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  Well, here we are again-preparing for another soccer season which promises to be enjoyable for players and
  spectators alike.

  As always we are looking for Coaches and Managers to help the players learn the game and ensure things
  run smoothly through the year. The club now has a coaching co-ordinator and he will be more than happy to
  advise you on any questions you may have with coaching and managing a team.

  It is club policy that all fees must be paid in full on Registration Day along with any outstanding fees from
  previous years unless other arrangements have been made with a committee member. There is a „‟No Pay
  No Play„‟ policy at the club that will be enforced.

  Berowra Soccer Club policy on half games for juniors is that these must be shared equally amongst all
  players of the team, thus ensuring each player receives an equitable share of field time. Managers should
  keep a list of half games. If a player is unavailable for games (eg.going away on holidays or a camp) this does
  not constitute either one or two half games. With interchange availability in junior games rotation between the
  players should be kept even.

  Elsewhere in this issue you will find details of Grading Days (U10 to U/18 only) and we urge you to ensure
  your child is present at their designated timeslots. Juniors U6-U9 will not have grading. In this case players
  will be contacted direct by their coaches or managers and advised of training and team details. Teams can
  also be found on the Berowra Soccer Club website.

  Speaking of training I ask that you assist us in the following:
       Prior to the season commencing train in joggers NOT boots.
       Observe any roped off section of the oval. Do not remove the rope for your own benefit.
       If the oval is closed due to wet weather stay off it!

  For Junior teams training sessions will be allocated to team coaches & managers by the Junior Vice
  President, in accordance with requests from coaches/managers on coaches & managers night.
  It is Berowra Soccer Club policy that the older teams train on Berowra Oval and that the younger teams train
  on (Little) Warrina street. For senior teams training sessions will be allocated by the Senior Vice President.
  Training days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.Friday is not a preferred day with the club but if this is the
  only option with the team something can be arranged with the club.
Trial Games

Trial games will be arranged after registration. At the moment we have no firm times or games but as soon as
they are available we will pass them on to coaches and managers.

Please check website for updated information on trial games.

For all trial games the club makes a commitment to the opposition that our teams will be available when
scheduled. Should your team have problems being available for any games please advise the Junior Vice
President as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made if required.

Competition Start dates

        10 April - All Seniors Men
        11 April - All Seniors Women
        17 ,18th April - All other Juniors Boys & Girls

Please check the KDSA website for more details or use the link at Berowra Soccer Club website.                       The Berowra Cobra Newsletter Season 2010

Grading Days & Appointment of Coaches & Managers
Grading Day will be held on the following dates.
           th                                             st                                 rd
Sunday 28 February                            Monday 1 March                  Wednesday 3 March
    Under 10 -9.00am to 10.30am             Under 13-5.00pm to 6.30pm       Under 16 & U/18 6.00pm to 8.00pm
    Under 11 -11.00am to 12.30pm            Under 14-6.30pm to 7.30pm
    Under 12 -1.00pm to 2.30pm              Under 15-7.30pm to 8.30pm

Sunday grading will be held at Warrina Street Oval. Monday & Wednesday grading will be held at Berowra
Oval where the club house is. (Joggers only –No Boots)

Grading will be undertaken this year for age groups U10 to U/18 or where numbers require it. The main
emphasis of grading is on skills of the players and their ability within match situations.

Members of the committee and outside the club will conduct the sessions and information from these
sessions together with input from last year‟s coaches will be used to select the teams. Coaches and
Managers will be advised of their teams in the week after grading. We will advise KDSA of our suggested
grading for teams, however the final grading of teams is made by KDSA.

As part of Berowra Soccer Club‟s “Agreement to Play”, all players agree to play in the team selected by the
committee. New players to the club must supply a copy of their birth certificate. Players who have played
with other clubs must have a clearance in writing from their old club before they can register with
Berowra.This rule applies irrespective of the age of the player.

Parents Note: Berowra Soccer Club’s policy is: “Any unreasonable pressure on players to perform
beyond their level of skill or abuse of other players will not be tolerated under any circumstances!”
There will be a coaches and managers meeting held on Monday, 8 March - Juniors 6.30pm to 7.30pm and
Seniors 7.45 to 8.30pm in the clubhouse.

This year we are looking for age managers. The role entails liaising with the Junior Vice President and
forwarding any information onto your age group. If you are interested please nominate on your child‟s
registration form.

The club‟s aim is to have all coaches and managers complete a level 1 coaching course which we have
booked in for Monday 19 April from 7.00 to 9.00pm. It is expected that all junior coaches and managers will
attend, (at the club‟s expense).

Coaches and managers please note, the address for picking up club information and handing in of match
reports and match results cards is: The Berowra Soccer Clubhouse, Berowra Oval. All reports and cards must
be handed in on the day the game is played, either in the results box or the letter box left side of front door.
They are needed by the recorder no later than Sunday afternoon to input results to KDSA. If this is not done
the club is fined by KDSA which will be passed onto the team responsible.

Berowra Soccer Club will provide players with game shirts. All juniors, this year, will be provided with new
maroon playing shorts and socks by the club to match the senior teams.
Players must provide themselves with:
     Shin Pads-Compulsory
     Mouth Guards-Optional
     Soccer Boots-with short studs only
     Training ball-with kid‟s name on ball
    Under 6 through to 9s use size 3 balls; Under 10s through to 13s use size 4 balls and Under 14s and over
    use size 5 balls.
    These items are available at Rebel Sports Store with your discount card.

    Equipment Pricing - All Equipment can be purchased at the Club House.
    Club Socks -$8
    Club Shorts- $20
    Club Jackets -Kids $25 & Adults $28
    Club polo shirts –Kids $15 & Adults $18                     The Berowra Cobra Newsletter Season 2010
Competition Format for 2010
Under 6s-Under 11s

These age groups will play under the small sided games (SSG) format. Please refer to the KDSA or FFA
or Football NSW website regarding playing format and rules of (SSG) or or

        Playing Format     U6-7      U8-9       U10-11
        Player Numbers     4v4       7v7        9v9
        Field Size         30x20m    40x30m     60x40m
        Goal Size          2x1m      3x2m       5x2m
        Ball Size          Size 3    Size 3     Size 4
        Goalie             No        Yes        Yes
        Playing Time       2x15min   2x20min    2x25min
        Half Time Break    5min      5min       5min
        Throw-in/Kick-in   Kick-in   Throw-in   Throw-in
        Offside            No        No         No

For players in under 12s and older, full senior rules apply.

All games and times can be found on the KDSA website once the season starts. Just click on your team
and age group for your game time.

  Wet Weather Procedure
  Rain, as far as soccer games are concerned seems to fall far too often. In the event of a game possibly
  being cancelled due to bad weather please contact your coach or manager only!
  Do not contact either the club secretary or KDSA yourself as this will overload the system. Sometimes
  grounds are closed due to council and games are transferred. In the event of a ground being closed,
  games are not to be played under any circumstances. Clubs playing on closed grounds will be heavily
  fined by KDSA and local council! Another option for wet weather information on matches and training
  grounds is to check the KDSA or Berowra Soccer Club Website.

  Due to the heavy workload of committee members over the winter the canteen has struggled for
  volunteers over the years. This year every team will be rostered on to man the canteen one time
  through the season. Your coach or manger will be informed with more details regarding your team‟s
  turn to help in the canteen.
Berowra Soccer Club Website
The website is the source of all your club news. It contains information on coming events and the news
with match results and reports. It is your source of information, so take the time to read it.

Dates for Calendar

        Sunday, 28 February       - Grading Day Under 10s to 12s
        Monday, 1 March           - Grading Day Under 13s,14s,15s
        Wednesday, 3 March         - Grading Day Under 16s & Youth
        Monday, 8 March            - Coaches & Managers Night
          th     th                                      st
        10 & 11 April             - Men‟s and Women‟s 1 Round
          th         th                       st
        17 and 18 April           - Juniors -1 Round
        19 April                   - Coaches & Managers Level 1 Coaching Night                      The Berowra Cobra Newsletter Season 2010

Photo Day
Saturday 5 of June –Time table will be forward to you in the coming months.

Berowra Soccer Club Golf Day
At the close of the season we will be running a Golf Day, all Players, Parents & Coach‟s are welcome.
Keep an eye on the website for more details.

Presentation Day

There will be a junior presentation day held after the end of the season. There also will be a combined
seniors‟ presentation day, or night. Dates for both events will be put on the Club website later in the

On behalf of the Berowra Soccer Club we wish you all an enjoyable and successful season and would
love to see you at Berowra Oval on a Saturday afternoon supporting our senior teams. If you require
any further information please contact any member of the Committee. However please do not phone
Committee members during normal office hours or after 9 p.m.

Have a great season.
Berowra Soccer Club Committee for 2010
President                  Chris Steptoe          0408 636 096

Senior Vice President      Jo Zafos               0415 487 474

Junior Vice President      Andrew Williams        0438 402 221

Secretary                   Bruce Waterhouse      9456 2701

Junior Register            Ian Brooks             0419 216 538

Treasurer                  Greg Steptoe           9456 1656

Equipment Officer          George Zafos           0415 487 474

Publicity Officer          James Tod              0421 692 811

Recorder                   Jim King               0410 266 784

Women‟s Coordinator        Cathy Ruggerio         0407 020 111

Coaching Coordinator       Mike Hodgson           0408 675 907

Sponsorship Officer         Mario Machado         0417 896 622

General Committee Members

                           Angelo Toliopoulous
                           Dennis Hoye
                           Steve Barrett
                           Craig Peterson
                           Kristy McMillan


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