history of wills park baseball by tlindeman


									                            A History of Wills Park Baseball

In November of 1967, the land for Wills Park was purchased from Q. A. Wills by Fulton

Wills Park was constructed by Fulton County on land sold to the county by Q.A. Wills.
Wills was the Mayor of Alpharetta and lived across the street from the current park. The
athletic fields were what is now known as Fields 1, 2, 3 and 4. Field 1 and 2 combined
also served as a football field during the fall. There was no fence seperating Fields 1 and
2. The small storage building between Field 1 and 4 also served as the concession stand.
The current two story building did not exist.

The baseball program was created by the City of Alpharetta Mayor and Council. City
Councilman Charles Rainwater was responsible for the operation of the league. The
league was not sanctioned with any organization. There was no teeball. Players pitched
in all age groups. There was no draft. Coaches recruited their own teams.

Began drafting teams.

Wills Park Youth Baseball Association was formed and sanctioned with Dixie Youth
Baseball. James Densmore was the President/Commissioner. Carroll Shirley was the
Secretary. Buddy Stovall was the Treasurer. City of Alpharetta drug and lined the fields.
Fulton County owned the park and provided the lights. WPYBA ran the program.

The softball program was started.

Buddy Stovall was President/Commissioner.

Jerry Holmes was the President/Commissioner.

Flagpole and marker outside Field 4 center field fence dedicated to Charles Rainwater.

Roger Holcomb was President/Commissioner.

Started travel baseball program. Changed sanctioning from Dixie Youth Baseball to
Dizzy Dean Baseball.

Wills Park was purchased from Fulton County by the City of Alpharetta in 1995 and took
possession of the park on January 1, 1996. Began separate registration opportunity for
City of Alpharetta residents.

Started using the voice mail box for communication (770-664-7575).

Established the www.wpyba.org domain name. Various persons had provided websites
for the league before this. Wills Park hosted its first travel baseball tournament during
Spring Break. It was for 14 and 13 year old teams.

Created Travel Supplement for the WPYBA Rulebook. Hosted three travel baseball
tournaments, including two qualifying tournaments.

Things that we would like to know on a yearly basis:
1.     Who ran the program?
2.     What was the program?
3.     What size was the program?
4.     What were the facilities?

1985/1986       Commissioner was Roger Holcomb. Johnny Herron was the Chairman of
1986/1987       Johnny Herron was Chairman of Softball.
1987/1988       Johnny Herron was Managers' Representative.
1988/1989       Johnny Herron was Managers' Representative..
1989/1990       Johnny Herron was Chairman of Softball.
1990/1991       Johnny Herron was Chairman of Softball.
1991/1992       Don Blackwell was Chairman of Softball. Softball moved to North Park
as a separate organization.

Sources: Johnny Herron (1980-1994), Craig Sherman, Earl Mitchell (1970-1983), Louie
Fouts (1968-1980), Buddy Stovall (1972-1991)

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