The Capital Requirements Directive by keara


									                     The Capital
                     Requirements Directive
                     4th Annual Seminar on
                     Compliance in Financial Services
             >        6th November 2008 – The Stanhope Hotel, Brussels

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             > / +44 (0)2902 783 025 /

Confirmed Speakers   Patrick Pearson, Head of Unit for Banking – DG Internal Market, European Commission
                     Sharon Bowles, MEP – Economic and Monetary Affairs
                     Helmut Bauer, Managing Director & Head of Regulatory Affairs – Deutsche Bank
                     Thomas Huertas, Director, Banking Sector – FSA & Bureau Member – CEBS
                     Krishnan Ramadurai, Managing Director for Financial Institutions – Fitch Ratings
                     Freddy Van Den Spiegel, Chief Economist – Fortis


     >     Capital Requirements Directive
           The 4th Annual Seminar on Compliance in Financial Services:
           6th November 2008 – The Stanhope Hotel, Brussels

     >     Introduction
           The financial market turmoil has been with us                  ask whether the Basel II framework has had time
           for over a year now, a year in which there has                 to prove its worth and examine whether the new
           been much urgent debate on what responses are                  proposals go too far or not far enough. It will look at
           required from industry and from regulators. From               whether the political pressure for a response to the
           very early on in that debate, it has been clear                financial market turmoil risks exacerbating the crisis,
           that European leaders have viewed a revision of                and whether the framework proposed contributes
           the capital requirements framework as a crucial                to coherence across sectors and internationally.
           component of the response. Council Conclusions                 The annual Houston Consulting/Epsilon financial
           were adopted early on pinpointing September                    services seminar brings together key policy-makers
           2008 as the date for the Commission to bring                   and stakeholders to discuss these and other issues.
           forward proposals.                                             The event will be interactive with strong audience
           Timed to take place just over a month after the                participation. Numbers will be kept within limits
           Commission releases its legislative proposals, this            so as to maximise the opportunities for a genuine
           one day interactive seminar will address the rationale         exchange between the participants.
           for the changes proposed by the Commission,

     >     About the organisers

           Houston Consulting Europe                                      Epsilon Events Ltd
           Based in Brussels, at the heart of the European quarter,       Epsilon is the leading EU dedicated conference
           Houston Consulting Europe is an international                  & event provider. With offices in UK and Brussels,
           consulting team of exceptional quality which assists           Epsilon specialises in the production of conferences,
           corporations and institutions on EU actions, policies          training and independent policy forums for the
           and legislative developments affecting them.                   European public and private sectors, focusing upon
           Houston Consulting Europe was founded in 1997 on               key policy directives and legislation emanating from
           a specialization in financial services, and rapidly grew       the EU political institutions.
           to be the market leader in Brussels in the supply of           From its inception in 2005, Epsilon has since
           EU policy-related services to the financial sector. In         established a reputation for its ability to react early to
           recent years other practice areas have been added,             critical policy developments, to deliver events that are
           including: competition policy, corporate governance,           thoroughly planned and expertly executed, and to
           tax issues, and event management.                              create working relationships which are constructive
           Houston Consulting Europe supplies services to some            and long-term.
           of the world’s largest business organizations, located in
           the EU, the US, and Asia. Clients include international
           financial services suppliers, trade associations, industrial
           corporations, public authorities and law firms.

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        Draft Programme
08.30   Registration & Coffee

09.00   Introduction: John Houston, CEO – Houston Consulting

    >   Session 1 – Basel II – Has it been found wanting?
        Has the Basel II framework been given an adequate opportunity to prove its worth? Is it not a sufficiently flexible
        framework? Does pillar II not offer the possibility to address some of the issues we have seen? How can the capital
        requirements framework address the issue of misselling?

        Moderator: Cian Rice, Director – Houston Consulting Europe

09.05   Keynote Speech
        Patrick Pearson, Head of Unit for Banking, DG Internal Market – European Commission
09.20   Panel Discussion
        Participants:  Patrick Pearson, Head of Unit for Banking – DG Internal Market, European Commission
                       Nicolas Jeanmart, Head of Department, Banking Supervision and International Affairs –
                                         World Savings Banks Institute/European Savings Banks Group
                       Karel Lannoo, Chief Executive Officer– CEPS
                       Helmut Bauer, Managing Director & Head of Regulatory Affairs – Deutsche Bank

09.50   General Discussion

10.20   Coffee and Networking Break

    >   Session 2 – CRD II – Are the proposals correctly calibrated?
        Will the proposals effectively tackle concentration risk? What will be the impact on inter-bank lending? Are the
        quantitative limits on hybrid capital appropriate? What will the proposals mean for the securitisation industry? Are
        they intended to discourage the originate-and-distribute model? Are the technical amendments truly technical or
        are there substantive issues lurking there? What is the way to adequately tackle liquidity risk? How are the colleges
        of supervisors to work? What has not been tackled in the reform package and what needs to be tackled later?

        Moderator: Alastair Sutton, Partner – White & Case
10.50   Keynote Speech
        Diane Hilleard, Director of Regulatory Affairs – LIBA
11.05   Panel Discussion
        Participants: Diane Hilleard, Director of Regulatory Affairs – LIBA
                       Giuseppe Siani, National Detached Expert – Banking & Financial Conglomerates Unit,
                       European Commission
                       Rudi Bonte, Member of the Management Committee – CBFA & Belgium and Bureau member – CEBS
                       Emmanuelle Sebton, Vice President, Head of Basel II Regulatory Policy, EMEA – JP Morgan

11.35   General Discussion

12.05   Buffet Lunch

    >   Session 3 – What impact on consistency: cross-sectoral and internationally?
        How consistent are the approaches for the banking and insurance industries? How consistent do they need to
        be? What is the implication for financial conglomerates? How will the proposals affect international firms? How
        coordinated are the Commission proposals with the ongoing Basel work? How are jurisdictions such as the US,
        Japan, or Switzerland, approaching the situation?

        Moderator: Sharon Bowles, MEP, Economic and Monetary Affairs – European Parliament
13.35   Keynote Speech
        Thomas Huertas, Director, Banking Sector – FSA & Bureau Member – CEBS

13.50   Panel Discussion
        Participants: Thomas Huertas, Director, Banking Sector – FSA & Bureau Member – CEBS
                       Freddy Van Den Spiegel, Chief Economist – Fortis
                       Krishnan Ramadurai, Managing Director for Financial Institutions – Fitch Ratings
                       Final panellists to be confirmed

14.20   General Discussion

14.50   Concluding Remarks

15.00   Cocktail reception & end of conference
  7                             4th Annual Seminar on Compliance in Financial Services: The Capital Requirements Directive
                                6th November 2008 - The Stanhope Hotel, Brussels, Fax form to +44 (0) 2920 668 992

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