       During investigation, police could locate the origin of the radioactive source. It is
GAMMA CELL used in the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi. This
Cell was used for conducting experiment in analyzing effect of Gamma Rays on
Chemicals. However, this Cell was not in use for long years. It was auctioned by the
University Authorities on 26.02.2010. It was bought by one Harcharan Singh Bhola
having scrap shop at D2/80, Mayapuri, Ph-II. He removed the iron part from the Cell and
sold the lead part to one Giriraj Gupta having scrap shop at D-127, Mayapuri, Ph-II.
Giriraj Gupta got it dismantled and sold the lead to some other scrap dealers. However,
the iron part found embedded in lead was kept by him. Apparently, part of iron scrap of
Gamma Cell removed by Haracharan Singh Bhola reached to Deepak Jain through
Rajinder who has suffered maximum radioactive exposure and subsequently expired.
Report received from AERB on 26.04.2010 gave vital clues to police authorities in the
form of photographs of recovered source cage from the shop of Giriraj Gupta. A team
headed by Inspector Rajinder Pathania, SHO/Mayapuri, and Inspector Sudhir Kumar PS
Mayapuri under the supervision of Sh. Ramesh Chander, ACP/Tilak Nagar was deputed
to work out this case. On sustained interrogation of Giriraj Gupta from whose shop two
sources were recovered, disclosed about purchasing bulk quantity of lead from
Haracharan Singh Bhola. Therefore Bhola was thoroughly interrogated to know the
source of lead sold to Giriraj Gupta. During interrogation, he disclosed about purchasing
a Big Machine having bulk quantity of lead in auction from Delhi University. On
verification from University Authorities, it is confirmed that the machine referred by
Bhola was actually Gamma Cell which was sold in auction to Harcharan Singh Bhola.
Apparently, Gamma Cell was purchased from Atomic Energy Canada Limited in the
year 1970 for use in experiments by students of Department of Chemistry. However, this
is not being used since 1985 and was lying in a room unused since then.
       Further investigation is in progress.

                                                 (SHARAD AGARWAL)IPS
                                               DY.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                WEST DISTRICT: NEW DELHI.

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