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           224/226 TOWER BRIDGE ROAD, LONDON SE1 2UP
                     COMMENCING AT 10.30 AM


     Welcome by TAG President, Martin Low.

     Apologies for TAG Council to be recorded at the meeting.

     a)   TAG – Future Direction – Martin Low
     b)   Video Conferencing – Andy Morris
                                                                APPENDIX No 1

     a)  Coastal & Fluvial Management Committee
         Martin Wright, Chairman - Current Work / Issues
     b)  Transportation Committee
         Phil Moore, Chairman - Current Work / Issues / Joint working

     a)  Highway Procurement - Steve Keetley
     b)  Climate Change - Mick Murphy
     c)  Waste - Tim Walker

     Exchange of information or discussions relevant to TAG members
     a)    The Pitt Report

     Action from around the TAG Regions
     a)     TAG NI - Tim Walker
     b)     LoTAG - Joe Weiss / Mick Stone
     c)     Verbal Reports from Regional representatives

     Liaison with other organisations
     a)     Municipal Expert Panel – Alan Hayes
                                                                APPENDIX No 2
     b)     CJC - Mick Murphy
     c)     CIC - Secretary
     d)     Others - CSS, PSnet, LARAC, IHT, LGA, SOLACE

     a)  President - President‟s Diary - Martin Low
     b)  Immediate Past President – Bob Donaldson
     c)  Senior Vice President – Tim Walker
     d)  Junior Vice President – Satbir Gill

      a)  General Secretary – Roy Fairclough
          i)    Annual Report
                                                                APPENDIX No 3
             ii)    Correspondence

      b)     Honorary Treasurer - Jim Kinchesh
             i)     Annual Report
             ii)    Financial Report
             Reports to be handed out at the meeting

      c)     PRO & Webmaster – John Elliott
             i)     Annual Report
             Verbal report

      a)  Approval of Minutes of TAG Council meeting held on
          Friday 6 March 2009.
                                                               APPENDIX No 4
      b)  Matters arising from the minutes not covered by this Agenda.

      a)  Minutes of the TAG AGM held at the Holiday Inn London-Heathrow
          Ariel, Hayes on Wednesday, 19 May 2009 for ratification and action
          by TAG Council as necessary.
                                                            APPENDIX No 5


      Future TAG Council meetings for 2009:-
      25 September - IHT, Joint with Transportation Committee
      4 December 2009 -Teleconference

Roy Fairclough,
TAG National Secretary
13 July 2009

             224/226 TOWER BRIDGE ROAD, LONDON SE1 2UP
                       COMMENCING AT 10.30 AM

                                                                    APPENDIX No 1

                            VIDEO CONFERENCING

Bob Donaldson has asked for this paper to be prepared in order for the TAG Council
to better consider the possibility of using video conferencing. This has come as a
result of Council recognising the cost of travel for people to attend meetings and also
the cost of hosting meetings.
Telephone conferencing has been used a couple of times in the past, however the
impact and effectiveness of peoples involvement through this medium is questionable.
It is all too easy for people to get distracted by emails, other things going on in the
office with the resultant loss of concentration.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Reduced need to travel resulting in savings in peoples time (and impact on the
environment if you believe the Green lobby)
Because the meetings would take up less time, you might get more people attending
More people attending might generate more ownership and more members.
More engagement with participants than tele conferencing
Reduction in travel, reduces risks of accidents


Limited numbers of locations from where people can “log on” resulting in gaps in
Still not as good as face to face meetings
Too easy to make your excuses and leave the meeting early or not attend at the last


Jacobs has a number of offices across the country which have video conference
facilities. Capita too have offices across the country which could be utilised.
Jacobs has two standards on connection:
Basic facility which can only connect to other Jacobs offices
“hub” offices which allows connection to other locations other than Jacobs offices.

Locations of the various offices and standard of connection are shown below.

Aylesbury                   Edinburgh                    Manchester (Sale)
Bedford                     Exeter                       Northallerton
Belfast                     Glasgow                      Newcastle
Birmingham                  Ipswich                      Nottingham
Cardiff                     Leeds                        Reading
Coventry                    Lincoln                      Scrabster
Croydon                     London Tower Bridge          Telford
Derby                       Maidstone                    Thame

Those offices in bold are “Hub” offices .
There is a limit to the number of locations that can link together which is currently 4
including the host or hub office.

Capita Symonds also has video facilities although I have not been able to obtain the
details of these.

The location of TAG members offices with video conferencing facilities is very
extensive and therefore this method of communication has the potential of reduce
members need to travel in order to participate in Council Meetings significantly.

Andy Morris
May 2009

                                                                       APPENDIX No 2
ICE Municipals Expert Panel
Activity Briefing – May 2009
Municipal Conference 2009
The Annual Scottish Municipal Engineering Conference will be held on Friday 30 th
October 2009 at Crutherland House Hotel, East Kilbride. The title of the conference is
„Contracts – Inception to Completion.‟
International Federation of Municipal Engineers (IFME)
Israel meeting went well and was aptly timed with 100 th Anniversary of the founding
of the city of Tel Aviv. Jorma Vaskelainen to become the new IFME President after
the Melbourne Meeting.
The Tel Aviv meeting benefitted in particular from two papers presented at the
     A paper on coastal erosion threatening the city of Netanya was presented by
       Netanya City Engineer Paul Vital. Erosion has been accelerated since the
       construction of the Suez Canal. Paul highlighted the difficulty in identifying
       appropriate expertise to provide advice on the unique situation affecting his
       municipality. This raised issues about access to international expertise in a field
       that will be of concern as sea levels rise because of climate change.

    A paper on how the structure of local government in Denmark was radically
      changed was presented by Anders Thanning. The number of local authorities
      was reduced from well over two hundred to ninety five. The structural changes
      there may provide lessons for local government reform elsewhere in the world.

Policy Development
The Municipal Experts Panel has provided evidence for the ICE‟s State Of The
Nation Report into Low Carbon Infrastructure. Members provided evidence relating
to areas such as:
   Road Construction
   Materials
   Street Lighting
   Drainage
   Structure / Signs
   Modes of Transport
   Energy / Power

Network and Events
Output Number 2010MU07 – Prestige Lecture. Proposal to hold a Prestige Lecture
with a Local Government focus welcomed by the ICE. Panel seeking sponsorship.
Output Number 2010MU08 – Fifty Years Of Developing Communities Study Walks
and Exhibition – A retrospective of residential estate design implemented in the
1960‟s learning lessons from what has worked and what hasn‟t. Working with UDAL
and the 20th Century Society to promote this event.
Output Number 2010MU09 – Municipals Conference „Technology Serving
Communities‟. Aim is to have a Manchester base for this conference and at an
opposite part of the year to the Scottish Conference.
Output Number 2010MU10 – Municipal Disciplines Expert Partner Network - This
output is to identify and utilise an Expert Network aligned to key Municipal

Engineering disciplines thus securing a greater opportunity for the ICE to deliver a
more informed view on Municipal issues.
Output Number 2010MU11 – Local Government Cross-Boundary Engineering and
Environmental Services Delivery Case Studies – to highlight best in class examples.
Output Number 2010MU12 – Community Services Research Programme Stimulus -
to stimulate independent research into the implementation of policy approaches to
services such as urban design and procurement practice.
Output Number 2010MU13 – Community Leaders Development Programme
Awareness - to make engineers aware of the development programmes that exist and
are commonly used by Local Government officers aspiring to the most senior
organisational positions
Output Number 2010MU16 – The Generation and Collection of Papers For Municipal
Engineer Journal - Routine Activity for MEP.
Guest Corner
Alan Stilwell, Operations Director for MerseyTravel & former chair of the Transport
Expert Panel joined the May MEP Meeting.

AS has been a member of the Transport Panel for 9 years and reported that the
Transport Panel have developed their own Terms of Reference in support of those of
the Learned Society Committee. AS is complimentary of the flexible structure
afforded by the LSC Expert and Knowledge Panels Structure.
AS stated that a more informal relationship network for Expert Panels is needed and
believes this will progress with the development of the ICE Website. AS thinks the
website will ensure contacts are regularly updated on current topics and encourage a
wider involvement in discussion.
The Transport Panel‟s event and output proposals are closely associated to the ICE
knowledge strands and the Panels engage themselves four times a year with ICE
Policy Statements. TPS engage with other regions to ensure there is a two-way
response from both regions in submissions of evidence for SoN Reports.

Next MEP Meeting – 15th September 2009

Alan Hayes
Chair MEP

                                                                   APPENDIX No 3


1.0     Communication
I circulate on average about 25 emails per month of information relevant to TAG
members , the Presidential Team, Regional and Committee Chairs and Secretaries, for
onward transmission to their own membership lists. All new TAG members are
automatically put on the circulation list and the complete email list of all TAG
members is continually evolving and being updated.
The type of information passed to TAG members during the year, relate not only to
TAG matters but also about CIC, CJC, SOLACE as well as various newsletters from
ICE, Urban Design, CIRIA, Highways and consultations from the Government.
TAG has again been active during the year with consultations on various government
proposals, both on highway, waste and coastal matters. I do believe that TAG is now
slowly widening its sphere of influence.
However, I still consider that TAG members should be more proactive and not only
want to, but need to request, or share information with colleagues. It is up to TAG
members to make use of the fantastic communication opportunity available through
the TAG membership network.
I have tried to get a monthly TAG Blog circulated via email but unfortunately without
success. Even though a list of monthly contributors was drawn up, TAG members
seems loath to send me just a couple of paragraphs on what they have been doing or
what interests them. How difficult is that? In this technological age I do think that
TAG should be producing a monthly TAG Blog.
The website at should also be used much more as a discussion
forum – why is it not being used by TAG members?
Communication is vital to TAG and if you know of any TAG members who are not
receiving useful information via email, then please put them on your own list for
circulation, or let me know. The more colleagues that can be circulated with TAG
information the better the network.

2.0       TAG Membership
During last year, I am pleased to say that 15 new members joined TAG and 27
colleagues registered with TAG. However, many colleagues still take part in TAG
activities, but are not members of TAG and TAG is currently trying to persuade them
of the benefits of joining TAG.
If you know of an authority near you who is not a member of TAG then please let me
know or ask them to join TAG and to contact me. Specific action is required from
existing TAG members to encourage their colleagues or adjacent authorities to join
and new unitary authorities should be specifically targeted.
Although there is a large pool of resources to draw from, encouraging new members
is still a problem. If your authority is a member of TAG, then please ask your
colleagues to register with TAG to become an active member.

3.0     TAG Regions
I am pleased to report that the North Eastern Region is still going from strength to
strength with active meetings.
However, it needs a strong person with determination to encourage a region to
become active and to maintain its activities. We need to encourage just such people,
especially in the TAG Midlands, Yorkshire, Eastern and South West Regions as they
have almost collapsed, with just a few members keeping in contact with each other.

Perhaps some of the larger private sector organisation that have recently joined TAG
could be encouraged to revive these TAG regions through their regional offices.
Other regions of TAG meet through the year; some are joint meetings with other
groups or organisations or in conjunction with a half-day seminar, site visit or suitable
speakers on current topics. All TAG members should encourage their colleagues to
attend regional meetings and seminars, so they can gain the benefit of local and
national networking opportunities and keep up with the latest information, which will
assist them in their jobs.
Changes and proposed changes in local government, from Districts to new Unitary
Authorities, will affect the various regions and perhaps it is time that a review of the
TAG Regional Structure is undertaken.

4.0     TAG Council & Committees
TAG has two very active committees, Transportation and the Coastal & Fluvial
Management Committee. It shows what can be achieved with an enthusiastic
Chairman/Secretary and they are both doing a lot of useful work for TAG members.
Topic groups on Climate Change and Highway Procurement have not been
particularly active during the year but the Waste topic group has been very active.
If you know of any colleague who would make a useful member of any of the
committees or groups, then please let me know.
TAG members still seem to have difficulty in arranging a day out of the office to
attend a TAG Council meeting in London. In order to encourage more TAG members
to take part in the four TAG Council meetings each year, the meetings have been
arranged so there is, one joint meeting with the Transportation Committee, one
teleconference meeting and two other meetings at either the IHT or Consultant‟s
offices in London. TAG is currently looking into video conferencing so that TAG
members can take part from selected centres, which means that they will only be out
of the office for a couple of hours instead of all day.

5.0     Other Organisations
I continually liaise on a regular basis with a range of outside organisations, such as
CIC, CJC, SOLACE, CSS, ICE/Municipals, LGA, CIRIA, Urban Design and TAG is
now regularly consulted on current issues by various government departments.
TAG is slowly consolidating these relationships for the benefit of TAG members.
Last year saw good contact with CSS Wales and IHT. This year TAG should seek to
consolidate the TAG membership with the old PSnet and LARAC organisations. This
has already been achieved with TAG Northern Ireland.

6.0    TAG Seminars
The Presidential Seminar at Hounslow in May was a resounding success and was
videoed via a webcam so that all TAG members can access it from the website.
TAG Northern Ireland have also held several excellent short half-day seminars on
various topics throughout the year.

7.0     General Secretary - Job Description
I do not propose any further changes to the job description for the General Secretary's
position for the year 2009 - 2010.
The current remuneration for the General Secretary has remained unchanged for a
third year and there is no increased in line with inflation.

Roy Fairclough
13 July 2008

                                                                APPENDIX No 4

               119 BRITANNIA WALK, LONDON N17JE


TAG Council
     Bob Donaldson                 TAG President
     Krishnan                      TAG Senior Vice President
     Martin Low                    TAG Junior Vice president

TAG Transportation Committee
     Phil Moore                    Committee Chairman
     John Elliott                  Committee Secretary
     Chris Feltham                 TfL
     Chris Martin                  TfL
     John Clarke                   TfL
     Satbir Gill                   LB Hounslow
     Martin Sachs                  LB Lambeth / LoTAG

TAG Officers
     Roy Fairclough                General Secretary
     Jim Kinchesh                  Hon Treasurer

       John Lashmar                Sheffield City/NTMF
       Michael Bach

       Welcome by TAG President, Bob Donaldson and Chair of TAG
       Transportation Committee, Phil Moore.

       Apologies for TAG Council received from:- John Holdsworth, Tim Walker,
       David Thomson, Roger Sired, Mick Murphy, Mark Reilly, Andy Morris, Mick
       Apologies for TAG Transportation Committee received from:- Anthony


       a)     HOCC Major Road Network - TAG response submitted 16 th Jan.
       This is attached / available on the TAG website for all members. It is
       understood that the House of Commons Committee will be looking at all
       evidence at some stage in the future. Submission available on web site for
       TAG members only.

     b)     HOCC Taxes and Charges on Road Users
     This was submitted last year and has been circulated to Transport Committee
     members and it is also available on the TAG website for TAG members only.
     c)     HOCC Adverse weather conditions
     John Elliott was contacted at the last minute for urgent TAG representatives
     for a one off HOCC Inquiry, no written evidence was required. Martin Low
     very kindly offered to stand in to give TAG evidence and accordingly gave
     this on 11th March. The transcript is with Martin on the 16th March for review.
     TAG members will be informed of any reports that appear in due course.
     d)     DfT Road Safety consultation
     This submission was written by Chris Lines with some help / additions by
     John Elliott, Phil Moore and John Couch, it was submitted in good time in mid
     February and is available on the TAG website for all.
     e)     DfT Consultation on delivering a sustainable transport system
     John Elliott had produced this from a first draft and information provided
     outside TAG; observations were also provided by the TAG president and the
     document was submitted just in time before the end of February. The
     submission is available on the TAG website for all. An article has also
     appeared in Local Transport Today, 13 th March – 26th March on page 4 on the
     TAG response.

     It was considered very important that TAG responds to the maximum number
     of consultations as reasonably possible, some, like the DfT Sustainable
     Transport consultation, were very important to give a response. Many larger
     authorities already do responses however, these tend to be fairly late in the
     cycle and it is often difficult to access them in order to economically and
     efficiently do a TAG professional officer response as opposed to a single
     authority or combined political response (LGA etc).

     TfL were particularly identified as an organisation that had the necessary
     resources to create very good officer based reports however at present these
     were not available to TAG until they had political sign off. It was recognised
     that TAG is one of the few places that where a local government officer view
     can be expressed that is not tailored by the political considerations of a
     particular authority.

     Martin Low volunteered to speak to Peter Brown to try to obtain early drafts
     out of TfL so that they can be turned into an unattributed TAG response.
                                                            ACTION: Martin Low.


     Chris Martin gave an overall description of the present state of the Traffic
     Signs Review Steering Group and Working Groups, including the terms of
     reference of each. Chris is representing T f L and TAG on the Steering Group
     and the Information to Road Users sub groups: John Clark is dealing with
     signs and Enforcement and Dave Johnson is dealing with Environment. Chris
     advised the meeting that the process would probably last for a couple of years
     or so. Chris and John also advised that they could not deal with the full range
     of matters and any other representatives from TAG would be helpful.

It was agreed by Committee and Council that Michael Bach should be asked to
become a retired member of TAG and then his expertise could be used in
various TAG committees and he should be able to sit for TAG on the
Environment group. Martin Low also advised that Nick Bell from the London
Borough of Barnet was a potential volunteer for a group.

It was agreed that John Elliott would speak to Nick and Michael and
ensure that they could be nominated to appropriate groups and that the
General Secretary would send Michael a TAG application form.
                               ACTION: Roy Fairclough and John Elliott.
(Post Meeting Note: John Confirmed that Nick will be on the Information
Group and Michael will be on the Environment Group for the signs review.)

Various issues were raised at the meeting relating to signs as follows:
   The adjudicators had apparently rejected a penalty charge notice to a
      member of the public on the basis that the signs were not sufficiently
      informative. In this particular case, the traffic sign had had approval
      and this was an issue that should be resolved between the adjudicator
      and the D f T.
   Submissions had been made by Chris Bainbridge for “no entry except
      cycles” as a better alternative than the “flying Motor cycle sign”
   Tim Nicholson from Peak District had sent in an e-mail that unsuitable
      signs were being used in National Parks, conservation areas and areas
      of outstanding beauty and the best design standards should apply for all
      streets - at present this does not happen.
   The DfT will be looking for some quick wins with minor changes to
      regulations but further regulation will be required for the more difficult
   The D f T has published a list of special authorisations on the web and
      TAG members are invited to view this and make any representations.
   It would be helpful to TAG’s submission if members could advise
      our representatives of any special authorisations they have
      achieved complete with a picture.
ACTION: All TAG members, co-opted members of Transport Committee
   Michael Bach advised of a series of signing issues that he had been
      involved with over the years in Kensington and Chelsea on a wide
      variety of signing issues including lorry ban, way marking, confusion
      of posts, and the value of civic pride locally to the signing processes.
   Chris Martin felt that the review should go through the signing manual
      page by page at some stage, so any views from again from TAG
      members on any signing would be grateful received.

In summary, if any TAG member has any sign, special authorisation or issue
could they please forward to Chris Martin, Michael Bach, John Clarke, David
Johnson and Nick Bell with a copy to John Elliott. E-mails as follows:

                                               ACTION: All TAG members.

     a)i)     Raising the TAG Profile
     The President, Bob Donaldson, thanked john Elliott and Martin Low for their
     prompt response to the request by the House of Commons Committee for
     evidence on Adverse Weather Conditions, given the short notice that TAG
     He was also impressed by the amount of work that TAG is currently doing and
     thanked everyone for all their contributions to enable TAG to carry out such a
     varied workload. However, he believed that it was vitally important for TAG
     to communicate the work it is carrying out, to all TAG members, other
     professionals and the wider community.
     The President formally asked that each TAG committee and TAG Region
     prepare a briefing note of 150 to 250 words on a key topic, following each
     meeting. This briefing note can then form the leader for an article that can be
     put in the TAG Bulletin, or in another magazine like the Surveyor, or on the
     TAG website, to highlight the excellent work being done and to raise the TAG
     The President was looking for co-operation from all the TAG groups and a
     volunteer from the Transportation Committee to prepare a suitable article for
     today‟s meeting. All articles should be passed to the Secretary or President for
     further distribution.
                                ACTION: All TAG Committee/Group Secretaries
     a)ii) TAG Blog
     The General Secretary also reminded TAG Council members about the
     monthly TAG Blog which he circulates. He stressed that it is important for
     those responsible for their monthly blog to let him have suitable information in
     good time, so he could prepare and circulate the blog. If any TAG member had
     some useful information that other TAG members would benefit from, then
     they should let the Secretary have it and he would produce additional TAG
     Blogs as necessary.
                                                      ACTION: All TAG Members

     b)      Next TAG President /Future SVP & JVP
     The TAG President informed TAG Council members that Krishnan
     Radhakrishnan was to retire from local government soon. Consequently, he
     had decided not to progress to become the TAG President, but he would still
     like to keep active within TAG as a retired member. The TAG President was
     pleased for Krishnan on his impending retirement, but saddened that he would
     not have the pleasure of becoming the TAG President.
     The TAG President then asked whether Martin Low would be prepared to step
     up to take the President‟s position at the AGM. Martin agreed to take on the
     TAG President‟s role at the AGM in May, if elected.
     The National Secretary informed members that Tim Walker who was to be
     proposed as the Junior Vice President at the AGM had also agreed to move up
     and be nominated for the Senior Vice President‟s position at the AGM.
     The TAG President then said that TAG required a nomination for the Junior
     TAG President for the AGM. Following a short discussion Satbir Gill was
     nominated by Krishnan as the Junior Vice President at the AGM. The National
     Secretary accepted the nomination and informed members that he would still
     have to advertise the position and would circulate an email to TAG members.
                                                     ACTION: All TAG Members

     c)      TAG AGM, Dinner & Presidential Workshop
     c)i)    TAG AGM
     The National Secretary has already circulated via email a flier to TAG
     members informing them of the AGM which is to be held on Tuesday 19th
     May 2009 at the Ariel Room of the Holiday Inn London-Heathrow Ariel,
     Hayes. At 6.15 pm there will be coffee / tea followed by the TAG AGM at
     6.30 pm.
     Three hotel rooms had been booked for TAG officers, other rooms had been
     provisionally reserved for TAG members, who should book them direct with
     the hotel.
     c)ii) TAG Presidential Dinner
     Immediately following the AGM there will be the TAG Presidential Dinner at
     8 pm in the Holiday Inn Restaurant at a cost of £20.
     c)iii) TAG Presidential Seminar
     Krishnan Radhakrishnan and Martin Low had still to finalise the speakers for
     the proposed Presidential Workshop, to be held at the LB Hounslow Council
     Chamber on 20th May, the day after the TAG AGM. A lengthy discussion then
     ensued and various speakers were suggested.
     The workshop topic was agreed to be Joined Up Thinking – Applied To
     Local Streets and the programme and speakers were to be finalised shortly.
     The Council Chamber will hold up to 80 people for the seminar and Krishnan
     will sort out the costs. Consequently, it was agreed that a charge should be
     made for the seminar of £30 + VAT for TAG members and £50 + VAT for
     non-TAG members.
     A discussion then ensued about whether the TAG Presidential Workshop
     could be recorded for suitable viewing later on the website, or linked via
     teleconferencing so that other TAG members could „attend‟ the seminar via
     the link. Krishnan undertook to investigate this.
     ACTION: All TAG members are welcome to attend the TAG AGM, TAG
     Presidential Dinner and TAG Presidential Workshop.

     d)      Transportation Committee
     Phil Moore informed TAG Council that it is not possible for TAG members to
     spend time to respond to all the consultation papers, unless a TAG member
     was also responding on behalf of a local authority. However, it would be
     possible to use other authorities and organisational submissions, suitably
     edited, to send off a quick response.
     TAG is now fully represented on all the UK Roads Boards.
     Other items would be discussed in the separate TAG Transportation
     Committee meeting and minutes of the meetings were always posted on the
     TAG website at .

     a)   ATCO CSS Working Group representation - Richard McGuckin had
        sent his apologies but had advised that little was happening at present.
     b) Local Transport Planning Forum – John Elliott advised that he had not
        been called to a meeting since but would have found it very difficult to
        attend. He is still looking for an active TAG member to take over this
        role, volunteers required from all please.
                                                      ACTION: All TAG members
     c) Network Management Board – Papers from Martin Low were attached
        to the agenda papers previously circulated.

     d)   Highways Management and Asset Management - Anthony Radford-
          Foley‟s note was circulated as a late paper for the agenda. Phil Moore
          advised on asset management that the D f T /CIPFA work includes
          seminars on value management and how and what specific assets the
          national system will focus on. For depreciation a model is being
          developed to cover this, there will be a draft code of guidance coming out
          in June 2009 with the final in October. Edward Bunting of D f T is
          producing an update of vital assets. It is of particular note that P F I
          schemes will require a full inventory.
     e)   UK Street Lighting – No meeting has taken place on street lighting. Ian
          Hardy from Medway Council has agreed to sit on the Lighting Board. Phil
          Moore spoke to Dana Skelly after the meeting to clarify position. For
          some reason Ian had not been included on the distribution list which has
          now been corrected.
     f)   UK Bridges - Five research projects have taken place, I H T are in fact
          managing the bridge boards process.
        ACTION: Satbir Gill to forward electronic copies of research projects for
     g)   Update on UK Tunnel Operators association on Tunnel safety and
          training. The UK Tunnel Operators meeting is held 6 monthly, no further
          update available at present (March 2009)
     h)   DfT study into Guidance and Standards for the Design and
          Maintenance of Local Authority Roads – Peter McGouran sent
          apologies but reported nothing further on this subject at present.
     i)   DfT Research on Research – Anthony Radford Foley had forwarded
          papers however, these did not give very much information, further
          discussion at next meeting.
     l)   National Highways /Best Value Benchmarking Club – Further
          discussion at next meeting.

      Please note that for some of the items on agenda item 6 the Transport
      Committee and Council had already split into two meetings; similarly for item
      7 this subject was discussed only at the council part of the meeting and not at
      the transportation committee meeting continuation, though John Elliott did
      brief the group on his recent visit to Northern Ireland and the changes to local
      government that are in the process of happening on Highways and Traffic

At this point, the TAG Council & TAG Transportation Committee split for
separate meetings

      Action from Topic groups and from around the TAG Regions
      a)     Climate Change Topic Group – Mick Murphy
      No Report from Mick Murphy.

      b)       Waste Topic Group – Tim Walker
      Tim Walker had forwarded to the General Secretary a brief report of activities
      of this group.
      There have been two quotes in the Surveyor (both of which are available) and
      there have been the two consultation paper responses, one on the battery

     If you are interested in joining this topic group then contact Tim on .

     c)     Northern Ireland – Tim Walker
     Tim Walker had forwarded to the General Secretary a brief report of activities
     of TAG NI.
     Following the recent demise of PSnet, their members in Northern Ireland have
     now joined TAG NI. Similar discussions are happening in England.
     TAG NI are also discussing with LARAC how better to engage with NI
     Minutes of the TAG NI meetings are posted on the TAG website at .

     d)      LoTAG – Mick Stone
     Mick Stone had forwarded to the General Secretary a brief report of activities
     of LoTAG.
     LoTAG has been very active over the last couple of months, both groups
     having met, with well attended meetings.
     Progress has been made on reaching a formula for LiPs funding through a
     LoTAG/TfL/London Councils working group. The Highway Maintenance
     steering group has been continuing its work on a London wide skid resistance
     policy, health & safety accreditation, CDM training and other areas. The
     lighting group continues to work on a SLA with EDF and is approaching
     consensus amongst affected boroughs as well as numerous other initiatives.
     The meeting notes and minutes for all the groups are on the website at and the group chairs are always ready to answer any questions
     from colleagues around the country.

     e)     Reports from Regional representatives
     No further reports.

     a)      TAG Business Plan Strategy – Bob Donaldson
     Bob suggested that succession planning remains important to maintain the
     membership and leadership of TAG. TAG needs to ensure that at each AGM
     there are candidates for each key post on the TAG Council. There will be
     natural progression from Junior Vice President to the President. However,
     suitable progression should be discussed at the March Council meeting each
     year and nominations for key TAG posts should be in at the latest, by the
     previous December. These should be a standing items on the TAG Council
     December and March Agendas.
                                               ACTION: TAG National Secretary

     b)      Increasing TAG Membership – Bob Donaldson
     Bob indicated that TAG needs to maximise their corporate membership to
     ensure success for the organisation. He would like to see a target of three TAG
     members for each organisation and suggested that every TAG member should
     be encouraged to bring in at least one new member.
     The TAG Treasurer said that there is only one member in many of the
     corporate memberships.
     A discussion ensued about those organisations and authorities who had not yet
     paid this year‟s subscriptions. It was agreed that Martin Low would chase up

     the none-paying LoTAG members, the Secretary those in the SW Region and
     the President in the NE Region.
     Martin suggested that TAG should map the large cities with the TAG Regions
     and have a recruitment drive in the larger city areas, especially in those
     regions where there are fewer TAG members. The question was asked, “How
     do we strengthen TAG and in which areas?” A lengthy debate ensued about
     the future of local government district councils and county councils and the
     new unitary authorities that are proposed in many areas. TAG should be
     concentrating its recruitment drive in these areas. These changes will also have
     an effect on the CSS and so there should be more integration between CSS and
     The National Secretary informed members that there was a TAG Flier in
     existence that he sends out to all prospective TAG members and he would
     email it to all the TAG Council members for comments. It was suggested that
     a joint letter from Bob and Martin should be sent to selected Chief Officers in
     areas where the new unitary authorities are proposed, which extols the virtues
     of TAG and suggests that they should join TAG.
                                          ACTION: TAG President & Martin Low

     c)      PSnet Integration – General Secretary
     The General Secretary informed TAG Council members about the demise of
     PSnet. This networking company was unfortunately being wound up. The
     PSnet members were more practitioners than TAG members.
     The PSnet members in NI had joined TAG NI and the General Secretary had
     spoken to Ossie Dodds about a similar proposal for their members in England.
     Ossie was taking the proposal to their Board. Following a short discussion, it
     was agreed that PSnet members could join TAG. However, there may be some
     authorities who are also members of TAG, and those PSnet members just
     needed to register with TAG. It was suggested that the General Secretary
     chase up PSnet and make them aware of the TAG opportunities and the TAG
     membership scales.
                                              ACTION: TAG National Secretary

     d)     Teleconferencing – Andy Morris
     Andy is currently preparing a paper on teleconferencing and will circulate to
     TAG for discussion when completed.
                                                          ACTION: Andy Morris

     e)     TAG Blog – General Secretary
     The TAG Blog had already been discussed and TAG Council members
     responsible for the next few months are shown below:-
            Feb     09      M Low
            Mar 09          M Robinson
            Apr 09          A Morris
            May 09          T Walker
            June 09         M Stone
                                                         ACTION: Those above

     a)    Coastal & Fluvial Management Committee - Martin Wright,
     The Coastal and Fluvial Management committee meets four times per annum.

      It generally provides TAG members with advice on coastal, estuarial and
      fluvial matters via the website as well as advising the LGA.
      No report this time, but the committee minutes are posted on the TAG website.
      A question was raised about the progress of the proposed seminars.

      d)       President – Bob Donaldson
      The President visited Northern Ireland in December and had an excellent visit,
      with good company and an excellent lunch. The Meeting was interesting, well
      organised and he was impressed with the close working with NILGA. He
      presented an exceptional service award, which was well received and
      In January, the TAG President attended the CSS Dinner, which was an
      impressive event, starting with the venue, extending through to the guest
      speaker, organisation and super meal. He had spoken to the CSS President and
      several CSS members. The key differences are they are only public sector and
      it is a personal membership. However, this is a period of change for them,
      especially with the proposed local government reorganisation.

      e)     Senior Vice President – Krishnan Radhakrishnan
      No further report.

      f)     Junior Vice President – Martin Low
      No further report.

      g)     Immediate Past President – Mick Murphy
      No report.

      a)     General Secretary – Roy Fairclough
      i)     Correspondence
      CIC - Gathering & Reviewing Data on Diversity within the Construction
      Professions - Report
      SOLACE – Would a conservative Government need local government? –
      The General Secretary had emailed 66 items of information since the last TAG
      ii)    TAG Membership
      Faber Maunsel has registered 18 new members in all parts of the country.
      Sunderland had registered Christopher Wells.
      New member - John Reed of 4PS.
      iii)   TAG Exceptional Service Awards
      Not discussed, due to time constraints.

      b)      Honorary Treasurer – Jim Kinchesh
      iii)    Financial Report
      Jim went through his reports and explained that there is a projected final
      shortfall in this year‟s budget of about £3700, unless all the subscriptions can
      be collected.
      He has uplifted next year‟s budget by 2% except for the honoraria, which
      again remains unchanged. However, without an increase of income from the
      subscriptions it will again become a deficit budget. Jim went on to explain that

      this situation cannot continue and that TAG needs more members, in addition
      to all the subscriptions being collected from existing members. The TAG
      reserves are reducing, whilst at the same time earning very little interest due to
      the „credit crunch‟.
      The President urged all members to contact larger authorities to persuade them
      to join TAG and to chase colleagues into paying their TAG subscription when
      It was suggested that perhaps TAG could tap into the TfL training budget to
      provide joint training for TAG and TfL members to boost TAG‟s profile
                                                       ACTION: All TAG Members

      c)      TAG PRO & Webmaster – John Holdsworth
      i)      PRO Report
      The report was noted.
      Please provide John with interesting material for the TAG Bulletin, which
      is due out shortly.

      Due to time constraints, there were no additional reports taken on the
      organisations below.
      a)     Municipal Expert Panel - Mike Robinson
      b)     CJC - Mick Murphy
      c)     CIC – TAG Secretary
      d)     CSS – Bob Donaldson
      e)     TAG Representatives on other Organisations, eg HTMA, IHT,

      a)     The Minutes of TAG Council meeting held on Friday 5 December
      2008, were approved.

      b)     Matters arising from the minutes not covered by this Agenda.
      None discussed.


      Future TAG Council meetings for 2009:-
             AGM 19 May 2009 – Presidential Workshop 20 May 2009 - Hounslow
             17 July, 25 September, 4 December 2009

      Future TAG Transportation Committee meetings for 2009:-
             12th June, 18th September, 27th November 2009

                                                                    Roy Fairclough,
                                                              TAG National Secretary
                                                                     26 March 2009

                                                            APPENDIX No 5


          WEDNESDAY, 19 MAY 2009 AT 6.30 PM



       Bob Donaldson         TAG President
       Martin Low            TAG Junior Vice President
       Andy Morris           TAG Past President
       Mick Stone            LoTAG Secretary
       Tim Walker            TAG Chairman Northern Ireland
       John Elliott          TAG Transportation Committee Secretary
       Satbir Gill           TAG Member
       A Craven              TAG Member

       Roy Fairclough        TAG National Secretary
       Jim Kinchesh          TAG Honorary Treasurer

1.   Welcome by the TAG President, Bob Donaldson
Bob welcomed members to the TAG AGM and thanked everyone for the
organisation of the AGM and the TAG Presidential Workshop tomorrow. He
hoped that they would have an interesting AGM and an informative workshop
Everyone around the room then introduced themselves.

2.    Apologies for absence
Submitted apologies were noted. The TAG President informed those present
that John Holdsworth had not been well recently and everyone wished him a
speedy recovery.

3.    Minutes of the AGM held at the Marriott Hotel, Sunderland –
        14 May 2008
The minutes in Appendix No 1 of the Agenda, were proposed as an accurate
record by B Donaldson, seconded by T Walker and approved unanimously.
Regarding item 5b) Martin Low said that all local authorities should either be
a member of TAG or the CSS so that local authorities have a strong voice
when speaking to the government. Martin would write to all local authorities
regarding joining TAG.
It was suggested that a review of the previous year‟s activities from each TAG
Region would be useful and it was agreed that this should be an item on the
TAG Council meeting which followed the AGM.

4.    Report for 2008/9 by TAG President, Bob Donaldson
Bob wished to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support he had
received over the year of his TAG Presidency. In addition to the TAG Council,

he especially wished to thank Jim Kinchesh, Roy Fairclough and John
Holdsworth for their hard work throughout the year.
He also appreciated the work of the chairmen of the TAG Committees and
their Secretaries, who provide excellent support. They all play a central role in
monitoring and hopefully, growing the TAG membership.
At the beginning of the year, the task ahead seemed daunting. However, Bob
had enjoyed his year, which has passed all too quickly. Possibly the most
enjoyable part was the presentation of the TAG Exceptional Service Awards
and the visit to Northern Ireland.
Bob believes that TAG will continue to face the challenges of maintaining the
TAG membership. Many local authorities are already having to face such
challenges due to the economic climate and it will be interesting to see the
outcome over the next two years. TAG needs to monitor and grow its
relationships with others and dialogue with other bodies may be a way
forward. However, for now, TAG should concentrate on its membership issue.
He also remains convinced that the way forward is the development of the
TAG Regional groups and better communication throughout TAG to the wider
Finally, Bob thanked everyone for having given him the opportunity to be the
TAG President.

5.     Report of Honorary Treasurer, Jim Kinchesh
Jim handed out:-
                 Statement of Accounts to 31 March 2009
                 Budget 2009/2010
                 TAG Subscriptions 2009/2010
Jim then went through his reports.
Statement of Accounts to 31 March 2009
He reported in the Statement of Accounts that there was little change in the
outturn to that reported at the last TAG Council meeting. The major
fluctuation is the membership subscriptions, which was £3000 down during
the year. Committee expenses were higher due to an additional meeting falling
in the last financial year. The committee expenses could be reduced by the use
of consultants or local authority offices for meetings. Andy volunteered Jacobs
offices for a TAG Council meeting and Martin said that TAG could use
Westminster offices for a meeting.
Bulletin costs could be reduced, but everyone thought that the printed version
circulated around an office was very good PR for TAG and should continue.
Martin said that there was a real need to chase LoTAG members to become
full TAG members. It would be useful if the Chairs of the two LoTAG
meetings were invited to the TAG Council meetings, so that they could
appreciate the value of belonging to TAG. The Secretary to arrange.
The membership subscriptions are still a key area. New members and payment
of existing subscriptions should also be chased through the TAG Regions.
Now that an authority or organisation is a TAG member, the named contact
should be encouraged to register 2 or 3 members from their authority or
organisation, to ensure a succession of contacts within each organisation or
authority. In addition, the person who holds the purse strings should be
targeted to become a registered TAG member.
The seminars made a slight profit last year but caution should be exercised
before TAG is involved in a seminar to ensure that TAG has a minimum
financial exposure. If other organisations wish to use the TAG logo to help

promote their seminar, then it was considered that they should pay TAG for
the use of the logo in future.
Jim confirmed that the TAG NI account had now been regularised and that
there had been a big push to bill all the local authorities in NI.
Tim explained that TAG NI had just held their third seminar that had been
sponsored and so far, each seminar had made a profit. He considered that each
region could use the same format of a small, focused local annual seminar
targeting practical issues and middle/junior managers with a limited number of
sponsors to help cover the set-up costs. This could generate a small profit for
each TAG region. Links with other seminar organisers, such as the Surveyor,
should also be considered.
Additionally, the next meeting in NI is in late May and is to be an Open
Meeting on developments in waste management training which anyone could
attend and hopefully TAG would gain some new members as well as continue
to raise its profile.
Budget 2009/2010
Jim proposed no increase on the TAG Officers honorarium and proposed that
other items are nominally increased by 2%. However, the only way to balance
a break-even budget was to expect an increase in subscriptions over last year.
He considered this to be ambitious, bearing in mind the current economic
situation and the general annual decline in membership.
TAG Subscriptions 2009/2010
The TAG subscriptions were on the third year of a three-year cycle of
increasing the TAG subscriptions by 5% per year. Following a short debate, it
was considered that there should be an additional subscription rate for large
multiregional consultants.
Martin Low proposed, seconded by Satbir Gill that the annual subscriptions
rates should be changed as follows:-
Private Companies (single region, or up to 25 employees) unchanged at £690;
and Private Companies (multi region, or over 25 employees) £1000

It was also suggested that the subscriptions should be sent out in March each
year so that the organisations may have more flexibility with payments. In
order to do this the subscription rate needs to be agreed before the TAG AGM.
It was therefore proposed by Bob Donaldson, seconded by John Elliott, that
the TAG Council meeting in February 2010 have delegated powers to set the
TAG Subscription rate for the following year. The motion was carried

Tim Walker agreed to bring to the next TAG Council meeting details of the
TAG NI format for Seminars, which can be circulated to the TAG Regions.

John Elliott raised the question of payment for linking organisations to the
TAG website. He would bring a proposal paper to the next TAG Council

Mick Stone proposed, seconded by Andy Morris, that the Treasurers accounts
be approved, subject to the above amendments. Approved unanimously.

6.    Appointment of Auditors
It was agreed that Ken Abraham should continue as the auditor of the TAG

7.   Exceptional Service to TAG Awards
Following a short discussion it was proposed and agreed, that the following
TAG members should receive an Award for their Exceptional Service to
       John Holdsworth & Roy Fairclough – for their service as TAG
       Officers and their long commitment to both ACTO and TAG.
       Andy Morris – for his work in rejuvenating the TAG NE Region and
       his two year term as TAG President.
       Ricky Burnett – as a long serving secretary of TAG NI.
       Krishnan Radhakrishnan – due to his impending retirement
       Krishnan did not feel that he could continue to become TAG President.
       However, he had put a lot of work into preparing for the TAG
       Presidency and all agreed that he deserved an award.

8.    Installation of Martin Low as TAG President for 2009/2010
Bob was delighted to hand over the TAG Presidential Chain of Office to
Martin Low and he was sure that Martin would enjoy the challenge of being
the TAG President as much as he had. He then handed Martin the TAG
Presidential Diary, which listed out all the functions he suggests that Martin
undertake and he hoped that he would enjoy them as much as he had done.

Martin thanked Bob for the TAG Chain of Office and took over as Chair of the
meeting. However, he felt sad that Krishnan had not taken over as the TAG
President, as he had put a lot of work into arranging the TAG AGM and TAG
Presidential Workshop tomorrow.

9.    Vote of thanks to the outgoing TAG President
Martin formally thanked Bob for his active year as the TAG President and he
hoped to continue with the key issues that Bob had identified throughout his
year of office. He would look forward to carrying out the functions listed in
the TAG Presidential Diary.
He then presented Bob with his past TAG Presidents jewel.

10. TAG Senior & Junior Vice Presidents for 2009/2010
Martin was delighted to propose the following TAG members for the TAG
Senior and Junior Vice President‟s positions.
       Senior VP - Tim Walker, Belfast City
       Junior VP – Satbir Gill, LB Hounslow
There being no further nominations the above were duly elected.

Martin thanked Tim and Satbir for their continued support of TAG and looked
forward to working with them over the coming year.

11. TAG Officers for 2009/2010
The Secretary reported that he had received a formal resignation from John
Holdsworth, from the position of TAG PRO & Webmaster, due to John‟s poor
health. Consequently, the Secretary had asked John Elliott to take over the
TAG PRO & Webmaster functions in the interim up to the AGM.
The TAG President then proposed the following TAG Officers, who were
unanimously confirmed:-
        General Secretary     Roy Fairclough
        Honorary Treasurer Jim Kinchesh
        PRO & Webmaster John Elliott

Everyone at the meeting wished John Holdsworth a speedy return to good

12. Address for 2009/2010 by the new TAG President, Martin Low
Martin said that the current financial picture was affecting everyone and he
felt that there was a need to get younger people to join TAG. This was
dependent upon TAG having a higher profile and he would try to raise the
profile as the TAG President.
He also did not want to duplicate effort with current issues. There is lots of
innovative work being carried out across the country and within other local
authorities. TAG members should be aware of this and seek to share this
information. He would write to all local authority Chief Executives to make
them aware of TAG‟s expertise and explain how they can tap into this TAG
expertise. He felt that this was particularly apt in these hard economic times.
Martin would like to see more local sponsorship of TAG events and thought
that practitioners and providers should sit around the same table on an equal
basis. There needs to be more joined up local government and learning from
the right people around the table. There is a need to get prepared for the tough
years ahead.
Martin would like TAG to have a robust contact list so that the Secretary could
contact the right people when expert advice or consultation is required on
behalf of TAG. The list needs to be built up with people being aware of the
sensitive issues in local government and the private sector.
He felt it was an exciting time for TAG and he was looking forward to the
Presidential Workshop tomorrow, which would provide an insight into
innovation across the country and not just in London.
Martin thanked TAG members for putting their trust in him as the TAG
President and he hoped that the trust would have been justified by the TAG
AGM this time next year.

13. Any other urgent business.
The Secretary raised the issue of TAG liaison with other organisations.
IHT – John Elliott had been in contact with IHT and TAG has done some
joint work with them through the TAG Transportation Committee. John felt
that a small group of senior TAG members should meet the IHT to discuss
future liaison. This would also fit in with broadening the TAG membership.
The TAG Regions could also link with the IHT Regions. It was suggested that

IHT be asked to attend TAG Council and TAG Transportation Committee
meetings. John agreed to set up such a meeting.
PSnet – The Secretary informed members that PSnet had now been wound up
as a company. He had spoken to Ossie Dodds but had not been able to obtain
the PSnet membership list due to the Data protection Act. However, many
PSnet members were also in local authorities that were members of TAG and
so could join TAG to retain a similar network, just by registering with TAG.
In Northern Ireland PSnet have merged with TAG NI, however, a similar
approach may not work in England. The PSnet members are more operational
managers, but would have a good role to play in TAG. It was agreed that the
Secretary would contact Ossie Dodds again and contact as many PSnet
members as possible to see if they wish to join TAG.
CSS Wales – The Secretary informed members that CSS Wales had invited
the TAG President to their AGM and after an absence of three years now
wished to renew contact with TAG. Unfortunately it was too short notice to
attend each other‟s AGM but that communication should be re-established
with CSS Wales and arrangements made earlier for next year‟s AGM‟s.
LARAC – Tim said that he was looking for TAG NI to engage more closely
with LARAC and following discussions with LARAC, it was being proposed
that members would attend the LARAC meetings in Birmingham on a
rotational basis to share the commitment.

14. The next meeting of TAG Council
 The next TAG Council meeting is to be held at the Jacobs Offices in London
on 17 July 2009, commencing at 10.30 am. Details to be circulated nearer the

15. Close & TAG Dinner
There being no further business, Martin closed the AGM and invited everyone
to meet other colleagues for the TAG Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

                                                            Roy Fairclough
                                                      TAG General Secretary
                                                             22 May 2009


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