28 ANIMAL VISORS CUSTOM MASCOT SUN VISORS Brightly colored_ soft by maclaren1


									                                                                         ANIMAL VISORS
                                                                         Brightly colored, soft EVA foam visors o er
                                                                         great sun protection or just all out fun!

                                                                         Elastic back provides sizing for adults and
                         NTO101          NSH101            NFI101
                       Toucan UU        Sheep UU           Fish UU       children of all ages with logo imprinted
                                                                         patch attached to brim.

                                                                         Choose from these stock, pre-made options,
                                                                         and add your choice of colored patch. See
                                                                         below for patch color options.

                                                                         Optional 2nd location imprint is available
          NSH101        NWH101            NLI101         NHO101
         Shark UU       Whale UU          Lion UU        Horse UU
                                                                         with 2nd patch on opposite side of brim.
                                                                          Patch Size: 3” x 1.5”
                                                                          Imprint Area: 2.5“ x 1”
                                                                          Additional Color/Location charge: Size 3
                                                                          Material: EVA Foam
                                                                          Patch Colors: See below
                                                                          Min. Qty: 100 pieces
                                                                          Blanks: Available at NQP
                         NBV101          NTY101           NEL101
                        Beaver UU        T Rex UU     Elephant UU

                                                                         CUSTOM MASCOT SUN VISORS
                                                                         Low minimums and domestic manufactur-
                                                                         ing make this option a great idea for unique
                                                                         promotions. Available as overseas import if
                                                                         time and quantities permit.
         NDA101           NFL101         NCR101           NFR101
     Dalmation UU     Flamingo UU        Crab UU          Frog UU

                         NLO101          NBB101           NPB101
                       Lobster UU   Brown Bear UU    Polar Bear UU

         NGI101          NDU101           NBF101          NAL101
       Gira e UU         Duck UU      Butter y UU     Alligator UU

                                                                     NOTABLE INFORMATION

                        NDO101           NGO101           NTU101
                      Dolphin UU        Gorilla UU       Turtle UU

                                                                                                            See back cover for PMS references

                                                                      Light color inks require a ash charge, (additional run charge). Black
                                                                      ink recommended as neutral ink color on all but black foam. Imprint
                                                                      available in up to 6 colors. Products include one color imprint. Imprint
                                                                      is available in up to 6 colors additional charges apply.

         NMK101        NMO101             NTI101
      Goalie Mask E
       Monkey UU       Moose UU          Tiger UU        CUSTOM


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