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									                          CHICAGOLAND G.A. INTERGROUP
                          MINUTES FOR November 09, 2009

Chairperson: Cindy M
1 Chairperson: Arnie B
Secretary: Patti G
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


         Recovery Program – Harold D.
         Unity Program (Step 11) – Barb C.
         One Day at a Time – Rich S.

New Reps:
Andy Z           Monday Chicago St. Mary’s

Meetings Represented:

 Sun - Elgin / 6:00 PM                             Wed – Aurora / 7:00 PM
                                                   Thur - Oak Lawn / 8:00 PM
 Sun - Evanston / 7:00 PM
                                                   Thur - Orland Park / 7:30 PM
 Sun - Naperville / 6:00 PM                        Thur – Elk Grove / 7:00 PM
 Mon – Morris / 7:00 PM                            Thurs – Gurnee / 6:00 PM
 Mon - Arlington Hts. / 7:00 PM                    Thurs – Chicago / 12:00 PM
 Mon – Hinsdale / 6:30 AM                          Thurs – Mayfair / 8:00 PM
 Mon – Joliet / 7:00 PM                            Thurs – St. Charles / 7:00 PM
 Mon – Aurora / 7:00 PM
                                                   Fri – Buffalo Grove / 7:00 PM
 Mon – Lisle / 7:00 PM
 Mon – Oak Lawn / 7:30 PM                          Fri - Bolingbrook / 7:30 PM
 Mon – Chicago St. Mary’s / 6:30 PM                Fri - Hoffman Est. / 7:30 PM
 Tues - Algonquin / 7:30 PM                        Fri - Joliet / 6:30 PM
 Tues - Bloomingdale / 7:30 PM                     Fri – St. Gertrude / 7:00 PM
                                                   Fri – Hinsdale / 6:30 AM
 Tues - Romeoville / 7:00 PM
                                                   Sat– Lake Forest / 7:00 PM
 Tues - Schaumburg / 11:00 AM
                                                   Sat - Bartlett / 9:30 AM
 Tues – Norridge / 7:00 PM
 Wed – Oak Park / 7:30 PM                          Sat - Downers Grove / 9:00 AM
 Wed - Hoffman Est. / 7:00 PM                      Sat - Elmhurst / 8:00 PM
 Wed – Joliet/ Spanish                             Sat - Oak Park / 9:30 AM
 Wed - Downers Grove /
 Wed – Hinsdale /6:30 AM
 Wed - Park Ridge / 7:30 PM

Area 8 Trustees:

      Allen H
      Jeff F
      Arnie B
      Kathy H

Review of the minutes from the October meeting
     No Corrections
     Motion to accept minutes. Motion passed.

Old Business:
     Nominations were held for Intergroup:
      Chair: Cindy M: Nominated and accepted. No other nominations
      1 Chair: Arnie B: Nominated and accepted. No other nominations
      2 Chair: Harold D: Nominated and accepted
      2 Chair: Scott D: Nominated and declined
      Treasurer: Harvey W: Nominated and accepted. No other nominations
      Secretary: Patti G: Nominated and accepted. No other nominations
     Elections will be held for committee chairs at December Intergroup. Please encourage
      members to get involved
     Group consensus is that Intergroup will continue to pay for all pins regardless of length of
      time in the program.
     It was suggested that members may want to recycle pins. If you wish to donate any pin
      you previously received please give it to your Intergroup Rep and they will be handed
      down instead of purchasing additional pins.
     Fred L made a motion: I move that GA Chicago sponsor 2011 conference. Motion
     Fred L made a motion: I move that GA Chicago entertain a request from the Board of
      Trustees to piggyback their two day meeting on the 2011 conference. Motion passed
     Arnie B reported that he has spoken with the Westin Hotel regarding the additional costs
      to add the Trustee’s meeting to our conference.
           o The trustee meeting would be the two days before our conference. April 13 &
           o The service cost of $500.00 for bringing in lunch will be added to the trustee cost,
               which is expected to be $65.00 per trustee & Gam-anon Delegate
           o Chicagoland GA would be able to make an approximate profit of $1,700.00 if we
               piggyback the trustee meeting to our conference. This would be in part from the
               trustees staying for our conference helping with our room guarantee.
           o No contracts will be signed until the trustee’s have agreed to have their meeting
               in Chicago. Once the contract is signed a $2,000.00 deposit will need to be paid
               to the hotel
           o It was suggested that we do not provide rooms at no charge to members of the
               ISO or any of the trustees.
           o We are not required to provide transportation for the trustees
                        th
      Tues December 8 the Norridge meeting will be closed.

New Business:

      No new business

Committee Reports


         773-860-5427 AT LEAST ONE
Please call or email Russ R

  Date              Day            Time              Location          Person             Years
11/14/09     Saturday Morning   9:30 am     St. Peter Damian        Michelle E      1 yr GA
                                            Bartlett                Caroline G      1 yr GA
11/16/09     Monday             7:00 pm     First Presbyterian      John R          1 yr GA
                                Open        Church Joliet
11/25/09     Wednesday          7:30 pm     Lutheran General        Dick C          25 yrs GA
                                            Hospital Park Ridge
                                            Johnson Auditorium
11/30/09     Monday             7:30 pm     St. Linus Catholic      Zeke F.         5 yrs GA
                                            Church (Cardiff         Dave G          20 yrs GA
                                            Center) 10300 S.
                                            Lawler Oak Lawn

12/7/09      Monday             7:00 pm     First Presbyterian      Becky G.        1yr GA
                                            Church Joliet           Kathy S         1 yr GA
12/9/09      Wednesday          10:15 am    Oak Lawn                John M          1 yr GA
             Morning                        Community Church
                                            Oak Lawn

12/15/09     Tuesday            7:00 pm     Christ United           Carol H         1 yr GA
                                Half hour   Methodist Church        Pat H           1 yr GA
                                earlier     Algonquin               Butch H         1 yr GA
                                start                               Frank F         1 yr GA
1/06/10      Wednesday          7:30 pm     Lutheran General        Paul A          1 yr GA
                                            Hosp. Park Ridge
                                            Johnson Auditorium

Pinning Guidelines:

   1. To be eligible to be pinned a member must attend at least 39 meetings each year up to
      the pinning date.
   2. No room should schedule more than 1 pinning event in a 30 day period.
   3. Notification of pinning must be communicated to the pinning chairperson NO LATER than
      the day before intergroup meetings.

    4. To prevent conflicts, it is recommended that not more than one pinning is scheduled on
       the same day as another room.

Pressure Relief – Mike S

       Committee Chair received the names of a couple of attorneys who are willing to help with
        legal advice.
       There were at least 6 pressure reliefs in October.
       Please bring a list of your rooms’ pressure relief chair person/people to next Intergroup.

Public Relations – Allen H

        No Report

Activities – Jim N

       Join the GA Chicago Activity Meetup (a private online way to learn about upcoming
        activities). Go to: and ask to join. Please
        contact Michelle M for the code or assistance.
       There were 38 adults, & 6 kids in attendance at the Halloween party. We brought in
        $555.00 and the total cost was $681.00 for a loss of $126.00.
       Jim was reimbursed for the loss out of the $200.00 activity budget set aside for such a

Upcoming Events:

       No new activities are planned for the remainder of the year as there is the Holiday Party
        in December

Anniversaries – Arnie B

       Please submit your anniversary lists to the committee chair so they can be submitted to
        the bulletin.

Picnic Report – Dan B
     Will get the permit for the 2010 picnic.

Phone Service –Kathy H
    Berry on the Board of Regents is reviewing the National Hotline. He sent a request for
      information to Dianna R, who reported that the only real problem is getting a response to
      requests for help or questions.
    70%of the calls we receive are for Gam-anon.
    We do not get charged for maintenance calls.
    The current budget for the phone service is $3,000.00, however, we have only used
      $600.00 It was suggested that we re-evaluate the current phone service budget to bring it
      more in line with the actual costs.
    Committee Chair requested volunteers for the phone service. The greatest need is for
      overnight. If you can volunteer please contact Dianna R. 847-757-5040
    The suggested time requirement for new volunteers is 4 hours a week.

GA Chicago Website Dan B

                                th
                Tues December 8 the Norridge meeting will be closed.
               Rick will not be able to continue as the website administrator next year. Please ask
                your rooms if someone is interested in the position. An interested person should have
                knowledge of administering a website.
               Rigo H has volunteered to be cross trained
               Doug K will contact Rick regarding the administrator position, as he has knowledge of
                administering a website.
               Holiday meetings that will be closed:
                Thanksgiving: Lisle
                Christmas Eve: Lisle, Elk Grove Village
                Christmas Day: Hoffman Estates
                New Years Eve: Lisle

Treasurers’ Report – Phil S.

          CIG                                            $929.45

          ISO                                              894.10
          Can ISO (Intergroup)                         Included in
              Total ISO Collection                       $1823.55

          Supplies                                        639.70
          Pinning                                          46.00
          Halloween Party                                 139.00
          Holiday Party                                   340.00

              Total Collection                         $2,988.25

Trustees Reports: listed in order of report

Kathy H

         Reported that a new member was turned away from an “only” meeting. He was given a
          meeting list and other options, however, according to the Guidance Code a member
          should not be turned away if they have a desire to refrain from gambling.

Arnie B

         Reported that there will be a mini conference in Kansas City February 26, 27 & 28

Jeff F

         Reported that it is appropriate (per the Guidance Code) to have outside speakers such as
          a therapist speak at open meetings. However, it is important to remember that we have
          no opinion on outside issues and we do not lend the GA name.
         Trustees uphold the Guidance Code and may implement a reprimand if a room breaks a
          Guidance Code.

Allen H

         No Report

Meetings Report – Cindi M

         Jump Start Agenda Saturday Elmhurst Hospital 6:30 pm -7:30 pm
             o November 21 Topic Discussion: Positive Inventory Frank K
             o November 28 Topic Discussion : Resentments Bob D
             o December 5 Newcomer Meeting
             o December 12 Step writing/discussion meeting
             o December 19 Topic Discussion: Couples in Recovery Fred & Maxine L
             o December 26 Topic Discussion: Recovery & the Holidays

Budget Report – Jeff F.

         The 2010 budget committee meeting was held on 10/28/09 7:45 PM at Lutheran General
          Hospital in Park Ridge. No one was in attendance other than Jeff F.
         Committee Chair passed out 2 proposed budgets to members. One is a balanced budget
          & the other is a deficit spending option. Please discuss these with your rooms and bring
          the feedback to December Intergroup.
         GA may want to consider future fundraisers such as a pancake breakfast or spaghetti
          dinner as donations have diminished. Please bring this to your rooms.

Conference 2010 – Fred L

          Conference will be at the Westin Hotel in Itasca April 16, 17 & 18
         Flyers will be available at next intergroup.
         We will be rolling back prices. The cost for the 2010 will be less than last year. Final cost
          will be determined at next conference committee meeting

         The Next planning meeting will be Tuesday December 1st 7:00 pm at the Westin Hotel in
          the Stanford room.

         Our 2010 theme is Peace Love & Serenity

         Please ask members in your rooms to volunteer

         Fred L made a motion: That GA Chicagoland Intergroup split the profit of the 2010
          Spring Conference with Chicagoland Gam-anon 70% - 30% but will absorb all the losses
          by itself. Motion passes

Spirituality Conference – Tom

         Will be held on Saturday January 30, 2010 at Northwest Community Hospital in the
          Auditorium 11:00 – 5:00 PM Cost $10.00 per person this includes lunch.
          Dynamite Speakers, Breakout Groups & Music
         Please call Allan S (847-222-0240) or Tom C (630-543-3824) if you have a coffee urn
          you can donate for the day. Volunteers are needed to help to help with coffee, clean up &
          set up
         Flyers are available. Please register as soon as possible

Supplies – Eileen Z.

        October 2009

        21 Orders                                     $620.10
        Supplies Ordered for Inventory                 252.60
        Less Orders filled with inventory
        Shipping                                        18.00
         Total due to ISO                             $890.70

         Inventory                                  $1,108.75

Holiday Party – Pat F

        The Holiday Party will be on Sunday December 6 at St. Peter Damien Church in Bartlett
        2:00 pm. The cost is $10.00 Adults $5.00 Kids 5-12 Kids 4 and under free. Flyers were
        available to members to take to their rooms
       Currently there are 41 adults, 10 children under 5, 5 children 5-12 registered
             Dinner will be 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Please bring a dessert to share
             You can pay at the door, however, if you know you are coming please contact
                Pat F so we can plan accordingly for food etc. 773-503-8839.

Good and Welfare- Peggy G

       Bruce K: His father in law passed away. Please keep him & his family in your prayers.
       Allan H: Thursday Mayfair: His sister Carol is in the hospital, but hopefully going home
        soon. Please keep him & his family in your prayers
       Jim M: Monday Arlington Hts: Is cancer free
       Caroline G: Saturday Bartlett: Is in the hospital. Please keep her & her family in your

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. with the group joining hands and reciting the Serenity Prayer.


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