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The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 introduced a shift in control and oversight of the
workforce investment system from the federal government to local and state authorities.
Although the federal government will continue to play an important monitoring and technical
assistance role, WIA creates a workforce investment system that is designed to have significant
input from employers, public officials, and stakeholders at the state and local level. The goal is a
more flexible system that adapts to local conditions and needs. Under WIA, states and local
areas will develop policies, interpretations, guidelines, and definitions relating to program
operations that help shape the system.

The local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) of Oklahoma were created under the federal
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and are the mechanism that WIA uses to ensure local input.
The State of Oklahoma is divided geographically into 12 regions in which each local WIB has
oversight of the workforce investment system activities. The governance structure of the WIB
consists of 51% business representatives with the remaining 49% of the board representing
mandated workforce partners who include representatives of community at large members,
public agencies, and public nonprofit agencies and such as labor, economic development,
education, veterans, and other entities.

The Workforce Investment Boards of Oklahoma recognize that the Workforce Investment Act
provides the opportunity to build a public-private partnership that is dynamic in nature, far
reaching in scope, and has the capacity to improve the economic well being of its citizens and

Local Workforce Investment Boards, in partnership with local elected officials, plan and oversee
the local workforce system. Local plans are submitted for the Governor's approval. The Boards
are designed to build and maintain a high quality workforce for Oklahoma by:

    •   Determining current and future workforce needs, and ensuring that those needs are met;
    •   Promoting a high level of awareness between the state's employers and the workforce
        development system about workforce needs and the importance of investing in the
        development of their own workforces.

Role of Local Boards:
The roles of the Local Boards can differ dependent upon distinct demographic, political and
economical variations. However, all Local boards are required by federal statute to perform
certain duties and fulfill certain roles. Those are to:

Designate "One Stop" operators; set policy; identify providers of training services; develops a
budget and disburse funds for the purpose of carrying out local workforce system activities;
conduct programmatic oversight of local youth programs; monitor system performance against
established performance measures; negotiate local performance measures with the Governor’s
Council on Workforce and Economic Development; coordinate local workforce investment
activities; develop employer linkages; promote the participation of employers in the statewide
workforce investment system while ensuring that their hiring needs are being met; and helps
develop the labor market information system.

Local Elected Officials under WIA:
Under the WIA, the role of the Chief Local Elected Officials (CLEOs) is more prominent to
ensure that there is vision, leadership and accountability for the system that is reflective of and
responsive to the local area. The system is an opportunity for the CLEOs to take an active role
in this evolving system and to work as active partners with the local workforce board.

Programs & Activities:
The workforce investment system established under WIA emphasizes informed customer
choice, system performance, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. The One Stop
system (Workforce Oklahoma) is the basic delivery system for adults and dislocated workers.
Through this system, adults and dislocated workers can access a continuum of services to assist
in gaining the necessary skills to find and keep employment in high-demand occupations. The
services are organized into three levels: core, intensive and training with three specific programs
of Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth.

The Adult Program serves those individuals 18 and older who are economically disadvantaged or
receiving public assistance. The Dislocated Worker Program serves those individuals who have
been laid off from their jobs through no fault of their own (layoffs, plant closings, etc.).

The Workforce Investment Act provided states and local areas an unprecedented opportunity to
substantially change the way Youth Programs are configured and delivered through its holistic
approach to serving at-risk youth, WIA, its implementing regulations, and Department of Labor
(DOL) guidance call for a comprehensive youth program that is linked more closely to local
labor market needs and community youth activities, emphasizes comprehensive service
strategies to engage youth year-round, and requires parents, program participants, and other
members of the community with experience in youth services to provide input on youth
programs. All youth to be served through the WIA Youth program must be between the ages of
14 and 21 at their time of eligibility certification; a low-income individual; and possess one
barrier as defined by the federal statute and the Local Workforce Investment Board.

Additional programs are offered through competitive grant awards, demonstration projects and
other federal and state funding streams. The description of each unique program may be found
within the content of that particular Local Board’s description contained herein.

Counties covered: Oklahoma, Canadian and Logan


Eddie Foreman                             Chair: Lee Symcox
CEO, Central Oklahoma WIB                 President, First Fidelity Bank
3813 N. Santa Fe, St. 135                 P.O. Box 32282
Oklahoma City, OK 73118                   Oklahoma City, OK 73123
405-622-2031                              405-416-2650
Fax: 405-622-2032                         lsymcox@first-fidelity.com
Cell: 405-641-3093

                                   Lee R. Symcox
       Lee R. Symcox has served as President and C.E.O. of First Fidelity Bank of Oklahoma
City since 1993. Under his leadership the bank has grown from $160 million in assets to its
current size of $570 million. The organization has grown from 6 locations to 23 locations in
metro Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Phoenix. Lee has been with the bank since its merger with
City National Bank & Trust Co. of Norman where he served as President for 4 years.

       He is a native of Norman, Oklahoma, graduating in 1976 from Norman High School and
earned his B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Oklahoma. He has attended Oklahoma City
University Law School and is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the
University of Delaware.

       Lee’s banking career began at the age of 14 when he started working at his grandfather’s
bank as a teller. He is a third generation Oklahoma banker, following both his father and
grandfather into the business. He is a seasoned veteran seeing both the positive and negative in
the banking industry.

        Lee currently serves as President of the Central Oklahoma Work Force Development
Board, Vice Chairman of the Integris Baptist Medical Foundation Board and is the President-
elect of Leadership Oklahoma. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City
Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Oklahoma City YMCA Board of Directors, the United Way
of Central Oklahoma Board of Directors and is a member of the Downtown Rotary Club.
Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors and is a past Chairman of Young President’s
Organizataion (YPO), InvesTrust and Life Assurance Insurance Co. Lee is the past President of
the Norman Chamber of Commerce and has served on numerous business and non-profit boards
during his career. He is a member of Leadership Oklahoma Class II and is a Lifetime member of
the OU Alumni Association. Lee lives in Oklahoma City and has been married to Suzanne for
over 25 years.

                       CENTRAL OKLAHOMA

Ann Ackerman                                       Ann Allen
Oklahoma City Community College                    OKC Public Schools-Adult Learning Center
7777 S. May Avenue                                 1320 N. Classen Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73159                            Oklahoma City, OK 73103
PH: 405 682-7536                                   PH: 405 231-2053
FAX: 405 682-7559                                  FAX: 405 231-2014
aackerman@okccc.edu                                amallen@okcps.org

Billy Baxter                                       Karen Bergan
Dept. of the Air Force OC-ALC/DP                   Xerox Corporation
3001 Staff Drive 1 AC490B                          P.O. Box 26588
Tinker AFB, OK 73145                               Oklahoma City, OK 73126
PH: 405 739-3334                                   PH: 405 324-3804
FAX: 405 739-7453                                  FAX: 405 324-3888
billy.baxter@tinker.af.mil                         karen.bergan@sdms.usa.xerox.com

Cynthia Brundige                                   Jack Bryant, Jr.
SSM Health Care of Oklahoma                        Redlands Community College
P.O. Box 205                                       1300 South Country Club
Oklahoma City, OK 73101                            El Reno, OK 73036
PH: 405 272-6108                                   PH: 405 422-1256
FAX: 405 272-6009                                  FAX: 405 422-1227
cynthia_burndige@ssmhc.com                         bryantj@redlandscc.edu

David Burnett                               Tom DeSpain
Midwest City Chamber of Commerce            Francis Tuttle Technology Center
P.O. Box 10980                              12777 N. Rockwell
Midwest City, OK 73140                      Oklahoma City, OK 73142-2789
PH: 405 733-3801                            PH: 405 717-4255
FAX 405 733-7207                            FAX: 405 717-4790
david.burnett@midwestcityok.com             tdespain@francistuttle.com

Drew Dugan                                  Mark Gillett
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce           Oklahoma City Housing Authority
123 Park Avenue                             1700 N.E. 4th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73102                     Oklahoma City, OK 73117
PH: 405 297-8940                            PH: 405 605-3216
FAX: 405 297-8986                           FAX: 405 235-4520
ddugan@okchamber.com                        mgillett@ochanet.org

Joe Gomez                                   Lisa Graven
ORO Development Corporation                 OK Employment Security Commission
308 S.W. 25th Street                        1141 E. Main Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73109                     Norman, OK 73071
PH: 405 840-7077                            PH: 405 701-2055
FAX: 405 634-7077                           FAX: 405 701-2042
jagomez@orodevcorp.org                      lisa.graven@oesc.state.ok.us

Charles Gressler                            Dale Hageman
Department of Rehabilitation Services       Accord Human Resources, Inc.
2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 47             210 Park Avenue, Ste. 1200
Oklahoma City, OK 73107                     Oklahoma City, OK 73102
PH: 405 522-6590                            PH: 405 232-9888
FAX: 405 522-7980                           FAX: 405 232-9899
cegressler@drs.state.ok.us                  dhageman@accordhr.com

Kenneth Harms                               Rosemary Isom
United Parcel Service                       AARP/Senior Employment Program
901 S. Portland                             2200 N.W. 50th Street, Suite 109-E
Oklahoma City, OK 73108                     Oklahoma City, OK 73112
PH: 405 948-3700                            PH: 405 879-3899
FAX: 405 948-3878                           FAX: 405 879-2788
kharms@ups.com                              scrisom@aol.com

Oscar B. Jackson, Jr.                       Roger Johnson
Office of Personnel Management              Dexter Axle Company
2101 N. Lincoln Blvd., G-80                 P.O. Box 790
Oklahoma City, OK 73105                     El Reno, OK 73036
PH: 405 521-6301                            PH: 405 262-6700 x212
FAX: 405 522-0694                           FAX: 405 422-3601
oscar.jackson@opm.state.ok.us               rjohnson@dexteraxle.com

Jeannette LaMar, Vice Chair               Ba Luong
APHCC of Oklahoma                         Cao Nguyen, Inc.
2801 North Lincoln, Suite 223             2668 N. Military Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73105                   Oklahoma City, OK 73106
PH: 405 525-4392                          PH: 405 525-7650
FAX: 405 525-4394                         FAX: 405 524-2314
aphcc.jlamar@coxinet.net                  ba_luong@yahoo.com

Jerry Maier                               Priscilla Mayberry
OU Medical Center                         Guthrie Job Corps Center
P.O. Box 26307                            3106 W. University
Oklahoma City, OK 73126                   Guthrie, OK 73044
PH: 405 271-5911                          PH: 405 282-9518
FAX: 405 271-1773                         FAX: 405 282-9501
jerry.maier@hcahealthcare.com             mayberry.priscilla@jobcorps.org

Marian J. Moon                            James D. Moore
Devon Energy Corporation                  Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital
20 N. Broadway                            1201 Health Center Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73102                   Yukon, OK 73099
PH: 405 552-4504                          PH: 405 717-7960
FAX: 405 552 8109                         FAX:
marian.moon@dvn.com                       james.moore@integris-health.com

Tim O’Connor                              Ruth Rolfe
Central OK Labor Federation AFL-CIO       Cox Communications
5315 S. Shartel                           6301 Waterford Blvd., Ste. 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73109                   Oklahoma City, OK 73118
PH: 405 634-4030                          PH: 405 600-6210
FAX: 405 634-3736                         FAX: 405 286-5395
oconnorclc@sbcglobal.net                  ruth.rolfe@cox.com

Randy Roper                               Jim Roth
MidFirst Bank                             Oklahoma County-District One
501 NW Grand Blvd.                        320 S. Robert S. Kerr, Room 202
Oklahoma City, OK 73118                   Oklahoma City, OK 73102
PH: 405 767-7145                          PH: 405 713-1501
FAX:                                      FAX: 405 713-1846
randy.roper@midfirst.com                  d1jimroth@oklahomacounty.org

Chris Sanford                             Jim Sconzo
U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs             Community Action Agency of OKC
1140 N.W. 32nd Street                     319 S.W. 25th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73118                   Oklahoma City, OK 73109
PH: 405 297-5930                          PH: 405 232-0199
FAX: 405 290-1777                         FAX: 405 232-9074
chris.Sanford@med.va.gov                  execdir@caaofokc.org

Debbie Sexton                                     Perry Sneed
Oklahoma Department of Human Services             Sheet Metal Workers Local 124
5905 N. Classen Court, Ste 401                    1404 N.W. 1st
Oklahoma City, OK 73118                           Oklahoma City, OK 73106
PH: 405 767-2500                                  PH: 405 232-1453
FAX: 405 767-2517                                 FAX: 405 232-1455
debbie.sexton@okdhs.org                           PerrySMW124@sbcglobal.net

Robert L. Spinks                                  Lee Symcox, Chair
United Way of Metro OKC                           First Fidelity Bank, NA
P.O. Box 837                                      5101 N. Classen, Ste. 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0837                      Oklahoma City, OK 73118
PH: 405 236-8441 x268                             PH: 405 416-2650
FAX: 405 235-2011                                 FAX: 405 416-2666
Bspinks@unitedwayokc.org                          lsymcox@first-fidelity.com

Vicky Vance                                       Gary Williams
JohnVance Auto Group                              IIIG Dollar, Inc.
P.O. Box 400                                      201 W. Turner Street
Guthrie, OK 73044                                 Langston, OK 73050
PH: 405 282-2727                                  PH: 405 260-8500
FAX: 405 340-2641                                 FAX:
vvance13@aol.com                                  gaw7@cox.net

David York                                        Margaret Zientek
York Metal Fabricators                            Citizen Potawatomi Nation
P.O. Box 18149                                    1601 S. Gordon Cooper Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73154                           Shawnee, OK 74801
PH: 405 528-7495                                  PH: 405 275-3121
FAX: 405 528-7426                                 FAX: 405 275-0198
davidyork@yorkmetal.com                           mzientek@potawatomi.org

Committees/Councils of the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board:

Board Management Committee: This committee aids in identifying potential Board members for
recommendation to the proper entity to fill vacancies that exist. This group, along with Board
Staff, is assigned the task of orientation for, as well as the mentoring of, new members.

Executive Committee: This committee reviews and recommends agenda items to the Board. The
members of this group also assist the Budget Committee in planning budget proposals to present
for recommendation to the Board, as well as manage the process for developing a strategic plan
for the Central Oklahoma area.

Budget Committee: This committee’s focus is the financial resources needed to operate our local
workforce investment system. Among other things, this committee directs the process of
negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each One-Stop Partner agency.

System Partners: This committee is comprised of representatives from various agencies that
provide workforce development services in Central Oklahoma.


Commissioner Jim Roth
Chief Local Elected Official
Oklahoma County Office Building
320 S. Robert S. Kerr, Room 202
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
PH: 405 713-1501
FAX: 405 713-1846

Counties covered: Cleveland County


Candice Hyde, Director              Chair: Dee Ann Gay
Workforce Development               Branch Mgr., First American Bank
Cleveland County WIB                P.O. Box 6349
710 Asp, Suite 100                  Moore, OK 73153
Norman, OK 73069                    405-794-7000
405-573-1900                        dgay@bankfab.com

                                        Dee Ann Gay

Dee Ann Gay is with First American Bank in Norman, Oklahoma. Dee Ann serves as Senior
Vice-President and Banking Center Manager of the First American Banking Center in Moore,
Oklahoma. Ms. Gay’s career in banking spans over twenty-seven years that includes experience
as executive officer over bank operations, organization of newly chartered national bank,
organization of newly data processing center, manager of sales training program, executive
officer over budgeting, bank officer over audit and regulatory compliance departments, manager
of loan credit department, and served as project manager for strategic planning and set as
committee chairperson on several special projects.

She has served in many professional and civic organizations in such capacity as Chairman of the
Oklahoma Bankers Association Lending Committee, board of directors for the Oklahoma
Bankers Association of Commercial Lending School, and president of the Oklahoma chapter of
Bank Administrative Institution. She also served in 2004 as Co-Chairman for Leadership
Moore, in 1992 Co-Chairman for Leadership Norman, and is a 1998 graduate for Regional
Leadership Oklahoma. Dee Ann is on the board of directors for the Moore Chamber of
Commerce and is 2005-2006 President of Moore Rotary Club. In 2004 served as the Chairman
for Cleveland County Industrial and Business Council and serves as the 2005-2006 Chairman for
Cleveland County Workforce Investment Board, and as a board member of the Oklahoma
Workforce Investment Boards.

Dee Ann holds a degree from Louisiana State University’s Graduate School of Banking along
with several Oklahoma Banking Association school certificates in bank lending and operations.

                      CLEVELAND COUNTY
  Joan Barker                                     Sean Bauman
  Director                                        V.P. Marketing
  Cleveland County Workforce Development          Immuno-Mycologics, Inc
  Board                                           1236 E Redbud Rd
  P.O. Box 5345                                   Washington, OK 73093
  Norman, OK 73070                                405-288-2388
  405-701-2057                                    sean-bauman@immy.com

  Mike Bergey                                     Karen Canavan
  President                                       Deputy Executive Director
  Bergey Windpower                                Norman Housing Authority
  2001 Priestley Avenue                           700 N. Berry Road
  Norman, OK 73069                                Norman, OK 73069
  405-364-4212                                    405-329-0933
  mbergey@bergey.com                              kcanavan@normanha.org

  Ginny Corson                                    Mike Dill
  Cleveland County Coordinator                    Human Resources
  Community Action                                Convergys
  801 Chapel St                                   1705 South Broadway
  Norman, OK 73071                                Moore, OK 73160
  405-701-2120                                    405-979-6050
  gcorson@cocaa.org                               mike.dill@convergys.com

  Sheryl Dunn                                     Hailey Dycus
  Director of HR                                  Vice President of Training & Quality
  USPS Marriott Conference Center                 Service-First Fidelity Bank
  2801 E. State Highway 9                         P.O. Box 32282
  Norman, OK 73071                                Oklahoma City, OK 73123
  PH: 405 447-9100                                PH: 405 416-2626
  uspsdhr.confcntr@marriott.com                   hclark@first-fidelity.com

Deidre Ebrey                                Dee Ann Gay
Director of Economic Development            Branch Manager
City of Moore                               First American Bank
301 N. Broadway                             P.O. Box 6349
Moore, OK 73160                             Moore, OK 73153
405-793-5224                                405-794-7000
debrey@smileamerica.com                     dgay@bankfab.com

Francine Gissy                              Walt Hedrick
Contract Manager                            Executive Director
University of Oklahoma                      Moore Youth and Family Services
Center for Business & Economic Dvpt.        PO Box 6210
1610 Asp Ave, Ste. 600                      Moore, OK 73153
Norman, OK 73072-6405                       405-799-3379
405- 325-7331                               walthedrick@prodigy.net

John Hunter                                 Joe King
Superintendent                              Veterans
Moore Norman Technology Center              3960 Waverly Drive
4701 12th Avenue NW                         Norman, OK 73072
Norman, OK 73069                            405-321-7925
405-364-5763                                jandjking@cox.net

Carol Clay Levi                             Bill Lockett
Employment and Training Director            Owner - Color Chrome Photographic
Pottawatomie Nation                         Laboratories
1601 S. Cordon Cooper                       1831 Industrial Blvd.
Shawnee, OK 74801                           Norman, OK 73069
405-275-3121                                405-364-6587
cclaylevi@potawatomi.org                    colorchrome@prodigy.net

Gene McKown                                 Ted Metscher
Founder - Ideal Homes                       AFL-CIO
1320 N. Porter                              PO Box 5332
Norman, OK 73071                            Norman, OK 73070
405-831-7800                                (405) 321-8266
sneidhart@ideal-homes.com                   trmetscher@sbcglobal.net

Jeff Patterson                              Gerald Pence
Science Coordinator                         Electricians Local 1141
Norman Public Schools                       6500 112th
Curriculum Center                           Noble, OK 73068
131 S. Flood                                405-872-5765
Norman, OK 73069-5463                       gpence28@oecadvantage.net

Paul Randles                               Anthony Rissman
Vice President of Finance                  Manager
Sysco Foods, Inc.                          Wal-Mart
1350 W. Tecumseh Rd                         601 12th Ave NE
Norman, Ok 73069                           Norman, OK 73071
405-717-2350                               405-579-5203

Ralph Sherrard                             Carolyn Shockey
Senior Vice President                      Human Resource Director
Arvest Bank                                Norman Regional Hospital
824 SE 4th Street                          901 N. Porter
Moore, OK 73160                            Norman, OK 73071
405-419-3744                               405-307-1540
rsherrard@arvest.com                       cshockey@nhr.com

George Skinner                             Mitchell Slemp
Cleveland County Commissioner              Bid Assistance Consultant
605 E. Robinson                            Mid-America Technology Center
Norman, OK 70371                           P.O. Box H
405-366-0200                               Wayne, OK 73095

John Sparks                                Rod Van Stavern
General Counsel                            Unit Supervisor
Corner Post Management & Consulting        Norman Vocational Rehabilitation Office
P.O. Box 929                               2227 W. Lindsey St., Suite 1200
Norman, OK 73070                           Norman, OK 73069
405-579-1733                               405-447-0295
sparks@post.harvard.edu                    rnvanstave@drs.state.ok.us

Andy Tengeres                              Jan Thornton
Postmaster                                 Workforce Service Specialist IV, OESC
Main Norman Post Office                    1141 E. Main
129 W Gray                                 Norman, OK 73071
Norman, OK 73069                           405 701-2056
405-321-0281                               jan.thronton@oesc.state.ok.us

Mark Vaughan                               Marie Wiles
Vaughan Food, Inc.                         County Director
216 NE 12th Street                         Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Moore, OK 73160                            631 E. Robinson
405-794-2530                               Norman, OK 73071
markvaughan@vaughanfoods.com               405-573-8300

  Lisa Winters                                            Don Wood
  Director                                                Executive Director
  Crossroads Youth & Family Services                      Norman Economic Development
  1650 W. Tecumseh Rd., Ste. 500                          Coalition
  Norman, OK 73069                                        710 Asp Avenue, Suite 100
  405-321-0240                                            Norman, OK 73069
  lisaw@crossroadsyfs.com                                 405-573-1900

Committees/Councils of the Cleveland County Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: The committee functions in situations where the timing does not allow
the total board to be convened. The board, at their next regularly scheduled meeting, will ratify
any action taken by the Executive Committee. The committee will function as the ad hoc by-
laws committee and will be responsible for drafting, and periodically reviewing and updating the
by-laws with input from all board members.

Finance Committee: The focus of this committee is to provide oversight of programs, grants and
contracts brought before the Board. This committee will evaluate the coordination of federal
grant resources and make recommendations to the Board regarding all budgetary items. This
group will also be responsible for coordinating the development of new grants to benefit our

Research & Strategic Committee: The focus of this committee is to collect information and data
that describes the current status of workforce development. This committee will manage the
process of developing a strategic plan for the Cleveland County workforce investment area.

Outreach & Networking Committee: The focus of this committee is to promote knowledge and
awareness of available resources to effectively foster workforce development. This committee
will also determine methods of reaching all employers in promoting the statewide electronic
system and the purpose of the Workforce Investment Board.

Youth Council: The focus of this committee is to coordinate youth activities, develop portions of
the local plan related to eligible youth, recommend youth services providers, and maintain
compliance with the ten program elements as set forth in the Workforce Investment Act.


George Skinner
Cleveland County Commissioner
605 E. Robinson
Norman, OK 73071
PH: 405 366-0200

Counties covered: Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Okfuskee, Seminole, and Hughes

                    EAST CENTRAL

Matt Rose, Director            Chair: Stephen Kaiser
East Central Workforce         Division Director
Investment Board               Davis Correctional Facility
14101 Acme Road                6888 East 133rd
Shawnee, OK 74804              Holdenville, OK 74848
PH: 405-878-0759               PH: 405-379-6400
Fax: 405-273-6207              stephen.kaiser@correctionscorp.com

       Dr. Stephen W. Kaiser currently serves as Managing Director for Facility Operations for
the Corrections Corporation of America responsible for nine prisons in three states. Corrections
Corporation of America currently employs 16,000 people and is the fifth largest prison system in
the United States. Prior work experience is held with the Oklahoma and Kentucky Department of
Corrections. Kaiser has served as the Chair for the East Central Workforce Investment Board
since inception in 1999. Kaiser also serves on the Governor's Council for Workforce and
Economic Development. Residing in Lexington, Oklahoma, Dr. Kaiser has been married for 31
years and has two children. Kaiser holds a bachelor's degree from Springhill College in Mobile,
Alabama in Psychology and a Master's and PhD. degree of Psychology from the University of
Kentucky. Kaiser's main goal for the East Central Workforce Investment Area is to fulfill the
goals of the Governor's Council while integrating workforce and economic development. Kaiser
enjoys cooking in his spare time.


John Allford, Asst. Vice President    Harry Askew
First National Bank and Trust Co.     Owner/Broker
P.O. Box 351                          A & M Company
821 E. Highway                        2464 Highway 75
Holdenville, OK 74848                 Wetumka, OK 74883
PH: 405 379-3902                      PH: 405 452-3169
FAX: 405 379-5283                     FAX:

Bryan Caskey, Logistics Manager       Cheryl Cook, Manager
ExxonMobil                            Oklahoma Employment Security
41501 Wolverine Rd.                   Commission
Shawnee, OK 74804                     #2 John C. Bruton Boulevard
PH: 405 878-8305                      Shawnee, OK 74804
FAX: 405 878-8336                     PH: 405 275-7800
bryan.r.caskey@exxonmobil.com         FAX: 405 878-9742

Gene Crnkovic, Owner                  Pat Curtis, Director
Rocking C Construction                Adult Basic Education and Literacy
111 North Broadway, P.O. Box 8        #2 John C. Bruton Boulevard
Tecumseh, OK 74873                    Shawnee, OK 74804
PH: 405 598-5496                      PH: 405 275-7800
FAX: 405 598-8820                     FAX: 405 878-9742
Gc6548@aol.com                        pcurtis@shawnee.k12.ok.us

Jimmy Fish, Manager                   Kent Friskup
Asbestos Workers Local #94            Meeker City Hall
5350 South Western, Suite 217         P.O. Box 428
Oklahoma City, OK 73109               Meeker, OK 74855
PH: 405 632-6767                      PH: 405 279-3321
FAX: 405 632-6770                     FAX:

Spencer Funchess                      Chris Harden, Director
T & D Meats                           Project Heart
904 North 4th Street                  130 North Broadway
Okemah, OK 74859                      Shawnee, OK 74801
PH: 918 623-1955                      PH: 405 214-1972
FAX:                                  FAX:

Nancy Horn                                 Cecil Johnston
Enviro Systems, Inc.                       Retired USA & Civil Service
P.O. Box 1260                              3906 Marie Drive
Seminole, OK 74868                         Shawnee, OK 74804
PH: 405 382-0731                           PH: 405 273-4848
FAX: 405 382-0737                          cejohnston22@hotmail.com

Cato Jones, President                      Stephen Kaiser, Division Director
Security State Bank                        Davis Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 749                               6888 East 133rd Road
Wewoka, OK 74884                           Holdenville, OK 74848
PH: 405 257-5411                           PH: 405 379-6400
FAX: 405 257-5415                          FAX: 405 379-6496

Laura King, Director                       Vickie Kinsey
Human Resources                            Green Thumb, Inc.
Shawnee Medical Center                     7401 N. E. 23rd Street
2801 North Saratoga                        Oklahoma City, OK 73141-1470
Shawnee, OK 74804                          PH: 405 713-1893 x6502
PH: 405 273-5801                           FAX:
FAX: 405 878-3794                          vickie_kinsey@experienceworks.com

Beverly Ledbetter                          Larry Lenora
Great Plains Graphics                      Attorney At Law
1445 North Kickapoo                        P.O. Box 337
Shawnee, OK 74804                          Chandler, OK 74834
PH: 405 273-4263                           PH: 405 258-1334
FAX:                                       FAX:
greatplainsgraphic@sbcglobal.net           Lenora@brightok.com

Marty Lewis, Superintendent                LaDonna McAlvain, Administrator
Gordon Cooper Technology Center            Seminole Medical Center
# One John C. Bruton Boulevard             2401 Wrangler Blvd.
Shawnee, OK 74804                          PH: 405 303-4051
PH: 405 273-7493                           FAX: 405 303-4150
FAX: 405 878-5733                          1mcalvain@seminolemedicalcenter.com

Patricia McCormick, Vice President         Chuck Mills, Owner
Shawnee Economic Development Foundation    Mills Machine Company
P.O. Box 1613                              P.O. Box 1514
Shawnee, OK 74802                          Shawnee, OK 74802-1514
PH: 405 273-7490                           PH: 405 273-4900
FAX:                                       FAX: 405 273-4956
mccormick_22714@msn.com                    chuck@millsmachine.com

Norma Mooneyham, Owner           Donald Moore, Owner
OK Financial Services            Okemah Office Supply
202 West Broadway                208 West Broadway
Okemah, OK 74859                 Okemah, OK 74859
PH: 918 623-2554                 PH: 918 623-0341
                                 FAX: 918 623.0341

Vickie Morgan                    Susan Morris, CEO
Dept. of Human Services          Youth and Family Resource Center, Inc.
1400 North Kennedy               326 West 11th Street
Shawnee, OK 74804                Shawnee, OK 74801
PH: 405 214-4154                 PH: 405 275-3340
FAX: 405 214-4124                FAX: 405 275-3343
Vickie.Morgan@OKDHS.org          scm@hopehouseonline.org

Jennifer Nicholas                Lana Reynolds, Associate Vice President
Oklahoma Custom Coating          Seminole State College
1801 Boren Blvd.                 P.O. Box 351
Seminole, OK 74868               Seminole, OK 74818
PH: 405 382-0231                 PH: 405 382-9218
FAX: 405 382-5026                FAX:
Jennifer@okcustomcoating.com     Reynolds_L@SSC.CC.OK.US

Adrienne Royster                 Steve Saxon, Manager
Human Resources Specialist       City of Seminole
Eaton Corporation                P.O. Box 1218
8701 North Harrison              Seminole, OK 74868
Shawnee, OK 74804                PH: 405 382-4330
PH: 405 275-5500 x4312           FAX: 405 382-8581
FAX:                             stevesaxon@yahoo.com

Sam Smith, President             Johnny Southwell
Tri-County Farm Center, Inc.     Assistant Business Manager
N.B.U. 1606                      IBEW Local Union 1141
Prague, OK 74864                 1700 SE 15th Street
PH: 405 567-2227                 Oklahoma City, OK 73129
FAX: 405 567-4632                PH: 405 670-4777 x5
hilltop5@valornet.com            ibew1141@sbcglobal.net

Michael Spears, Director         Gracy Taylor, Director
Human Services                   Curriculum and Instruction
Unity Hospital                   Shawnee Public Schools
1102 West MacArthur              326 North Union
Shawnee, OK 74804                Shawnee, OK 74804
PH: 405 273-2270                 PH: 405 878-1013
FAX:                             FAX: 405 878-1025
mspears@uhcenter.com             gtayloy@shawnee.k12.ok.us
Rod Van Stavern                                  Bob Weaver
Programs Manager                                 Canadian Valley Electric Coop
Dept. of Rehabilitation Services                 P.O. Box 751
2227 West Lindsey, Ste 1200                      Seminole, OK 74818
Norman, OK 73069                                 PH: 405 382-3680
PH: 405 447-0295                                 bobweaver@canadianvalley.org

Margaret Zientek
Citizen Potawatomi Nation
1601 S. Gordon Cooper Drive
Shawnee, OK 74801
PH: 405 275-5269
FAX: 405 878-4668

Committees/Councils of the East Central Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: This committee reviews and recommends agenda items to the board. The
members of this group also assist the finance committee in planning budget proposals to present
for recommendation to the board.

Finance Committee: This committee assists the finance committee in planning budget proposals
to present for recommendation to the board. This group hears any financial items that pertain to
the board.

Board Development: This committee aids in identifying potential board members for
recommendation to the proper entity. This group, along with WIB Staff, is assigned the task of
orientation for, as well as the mentoring of, new members.


Buck Day
Pottawatomie County Commissioner
Pottawatomie County, District 3
14101 Acme Road
Shawnee, OK 74804
PH: 405 273-4305

Counties covered:   Adair, Cherokee, McIntosh, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Sequoyah, and


Nanette Robertson, Director              Chairperson: Gilbert Hall
Eastern Workforce Investment Board       Training Coord., OG & E
P.O. Box 2698                            5501 Three Forks Road
Muskogee, OK 74402                       Ft. Gibson, OK 74434
PH: 918 683-8553                         918-686-4310
FAX: 918 682-3258                        918-686-4347
nrobertson@easternwib.com                hallgr@oge.com

Name:               Gilbert Hall
Spouse:             Doris
Children:           Three adult daughters; Vanessa Hall-Gibbs, Veronica Hall-Pierson,
                    and Erin Hall
Grandchildren:      Paul Gibbs and Sammantha Pierson

Employers:          OG&E Muskogee Power Plant, Training Coordinator, 28 years
                    Connors State College, Adjunct Instructor, 17 years

Education:          BS Economics, Northeastern State University
                    BS Marketing, Northeastern State University

Military:           United States Navy Veteran

Community:          Eastern Workforce Investment Board, Chairman
                    Muskogee Regional Medical Center, Trustee
                    First National Bank of Muskogee, Director
                    Muskogee Development, Past Chairman

Organizations:      Leadership Oklahoma, Class XIII
                    ASTD (American Society of Training and Development)
                    DAV (Disabled American Veteran)
                    American Legion

Hobbies:            Golf


   Larry Adair                                   Mark Barnes
   President                                     Programs Manager
   Arvest Bank                                   Department of Rehab Services
   1207 Kerry Drive                              733 South 32ND
   Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960                      Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401
   PH: 918 696-3300                              PH: 918 781-4156
   FAX: 918 696-8555                             FAX: 918 781-4177
   ladair@alltel.net                             mpbarnes@drs.state.ok.us

   Andy Bealko                                   Paul Brown
   Asst. Vice-President                          KOKL Radio
   1st Bank of Henryetta                         1212 N. Kern
   P.O. Box 610                                  Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447
   Henryetta, Oklahoma 74437                     PH: 918 756-5400
   PH: 918 652-4455                              FAX: 918 756-8212
   FAX:                                          koklradio@aol.com

   Robert Brown                                  Jason Butler
   VP of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty        Human Resources Manager
   Bacone College                                UNARCO
   Old Bacone Road                               400 SE 15th
   Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403                      Wagoner, Oklahoma 74467
   PH: 918 683-4581                              PH: 918 485-9531 x439
   FAX: 918 682-5514                             FAX: 918 485-3881
   brownr@bacone.edu                             jason.butler@unarco.com

Nevyle Cable, Chair                        Lisa Clark
1st National Bank of Okmulgee              NE Quadrant Rural Development Specialist
610 E. 8th                                 Oklahoma Department of Commerce
Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447                   P.O. Box 1367
PH: 918 756-8440                           Muskogee, OK 74401
FAX:                                       PH: 918 682-7891 x249
ncable@firstokmulgee.com                   FAX:

Larry Corvi                                Gloria Davis
President & Publisher                      Title V Coordinator
Muskogee Daily Phoenix                     Experience Works
214 Wall Street                            P.O. Box 272
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403                   Park Hill, Oklahoma 74451
PH: 918 684-2828                           PH: 918 456-8848
FAX:                                       FAX:
lcorvi@muskogee.gannett.com                gloria_davis@experienceworks.com

Steven Edwards                             Charley Farley
Director                                   Programs Manager II
Department of Human Services               OESC Eastern WIA Field Operations
914 College                                1801 East 4th Street
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464                  Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447
PH: 918 456-0637                           PH: 918 756-5791
FAX: 918 453-0133                          FAX: 918 756-0937
steven.edwards@okdhs.org                   charley.farley@oesc.state.ok.us

Blake Farris                               Linda Gerster
Director of Assisted Housing               Union Officer
Muskogee Housing Authority                 Glassbottle Workers GMP
220 N 40th                                 1512 S. 4th Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401                   Henryetta, Oklahoma 74437
PH: 918 687-6301 x26                       PH: 918 652-3835
FAX: 918 687-3249                          FAX:
blake@mhastaff.org                         linda.gerster@sbcglobal.net

Ernie Gilder                               Addie Griffin
President                                  Asst. Superintendent
Interstate Properties                      Sallisaw Public Schools
P.O. Box 2519                              701 J.T. Stites
Muskogee, OK 74402                         Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955
PH: 918 682-1119                           PH: 918 776-0976
FAX:                                       FAX: 918 775-1257
interstate@interstateproperties.com        agriffin@diamonds.k12.ok.us

Gilbert Hall, EWIB Chair                      Karl Husmann
Training Coordinator                          Director
OG&E                                          Talking Leaves Job Corps
5501 Three Forks Road                         5700 Bald Hill Road
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma 74434                    Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
PH: 918 686-4310                              PH: 918 456-9959
FAX: 918 686-4347                             FAX: 918 456-1270
hallgr@oge.com                                husmank@jcdc.jobcorps.org

Anthony James                                 Helen James
General Manager                               Director
Packaging Corporation of America              Oklahoma Association of Community Action
400 S 45th Street East                        Agencies
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403                      P.O. Box 745
PH: 918 682-0202                              Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
FAX: 918 683-5345                             PH: 918 456-0571
anthonyjames@packagingcorp.com                FAX: 918 456-6847

Robert Jennings                               Diane Kelley
Senior Vice-President                         Director
Peoples National Bank                         Cherokee Nation
P.O. Box 324                                  P.O. Box 948
Checotah, Oklahoma 74426                      Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465-0948
PH: 918 473-2237                              PH: 918 456-0671 x2628
FAX: 918 473-2368                             FAX: 918 458-7694
rjennings@peoplesok.com                       dkelley@cherokee.org

Tim McElroy                                   Bill Middleton, EWIB Vice Chair
Dean                                          Agent/Owner
Northeastern State University-Muskogee        State Farm Insurance
2400 W. Shawnee                               P.O. Box 882
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401                      Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447
PH: 918 683-0040                              PH: 918 756-1279
FAX: 918 458-2106                             FAX: 918 756-1767
mcelroyt@nsuok.edu                            bill.middleton.b5h9@statefarm.com

Danna Minnick                                 Donnie Nero
Director                                      President
Creek Nation                                  Connors State College
P.O. BOX 580                                  Route 1, Box 1000
Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447                      Warner, Oklahoma 74469
PH: 918 756-8700                              PH: 918 463-2931
FAX: 918 758-0741                             FAX: 918 463-2233
dminnick@muscogeenation-nsn.gov               ndonnie@connors.cc.ok.us

Kenneth Powders                               Jeff Speligene
Business Agent                                General Manager
International Union of Operating Engineers    Henryetta Ford
Stationary Local 2 10 Kings Road              821 East Main
Okmulgee, OK 74447                            Henryetta, Oklahoma 74437
PH: 918 758-4141                              PH: 918 652-0990
FAX: 918                                      FAX: 918 652-0995
iuoe_2@sbcglobal.net                          j-spelig@dealermail.com

Phyllis Spriggs                               Danne Spurlock
Human Resources Director                      Superintendent
Muskogee Regional Medical Center              Green Country Technology Center
300 Rockefeller Drive                         P.O. Box 1217
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401                      Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447
PH: 918 682-5501                              PH: 918 758-0840
FAX:                                          FAX: 918 758-0422
pspriggs@muskogeehealth.com                   dspurlock@gctcok.com

Delbert Stanley                               Ken Sterling
Instructor                                    Director
Talking Leaves Job Corps                      INCOR
5700 Bald Hill Road                           210 East Okmulgee
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464                     Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403
PH: 918 456-9959                              PH: 918 686-6708
FAX: 918 456-1270                             FAX: 918 687-5368
stanled@jcdcjobcorps.org                      kencontract@sbcglobal.net

Gene Wallace, CLEO                            Patty Wallace
Commissioner                                  Human Resource Manager
Muskogee County Courthouse                    American Woodmark
3000 North Street                             950 Main Parkway
P.O. Box 2307                                 Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403                      PH: 918 458-0400 x222
PH: 918 682-4511                              FAX: 918 458-0452
FAX: 918 682-2161                             pwallace@woodmark.com

Gary Warnock                                  Barnetta Webb
Human Resources Director                      Human Resources Director
Cherokee Nation Industries                    Wagoner Community Hospital
P.O. Box 860                                  1200 West Cherokee
Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960                      Wagoner, Oklahoma 74467
PH: 918 696-3151                              PH: 918 485-1352
FAX: 918 696-5510                             FAX: 918 485-9701
gwarnock@cnicnd.com                           webbbf@hillcrest.com

    Carol Winn
    Human Resources Director
    Griffin Food Company
    P.O. Box 1928
    Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402
    PH: 918 687-6311
    FAX: 918 686-2202

                                       Ex-Officio Members

Bob Klabenes                          Lee Ann Langston                      Fount Holland
OSU Okmulgee                          Workforce Oklahoma                    QuESTT, Inc.
1801 E. 4th Street                    717 S. 32nd Street                    19 Plaza South
Okmulgee, OK 74447                    Muskogee, OK 74401                    Tahlequah, OK 74464
Ph: 918 756-5791                      Ph: 918 682-3364                      Ph: 918 453-1366
Fax: 918 756-0937                     stepsinc@coxinet.net                  Fax: 918 456-0015
rek@osu-okmulgee.edu                                                        founth@aol.com

Committees/Councils of the Eastern Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: Authorized to make policy decisions necessary during the interim period
between Board meetings, prepare and set the agenda for Board meetings and to provide
leadership for the Board.

Finance Committee: Prepare the annual budget in collaboration with the Chief Local Elected
Official. Provide oversight and guidance for the negotiation of service provider contracts. The
negotiation includes both budget and expected levels of performance.

Policy Committee: Directs the development of Board policy. Policy is written that provides
guidance to service providers on programmatic issues. They are also responsible to review and
suggest any changes in policy governing the Board and its staff, including by-laws. They are
also responsible for the development for transferring the Board’s strategic plan into written

Balanced Scorecard Committee: Charged with establishing performance measures that direct
staff and service providers to accomplish the objectives established in the Board’s strategic plan.
They are also developing a set of measures that can be used to benchmark the workforce system
in our area, so as to set on a course of continuous improvement.

Ad-hoc Committees: These committees are established to accomplish very specific tasks in a
specific time frame per the Board’s direction. Once the mission is accomplished and the results
delivered, the committee ceases to exist. The last committee established was an Evaluation
Committee whose task was to review and evaluate proposals submitted by potential service
providers for the coming program year.


Gene Wallace
Muskogee County Courthouse
3000 North Street
P.O. Box 2307
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403
PH: 918 682-4511
FAX: 918 682-2161

Counties covered: Craig, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, Ottawa, Rogers, and Washington


Ron Novotny                                   Chair: Darrell Fry
Northeast Workforce Investment Board          NMW, Inc.
1820-B North Sioux                            P.O. Box 678
Claremore, OK 74017                           Nowata, OK 74048
918-343-2874                                  918-273-2204
Ron.Novotny@oesc.state.ok.us                  dfry@nowata.com

                                           Darrell Fry
                          Chair, Northeast Workforce Investment Board

Darrel is a native of Northeast Oklahoma having grown up in Nowata and graduated
from Nowata High School in 1962. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in
Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, he worked for the H.C.
Price Company of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in their New Orleans Pipe Coating
Facility. In 1969, Darrel and his wife returned to Nowata, where he was employed by
NMW, Inc. as a design engineer. His wife retired in 2001, after 24 years as a teacher
in the Nowata School System. Darrel and Sandy raised two children in the Nowata
Community. In 1981, he purchased and became President of the family business,
NMW, Inc. Today, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, he oversees a company
of 45 people that market and build industrial filtration equipment for use in refineries,

oil and gas production, automotive paint systems and paper making facilities,
throughout the world.

He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Oklahoma and a member of
the American Filtration Society, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

He was a member of the Tri County Vocational Technical School Board from 1983 to
1993 and returned to the Board in 2000. He currently serves on the Board of
Directors of the Regent Bank of Nowata, the Nowata Hospital and the Cherokee Area
Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is the Chairman of the Northeastern
Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board, which is working to develop improvements
in Employment Services offered Oklahomans in the seven Northeastern Counties.


 Bill Able                                        Kenneth Adams
 Vice-President, Academic Affairs                 President, Central States Business Forms
 NEO A&M College                                  P.O. Drawer A
 200 I Street N.E.                                Bartlesville, OK 74005
 Miami, OK 74354                                  PH: 918 335-1010
 PH: 918 540-6202                                 FAX:
 FAX:                                             winchester@ionet.net

 Velva Agee                                       Brian Barger
 Assistant Director of Special Programs           ED Director, City of Miami
 Rogers State University                          P.O. Box 1288
 1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd.                        Miami, OK 74354
 Claremore, OK 74017                              PH: 918 542-6685
 PH: 918 343-7757                                 FAX:
 FAX:                                             Bbarger@miamiokla.net

 Mark Barnes                                      Sally Bocanegra
 Programs Manager, Oklahoma Department            Case Manager, ORO Development Corporation
 of Rehabilitative Services                       121 N. Main, P.O. Box 912
 733 S. 32nd Street                               Miami, OK 74355
 Muskogee, OK 74403                               PH: 918 542-7192
 PH: 918 781-4156                                 FAX:
 FAX:                                             sbocanegra@neok.com

Judy Bryan                                 David Chaussard
Director, Adult Learning Center            C.O.O., Claremore Regional Hospital
P.O. Box 408                               1202 N. Muskogee
Vinita, OK 74301-0408                      Claremore, OK 74017
PH: 918 256-4193                           PH: 918 342-6700
FAX:                                       FAX:
Jbryan@vinitahornets.com                   David.Chaussard@triadhospitals.com

Helen Christie                             Vicki Cossairt
Director, W/F Development                  Director, Human Resources
Inter-Tribal Council                       Grove General Hospital
P.O. Box 1308                              1310 S. Main St.
Miami, OK 74355                            Grove, OK 74344
PH: 918 542-4486                           PH: 918 787-3614
FAX:                                       FAX:
helenc@datalinkok.com                      Cossyl@integris-health.com

Jim Craun                                  Ed Crone
Director, Job Training Northeast           Executive Director
104 Hester Place                           Grand Gateway Economic Development
Chelsea, OK 74016                          P.O. Drawer B
PH: 918 789-2574                           Big Cabin, OK 74332
FAX:                                       PH: 800 482-4594
jtne_Chelsea@yahoo.com                     FAX:

Mike Davidson                              Elaine Dettle
Business Agent                             Director, Economic & Community Dev.
Plumber’s & Pipefitter’s Local #430        Tri County Technology Center
2908 N. Harvard                            6101 Nowata Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74115                            Bartlesville, OK 74006
PH: 918 836-0430 x14                       PH: 918 331-3257
FAX:                                       FAX:
mkedson@hotmail.com                        edettle@tctc.org

Larry Duckert                              Bill Eden
Human Resources Manager                    Business Agent
Nupar Manufacturing                        Plumber’s & Pipefitter’s Local #430
13902 E. 530 Rd.                           2908 N. Harvard
Claremore, OK 74017                        Tulsa, OK 74115
PH: 341-8000                               PH: 918 836-0430 x14
FAX:                                       FAX:
larry_duckert@baldor.com                   Beden430@yahoo.com

Leta Epperson                                       Darrel Fry, WIB Chairman
JJ Specialist II, Office of Juvenile Affairs        President, NMW, Inc.
2120 Holly Rd.                                      P.O. Box 678
Claremore, OK 74017                                 Nowata, Oklahoma 74048
PH: 918 341-6776                                    PH: 918 273-2204
FAX:                                                FAX:
letepp@oja.state.ok.us                              dfry@nowata.com

Scott Fry                                           John Hawkins
Manager, OSU/Okmulgee Tech                          VP, Customer Relations
4059 Redden St.                                     Equitable Plan Services
Pryor, OK 74361                                     PO Box 342
PH: 918 825-4678                                    Pryor, OK 74362
FAX:                                                PH: 918 638-2001
Frym@osu-okmulgee.edu                               FAX:

Robert Hunt                                         Amy Johns
Director, Oklahoma Workforce In Action              Publisher
104 Hester Place                                    Pryor Daily Times
Chelsea, OK 74016                                   PO Box 308
PH: 918 789-5566                                    Pryor, OK 74362
FAX:                                                PH: 918 825-3292
Robert.hunt@oesc.state.ok.us                        FAX:

Bill Kannegiesser                                   Larry Ketcher
HR/Safety Mgr.                                      Cherokee Nation
NGC Industries, Inc.                                P.O. Box 948
4189 Hunt St.                                       Tahlequah, OK 74465-0948
Pryor, OK 74361                                     PH: 918 456-0671 x2462
PH: 918 825-0142 x323                               FAX:
FAX:                                                lketcher@cherokee.org

Mary Lawson                                         April Lockhart
Owner, Personnel Consultants                        Admissions Counselor, Tulsa Job Corp
Rt. 3, Box 179                                      104 Hester Place
Pryor, OK 74361                                     Chelsea, OK 74016
PH: 918 825-0077                                    PH: 918 789-5566
FAX:                                                FAX:
mlawson@personnel-consultants.com                   aprildlockhart@hotmail.com

Kim Riley-Mangum                       Karol May
Asst. Warden                           Associate Director, Community Action
Northern OK Correctional Center        Resource & Development
PO Box 887                             P.O. Box 947
Vinita, OK 74301-0887                  Claremore, OK 74018
PH: 918 256-3392                       PH: 918 343-0531
kim.riley@doc.state.ok.us              FAX:

Betty Meeks                            Richard Mitchell
Owner, Quality Wood Products           Employment Analyst
605 Henley Ave.                        ConocoPhillips
Miami, OK 74354                        460 Phillips Blvd.
918-542-5531                           Bartesville, OK 74004
qwpinc@neok.com                        PH: 918 661-9506

Bob Portis                             Lee Rogers
Director, Tulsa Port of Catoosa        Manager, Workforce Planning
5350 Cimarron Road                     Centrilift
Catoosa, OK 74015                      200 W. Stuart Roosa
PH: 918 266-2291                       Claremore, OK 74017
FAX:                                   PH: 918 342-8410
Bob@tulsaport.com                      FAX:

John Rowe                              John Skillern
Director of Operations                 Veterans Rep., Workforce Oklahoma
Home of Hope                           P.O. Box 427
PO Box 903                             Pryor, OK 74362
Vinita, OK 74301-0903                  PH: 918 825-2582
PH: 918 256-7825 x184                  FAX:
FAX:                                   john.skillern@oesc.state.ok.us

Judee Snodderly                        Cathy Spencer
Executive Director                     Manager, Oklahoma Employment Security
Miami Area Economic Development        Commission
2 N. Main, Ste 601                     P.O. Box 670
Miami, OK 74354                        Miami, OK 74355
PH: 918 542-8405                       PH: 918 331-3406
FAX:                                   FAX:
jsnodderly@miami-ok.org                cathy.spencer@oesc.state.ok.us

Bill Stephens                                   Mike Strotheide
Superintendent                                  Director, Claremore Industrial &
Miami Public Schools                            Economic Development Authority
418 “G” SE                                      1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd.
Miami, OK 74354                                 P.O. Box 984
PH: 918 542-8405                                Claremore, OK 74018
FAX:                                            PH: 918 341-4755
Bstephens@miami.k12.ok.us                       FAX:

Darrel Sword                                    Charles Tomlin
General Manager, Express Personnel              Finance Director, City of Miami
523 S. Mill St.                                 PO Box 1288
Pryor, OK 74361                                 Miami, OK 74355-0309
PH: 918 825-1010                                PH: 918 541-2221
FAX:                                            FAX:
Darryl.sword@expresspersonnel.com               Ctomlin@miamiokla.net

Rebecca Thulin                                  Patti Tipton
County Director, Dept. of Human Services        Director, Business and Industry
2114 Denver Harner Dr.                          NE Technology Center
Miami, OK 74354                                 P.O. Box 487
PH: 918 541-2400                                Pryor, OK 74362-0487
FAX:                                            PH: 918 825-7040
Rebecca.Thulin@okdhs.org                        patipton@netechcenters.com

Tom Turner                                      Robert Wagner
Superintendent, Chouteau Public Schools         Human Resources Director
P.O. Box 969                                    City of Claremore
Chouteau, OK 74337                              P.O. Box 249
PH: 918 476-8376 x116                           Claremore, OK 74018
FAX:                                            PH: 918 341-7527
chouteaus-ct@chouteautel.com                    FAX:

 Hope White                                     Jodee Whitworth
Marketing Director                              Owner, Ace Hardware
Integris Mayes County Medical Center            601 E. Illinois
129 N. Kentucky St.                             Vinita, OK 74301
Pryor, OK 74361                                 PH: 918 256-4223
PH: 918 825-1600                                FAX:
FAX:                                            jodeew@cableone.net

 Evan Zorn
 President, Bartlesville Development Authority
 201 S.W. Keeler, P.O. Box 2366
 Bartlesville, OK 74005
 PH: 918 337-0001

Committees/Councils of the Northeast Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: Representatives include all officers and representatives of each Local
Labor Market Area.

Washington-Nowata LMA Committee: Sub-Committee to the Board addressing workforce
needs and issues of the Washington/Nowata county Local Labor Market area.

Ottawa-Craig LMA Committee: Sub-Committee to the Board addressing workforce needs and
issues of the Ottawa/Craig County Local Labor Market area.

Rogers-Mayes-Delaware LMA Committee: Sub-Committee to the Board addressing the
workforce needs of the Rogers, Mayes, & Delaware County Local Labor Market Area.


Jim Montgomery
County Commissioner, Mayes County
P. O. Box 95
Pryor, OK 74362
PH: 918 785-2449

Counties covered: Beaver, Cimarron, Dewey, Ellis, Harper, Texas, Woods, and Woodward


Jennifer Miller                      Chair: Bill Gerber
1117 11th St.                        Woodward Iodine
Woodward, OK 73801                   P.O. Box 1245
PH: 580-256-3308                     Woodward, OK 73802
jennifer.miller@oesc.state.ok.us     PH: 580-254-3311
                                     FAX: 580-625-3420

                                      Chair Bill Gerber
                                   Human Resources Manager
                                      Woodward Iodine

Recently appointed to the Governor’s Council on Workforce and Economic Development, Bill
Gerber is dedicated to creating a world class workforce in Oklahoma. His leadership style and
consistent drive to be successful with Workforce Development have allowed the Northwest
Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board to flourish. He was also chairperson of the Woodward
Local Workforce Development Council where he accepted new challenges and dealt with tough
issues while promoting participation, considering other opinions, and realizing the needs of all
stakeholders in the Workforce Investment System.


Mike Bostic                            Brooks, Gene
OEDA                                   Tri-County Electric
P.O. Box 668                           P.O. Box 880
Beaver, OK 73932-0668                  Hooker, OK 73945-0880
PH: 580 625-4531                       PH: 580 625-2418
oedaxdir@ptsi.net                      genebrooks@tri-countyelectric.coop

Taylor Burnett                         Ted Campbell
Express Personnel                      Chesapeake Operating
1020 Texas                             Route 1, Box 5 A
Woodward, OK 73801-3128                Waynoka, OK 73860-0243
PH: 580 256-5433                       PH: 580 824-0220
taylor.burnett@expresspersonnel.com    tcampbell@chkenergy.com

Monica Cervantes                       Kevin Corr
ORO Case Manager                       O’Reilly Auto Parts
P.O. Box 1321                          312 Oklahoma Blvd.
Guymon, OK 73942                       Alva, OK 73717
PH: 580 338-1005                       PH: 580 327-0224
mcervoro@ptsi.net                      kwcorr@pldi.net

Richard Cowan                          Ronda Custer
Chief Local Elected Official           Mutual of Omaha
Beaver County                          P.O. Box 9
P.O. Box 338                           Woodward, OK 73802-0009
Beaver, OK 73932                       PH: 580 571-8106
PH: 580 361-2266                       ronda.custer@mutualofomaha.com

Rod Donley                             Vicky Downey
OARC                                   OESC Area Manager Northwest
P.O. Box 158                           P.O. Box 608
Woodward, OK 73802-0158                Woodward, OK 73802-0608
PH: 580 256-2000                       PH: 580 256-3308
oarcworks@yahoo.com                    vicky.downey@oesc.state.ok.us

Craig Downing                          Georgia Forthum
Downings Market                        Opportunities Inc.
P.O. Box 160                           P.O. Box 569
Beaver, OK 73932-0160                  Watonga, OK 73772-0569
PH: 580 625-3042                       forthum@pldi.net

Bill Gerber                         Mike Habikott
Woodward Iodine                     Check Engine
P.O. Box 1245                       1221 Oklahoma Ave.
Woodward, OK 73802-1245             Woodward, OK 73801
PH: 580 254-3311                    PH: 580 256-8009
w_gerber@cneconnect.com             mikehabekott@sbcglobal.net

Brian Hinkle                        Carol Holland
Brotherhood of Electric Workers     Department of Rehabilitative Services
310 N. Leila                        508 N. Roosevelt Street
Guymon, OK 73942                    Guymon, OK 73942
hinkle@ptsi.net                     PH: 580 338-2043

Dennis Hunter                       Bill Jackson
Fire Fighter Union #2560            High Plains Tech Center
1902 Sante Fe                       3921 34th St.
Woodward, OK 73801-2348             Woodward, OK 73801
                                    PH: 580 256-6618

Don Jenkins                         Chet Krone
Town of Beaver                      Guymon Career Center
P.O. Box 698                        P.O. Box 505
Beaver, OK 73932                    Guymon, OK 73942-0505
PH: 580 625-3331                    PH: 580 338-8521
townofbv@ptsi.net                   chet.krone@oesc.state.ok.us

Don Loomis                          Paul McCord
CJ Nutracon                         Northwestern Electric Cooperative
290 Tumbleweed Dr.                  P.O. Box 2707
Guymon, OK 73942                    Woodward, OK 73802
PH: 580 468-3801                    PH: 580 256-7425

Amy Madison                         Scott Nichols
Bill Johnson Correctional Center    Hardberger & Smylie, Inc.
Route 1 Box 48                      Route 2, Box 14 A
Alva, OK 73717                      Beaver, OK 73932-9602
PH: 580 327-8000                    PH: 580 625-3454

Michael Parkhurst                   Mike Payne
Guymon Public Schools               Woods County Economic Development
P.O. Box 1307                       1801 S. 11th
Guymon, OK 73942-1307               Alva, OK 73717
PH: 580 338-4350                    PH: 580 327-2150
mparkhurst@guymon.k12.ok.us         mikep@nwt.tec.ok.us

Linda Semmel                                   Tim Starkey
Department of Human Services                   Memorial Hospital of Texas County
4900 Oklahoma Ave.                             520 Medical Dr.
Woodward, OK 73801-3713                        Guymon, OK 73942
PH: 580 256-6091                               PH: 580 338-6515
linda.castor@okdhs.org                         testarke@ptsi.net

Betty Vijoen                                   Kathie Waugh
PREDCI                                         Murphy Farms LLC
Route 5, Box 120                               P.O. Box 1066
Guymon, OK 73942                               Laverne, OK 73848
PH: 580 338-8500                               PH: 800 586-2019 x238
predci@ptsi.net                                kwaugh@murphyfarms.com

Gregg Weber
Bank of Beaver City
P.O. 850
Beaver, OK 73932-0850
PH: 580 625-4511

Committees/Councils of the Northwest Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: The Northwest Workforce Investment Board currently has an Executive
Committee comprised of the Board Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, one additional business
representative, and two non-business representatives. The Executive Committee may act in
place of the full Board when necessary with subsequent full Board review and action.

Youth Council: A Youth Council has been established as a subgroup of the Northwest
Workforce Investment Board. The duties of the Youth Council are defined in Section 117(h)(4)
of the Workforce Investment Act.


Richard Cowan
Beaver County
Route 1, Box 123
Balko, OK 73932
PH: 580 361-2266

Counties covered: Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady, Jefferson, McClain, Stephens, and


Ray Friedl                         Chair: Walter Lentz
South Central Oklahoma             NC Group Supervisor
Workforce Board                    Manufacturing Technology
PO Box 1647                        Halliburton Energy Services
802 W. Main Street                 P.O. Box 1431
Duncan, OK 73534-1647              Duncan, OK 73536-0342
frie_ra@ascog.org                  580-251-3856

                                         Walter Lentz
               President, South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board

Walt Lentz has been a member of the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board
(SCOWIB) since its establishment in February 2000. He began his first term as SCOWIB
President in 2002 and is currently serving his second term in that position.

Mr. Lentz is employed by Halliburton Energy Services in Duncan, OK as the Project Manager
for Manufacturing. In all, he has worked for Halliburton for over 25 years.

Walt Lentz received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology—1974 and Masters of
Science in Technical Education—1976 from Oklahoma State University. He was also a faculty
member in the Department of Technology at Cameron University for two and one-half years.

Mr. Lentz was a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force and holds the distinction of
Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout.

Walt Lentz was the South Central Oklahoma Business Leader of the Year in 2003.

Mr. Lentz is involved in numerous community organizations and activities.

Walt and his wife Cristy reside in the Duncan area.

                        SOUTH CENTRAL OKLAHOMA

Allee, Al                                        Bradley, Linda
CEO                                              Program Director, Disabilities Program
Frederick Memorial Hospital & Physician          Great Plains Improvement Foundation, Inc.
Group                                            #2 S.E. Lee Boulevard, Suite 200
319 E. Josephine                                 P.O. Box 926
Frederick, OK 73542-2299                         Lawton, OK 73502
PH: 580-335-7565                                 PH: 580-355-9223
FAX: 580-335-7329                                FAX: 580-355-1568
alallee@frederickhospital.com                    gpifddsp1@gpif-caa.org

Butler, Jerry                                    Crews, Robert
President                                        Owner
Communication Workers of America #6009           Crews Funeral Home
Route 4 Box 75                                   122 East Floyd
Anadarko, OK 73005-9437                          P.O. Box 307
PH: 405-453-7276                                 Apache, OK 73006-0307
FAX: 580-353-4385                                PH: 580-588-3366
jerrybutler@sbcglobal.net                        FAX: 580-588-3350

Cunningham, Bill                                 Cunningham, Pat
Manufacturing Extension Agent                    Director
Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing              Adult Education & Literacy
Excellence, Inc.                                 900 W. Choctaw Avenue
4500 West Lee Boulevard                          Chickasha, OK 73018-2213
Lawton, OK 73505                                 PH: 405-222-6562
PH: 580-704-9009                                 FAX: 405-222-6561
FAX: 580-250-5566                                pcunningham@chickasha.k12.ok.us

Davis, Leon                                Dawkins, Annette
Veterans Representative                    Executive Director
Disabled American Veterans, Chapter #56    Northside Chamber of Commerce
308 NW 63rd Street                         910 East Avenue
Lawton, OK 73505                           P.O. Box 1914
PH: 580-357-3500 X 131                     Lawton, OK 73502-1914
FAX: 580-357-9629                          PH: 580-355-9547
leon.davis@oesc.state.ok.us                FAX: 580-355-3132

Denham, Diane                              Devero, Wes
Financial Planner                          President
Merrill Lynch                              Duncan Area Economic Development
219 C. Avenue                              P.O. Box 1051
Lawton, OK 73501-4699                      Duncan, OK 73534-1051
PH: 580-357-9990                           PH: 580-255-9675
FAX: 580-357-2492                          FAX: 580-255-2647
ddenham@pclient.ml.com                     daedf@texhoma.net

Gromer, Jory                               James, Sandra
General Manager                            Director
Green Bay Packaging, Inc.                  Comanche County DHS
1800 Charles Allen Road                    2609 SW Lee Boulevard
Chickasha, OK 73016-1627                   Lawton, OK 73505-8393
PH: 405-222-2306                           PH: 580-250-3691
FAX: 405-222-2367                          FAX: 580-250-3738
jgromer@gbp.com                            sandra.james@okdhs.org

Kern, Rose Mary                            Kernek, George
Center Director                            Manger
Treasure Lake Job Corps Center             Glen-Harris-Kernek Insurance Agency
Route 1                                    P.O. Box 1676
P.O. Box 30                                Purcell, OK 73080-7676
Indiahoma, OK 73552-0030                   PH: 405-527-2101
PH: 580-246-3203 X 116                     FAX: 405-527-2102
FAX: 580-246-8222                          e-mail- not available

Lee, Gail                           Lentz, Walt
Citizen                             Project Manager
Citizen-At-Large                    Manufacturing Technology, Halliburton
112 Caulder Drive                   Energy Services
Chickasha, OK 73018-7708            100 Halliburton Boulevard
PH: 405-224-2146                    P.O. Box 1431
FAX: 405-224-4139                   Duncan, OK 73536-0342
galee68@aol.com                     PH: 580-251-3856
                                    FAX: 580-251-3607

Ludwick, Ron                        Martin, Jerry
Executive Vice President            Superintendent
BancFirst                           Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center
16th South Ninth                    P.O. Box 190
P.O. Box 1468                       Fort Cobb, OK 73038-0190
Duncan, OK 73534-1468               PH: 405-643-5511 X 230
PH: 580-251-7037                    FAX: 405-643-2144/3014
FAX: 580-251-7063                   jmartin@caddokiowa.com

Morey, Brent                        Newkirk, Court
Executive Director                  Economic Development Director
Red River Transportation Service    Lawton Ft. Sill Chamber of Commerce and
105 S. Main Street                  Industry
P.O. Box 989                        629 SW C Avenue
Frederick, OK 73542-0989            P.O. Box 1376
PH: 580-335-5588                    Lawton, OK 73502
FAX: 580-335-3092                   PH: 580-355-3541
bmorey@pldi.net                     FAX: 580-357-3642

Owen, Glenda                        Pamplin, Wayne
Area Manager                        District Supervisor
South Central Oklahoma Region       Department of Rehabilitation Services
301 South 2nd                       1332 NW 53rd Street
Chickasha, OK 73018                 Lawton, OK 73505-4648
PH: 405-224-3310                    PH: 580-248-2582
FAX: 405-222-1215                   FAX: 580-250-1634
glenda.owen@oesc.state.ok.us        awpamplin@drs.state.ok.us

Pittman, Chris                            Rhoades, Mark
Vice President, Human Resources           Vice President, Human Resources
LaSill Aviation                           Duncan Regional Hospital
3401 SW 11th A-2                          1407 Whisenant
Lawton Airport                            P.O. Box 2000
Lawton, OK 73501                          Duncan, OK 73534-2000
PH: 580-351-2900                          PH: 580-251-8594
FAX: 877-471-7305                         FAX: 580-251-8829
cpittmanok@aol.com                        mark.rhoades@duncanregional.com

Schonvisky, Angela                        Simpson, Jeffrey
Software Engineer                         Manager, Administrative Services
Techrizon                                 Cotton Electric Cooperative, Inc.
713 SW C Avenue                           226 North Broadway
Lawton, OK 73501-4311                     Walters, OK 73572-1299
PH: 580-351-6372                          PH: 580-875-3351 X 252
FAX: None                                 FAX: 580-875-3101
schonvav@aol.com                          jsimpson1@cottonelectric.com

Stoll, Susan                              Thomas, Lisa
Secretary-Treasurer                       Field Monitor/MIS Coordinator
Communication Workers of America #6009    Workforce Development Division, ASCOG
1303 West Gore Boulevard, Suite 4         804 West Main Street
P.O. Box 2693                             P.O. Box 1647
Lawton, OK 73502                          Duncan, OK 73534-1647
PH: 580-353-0163                          PH: 580-252-0595 X 9
FAX: 580-353-4385                         FAX: 580-252-6170
susanstoll@sbcglobal.net                  thom_li@ascog.org

Thomas, Tom                               Tiner, George
Associate Superintendent                  Assistant Superintendent
Great Plains Technology Center            Canadian Valley Technology Center
4500 SW Lee Boulevard                     1401 Michigan Avenue
Lawton, OK 73505-8399                     Chickasha, OK 73018-2199
PH: 580-250-5555                          PH: 405-224-7220
FAX: 580-250-5566                         FAX: 405-222-3839
TTHOMAS@GPTECH.ORG                        gtiner@cvtech.org

Victorian, Donna                                Waggoner, Don
Director                                        President
Workforce Comanche Nation                       DLW, Inc.
P.O. Box 908                                    105 North Hudson, Suite 310
Lawton, OK 73502-0908                           Oklahoma City, OK 73102-4815
PH: 580-492-3786                                PH: 405-232-9541
FAX: 580-492-3783                               FAX: 405-272-1082
dvict@Lawtonnet.Net                             donw@crawleypetroleum.com

Wilson, Barbara
Wilson Cattle Company
P.O. Box 720
Ringling, OK 73456-0710
PH: 580-662-2053
FAX: 580-662-3144

Committees/Councils of the South Central Workforce Investment Board:

Executive Committee: comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and
several business and public sector directors, acts on behalf of the South Central Oklahoma
Workforce Investment Board on actions requiring attention between board meetings. It reports
to and makes recommendations to the full board.

Youth Council: is a subgroup of the South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board,
comprised of members of the board and outside agencies and people with special interest or
expertise in youth policy. The council provides advice and expertise on youth matters.

Finance Committee: develops, recommends, and oversees the WIA, Title V, and budgets for the
South Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board.

Strategic Planning Committee: develops, recommends, oversees goal accomplishment, and
recommends improvement to the strategic plan for the South Central Oklahoma Workforce
Investment Board.

Business, Education, and Return on Investment Committee: provides direction and makes
recommendations on area efforts pertaining to meeting the strategic goals for a better educated
workforce, more competitive employers, and attaining a fair rate of return on taxpayer’s
investment. Develops and recommends the level and mix of adult and dislocated worker
services provided in south central Oklahoma.

Jobs and Income Committee: provides direction and makes recommendations on area efforts
pertaining to meeting the strategic goals of increasing and tracking the number of people who
find jobs as a result of WIA services, increasing the number of people who come to the area’s
One Stop centers, supporting the area’s economic development efforts utilizing the area’s
workforce investment system tools and resources, and increasing the number of people whose
wages increase as a result of receiving job related assistance though the area’s One Stop centers.
Develops and recommends business service strategy for south central Oklahoma.


Ron Kirby
Commanche County Commissioner, District Two
1722 NW 31st St.
Lawton, OK 73507-3845
PH: 580 585-5332
FAX: 580 357-9478

Counties covered: Choctaw, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, McCurtain, Pittsburg, Pushmataha

                      SOUTHEAST AREA

Karen Davidson                              Chair: Herb Matlock
KEDDO                                       Matlock Consulting
P.O. Box 638                                P.O. Box 84
Wilburton, OK 74578                         Garvin, OK 74736
918-465-2367 or 580-326-7502                580-286-6319
Fax: 918-465-3873                           Fax: 580-286-3134
ked2286@yahoo.com                           herbmat@yahoo.com

                                      Chair Herb Matlock
                                      Matlock Consulting
                                         Garvin, OK

Herb Matlock resides in Garvin, Oklahoma. He has been married to Mary Jo Matlock for 55
years. He and Mary Jo have four sons, five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Mr.
Matlock attended Carl Albert State College, Eastern State College and Oklahoma City
University. A veteran of four years service in the U.S. Air Force, he is retired from the FAA and
the Southeast Area Job Training Partnership Act Program, the predecessor of WIA. Currently,
he is a rancher and the owner of an Independent Consulting Business. In addition to serving as
Chair of the Southeast Area Workforce Investment Board, Mr. Matlock is President of the
Oklahoma Association of Workforce Investment Boards, Secretary/Treasurer of the Little Dixie
Community Action Agency, a member of the Board of Trustees for the E. T. Dunlap Foundation,
and a member of the Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development. He is the

former mayor of Garvin and publisher of the Valliant Challenger Newspaper.


Danny Antwine                                  Pete Bass
Choctaw County Commissioner                    City Manger, City of Stigler
Rt. 1 Box 127A                                 115 S. Broadway
Soper, OK 74759                                Stigler, OK 74462
PH: 580 326-5331 County Courthouse             PH: 918 967-2164
Fax: 580 326-8052 Courthouse                   Fax: 918 967-8344
PH: 580 566-2415 County Shop, Dist. 1          Bass0555567@cs.com
Fax: 580 566-2712 Shop
Cell: 580 513-5971

Steve Bryan                                    Cody Cox
CEO, Kiamichi Electric                         P.O. Box 1197
P.O. Box 340                                   Idabel, OK 74745
Wilburton, OK 74578                            PH: 580 286-6667
PH: 918 465-2338                               Fax: 580 286-7867
sbryan@kiamichielectric.org                    cody.cox@oesc.state.ok.us

Frank Drobil                                   Duke Dunn
1000 JT Tucker Rd.                             Owner, Dunn Ford
Broken Bow, OK 74728                           203 West Main
PH: 580 584-7007                               Stigler, OK 74462
wpfjd@huber.com                                PH: 918 967-3384
                                               Fax: 918-967-4678

Chyrel Fortner                                 Joe Fry
Human Resource Manager, Pan Pacific            Fry Rodeo Stock Producers
Route 4, Box 371                               42385 State Highway 63
Broken Bow, OK 74728                           Talihina, OK 74571
PH: 580 584-6247                               PH: 918 567-2101 Home

Gail Gilpin                                    Mike Green AFL-CIO
408 Dewey                                      8640 High Hill Rd.
Poteau, OK 74953                               McAlester, OK 74501
PH: 918 647-3833                               PH: 918 420-7641
Fax: 918-647-8910                              Fax: 918-420-7404
literacy@buckley.lib.ok.us                     michael.e.green@us.army.mil

Ray Henson                                 Faye House
Superintendent, Talihina Public Schools    HC 74 Box 100
P.O. Box 38                                Wright City, OK 74766
Talihina, OK 74571                         PH: 580 981-1508
PH: 918 567-2259, Ext. 6                   Fax: 580 981-1509
Fax: 918-567-4507                          faye.house@weyerhaeuser.com

Carroll Huggins, Executive Director,       Greg Kasbaum
KIBOIS Community Action Agency             Superintendent, Stigler Public Schools
PO Box 727                                 302 NW “E”
Stigler, OK 74462                          Stigler, OK 74462
PH: 918 967-3325                           PH: 918 967-2805
Fax: 918-967-8669                          Fax: 918-967-4550
carroll.huggins@kibois.org                 gkasbaum@stigler.k12.ok.us

William McDonald                           Herb Matlock
American Legion, Post 8                    Matlock Consulting
801 S.E. Jefferson                         PO Box 84
Idabel, OK 74745                           Garvin, OK 74736
PH: 580 286-3744                           PH: 580 286-6319
                                           Fax: 580 286-3134

Terry Matlock                              Cecilia Miers, Vocational Rehabilitation
CEO, Choctaw Electric                      321 S. 3rd, Suite 6
P.O. Box 758                               McAlester, OK 74501
Hugo, OK 74743                             PH: 918 426-8800
PH: 580 326-6486                           ckmiers@drs.state.ok.us
Fax: 580 326-2492

Patty Dunegan Mink                         Pauline Moffatt
Director, Choctaw Nation WIA Program       107 South 3rd
Drawer 1210                                Hugo, OK 74743
Durant, OK 74702                           PH: 580 326-7502
PH: 580 924-8280 ext. 2209                 Fax: 580-326-3343
Fax: 580-924-2923                          paumoffatt@aol.com

Frank Phillips                               Maynard Phillips
Public Service Company                       1301 W. Main
900 East Gene Stipe Blvd.                    Wilburton, OK 74578
McAlester, OK 74501                          PH: 918 465-1761
PH: 918 426-7922                             mphillips@eosc.edu

Perry Renfro, AFL-CIO                        Nina Ritchie
PO Box 157                                   Carl Albert State College
Poteau, OK 74953-0157                        1507 S. McKenna
PH: 918 649-0603                             Poteau, OK 74953
Fax: 918 649-0703                            PH: 918 647-1393
                                             Fax: 918 647-1218

Gene Rogers                                  Steve Rouse
Pittsburg County Commissioner                HC 69 Box 130
Pittsburg County Courthouse                  Hugo, OK 74743
115 East Carl Albert Pkwy                    PH: 580 326-8335
McAlester, OK 74501                          Fax: 580-326-2478
PH: 918 423-1338 Crthouse,                   email@tricountyautoplex.com
918 297-2933 County Shop #1
Fax: 918 426-0209 Crthouse, 297-7826 Shop

Jeff Shockley                                William Smith, Director
Mayor, City of Poteau                        Kiamichi Opportunities, Inc.
111 Peters Street                            PO Box 669
Poteau, OK 74953                             Hugo, OK 74743
PH: 918 647-4191                             PH: 580 326-7549
Fax: 918 647-9905                            Fax: 580 326-7540
mayor@poteau_ok.com                          ws1968@hotmail.com

Sevilla Vance                                Joe Ann Vermillion
Director, DHS                                Director, KTC, McAlester Campus
PO Box 370                                   301 Kiamichi Drive
Poteau, OK 74953                             McAlester, OK 74501
PH: 918 649-2312/2300                        PH: 918 426-0940
Fax: 918 647-2482                            Fax: 918 426-1626
sevilla.vance@okdhs.org                      jvermillion@okkt.org

Mike Ward                                    Marie Wilks
Oklahomans for Independent Living            KEDDO WIA
601 East Carl Albert Pkwy                    PO Box 638
McAlester, OK 74501                          Wilburton, OK 74578
PH: 918 426-6220                             PH: 918 465-2367
Fax: 918 426-3245                            Fax: 918 465-3873

Committees/Councils of the Southeast Area Workforce Investment Board:

Southeast Area Business Service Committee: This Committee has the responsibility of being the
lead entity in the design and implementation of Business Services.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee of the Southeast Area WIB shall act in the
place of the full board, only when necessary and with subsequent full Board review and action;
may prepare the agenda for Board Meetings.

Strategic Planning Committee: The Strategic Planning Committee of the Southeast Area WIB
will meet regularly with WIB staff during the development of the Southeast Area WIB’s
Strategic Plan and shall provide direction and guidance to WIB staff on said development and

Policy Review Committee: The Policy Review Committee of the Southeast WIB shall meet
whenever WIB staff has advised the Chairman of the Committee that policy
revisions/development have/are occurring. The Committee will make recommendations to the
Board relative to said policy.

Youth Committee: The Youth Committee of the Southeast WIB shall meet regularly to provide
input and guidance to the Southeast Area Youth Council.

One-Stop Committee: The One-Stop Committee of the Southeast WIB is charged with the duty
of studying, providing input, and making recommendations to the WIB relative to the
development and implementation of integrated one-stop centers as well as all other issues
relative to one-stop centers.

Budget and Finance Committee: The Budget and Finance Committee of the Southeast WIB will
provide input and direction to Southeast WIB staff in the development of the WIB’s yearly

Realignment Committee: The Realignment Committee of the Southeast WIB was designed to
insure that the Southeast WIB has real separation from the provision of WIA Title I services.

Agreement Committee: The Agreement Committee of the Southeast WIB was formed to plan,
develop, and recommend for approval an agreement between the Southeast WIB, Southeast
LEO’s and the Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma that will achieve
separation of the WIB from service provision through a “firewall”.

Memorandum of Understanding Committee: The MOU Committee of the Southeast WIB has
the responsibility of assisting in the development of a Memorandum of Understanding
between/among the participating partners in the Southeast Area.

Training Provider Committee: The Training Provider Committee of the Southeast WIB will
review and recommend approval/denial of new training provider programs during time when a
regularly scheduled WIB Meeting is not imminent and when delay would work a hardship on the
training provider and/or the job seeker/training customer.


Randy Crone, Chair
Local Elected Officials
Pittsburg County Commissioner
Pittsburg County Courthouse
McAlester, OK 74501
918-423-1338 Courthouse
918-423-1405 County Shop

Counties covered: Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Coal, Garvin, Johnston, Love, Marshall, Murray,
and Pontotoc


Kerry Manning                               Chair: Keith Buelow
Carri Colwell                               H. R./ Safety Director
Southern Workforce Investment Board         Holcim, (U.S.) Inc.
PO Box 1577                                 1100 West 18th
1502 North 1st                              Ada, OK 74850
Durant, OK 74702-1577                       PH: 580 332-1512 x111
PH: 580-924-5331                            FAX: 580 436-3273
Fax: 580-920-2004                           keith.buelow@holcim.com

                                      KEITH BUELOW

          Mr. Keith Buelow is the Human Resource Manager for Holcim, Inc. and resides in
Ada, Oklahoma. Mr. Buelow has been engaged in workforce development since the
implementation of the Workforce Investment Act in 1998. He has demonstrated leadership as
the current Chairman of the Southern Workforce Investment Board. He has served as Board
Chairman since WIA inception. He is the Vice President of the Oklahoma Association of
Workforce Investment Boards. He is active in and conscientious in the areas of workforce
development and economic development issues. Mr. Buelow is active in all aspects, including
collecting and analyzing of labor market information, sharing views regarding labor markets in

Southern Oklahoma, developing creative job training and other public programs, and
participating in collaboration with economic development.


Wes Bowman                                      Darlene Brice
Executive Director                              Plant Manager
S.O.D.A.                                        Ethan Allen, Inc.
PO Box 709                                      Highway 69 North
Durant, OK 74702                                Atoka, OK 74525
580-920-1388                                    580-889-6601
580-920-1391                                    580-889-7852
 wesbowman@soda-aaa.org                         dbrice@ehtanalleninc.com

Pamela Bridwell                                 Tommy Kramer
Southern OK Workforce Area Manager              Economic Development Director
OESC                                            Durant Economic Development
1628 E. Beverly, Suite 115                      215 N. 4th Ave.
Ada, OK 74820                                   Durant, OK 74701
580-332-1533                                    580-924-4570
580-421-9265                                    580-924-0348
Pamela.bridwell@oesc.state.ok.us                tkramer@durant.org

Keith Buelow                                    Dr. Rick Wetherill
H.R./Safety Director, Holcim, (U.S.) Inc.       Executive Director
1100 W. 18th                                    Continuing Education & Community Services
Ada, OK 74850                                   PMB E-3
PH: 580 332-1512 x111                           East Central University
FAX: 580 436-3273                               1100 East 14th St.
keith.buelow@holcim.com                         Ada, OK 74820-6999

Elva Campbell                                   Beverly Carson
Business Manager, International Union of        Director, Adult Education & Literacy
Operating Engineers                             P.O. Box 780
P.O. Box 2418                                   Pauls Valley, OK 73075
Ardmore, OK 73402                               PH: 405 238-5568
PH: 580 223-8854                                FAX: 405 238-1234
FAX: 580 223-0376                               acarson@telepath.com

Donnalla van Rijn               Dan Clements
Human Resources Manager         CEO, Hurly Health Center
Big Lots Distribution Center    P.O. Box 326
2306 Enterprise Blvd.           Coalgate, OK 74538
Durant, OK 74701                PH: 580 927-2327
580-931-2100                    FAX: 580 927-2815
580-931-2196                    d.clements@ccghospital.com

Luann Taylor                    Chuck Blehm
Operations Director             Production Manger
DJK Enterprises, Inc.           Michelin North America
603 E. Main                     1101 Michelin Road
Ada, OK 74820                   Ardmore, OK 73404
580-332-2696                    580-221-2416
580-332-2419                    580-221-2405
taylordjk@cableone.net          charles.blehm@us.michelin.com

Pat Harlan                      Susan Hawkins
Agency Planner                  Field Services Coordinator
Delta Community Action          Department of Rehabilitation Services
223 Washington St.              1628 E. Beverly, Suite 110
Purcell, OK 73080               Ada, OK 74820
405-527-6537                    580-436-2430
405-427-6538                    580-436-3542
pharlan@socket.net              sghawkins@drs.state.ok.us

Carlene Hill                    Kendra Kelly
Ada Jobs Foundation             Owner
President and CEO               Arbuckle Truck Driving School
300 W. Main                     PO Box 6
Ada, OK 74820                   Gene Autry, OK 73436
580-235-0070                    1-800-654-8706
580-332-2578                    arbuckle101@brightok.net

Sam Jewell                      Dana Chapman
President                       Plant Manager
Callaway Nursing Home           DOT Foods
PO Box 582                      3411 Cypert Way
Sulphur, OK 73086               Ardmore, OK 73401
580-622-2416                    580-226-2884
580-622-5151                    217-773-2338
stj@brightok.net                dchapman@dotfoods.com

David Jordan                             Pat Woods
Vice President of H.R.                   Administrator of Program Operations
Valley View Hospital                     Chickasaw Nation
430 N. Monta Vista                       PO Box 1548
Ada, OK 74820                            Ada, OK 74820
580-421-1407                             580-436-7290
580-421-1386                             580-436-7266
djordan@vvrh.com                         pat.woods@chicksaw.net

Tammy Townley                            Rita Hoedebeck
Field Operations Coordinator             H.R. Director
Experience Works, Inc.                   Atlas Roofing Corporation
700 ½ N. Commerce                        PO Box 2416
Ardmore, OK 73401                        Ardmore, OK 73402
580-490-9336 Office 580-220-7888 Cell    580-223-3760
580-490-9086 Fax                         580-223-6894
tammy_pevehouse-                         rhoedebe@atlasroofing.com

Dale Lindsey                             Ronnie Magar
Asst. Manager                            County Director
Wal-Mart Super Center                    OK DHS Pontotoc County
1419 N. Country Club Road                1628 E. Beverly, Suite 104
Ada, OK 74820                            Ada, OK 74820
580-332-2232                             580-310-7050
580-332-8210                             580-310-7127
dlindsey@wilnet1.com                     ronaldmagar@okdhs.org

Lorrie Wright                            Clay McCall
WD Case Manager Specialist               Vice-President
Big Five Community Services, Inc.        AmeriState Bank
PO Box 1577                              PO Box 718
Durant, OK 74702                         Atoka, OK 74525
580-9234-5331                            580-889-3375
580-924-2004                             580-889-5731
lwright@bigfive.org                      clay.mccall@ameristatebank.com

Kris McElroy                             Stephanie Meyenberg
Internet Systems Engineer                Human Resources Manager, Flex-N-Gate
Duracom                                  One General Street
PO Box 1663                              Ada, OK 74820
Durant, OK 74702                         PH: 580 272-6729
580-920-0870                             FAX: 580 272-5613
580-920-5900                             smeyenberg@fngok.com

Patty Mink                                      Brien Thorstenberg
WIA Director                                    Vice-President of Development
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma                      Ardmore Development Authority
P.O. Box 1210                                   PO Box 1585
Durant, OK 74702                                Ardmore, OK 73402
PH: 580 924-8280                                580-223-7765
FAX: 580-924-2923                               580-223-7825
pdunegan@choctawnation.com                      bthorstenberg@ardmore.com

William Pennington                              Greg Pierce
President                                       Superintendent
Murray State College                            Pontotoc Technology Center
One Murray Campus                               601 W. 33rd
Tishomingo, OK 73460                            Ada, OK 74820
580-371-2371 ext. 103                           580-310-2225
580-371-9844                                    580-436-0236
Wdpennington@mscok.edu                          gpeirce@pontotoc.com

David Powell                                    James Savage
Assistant Superintendent                        Area Manager
Southern Oklahoma Technology Center             Oklahoma Natural Gas
2610 Sam Noble Parkway                          524 W. Evergreen
Ardmore, OK 73401                               Durant, OK 74701
580-223-2070 ext. 230                           580-924-4778
580-223-2120                                    580-920-2840
dlpowell@sotc.org                               jsavage@ong.com

Kenny Simpson                                   Stephen Hadwin
Executive Vice President, Rural Enterprises,    Executive Vice President
Inc.                                            IMTEC Corporation
P.O. Box 1335                                   2401 N. Commerce
Durant, OK 74702                                Ardmore, OK 73401
PH: 580 924-5094                                580-223-4456
FAX: 580 924-2745                               580-223-4561
kennysimpson@ruralenterprises.com               Stephen@imtec.com

Ken D. Gould Sr.                                Elaine Gee
Local Veterans Employment Representative        Director
OESC                                            Kiamichi Technology Center
PO Box 1467                                     PO Box 240
Ardmore, OK 73401                               Atoka, OK 74525
580-223-3291                                    580-889-7321
580-226-2730                                    580-889-5642
Kenneth.gould@oesc.state.ok.us                  egee@kavt.tec.ok.us

Doris Campbell                                       Don West
Director of Nursing                                  Manager of Human Resources
Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma              Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
1800 University                                      One Pre-Paid Way
Durant, OK 74701                                     Ada, OK 74820
580-924-3080 ext. 3104                               PH: 580 436-1234
580-924-0422                                         FAX: 580 436-7409
doris.Campbell@hma-corp.com                          donaldwest@pplsi.com

Ted Rutherford                                       Dick Dunham
Training Specialist                                  VP of Operations
Solo Cup Company                                     Indian Nation Wholesale
401 NE J.A. Richardson Loop                          PO Box 70
Ada, OK 74820                                        Durant, OK 74702
580-884-2402 or 580-436-1500 ext. 2402               580-920-0110
Fax 580-884-2257 or 580-272-0246                     580-920-1323
Ted.Rutherford@solocup.com                           dickdunham@sbcglobal.net

Randy Cloyd
Director of Office Management
Southeastern Electric Cooperative
PO Box 1370
Durant, OK 74702

Committees/Councils of the Southern Workforce Investment Board:

Board Oversight Committee - This is a standing committee. This group is responsible for the
overall oversight and public relations of the Board, including Robert's rules, agendas, by-law
compliance, open meetings/open records, membership recruitment, website development, press
releases, Conflict of Interest, Board staff, fiscal agent relationship, etc. This group will also assume
responsibility for implementation of the strategic plan once it has been approved by the full Board
of Directors.

Members:       Chair, David Jordan - Valley View Hospital, Ada, Oklahoma
               Keith Buelow - Holcim, Inc., Ada, Oklahoma
               Karl Burkhardt, Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
               Dan Clements - Hurley Health Center, Coalgate, Oklahoma
               Don West – Pre-Paid Legal, Ada, Oklahoma
               Lorrie Wright - Big Five Community Services, Durant, Oklahoma

One Stop Oversight Committee - This is a standing Committee. This group will make
recommendations in regards to the One Stop Centers, Operators, facility locations, partnerships,
performance, integration of staff and their functions, industry specific functions, and overall

Members:       Chair, Kenny Simpson - Rural Enterprises, Durant, Oklahoma
               Vice-Chair, Donnalla VanRijn - Big Lots Distribution Center, Durant, Oklahoma
               Darlene Brice - Ethan Allen, Inc., Atoka, Oklahoma
               Keith Buelow - Holcim, Inc., Ada, Oklahoma
               Stephanie Meyenberg - Flex-N-Gate, Ada, Oklahoma
               William Pennington, President, - Murray State College, Tishomingo, Oklahoma
               Ted Rutherford, Solo Cup, Ada, Oklahoma

Executive Committee - This is a standing committee. This Committee is responsible for any
review, discussion or action that needs to occur on an emergency basis when time constraints due
not allow for a full meeting of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, at the next full
Board meeting, must ratify all action taken by the Executive Committee.

Members:       Chair, Keith Buelow - Chair, Southern Workforce Board
               Dan Clements - Hurley Health Center, Coalgate, Oklahoma
               Clay McCall - AmeriState Bank, Atoka, Oklahoma
               James Savage - Oklahoma Natural Gas, Durant, Oklahoma
               Greg Pierce - Pontotoc Technology Center, Ada, Oklahoma

Youth Council - The Youth Council is responsible for the planning, oversight and
recommendation of programs and activities for the Southern Workforce Board youth programs.

Members:       Chair, Patti Mink - Choctaw Nation, Durant, Oklahoma
               Beverly Carson - Adult Education & Literacy, Ada, Oklahoma
               Mary Craig - Dayspring Church, Durant, Oklahoma
               Jerri Mullens - Dayspring Church, Durant, Oklahoma
               Lisa Hardman - Atoka Housing Authority, Atoka, Oklahoma
               Terri Creasman - Caddo Nursing Home, Caddo, Oklahoma
               John Caraway - Durant Middle School, Durant, Oklahoma
               Theresa Been - Job Corps, Ardmore, Oklahoma
               Winona Boatner - KAVT, Durant, Oklahoma
               Lorrie Wright - Big Five, Durant, Oklahoma

Strategic Planning Team - This group meets monthly and will dissolve when the work of the
Team is completed. The Strategic Planning Team reviews, evaluates, directs, etc. all of the strategic
planning work. Oklahoma Department of Commerce consultant, Art Johnson, in conjunction with
other entities, will do the vast majority of the actual work. The end result is the Board's strategic
plan. The work will include the following items as described in the Statement of Work:
           •   Gathering Data - Through industry summits; from business team information; from filtering
               data from other reports and sources
           •   Sharing and discussing with members of the Strategic Planning Team and the Board to make
               sure all is on the right path and also share with community stakeholders
           •   Creating Community Audit Reports and State of the Workforce Reports
           •   Presenting reports to the Team and the Workforce Board
           •   Meeting and getting feedback with/from the Team and Workforce Board

           •   Creating - Strategic Action Plans, Local One Stop Strategic Plans, and Methods of

Members:       Team Leader, Carri Colwell, Southern Workforce Board
               Wes Bowman - Southern Oklahoma Development Authority, Durant, Oklahoma
               Pam Bridwell - Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Ada, Oklahoma
               Carlene Hill - Ada Jobs Foundation, Ada, Oklahoma
               Rita Hoedebeck - Atlas Roofing, Ardmore, Oklahoma
               Darla Holt - Business Services Coordinator, Durant, Oklahoma
               Patti Mink - Choctaw Nation, Durant, Oklahoma
               Brien Thorstenberg - Ardmore Economic Development Authority, Ardmore,
               Darrell Walker - Choctaw Nation, Ada, Oklahoma
               Lorrie Wright - Big Five Community Services, Durant, Oklahoma


Jim Britt
Murray County Commissioner
Murray County Courthouse
Sulphur, OK 73086

Counties covered: Beckham, Custer, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Kiowa, Roger Mills and

                INVESTMENT BOARD

    Kathie Price                    Chair: J.W. Rosson
    SWODA                           Owner, Westoak Industries, Inc.
    P.O. Box 569                    Westoak Industries, Inc.
    Burns Flat, OK 73624            114 Sheb Wooley
    580-562-4882                    PO Box 118
    kathie@swoda.org                Erick, OK 73645

                                        J. W. Rosson
                                     WestOak Industries
                                         PO Box 118
                                      Erick, OK 73645

Mr. J.W. Rosson was born in Erick, Oklahoma. He graduated from Texas Tech University with
a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering in 1951 and 1953. He was employed as a member
of the technical staff at AT&T Telephone Laboratories for 19 years, working in New Jersey,
Florida, and North Carolina. He returned to Erick in 1973 and started WestOak Industries, Inc.,
where he is still actively involved in the business, serving as president.

The electronic contact manufacturing business, now in its 30th year of operation, is currently
building completed assemblies for approximately 20 companies. Although most circuit boards
are built to customer specifications, WestOak has the capability of taking a project from its idea
to the completed product. With sales in 2002 of over two million dollars, and employing 25
people, it is often referred to as Western Oklahoma’s “best-kept secret.”

Mr. Rosson is involved in numerous community activities. He is serving as a treasurer and
Sunday school teacher of his church. Also, he served as President of the Erick School District
for 14 years, ending in 2002. He is director of the 100th Meridian Museum, and a director of the
First American Bank. He is also a member of the Erick Chamber of Commerce, the National
Federation of Independent Businesses, and the Manufacturing Alliance.


    John Merrifield                                  Ed Phillips
    Owner                                            Owner/Operator
    Merrifield Office Supply                         McDonalds, Inc.
    224 S. Main                                      2009 S. Broadway
    Elk City, OK 73644                               Elk City, OK 73644
    580-225-7622                                     580-243-1200

    Jeff Waters                                      Jeff Pierce
    Vice President                                   Director Human Relations
    Local Oklahoma Bank                              Jackson County Memorial Hospital
    200 E. Broadway                                  Drawer 8190
    Elk City, OK 73644                               Altus, OK 73522
    580-225-7200                                     580-481-2303
    jwaters@localok.com                              jeffpierce@jcmh.com

    Scott Stinson                                    Ron Bruner
    Vice-President                                   Director
    Raven Industries                                 Westview Boys Home
    1300 Lera Lane, PO Box 919                       120 W. Broadway, PO Box 553
    Weatherford, OK 73096                            Hollis, OK 73550
    580-772-7672                                     580-668-9281
    sstinson@raven-industries.com                    wbhdir@aol.com

    Nina Green                                       Randy Cumby
    Human Relations Director                         President
    Freightliner                                     Western Oklahoma State College
    2300 S. 13th                                     2801 N. Altus
    Clinton, OK 73601                                Altus, OK 73521
    580-323-4100                                     580-477-7700
    NinaGreen@freightliner.com                       rlcumby@wosc.edu

Candy Richardson                             Jeffrey Ledford
Human Relations Director                     Manager
City of Altus                                Chicago Rawhide Industries
300 E. Commerce                              711 W. 9th
Altus, OK 73521                              Hobart, OK 73651
580-481-2206                                 580-726-5601
crichardson@cityofaltus.org                  jeff.l.ledford@skf.com

June Knight                                  Hoyt Lewis
Superintendent                               Superintendent
Southwest Technology Center                  Western Technology Center
711 W. Tamarack                              PO Box 1469
Altus, OK 73521                              Burns Flat, OK 73624
580-477-2250                                 580-562-3181
jknight@swtc.org                             hlewis@wtc.tec.ok.us

J.W. Rosson - Owner                          Yvetta Real - Owner
Westoak Industries                           Carol’s Customer Draperies
114 Sheb Wooley, PO Box 118                  301 E. Main
Erick, Ok 73645                              Sentinel, OK 73664
580-526-3221                                 580-393-4301

Jack Sorelle - Owner                         Bob Drury - Superintendent
Innovative Technologies                      Altus Public Schools
105 Carter Road                              PO Box 588
Elk City, OK 73644                           Altus, OK 73522
580-243-1559                                 580-481-2100
jack@itlnet.net                              bdrury@altusschools.k12.ok.us

Rodger Kerr - Southwest Tech Center          Angela Lamebull - WIA Director
Business & Industry Services Director        Kiowa Tribes
711 W. Tamarack                              PO Box 369
Altus, OK 73521                              Carnegie, OK 73015
580-477-2250                                 580-654-2300
rkerr@swtc.org                               ktojtpa@carnegienet.net

Kathie Price - Employment & Training         Ken Simington - Regional Director
Director                                     Vocational Rehabilitation
SWODA                                        1401 Lera Lane Suite #5
PO Box 569                                   Weatherford, OK 73096
Burns Flat, OK 73624                         580-772-5805
580-562-4882                                 klsimington@drs.state.ok.us

  George Martinez - Regional Director        Barbara Griffin - Manager
  ORO Jobs Plus                              OESC
  PO Box 52                                  PO Box 605
  Altus, OK 73522                            Clinton, OK 73601
  580-482-0125                               580-323-1341
  gam6955@sbcglobal.net                      barbara.griffin@oesc.state.ok.us

  Dr. Roger Brown - Vice President           Nicky Boone - County Commissioner
  Western Oklahoma State College             Harmon County Courthouse
  2801 N. Main                               114 W. Main
  Altus, OK 73521                            Hollis, OK 73550
  580-477-7700                               580-688-3658

  Alfred Miller - Chairman                   Cindy Clayton - Regional Manager DHS
  Washita 2000                               130 N. Oklahoma
  RR3, Box 24                                Mangum, OK 73554
  Cordell, OK 73632                          580-782-3311
  580-343-2361                               cynthia.clayton@okdhs.org

  Linda Tarpley                              Dean Derieg
  Assistant Director                         Veterans Representative
  SW OK Community Action Group               Oklahoma Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  PO box 1088                                809 N. Temple
  Altus, OK 73522                            Cordell, OK 73632
  580-482-5040                               580-832-2749
  socag@swbell.net                           dderieg@odva.state.ok.us

  DeRoy Elledge
  Adult Basic Education Director
  Elk City Public Schools
  222 W. Broadway
  Elk City, OK 73644


James Gee
Washita County Commissioner
Washita County Courthouse
Cordell, OK 73632
PH: 580-832-5016

Counties covered: Tulsa, Osage, Creek, Pawnee

                             WORKFORCE TULSA

Laura Chalus                        Chair: R. B. Williamson
Workforce Tulsa                     CEO, TD Williamson, Inc.
2 North Elgin                       5727 South Lewis Ave., Ste 300
Tulsa, OK 74120                     Tulsa, OK 74105-7412
(918) 560-0200                      PH: (918) 447-5032
admin@workforcetulsa.com            FAX: (918) 742-5087

Richard B. Williamson (Dick) is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of T. D.
Williamson, Inc. TDW provides a range of engineered products and services oriented toward the
pipeline, gas distribution, and refining/hydrocarbon process industries. These range from tools
for the cleaning and inspection of pipelines to those that provide branch connections and
temporary plugs for the expansion or repair of pipelines in service. The Company, founded in
1920, operates subsidiaries and branches in 19 countries, and has its corporate and main
manufacturing facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dick Williamson received his degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma
and Masters of Business Administration from Northwestern University. He also attended the
Stanford University Executive Development Program in 1982. Dick started with the Company
in 1971 as an engineer and has held various management positions. In 1979 he was named
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. He assumed the position of President
and Chief Executive Officer in 1992 and was elected Chairman of the Board in 1994.

Dick has been active in supporting the gas industry for nearly 30 years. He has served on the
Board of Directors of the Western Energy Institute and currently serves on its Services Division
Executive Committee. He has chaired the American Gas Association/Equipment & Services
Section and the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association/General Equipment and Services
Division. He currently serves on their executive committees. He is also a member of the
American Gas Foundation Board of Trustees.

Dick is a native of Tulsa and is involved in a number of community activities. He currently
serves on the following Boards of Directors: National Salvation Army Advisory Board,
Salvation Army-Tulsa Area Command, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, i2E
(formerly the Oklahoma Technology Development Corporation), and Community Service
Council of Tulsa. He has served on the University of Tulsa-College of Business Advisory
Board. Dick is the current Chair of the Tulsa Workforce Investment Board, the Oklahoma
International Congress Advisory Board, and Tulsa Global Alliance; he is Immediate Past Chair
of the Governor’s International Team and Vice Chair of the Tulsa Committee on Foreign
Relations, as well as a member of the Tulsa Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, the Pipe
Liners Club of Tulsa, and the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa.

                        WORKFORCE TULSA BOARDMEMBERS

 Albaugh, Tom                                      Allen, Larry
 Vice President                                    President/Broker
 NE Oklahoma Labor Council                         CLA Mortgage
 P.O. Box 1859                                     2448 East 81st Street, Ste. 145
 Tulsa, OK 74101                                   Tulsa, OK 74137
 918-295-6668                                      918-481-7260
 talbaugh@tulsaunitedway.org                       allen@claloans.com

 Barlow, Jeanette                                  Bates, Michael
 HR Manager                                        Director, Human Resources
 First Data Corporation                            City of Tulsa
 4500 South 129th East Avenue                      200 Civic Center Room 801
 Tulsa, OK 74134                                   Tulsa, OK 74103
 918-641-4964                                      918-596-7440
 jeanette.barlow@firstdatacorp.com                 mbates@ci.tulsa.ok.us

 Bowers, Chad                                      Burton, Mike
 HR Manager                                        Business Manager/Financial Secretary
 DIRECTV                                           International Brotherhood of Electrical
 2029 South Sheridan Road                          Workers 584
 Tulsa, OK 74112                                   584 South Lewis
 918-280-2239                                      Tulsa, OK 74104
 ecbowers@directv.com                              918-592-2989

Busby, Ken                                  Cook, Harry
Executive Director                          Field Coordinator
Arts and Humanities Council                 Department of Human Services
2210 South Main                             907 S. Detroit Ave. Ste. 906
Tulsa, OK 74114                             Tulsa, OK 74120
918-584-3333                                918-592-0811
kbusby@ahct.org                             harry.cook@okdhs.org

Craun, Harold                               Culver, Tom
Manager                                     President
City of Tulsa, Workforce Development        Paul Davis Restoration
Section                                     6945 A East 38th Street
111 S. Greenwood Ave. Ste. 100              Tulsa, OK 74145
Tulsa, OK 74120                             918-663-6163
918-596-7647                                tculver@pdr-usa.net

Dow, Steven                                 Dowell, Dennis
Executive Director                          Executive Director
Community Action Program of Tulsa           Native American Employment and Training
717 S. Houston Avenue                       Center
Tulsa, OK 74127                             3934 E. Admiral Place
918-382-3217                                Tulsa, OK 74115
sdow@captc.org                              918-834-8800

Hall, Karen                                 Hancock, Roy
Director, Human Resources                   Executive Director
The Flintco Companies Incorporated          Tulsa Housing Authority
P.O. Box 490                                P.O. Box 6369
Tulsa, OK 74101                             Tulsa, OK 74148
918-587-8451                                918-581-5777
khall@flintco.com                           roy.hancock@tulsahousing.org

Harris, Susan                               Hash, Larry
Vice President, Community Betterment        Manager
Tulsa Metro Chamber                         Williamson Machine
Two West Second Street                      8220 S. 202nd East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74103                             Broken Arrow, OK 74014
918-560-0247                                918-251-0323
susanharris@tulsachamber.com                larryhash2003@yahoo.com

Ingle, Norma                                       Jamison, Joanna
Economic Development Consultant                    Program Director, Adult Ed
Pawnee County Industrial Trust                     Union Public Schools
Authority/Cleveland Industrial Trust Board         5526 S. 129th East Avenue
402 Valley View Road                               Tulsa, OK 74134
Cleveland, OK 74020                                918-459-4663
918-358-3361                                       jamisonj@unionps.org

Kinnison, Mark                                     Lundquist. Laura
Field Coordinator, Visual Services Division        Vice President, Human Resources
Department of Rehabilitation Services              Nordam Group, The
444 South Houston, Suite 200                       P.O. Box 3365
Tulsa, OK 74127                                    Tulsa, OK 74101
918-581-2332                                       918-401-5585
mdkinnison@drs.state.ok.us                         llundquist@nordam.com

Martin, Lynn                                       Messer, Carol
Owner                                              Provost of TCC-Southeast Campus
Gourmet-On-The-Go                                  Tulsa Community College
3905 S. Hudson                                     10300 East 81st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135                                    Tulsa, OK 74133
918-664-1572                                       918-595-7724
martinbl@aol.com                                   cmesser@tulsa.cc.ok.us

Oliver, David                                      Primeaux, Henry
President                                          President
Goodwill Industries of Tulsa                       Crown Bristow
P.O. Box 9811                                      901 S. Roland Street
Tulsa, OK 74157                                    Bristow, OK 74010
918-584-7291                                       918-367-3423
doliver@goodwilltulsa.org                          henry@crownbristow.com

Rampey, Narissa                                    Robinson, Judy
Vice President                                     Assistant Superintendent
Air Assurance Co., Inc.                            Central Technology Center
2144 West Albany                                   3 Court Circle
Broken Arrow, OK 74012                             Drumright, OK 74030
918-258-2665                                       918-352-2551
nrampey@airassurance.com                           judyr@ctechok.org

Russell, Ron                           Sawyer, David
Associate Superintendent, ISSD         Superintendent
Tulsa Technology Center                Tulsa Public Schools
6111 E. Skelley Drive                  3027 S. New Haven Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74135                        Tulsa, OK 74114
918-828-5016                           918-746-6303
rrussell@tulsatech.org                 sawyeda@tulsaschools.org

Smith, Red                             Taylor, Melvin
Human Resources Director               Director
IC of Oklahoma, LLC                    Bristow Housing Authority
2322 North Mingo Road                  1110 S. Chestnut
Tulsa, OK 74116                        Bristow, OK 74010
918-833-4003                           918-367-5558
red.smith@nav-international.com        brhsgauth@aol.com

Thee, Wayne                            Thornbrugh, Mike
Center Director                        Manager of Public and Government Affairs
Tulsa Job Corps Center                 Quik Trip
1133 N. Lewis Avenue                   P.O. Box 3475
Tulsa, OK 74110                        Tulsa, OK 74101
918-591-5610                           918-615-7700
OgleS@jcdc.jobcorps.org                mthornbrugh@quiktrip.com

Tillotson, Mike                        Turner, Kirk
Tulsa Area Manager                     Attorney
OESC                                   Newton, O’Connor, Turner and Ketchum
6128 East 38th Street, Ste. 405        15 W. 6th Street, Ste. 2700
Tulsa, OK 74120                        Tulsa, OK 74119
918-596-2165                           918-587-0101
mike.tillotson@oesc.state.ok.us        kturner@newtonoconnor.com

Warren, Jim                            Williamson, Dick
President                              CEO & Chairman
Star Training Institute                TD Williamson, Inc.
3015 E. Skelley Drive                  5727 South Lewis Ave., Ste. 300
Tulsa, OK 74103                        Tulsa, OK 74105
918-747-9333                           918-447-5032
jwarren@startraining.com               dick.williamson@tdwilliamson.com

 Zenthoefer, Chris
 New Media Worx
 624 South Boston, Ste. 600
 Tulsa, OK 74119

Committees/Councils of Workforce Tulsa:

Executive Committee: Provides leadership and direction for Workforce Tulsa board of directors
and includes board officers and working committee chairs.

Finance Committee: Oversees local WIA funds and makes recommendations to the board
regarding budget, expenditures, monitoring, audit, and other financial related issues.

ITA Task Force: Reviews and recommends training providers for Tulsa Workforce area.

Youth Council: Leader and coordinator of youth services to assure that all youth in the Tulsa
region will have the opportunity to overcome employment and education barriers to becoming
productive members of society.

Consortium Leadership Team: Consortium partners discuss, plan, and implement strategic plan
and system measures to improve the local Workforce Oklahoma Career Center.

Outreach Task Force: Provides oversight and direction for outreach activities to both business
and job seeker customers.

Research & Quality Task Force: Leads ongoing efforts related to the Tulsa Workforce Area
quality and continuous improvement journey including strategic planning, Malcom Baldrige
One-Stop Chartering, and performance improvement.

Business Services Team: Team develops, plans, and implements strategies to encourage linkages
between business and the workforce system including the recently awarded National Workforce
Innovation Networks grant. This team is working to create a single point of contact for
employers linking them to the workforce system including integrating OESC long standing
Employer Council.

RFP Committee: Writes, reviews, and recommends grant recipients for funds managed by
Workforce Tulsa.

Native American Council: Works to establish partnerships between the One- Stop System and
Native American programs. Founding partners include Tulsa’s Native American Employment
and Training Program and representatives from the Cherokee, Creek and Osage Tribal programs.


Chief Local Elected Official
Bill Lafortune
City of Tulsa
200 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 596-7411

                            NORTH CENTRAL OKLAHOMA
                           WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD
              Serving Alfalfa, Blaine, Garfield, Grant, Kay, Kingfisher, Major, Noble, Payne Counties


Jennifer Miller                                  Chairperson: Justin Bray
1117 11th St.                                    Training Development Manager
Woodward, OK 73801                               Mercruiser
580-256-3308                                     3003 North Perkins Road
jennifer.miller@oesc.state.ok.us                 Stillwater, OK 74075

                                               Justin Bray

Employer: MerCruiser, Stillwater, OK
MerCruiser is a $600 million manufacturing business leading the world in marine propulsion
with 1,000 non-union employees.
Primary responsibility-carry out directives from the President of the MerCruiser Business Unit
while directing the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and strategic planning; directing
supervision of five Black Belts; maintaining positive employee relations managing the
performance management process, and career development; ensuring business needs are
translated into structured learning solutions; managing the effective design and development
processes and standards for internal training programs.
Justin Bray has been involved in Workforce Development for many years. One of his strengths
is his compassion for those served by the Workforce system. Aside from Workforce
Development, Bray has a diverse background including serving as a campaign manager for a
successful State Senate campaign,Vice President of Programs for the Stillwater Area Human
Resource Association, Board Member for the Stillwater Leadership Alumni Association and
public school teacher. He is a dedicated advocate of partnership.

Roy Bartnick                          Mike Bostic
Retention and Recruitment Manager     OEDA Executive Director
Groendyke Transport                   Title V
P.O. Box 632                          P.O. Box 668
Enid, OK 73702                        Beaver, OK 73932
580-213-9220                          580-625-4531
rbartnick@groendyke.com               oedaxdir@ptsi.net

Gregg Bradshaw                        Justin Bray
Senior Vice President                 Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Lambert Construction Company          Mercury Marine MerCruiser
2508 East 6th Avenue                  Business Unit
Stillwater, OK 74074                  3003 North Perkins
405-372-1444                          Stillwater, OK 74075
gregg@lambertconstructionco.com       405-743-7514

James Carter                          Nancy Correa
Service Provider                      Programs and System Manager
NOYS                                  Advance Foods
2203 North Ash                        910 West Park
Ponca City, OK 74601                  Enid, OK 73701
580-762-8341                          580-213-4133
noys@sbcglobal.net                    ncorrea@advancefoodcompany.com

Steve Crank                           Cheri Ezzell
Area Manager                          Service Provider
OESC                                  CDSA
1201 West Grand                       2615 East Randolph
Ponca City, OK 74601                  Enid, OK 73701
580-765-3372                          580-242-6131
steve.crank@oesc.state.ok.us          cdsa-enid@sbcglobal.net

Shane Frye                            Vanessa Gainer
Blackwell Industrial Authority        H/R Director
P.O. Box 150                          Continental Resources
Blackwell, OK 74631                   P.O. Box 1032
580-363-2934                          Enid, OK 73701
bia@4grc.com                          580-233-8955

Don Henderson                         Gloria Hesser
ODHS                                  Chief Local Elected Official (CLEO)
P.O. Box 3628                         Payne County Commissioner
2405 Mercer Drive                     315 West 6th Street
Enid, OK 73702                        Stillwater, OK 74074
800-433-7074                          405-747-8339
Don.Henderson@okdhs.org               gloriahesser@yahoo.com
Teri Holle                                  Dr. John Howell
Director, Buisness and Industry Services    Assistant Superintendent
Autry Technology Center                     Meridian Technology Center
1201 West Willow                            1312 South Sangre Road
Enid, OK 73703                              Stillwater, OK 74074
580-242-2750                                405-377-3333
thollee@autrytech.com                       john@meridian-technology.com

Greg James                                  Kathy Janes
H/R Manager                                 Owner
Star Tek, Inc.                              TPI Staffing Service
116 East Randolph                           2200 West Willow
Enid, OK 73701                              Enid, OK 73703
580-977-3001                                580-234-1267
gjames@startek.com                          kathyj@tpistaffingservice.com

Dr. Joe Kinser                              Paul Kyler
Northern Oklahoma College                   Owner
P.O. Box 310                                Sooner Construction Company
Tonkawa, OK 74653                           P.O. Box 1872
580-628-6201                                Ponca City, OK 74602
Jkinzer@north-ok.edu                        580-762-0302

Madalyn Lester                              Lila Logan
ODRS                                        Office Business Manager
P.O. Box 1053                               Beasley Independent Living Center
Stillwater, OK 74078                        705 South Oakwood Road, Suite B-1
mlester@drs.state.ok.us                     Enid, OK 73703

Anne Matoy                                  Allan McCobb
OSU                                         United Way
Oklahoma State University                   321 West Cherokee Avenue, Suite C
106 Whitehurst                              Enid, OK 73701
Stillwater, OK 74078                        580-237-0821
405-744-7420                                enidunitedway@sbcglobal.net

Jim McCormick                               Jerry McCune
Director of H/R Safety                      Labor Representative
Southwest Cupid                             IAMAW Local #898
318 North 29th                              1901 North Washington
Blackwell, OK 74631                         Enid, OK 73701
580-363-1935                                580-233-7290
jmccormick@cshape.com                       jmmccune@iamaw898.org

Stan Merrifield                          Brad Parker
Merrifield Office Supplies               Owner
202 East Broadway                        Parker Pest Control
Enid, OK 73701                           3616 Lake Road
800-256-0994                             Ponca City, OK 74602
stan@merrifieldofficeplus.com            580-762-6614

Toni Pickle                              Keni Ray
Division Manager                         Vice President
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative            Home National Bank
Route 2 Box 66A                          P.O. Box 1151
Kingfisher, OK 73750                     Ponca City, OK 74602
405-375-0374                             580-763-5511
tlpickle@ptci.com                        kray@homenational.com

Krista Roberts                           Owen Rock
Business Development Director            Director of Economic Development
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center       Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 232                             409 South Main
Enid, OK 73702                           Stillwater, OK 74074
580-233-6100                             405-372-5573
krista.roberts@uhsinc.com                owenr@stillwaterchamber.org

Dennis Ruttman                           Jeff Stark
Business & Industry Services Director    Labor Representative
Pioneer Technology Center                Painters and Allied Trades Union #807
2101 North Ash                           1919 South Santa Fe
Ponca City, OK 74601                     Oklahoma City, OK 73109
580-762-8336 ext. 350                    405-235-4145
dennisr@pioneertech.org                  stark807@sbcglobal.net

Paul Vela                                Eddie Watkins
Regional Manager                         Westaff, Inc.
ONG                                      1120 North Duck
3424 North Perkins Road                  Stillwater, OK 74075
Stillwater, OK 74075                     405-743-6711
405-707-5609                             ewatkins@westaff.com

Don Wessels
Alfalfa Electric Coop
121 East Main
Cherokee, OK 73728

Chief Local Elected Official
Gloria Hesser
Payne County Commissioner
315 West 6th Street
Stillwater, OK 74074
PH: 405 747-8339



                                            October 6, 2004

                             ARTICLE I – NAME AND LOCATION

Section 1.      Name: The Organization shall be called the Oklahoma Association of Workforce
                Investment Boards (OAWIB), a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of
                Oklahoma, and hereafter referred to as “the Association”.

Section 2.      Location: The principal office for the Association shall be determined annually and
                be at the same location of the OAWIB President.


Section 1.      General: The Association exists to strengthen the role and insure the proper
                functioning of the Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) of Oklahoma, as initially
                established under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 (Public Law 105-
                220) and any subsequent federal or state legislation that expands or amends that role.

Section 2.      Specific: The purposes of the Association includes:

             1. To operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or education purposes, (i) by
                engaging directly and in support of such purposes and (ii) by making distributions to
                other organizations for use, by the distributes, in support of such purposes;

             2. To engage in any and all lawful activities incidental to the foregoing purposes, except
                as restricted herein and specifically to avoid any violation of Title 31 USCA Section
                1352 on the limitation on use of appropriated funds to influence certain federal
                contracting and financial transactions;

             3. To lessen the burdens of government and to promote the social welfare by
                increasing the skills development, retraining and retention of our existing workforce
                in response to the needs of Oklahoma business and to encourage the interchange of
                information and activity leading to such full employment that satisfies the needs of

             4. To establish communication, education and exchange of information between the
                twelve (12) Workforce Investment Boards of Oklahoma and such other boards that
                may be organized, and the Governor’s Council on Economic and Workforce
                Development or its equivalent;

             5. To strengthen the ability of the Workforce Investment Boards of Oklahoma in order
                to exercise their full statutory authority through the exchange of information and
                increased public awareness; and
             6. To create a successful workforce system that includes business services in concert
                with job seeker services by creating a dynamic, relevant workforce approach that
                supports state and local economic development strategies.


Section 1.        Types of Membership:       Memberships in the Association shall consist of the

             1.   Regular Voting Members: Regular membership shall be open to any local
                  Workforce Investment Board in Oklahoma, with each Workforce Investment Board
                  Chair or in his absence, any private sector Board member as designated by the
                  Chair, having one vote if said Workforce Investment Board elects to participate;

             2.   Associate Members: Any individual who has served or currently serves as a member
                  of a local Workforce Investment Board shall be eligible for a Non-Voting Associate

             3.   Supporting Members: Non-Voting Supporting Memberships shall be open to
                  agencies acting as staff to Workforce Investment Boards or fiscal agents for local
                  elected official(s), who are affiliated with the workforce development system in

             4.   Sponsoring Members: Non-Voting Sponsoring Memberships shall be available to
                  corporations, business and individuals who support the goals of the Association and
                  who wish to receive their publications.

Section 2.        Current Members: Current members shall consist of all members, regardless of type,
                  who have paid membership service fees for the current membership year.

Section 3.        Membership year: The membership year for dues and officers shall run from July 1
                  through June 30th of each calendar year.
Section 4.        Publication of Membership List: A Members Directory shall be published annually
                  by the Association, listing all current, paid members, by type. The Directory shall be
                  free of charge to all current members.

Section 5.        Membership Dues and Fees: Annual membership dues for all types of memberships
                  shall be established by the OAWIB Board of Directors. No fees shall be refunded to
                  any member for any reason.


Section 1.        Board of Directors: The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors,
                  hereafter referred to as “the Board”, and said Board shall consist of one
                  representative of each participating Workforce Investment Board in the State of
                  Oklahoma. Each Workforce Investment Board’s regular voting member may serve
                  in the capacity as a member of the Board of Directors.


Section 1.   Officers: The officers of the Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, and

Section 2.   Election of Officers: Officers shall be elected annually from among the existing
             Board members.

Section 3.   Terms of Office: The officers of the Board shall be elected annually. Terms shall be
             for one year, and shall begin at the next scheduled Board meeting following the
             general. There shall be no limit on the number of terms any officer may serve. A
             general election shall be held in June for election of officers.

Section 4.   Vacancies: Vacancies in any office shall be filled by the Board for the balance of the

Section 5.   Duties of the Officers:

             President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, direct the
             administration of the business of the Association, and strive to uphold the objectives
             of the Association. The President shall conduct each regular meeting.

             Vice President: The Vice President shall act for the President in the President’s
             absence at all meetings of the Association.

             Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the effective
             accountability of all funds and shall insure that accurate minutes are kept of all
             meetings, as well as acting for the President in the absence of the President and Vice-


Section 1.   Open Meetings Act: All Board meetings and Committee meetings, except Executive
             Committee meetings of the Association shall be open to the public as required by the
             Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

Section 2.   Regular Meetings: The Association shall hold a regular meeting at least once per
             quarter of a calendar year.

Section 3.   Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called at any time, as needed. Special
             meetings may be called by the President or upon written request to the President by
             a minimum of 26% of the Board members.

Section 4.   Notice: Written notice of all meetings of the Association shall be conveyed at least
             ten (10) days in advance of such meeting to its members. An agenda of the meeting
             shall be included with the notice and posted appropriately.

Section 5.   Quorum: A majority of the regular voting members shall constitute a quorum for
             the transaction of business.

Section 6.   Voting: All voting rights shall be restricted to the Board of Directors. Each
             Workforce Investment Board’s regular voting member may serve in the capacity as a
             member of the Board of Directors. A proxy or substitute is not allowed to
             participate in official voting.

Section7.    Executive Session: Executive sessions of the Board will be permitted only for the
             purpose of:
             1. Discussing the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion,
                disciplining or resignation of any individual salaried public officer or employee of
                the Board;
             2. Confidential communications between the Board and its attorney concerning a
                pending investigation, claim, or action if the Board determines that disclosure
                will seriously impair the ability of the Board to process the claim or conduct a
                pending investigation, litigation, or proceeding in the public interest; or
             3. Discussing any matter where disclosure of information would violate
                confidentiality requirements of state or federal law.


Section 1.   Committees: The President of the Association may designate committees to carry
             out the purposes and goals of the Association and will designate the Chairperson for
             each committee established.

Section 2.   Executive Committees: (a) The Executive Committee shall be composed of the
             duly elected officers of the Board of Directors; (b) Fifty – One (51%) percent or
             more of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at any duly called
             meeting of the Committee. The Executive Committee may be called by the
             President at any time to act on behalf of the full Board between meetings as is
             necessary for the Association to function or on such matters as the full Board may
             direct and delegate to the Committee subject to review of the Board by mail or at the
             next Board meeting.


Section 1.   Conflict of Interest: Members must abstain from any vote that may benefit
             themselves, their employer or any family member.

                             ARTICLE IX – AMENDMENTS

Section 1.   Amendments: These By-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Board of
             Directors, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing to each
             Board member at least fifteen (15) days prior to that meeting. The amendment may
             be proposed by presenting it in writing to the President of the Association. No
             amendment may be adopted which is contrary to applicable federal, state or local
             laws or regulations.
                               ARTICLE X – DISSOLUTION

Section 1.   Dissolution: In the event of the dissolution of the Association, the President shall,
             as directed by the Board, after paying or making a provision for the payment of all
             liabilities of the Association, dispose of all assets exclusively for the purposes of the
             Association, or as otherwise indicated in the Articles of Incorporation.

ADOPTED this__________day of__________, 2004

             Signature, President of OAWIB, Herb Matlock



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