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                                        KENNEDALE HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CONSTITUTION 2010-2011

The position of cheerleader/mascot is one of honor and responsibility. Cheerleader/mascots will not only be
recognized within their school and community, but also by people in other schools and communities where
they travel to represent Kennedale ISD. Cheerleaders/mascots should always be aware of their responsibilities
to their school and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.

I.     ORGANIZATION -- Two cheerleading squads for the high school will be elected to insure total support for
       all athletic events, as deemed appropriate by the campus principal working with the cheerleading

       A.     The purpose for the squads will be to encourage more school spirit among all students, teachers,
              parents, and community, and to allow more students an opportunity to actively participate in
              representing Kennedale High School.
       B.     Coaches for all cheerleading squads must be employees of KISD and will be appointed by the

II.    MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS -- Membership is open to any student who is able to meet the listed

       A.     Prior to tryouts
              1.       Currently enrolled in KISD at the time of tryouts.
              2.       Must pass each course for the six weeks prior to elections.
              3.       Must be in compliance with the state’s 90% attendance law for the previous semester, or
                       be able to present a Doctor’s written confirmation of illness on return to school to explain
                       the absences.
              4.       Candidate will present parent or guardian permission. All forms (Letter of Understanding,
                       current Doctor’s Physical, Medical Release Form, and copy of report card) are to be
                       turned in prior to the workshop. A deadline will be given for these to be returned.
              5.       Attend all workshops scheduled prior to elections unless otherwise approved by the
              6.       Be able to purchase uniforms, pay camp fees, and all other authorized expenses by the
                       designated deadlines with cashier’s check or money order only on payments over $50.
              7.       Must be able to attend summer camp. All cheerleaders must stay together with the
                       school sponsor in the housing provided by the camp.
       B.     Varsity Cheerleader/Mascot
              1.       There is to be a maximum of 16 cheerleaders and (1) mascot selected. The cheerleaders
                       will be determined from ranking the accumulated scores of the candidates in
                       accordance with the selection process.
              2.       Currently enrolled in the 10th or 11th grade at KHS at the time of tryouts. For mascot,
                       current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are eligible to tryout.
              3.       Attend all workshops prior to selection, unless attending another school-sponsored event.
                       Such an absence will be excused with a note from the sponsor/coach stating that the
                       student is participating in an activity.
              4.       If a cheerleader, or mascot has been removed from or quit the squad the previous year
                       in junior high or high school, they will earn double demerits for offenses the following year.
              5.       Attend all practices scheduled before the school year begins.
              6.       If no student tries out for mascot, a mascot will be selected from the student body by the
                       coach and principal.
       C.     Junior Varsity Cheerleaders -- Any student who wishes to tryout for Junior Varsity Cheerleader
              must comply with all Varsity Qualifications, and with the following inclusions:
              1.       Currently enrolled in the 8th or 9th grade on a KISD campus at the time of tryouts.
              2.       There will be a maximum of 16 cheerleaders.

              3.      No mascot on the JV level.
              4.      JV cheerleaders will cheer at Freshmen and JV ball games and varsity playoff games (as
                      determined by the sponsors). If you play a sport, you must cheer following your sport.

       A.     All candidates will be ranked by accumulating scores from a panel of qualified judges and
              grade evaluations. A panel of at least (3) qualified judges will do the judging of the tryouts.
              Individual’s final scores will be made available to the parent upon request. Scores will be
              available from the Kennedale High School Principal for a period of 10 school days following the
       B.     Scores will be weighted as follows:
              Grade evaluations                40%
              Judges’ scores                   60%

              1.        Grades and Citizenship will be evaluated by:
                        “A”=(2) points    “E”=(2) points   “N”=(-1) point
                        “B”=(1) point      “S”=(1) point     “U”=(-2) points
              2. The 16 candidates with the highest total score will make the squad.
              3. If a cheerleader has been removed from or quit any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade
                   beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, they will automatically have five points deducted
                   from their citizenship score as noted in number one above.
              4. If a cheerleader has been removed twice from any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade
                   beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, they may not tryout for any KISD cheer squad the
                   following year.
       C.     Tryouts and workshops for all squads and mascots will be held on the same day. Judges’ sessions
              and workshops will be closed to the public.
       D.     No students or parents of candidates will be present while the votes are being counted.
       E.     Final results will be tabulated and posted the same day as tryouts.
       F.     Once elected, all squad members are committed to serve the entire year unless released or
              dismissed from the squad.
       G.     If a vacancy occurs on any squad before summer camp, the candidate with the next highest
              score will be appointed.

IV.    STUNT MEN – Beginning with the 2010-2011 season, “Stunt Men” will be a program based on an ‘Invite-
       Only’ selection process. They will follow all of the same requirements as listed in this constitution. Off-
       Season male athletes would be asked based on upper body strength, maturity and a reputation of
       respect among teachers and peers. The cheer coach will make these selections with input from the
       squad and other teachers with final approval from the Director of Athletics for KISD. Following is the
       rubric for selection.

                                      Athletic       Reputation           with
                                      Ability        from Peers       Faculty/Staff     Approval
                                      (capable        (Average of 3     (Average of 3
                                       of lifting      Cheerleader        Teacher
                                        stunts,     recommendation    recommendation     Athletic
                    Name                 etc.)           forms)            forms)       Director
                    Student A             4               4                 2
                    Student B             4               3                 5
                     Students will be ranked in each category from 1-5 - They must have a total of
                     at least 12. In the above example, only Student B would be chosen. Students
                    will get recommendations from three teachers and three current cheerleaders
                    in their prospective grade. Should there be less than three cheerleaders in that
                                grade, they may select that amount from another grade.

V.     CAPTAINS – There will be one Captain for JV and one captain for Varsity. Captains must serve as
       leaders. They will need to pull their squads together as teams and help make decisions. Captains will be
       selected in a three-part format. The first 25% will be determined by the tryout score. The second 25% will
       be by a vote of the new squad members. The additional 50% will be scored by the Coach via a ranking

       A. If a member has been suspended twice or removed once from a KISD cheer squad beginning with
          the 2008/2009 school year, he/she will not be considered for captain of any KISD cheer squad.
       B. If the captain is suspended at any time during the current school year as captain, he/she will be
          replaced at the discretion of the coach.
       C. Varsity captain has to have been on either the JV or Varsity squad the previous year.
       D. JV captain has to have been on the JV squad their freshman year.

VI.    UNIFORMS -- Every effort is made to keep cost of uniforms reasonable. Uniforms are custom made and
       can not be returned or exchanged. Letter jackets, in accordance with UIL guideline, can only be
       ordered for Varsity squad members who have fulfilled the year. Please do not request these as part of
       your uniforms.

       A.     Uniform selection is a matter of majority rules with the acceptability of uniform approval by
              campus principal and cheer coach. Meetings will be held by coaches to narrow the selection.
              Varsity has 1st choice and then JV. Varsity has the black uniform, but the others squad can use
              black to accent its uniform.
       B.     The mascot uniform is the property of the school and must be returned in acceptable condition
              or replaced by the mascot. These uniforms must be kept clean at the expense of the mascot.
       C.     Length and style of the uniform may not be altered. Failure to comply will result in the member
              having to purchase another uniform.
       D.     Full uniforms (top and bottoms together) are to be worn in only appropriate situations and times
              as determined by the coach.


       A.     Once elected the cheerleader/mascot must:
              1.    Maintain passing grades in all courses each six weeks.
              2.    Attend all required practices, meetings, and games. (Poster hangings are considered
                    practices.) Practices will be established in a standard manner to enable schedules to be
                    met. (Practices may be held on weekends or school holidays as needed except for
                    Sundays. These special practices will be scheduled well in advance and should only
                    rarely occur.) All practices are closed to the public. All Varsity cheerleaders are
                    expected to be at all pep rallies and decorating events unless prior approval is
                    determined by the Coach.
              3.    Have a parent/guardian notify the coach in writing prior to practice or event if the
                    member is unable to attend. Notice must be given no later than 10:00 AM on the day of
                    the missed event, practice or performance. Any absence requires a parent/guardian
                    note the first day back. A parent e-mail is acceptable.
              4.    If a cheerleader misses a practice, she/he has missed important workout and rehearsal
                    time. This time must be made up by the cheerleader through appropriate activities,
                    approved by the sponsor, by the next practice date with the captain of the squad or
                    whomever has been designated by the coach.
              5.    Attend and prepare for all pep rallies and games. If a member misses the last practice
                    before any performance, they will not be allowed to participate in the performance
                    unless designated by coach. If a member misses the practice when a dance/cheer
                    formation has been established, they will not perform the dance/cheer in a performance
                    unless otherwise designated by the coach. Cheerleaders may be pulled from any
                    performance at the coach’s discretion.
              6.    Must participate in all fund-raisers. All profits from fund-raisers will be deposited in the
                    cheer fund and will be utilized at the coach’s discretion.
               7.      Exhibit dignified, respectful, and legal conduct at all times. (No drinking, smoking, using
                       drugs, etc. in public or private.)
               8.      Failure to comply with listed rules can lead to demerits, suspensions, or termination from
                       the squad. If suspension is administered, the member will not be allowed to perform at
                       pep rallies, games or competitions, but is required to attend the previous in uniform.
               9.      The safety and well being of each squad member is very important. Practices must be
                       supervised by an AUTHORIZED COACH. (This is a squad coach, not a bystander.) Stunts
                       should only be practiced and performed with the school’s cheer coach present.
               10.     Members must attend at least half of the day in order to practice or cheer at an event
                       that night. If a member is truant, they cannot cheer.
               11.     If a squad member is ill or injured but attends school, they must come to practices and
                       games to observe and must be in uniform.
               12.     After the second absence involving a contest, the member must bring a note from a
                       doctor for any additional absences from a contest. Failure to provide a doctor’s note on
                       future absences will be counted as an unexcused absence and will result in the
                       appropriate discipline.
               13.     Cheer home basketball, and all football games. If the member is involved in another KHS
                       contest or activity the same night, prior approval of the sponsor is required in order to
                       miss the game.
               14.     Must follow all school rules and be respectful to others at all times.
               15.     Squad members will travel to and from contests on school provided transportation.
                       Cheerleaders may return with their parents if the parents sign the cheerleader out with
                       the coach at the conclusion of the game or with another person if the parent has
                       personally given a written note to the sponsor prior to the team leaving Kennedale giving
                       permission for the cheerleader to ride home with another person (in this case the other
                       person will sign the cheerleader out at the end of the game).
               16.     Cheerleaders will not perform if they are not in full uniform. Cheerleaders not in uniform
                       will sit with the sponsor during all performances and demerits will be given.
               17.     Performance at any event is at the discretion of the coach.

VIII.   COMPETITION - Competition is optional. A minimum skill set may be required by the coach in order to
        compete. Once the squad member has agreed to the competition, they will sign a commitment form
        which will require them to attend all practices for that competition and follow through until the
        completion of the event(s). If they choose to quit the competition squad after the commitment form is
        signed they will also quit the cheer squad in its entirety. They will also be responsible for any charges
        imposed by the competition organizers. All competition decisions will be at the discretion of the coach,
        with the approval of the principal. All authorized expenses for competition must be paid by the
        designated deadlines with cashier’s check or money order only on payments over $50.
IX.     DEMERIT SYSTEM -- Demerits will be given when a rule is broken or the cheerleader/mascot does not
        behave in a manner exemplary of a representative of KISD. All demerits are permanent.


               1. Engaging in Prohibited Conduct as stated in constitution
               2. Assignment to DAEP or JJAEP
        B.     TEN DEMERITS
               1.      Absent from required performances unless excused as described in the handbook or by
                       the coach.
               2.      OSS (out of school suspension) if given for a violation that is NOT a prohibited conduct as
                       listed in the constitution.
        C.     EIGHT DEMERITS
               1.      Absent from practices, unless excused by the coach or an excused absence from
                       school. Written notice must be given to the coach by 10:00 AM. For any absence – a
                       parent e-mail is acceptable.
               2.      If placed in ISS or mandatory Saturday School
            3.     Leaving a game early without prior approval of the coach or leaving practice early
                   without being dismissed.
            4.     Tardies in excess of 10 minutes to practices, performances, or games.
            5.     Mascot not prepared for pep rallies.

            1.     Not meeting assigned duties by sponsor. (payments, posters, etc.) 3.       Failure to relay
                   messages to other team members.
            4.     Each “N” or “U” in Citizenship on the report card.
            5.     Using profanity, lewd or vulgar language, or obscene gestures. Dancing
                   inappropriately/inappropriate touching at school functions.
            6.     Allowing others to wear uniforms unless designated by the coach.
            7.     Engaging in intimacies in public as enforced by the rules of the KISD Code of Conduct.
            8.     Being rude, disrespectful, argumentative, dishonest or discourteous to coach, squad
                   member, faculty, staff, or opposing team at practices or school events.
            9.     Failing any course within a six-week grading period.
            10.    Out of uniform and unable to perform at game.

     E.     TWO DEMERITS
            1.    Chewing gum at any practice, performance or game.
            2.    Wearing jewelry during practice, performance, or game (including navel piercings).
            3.    Improper grooming or dress for performance, practice or game. (2 for each item) socks,
                  pompons, bloomers, shoes, tights, etc... (Hair must be worn up in a ponytail with the
                  correct ribbon or bow while cheering.) Uniforms must be cared for and cleaned.
            4.    Each tardy to practice, performance or game up to 10 minutes. This includes breaks
                  given by coach including ½ time or quarter breaks.
            5.    Not following coach’s directions.
            6.    Huddling or not standing at attention between cheers.
            7.    Members must arrange for transportation from games and practices and must be picked
                  up within 15 minutes after the end time. (2 demerits will be given at 15 minutes late and 2
                  more will given for each 15 minutes thereafter.)
            8.    Leaving any part of uniform or personal belongings at the games or practices.
            9.    Leaving trash at any event including practices and games.
            10.   Using cell phone during practice, performance, or a game.
            11.   Each “S” in citizenship on report card.
            12.   Any infraction resulting in D-Hall

     Please note: All situations cannot possibly be anticipated or covered. Therefore, with the advisement of
     the campus principal and coach, any situation occurring and not specifically listed will be handled

X.   CONSEQUENCES-- upon the accumulation of demerits throughout the school year, the consequences
     are as follows:

            1.      Conference between coach and student.
            2.      Parent notified
            1.      Suspension from the squad (non-participation for 2 weeks – 14 days – to equal minimum
                    of 2 game performances). Student must still attend practice and performance, but will
                    not perform at any function during the suspension.
            2.      Parent notified
            1.      Member is removed from the squad at the review of the coach and principal.
            2.      Parent notified.

              3.      After a member has been removed from any KISD cheer squad 7th – 12th grade
                      beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, they will automatically have five points
                      deducted from their citizenship score as noted in section III of this constitution.
              4.      If a member has been removed twice from any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade
                      beginning with the 2008-2009 school year they may not tryout for any Kennedale ISD
                      cheer the following year.


       Kennedale ISD students who participate in cheerleading are prohibited at all times from:

       A.     Possessing, smoking, selling, or using tobacco products
       B.     Possessing or using drug paraphernalia
       C.     Possessing, selling, or delivering to another person look-alike drugs or items represented to be
              drugs or contraband of any kind
       D.     Possessing, selling, giving, delivering to another person, using, or being under the influence of
              marijuana, alcohol, a controlled substance, or any dangerous drug
       E.     Engaging in conduct that contains the elements of an offense relating to glue, aerosol paint, or
              volatile, mood-altering chemicals
       F.     Engaging in serious misbehavior, as that term is defined in the Kennedale ISD Student Handbook
       G.     Attending any event at which underage drinking or smoking is occurring (students will be
              allowed a slight concession for an amount of time long enough to determine that a violation is
              occurring and to leave the premises)
       H.     Attending or being at a place where illegal drugs are being used (students will be allowed a
              slight concession for an amount of time long enough to determine that a violation is occurring
              and to leave the premises)
       I.     Riding in a vehicle containing alcohol unless a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult is
              present and aware of the presence of the alcohol
       J.     Stealing
       K.     Conduct that causes injury or harm to persons or property
       L.     Fighting
       M.     Any conduct resulting in arrest/or citations from law enforcement officers: (traffic violations will
              be reviewed by the appropriate coach or administrator to determine if a Prohibited Conduct
              Violation has occurred)
       N.     Inappropriate touching including “making out” in public places, sexual gestures, or exposing
              parts of the body that are ordinarily covered up in public
       O.     Hazing
       P.     Inappropriate behavior in public places
       Q.     Being associated or affiliated with any gang
       R.     Possessing or threatening to use a firearm or any object determined as being a weapon, in a
              manner that is prohibited by law
       S.     Sexual harassment

The Principal will have the authority and final say in any matter concerning a cheerleader removed from the
squad or suspended from competition/performance.


       The coach will determine whether a violation of the Cheerleader Constitution has occurred.
       Upon determination of a violation, the following individuals will be notified:
        The student and the student’s parent(s) or guardians(s); and/or
        The appropriate school official or counselor to provide support and guidance in dealing with issues
          associated with alcohol, drugs, mood-altering chemicals, and other prohibited activities.


        Coaches will review all the facts and circumstances surrounding a particular violation and impose
        appropriate disciplinary action. Violations of the aforementioned Prohibited Conduct will result in the
        following disciplinary action:

        Suspension from all performances/competitions for the following time periods: (The cheerleader will be
        required to attend and actively participate in all practices. Any practices missed will be made up
        before the cheerleader may perform)

               1st Offense – 14 days from the date it was determined that a violation occurred

               2nd Offense – Removal from Squad

        If a cheerleader commits a Prohibited Conduct Violation and there are no performances during the
        immediate time period, the following procedure will be in effect:

        The cheerleader will be suspended for 14 days when the performances are taking place if it is their 1st
        offense, Removal from the squad if 2nd offense.

        Cheerleaders placed in DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program) or Expelled from the regular
        education program shall be suspended from all activities for the following time periods:

               1st Placement – Suspended from all performances during the placement period
                              And for 14 days upon the date the cheerleader returns to the regular Campus.
               2nd Placement – Removal from Squad


        A.     Dropping out of school.
        B.     Accumulation of 20 demerits (see demerits)
        C      Any member who is removed from or quits any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade beginning with
               the 2008-2009 school year, will not be considered for captain of any Kennedale ISD cheer squad
               in the future.
        D      After a member has been removed from any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade beginning with the
               2008-2009 school year, they will automatically have five points deducted from their citizenship
               score as noted in section III of this constitution.
        E      If a member has been removed from twice or quits twice any KISD cheer squad 7th-12th grade
               beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, they may not tryout for any Kennedale ISD cheer
               squad the following year.
        F.     Failure to make payments for uniforms, camp fees, and cheer classes, etc…


        A.     Grading will be based on demerits.
        B.     One point will be deducted for each demerit received in a Six Weeks.
        C.     Students who quit or are removed from the team will not receive credit for that semester. Their
               schedule will also be changed to remove them from this class.