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					      Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised
       (PCL-R) Basic Training Workshops

                        Professor Robert Hare
                       & Professor Nicola Gray

                     New House Hotel, Cardiff, Wales
                        8th-10th September 2008

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised (PCL-R) is widely accepted as the most reliable and valid
method for assessing psychopathy and is rapidly being adopted worldwide for basic and applied
research, including neuroimaging, and as a key instrument in forensic psychology and psychiatry. The
PCL-R and the more recent screening version, the PCL:SV, are strong predictors of recidivism, violence
and the inability to respond to therapeutic intervention. Both the PCL-R and PCL:SV are routinely used to
assess risk in a variety of forensic populations, to aid sentencing decisions, treatment suitability and
institutional placements.

The intensive PCL-R Training Workshop will:                       Workshop Registration
                                                                                  th  th
      Provide an overview of theory and                           September 8 -10 2008-
     research on psychopathy, its                                 £600 (inclusive of VAT) -
     measurement and implications.                                £500 (inclusive of VAT) if working in a Welsh
     Discuss the uses and potential                              Institution (thanks to funding from Welsh
      misuses of the PCL-R; and
                                                                  Assembly Government)
     Provide participants with training and
                                                                  Prices include refreshments and lunches
      practice in the administration, scoring,
      and interpretation of the PCL-R.
                                                        •         Venue: New House Hotel -
                                                                  Residential rates available
Professionals who work clinically with offenders (such as psychologists, psychiatrists, probation officers,
nurses and prison service staff) are invited to attend the 3-day course. Researchers are also welcome to

Participants who successfully complete the 3-day basic workshop are eligible to register for the PCL-R
Post-Workshop Program organised by Darkstone Research Group Ltd. A 3-day reliability workshop will
follow this basis course – please see related flyer for details.

Facilitators: Professor Hare is the author of the PCL-R and one of the world’s foremost authority on
psychopathy. Professor Gray is a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist, who has published
extensively on psychopathy and risk assessment, and is director of the Wales Applied Risk Research
Network (WARRN).

For further information and a registration form please contact:
   Professor Nicola Gray