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Angela Truong
Period 1; Avid
January 29, 2007
    Basic Information
   University of California, Berkeley
    Motto: Fiat lux (Let There Be Light)
    Established: March 23, 1868            The UC Berkeley
    Type: Public                           School of Information
    Endowment: $2.20 billion (2006)        prepares leaders and
    Chancellor: Robert Birgeneau           pioneers solutions to
    Faculty: 1,950                         the challenges of
    Undergraduates: 22,144                 information into
    Postgraduates: 8,125                   knowledge.
    Location: Berkeley, California
    Campus: Urban, 1,232 acres
    Athletics: California Golden Bears
    Mascot: Oski
    School Colors: Blue and Gold
Background Information
   On average 95% of the incoming freshmen and one third of new transfer
    students live in the University run housing their first year.
   The UC Berkeley freshmen to sophomore retention rate is 96% with a 4.5
    graduation rate of 68%
   More students at UC Berkeley are identifying themselves as "moderate" or
    "conservative" than in the past decades.
   At the time of its founding, Berkeley was the first full-curriculum public
    university in the state of California, and was known as the University of
   The campus is approximately 1,232 acres in its entirety, though the main
    campus is on the western 178 acres
   The campus is divided by two branches of Strawberry Creek (the principal
    watercourse running through the city of Berkeley, California)
   According to the National Research Council, Berkeley ranks first nationally in
    the number of graduate programs in the top ten in their fields, and first
    nationally in the number of "distinguished" programs for the scholarship of the
   Berkeley is the only university in the nation to achieve top 5 rankings
    for all its PhD programs in those disciplines covered by the US News
    and World Report graduate school survey
   In 2006, Berkeley admitted 9,836 freshmen from an
    application pool of just under 42,000 applicants, an
    acceptance rate of 23.5%. The average person admitted to
    the university as a freshman in 2005 had a weighted GPA of
    4.33, and those who matriculated in 2006 had an average
    GPA of 4.26 and average score of 1975 out of 2400
    (approximately 94th percentile) on the SAT admissions

   Graduate admissions vary by department, although in 2005
    the university's graduate program admitted 3,444 students
    from a pool of 18,333 applicants, an overall acceptance
    rate of 18.3%.
   In 1866, the land that comprises the current Berkeley campus was purchased by the
    private College of California. Because it lacked sufficient funds to operate.
   The university's charter was signed by California Governor Henry H. Haight on March 23,
    1868 and Henry Durant, the founder of the College of California, became its first president.
   In September 1873 the University, with an enrollment of 191 students.
   The university opened in 1869 using the former College of California's buildings in Oakland
    as a temporary home while the new campus underwent construction.
   The competition on campus architectural plans, won by Emile Benard of Paris, brought
    Berkeley not only a building plan but worldwide notoriety.
   The University grew with the rapidly expanding population of California and responded to
    the educational needs of the developing state.
   In 1966 Berkeley was recognized by the American Council on Education as "the best
    balanced distinguished university in the country.“
   Berkeley is one of the oldest and flagship campus of the ten-campus University of California
   The university came of age under the direction of Benjamin Ide Wheeler, who was
    University President from 1899 to 1919
   Archery              Racquetball
   Badminton            Roller Hockey
   Ballroom Dancing     Rugby
   Boxing               Sailing
   Crew (Lightweight)   Soccer
   Cycling              Squash
   Fencing              Table Tennis
   Field Hockey         Tennis
   Figure Skating       Triathlon
   Gymnastics           Ultimate
   Handball             Volleyball
   Ice Hockey
   Lacrosse
Housing around Berkeley area
   Sharing a house                      $500-$800 per month
    Studio (one room) apartment          $900-$1500 per month
    One-bedroom apartment                $1100-$1850 per month
    Two-bedroom apartment                $1450-$2500 per month
    Utilities (gas/electric)             $70-$150+ per month
    Phone                                $25-$35 (basic rate) per month

   To secure an apartment, you will have to pay a deposit when you sign the
    contract with the landlord. An apartment deposit is typically equivalent to
    three times your monthly rent, so if you rent an apartment for $1400,
    your deposit could be as high as $4200. Telephone, utilities, and
    sometimes water, are usually charged in addition to rent.
Academics; Campus enrollments
   The following statistics are calculated from the Fall 2005 enrollment and were
    released by the University of California system:
   Total Enrollment: 33,558
   Undergraduate Enrollment: 23,482
       Women: 12,640
       Men: 10,842
   Graduate Enrollment: 10,076
       Women: 4,643
       Men: 5,433
   Undergraduates by Ethnicity:
       African American: 3.5%
       Native American: 0.5%
       Asian/Pacific Islander: 41.4%
       Chicano/Latino: 10.6%
       White: 31%
       Other: 1.6%
       Not Stated: 8.1%
       International: 3.3%
   Undergraduates Living on Campus: 28%
   The wooded 178-acre central campus area is known for its
    architectural and historical landmarks as well as the scenic passage of
    Strawberry Creek traversing the campus from end to end.

             BEFORE.                                AFTER.

                                          South Hall; one of the two original
 A view of the Berkeley campus.           buildings; still standing

                                                                                Haas school of business

Cunningham Hall and the newly-built Towle Hall,
part of the Unit 2 dormitory complex
  Campus Pictures; mascots, logos.
                                                   School logo.

UC Rally Committee running Cal flags across the
Memorial Stadium field at the 2002 Big Game

                                       LOOK! Its Oski the bear! (1941)
Contacting UC Berkeley

   University of California, Berkeley
    110 Sproul Hall #5800
    Berkeley, CA 94720-5800

   Admissions phone: (510) 642-3175
    Admissions fax: (510) 642-7333
    Admissions e-mail: