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January 4, 2007 7:30 pm

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Thomas P. Hyde called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.

ROLL CALL Roll call indicated the following present: Trustees Eberhard Becker, Greg Guido, Deborah Herrmann, Matt
Huff and Dan Schmidt. Absent: Steve Stiller

Also in attendance was: Willie Kootstra, Public Works.

Mayor Hyde asked for a motion to open the meeting to the floor. Motion by Trustee Huff, properly seconded. All were in

Timothy Leicht, 1204 W. Lincoln Road, Wauconda, IL: Mr. Leicht referred to the letter to Mayor Hyde and the Board of
Trustees regarding the amendment to the intergovernmental jurisdictional boundary agreement for the property located
26474 N. Highway 59, Wauconda, IL. The Village of Towers Lakes and Wauconda have agreed to allow Mr. Leicht’s
property to be detached from the Tower Lakes jurisdictional area and added to Wauconda. Mr. Leicht asked that this matter
be discussed by the Board and then placed on next week’s agenda. North Barrington, Lake Barrington, Tower Lakes and
Wauconda approved the agreement and Mr. Leech is still waiting to hear from Port Barrington as to their decision. He is
also waiting on Island Lake’s decision. Mayor Hyde stated that it is not the Village’s intent to hold this project up but that
the Board needs further internal discussion about this matter. Clerk Kaczmarek was asked to place this on next week’s

Items from the Clerk, Trustees and Department Heads

   Clerk Kaczmarek stated that she posted her hours for the week of January 29th when the candidacy papers are due for
   the next election. Her hours will be that week by law Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm and Monday, February
   5th from 8 am to 5 pm. The Clerk’s Office must be open on the last day.
   Trustee Huff brought forward and passed out to the Board the request from the McHenry County Department of Health.
   The county is encouraging municipalities to consider enacting smoke-free indoor air ordinances. Each Board Member
   received a packet. Trustee Huff stated that one business in the Village has gone smoke-free on their own. He went on
   to explain though that he feels that this is just another case of the government overstepping its boundaries instead of
   allowing citizens to make up their own mind. Trustee Huff does not support this. Trustee Becker commented that he
   smokes but he does not see how the government can subsidize the tobacco industry and then they want to turn around
   and take tobacco out of certain areas. Trustee Huff stated that he feels that when it’s within someone’s own private
   property, it’s that individual’s decision. Trustee Schmidt stated that he too is against this type of ordinance. He feels
   too that it is the public’s choice. Trustee Becker commented that the government should consider instead giving
   businesses an incentive to maybe go smoke-free, not a law. Trustee Herrmann stated that businesses should possibly
   be presented first to voluntarily go smoke-free and then see what happens.
   Trustee Guido asked for the Nextel agreement to be placed on the agenda for next week.
   Trustee Becker said that he was in contact with Todd of the McHenry County Economic Committee. He is hoping that
   their information for commercial availability can also be placed on the Village website shortly.
   Trustee Becker stated that a coffee shop may be interested in coming to Island Lake. Mayor Hyde encouraged Trustee
   Becker to call and pursue the interest.
   Trustee Schmidt asked for Executive Session this evening for Personnel and a contract issue.
   Trustee Schmidt said that he and others are working on the IL Safe Routes to School Funding. He has had no further
   word yet from the State regarding the bike trail path agreement. He received a note from Don Versiglio and his lack of
   bike path committee diligence. Trustee Schmidt replied that he will be working on this shortly.
   Trustee Herrmann reported that in light of the new law regarding carbon monoxide detectors in homes, Frank and Clerk
   Kaczmarek have been contacting other Villages as to how they will be possibly enforcing this new law. At this time,
   many Villages are not producing an ordinance yet. Trustee Herrmann stated that another ordinance was brought
   forward to review for lighting. She added that the difficulty with an ordinance of this type is that it can only be
   enforceable in the evening hours and the ordinance enforcement office only works during the day. Further discussion
   will take place.
Committee Meeting – January 4, 2007 – Page 2 of 3

    Trustee Herrmann reported that she spoke to Mike Kelly who runs Premier Realty and they are working on filling the
    Westridge shopping center. There are 2- 3 newly proposed tenants.
    Trustee Herrmann reported back to the Board on the Yearbook ad. The Village generally takes a ½ page ad which is
    $90. This is to be placed on next weeks agenda.
    Willie Kootstra of Pubic Works reports that he has been working on the electronics recycling program in conjunction with
    Wauconda and Wauconda Township. They hope to begin the recycling program starting in May. They are proposing
    to have a drop off location possibly the first Saturday of each month starting in May from maybe 9 am to 1 pm. The
    Village would have to staff this. Wauconda Public Works is doing this on weekdays at their own facility.
    Mr. Kootstra reported that he received a memo from Chief Fellmann that the roof above the Police Department is
    leaking. He will be looking into this matter.
    Mr. Kootstra stated that the seawall improvement program at Dorothy Park is scheduled to begin shortly. He stated that
    if the Board would like to continue the improvements down Island Drive and include it in this first section, the price per
    foot would go down. It would be approximately $12,000 for this additional work/project. Mr. Kootstra will work with the
    Army Cor if a permit is found to be needed. Mayor Hyde asked Mr. Kootstra to work the Lake Management Committee
    to see if they would like to offer some of their funds towards this project as well. Mr. Kootstra explained that if MFT funds
    are used for this, the costs will go up. He is proposing to reallocate funds from his department to be used for shoreline
    protection. Mr. Kootstra explained that the vehicle that they have ordered is not here and will not be for several months
    yet so there are funds available. Trustee Guido pointed out though that the Board works on the budget and passes the
    budget each and every year and that certain items are budgeted each year to keep spending on track. Trustee Schmidt
    pointed out that Lake Management has argued this matter before as they do not feel that this is their issue necessarily.
    Trustee Herrmann reminded everyone that that Lake Management is an advisory committee to the Board and she feels
    that the Board overall has a better perception of the whole Village and what needs to be done. Mr. Kootstra said it would
    be $12,000 for 200 feet along Island Lake Drive. The Board concurred to go ahead and spend the money for this project.
    Mr. Kootstra reported that a land use permit through Veterans Park and the Water Reclamation District is in process
    and being worked on by the Village and Diamond and LeSueur. A letter is being sent to the state this week. He further
    explained that a land use permit would allow the Village to allow a line to be put through Veterans Park but it’s pointed
    out that the Village remains the owners of the property. If the state approves the project, the Board has to vote to
    approve the agreement.

Items from the Mayor

   Mayor Hyde mentioned the Memo from Chief Fellmann stating that he is requesting to carry over into the 2007 calendar
   year any unused vacation days. Mayor Hyde reported that there are four days he is asking for to carry over.
   Mayor Hyde stated that on September 14th Risk Management was brought up and discussed by the Board. He is giving
   this to Finance and Administration to work on further and to work on how to reduce risk factors with regarding to
   volunteers that the Village utilizes. This matter needs to be addressed. Trustee Huff will work with Chief Fellmann and
   Mr. Kootstra.
   Mayor Hyde announced that he received a letter from Frank DeSort stating that he is resigning from the Lake
   Management Committee effective immediately.
   Mayor Hyde said that CVRV is looking to add a building to their site for Camping World. Mr. DeSort and Mayor Hyde
   met with the owners today. They will use the same builders and same material that is on the current building. Mayor
   Hyde reported that Mr. DeSort feels that this new building meets the requirements to fit. Fire Department has to review
   the building also. They would like the building up and running by April. Mayor Hyde said that this will be a positive tax
   increase for our Village. Mr. DeSort was okay with the timeframe and he said that TAC can review the plans. 2/3 will
   be retail and 1/3 will be office and warehouse space. Signage is not set yet but will be placed on 176. Mayor Hyde
   reported that most likely the Village Board will not waive any of the fees. This new building is not subject to the previous
   agreement the Village has with CVRV.
   Mayor Hyde reported that the Dollar Store has been sold and Williamson Realty will be moving in there.
   Mayor Hyde passed out a letter from Ancel, Glink regarding the process for liquor licenses within the Village. Everyone
   received a copy.
   The Walnut Glen test well recommendations and report has been brought back to the Board. Baxter & Woodman will
   need to be paid for their services.
   Mayor Hyde announced that EMA is requesting the Boards presence at the February 26th meeting.
   Shiner Group is scheduled to most likely present to the Board next week.
Committee Meeting – January 4, 2007 – Page 3 of 3

    Mr. Kootstra is trying to put a meeting together on the Bassler Drive watermain. Mr. Kootstra reported that Attorney
    Joel Runkel is drawing up a contract for the Boards review. He hopes to have this completed by January 25th. Trustee
    Guido asked if a 6 inch main is okay if the 13 acres behind wants to hook up eventually and Mr. Kootstra replied that
    they will review that. Mayor Hyde stated that it’s positive for the Village to get a new watermain as they’ll be a new water
    user also.
    Mayor Hyde reminded the Board that Andy Teegan would like to speak to the Board about the proposed Rodewald
    Property at the January 25th meeting. Clerk Kaczmarek sent everyone a memo today reminding them that the display
    boards for this proposed development are in the Board Room if anyone would like to review them before the meeting.
    Mike Herrick of the Plan Commission stated that they met tonight to vote on the minutes from the public hearing. He
    stated that they voted on the real minutes that Christy Kaczmarek prepared vs. the report that supposedly came from
    an attorney at Ancel, Glink. He said there was no signature on that report so they decided to vote on the meeting
    minutes instead which were much more detailed and thorough.
    Mayor Hyde requested Executive Session for personnel this evening.
    Mayor Hyde reported that the Leicht intergovernmental agreement can not be reviewed in Executive Session. He
    passed out a copy to the Board Members. He added that Island Lake would be the last to approve this agreement.
    Some discussion took place regarding the boundary lines that exist today.
    Mayor Hyde asked Trustee Becker if the idea of businesses licenses have been worked on. Trustee Becker stated that
    Mr. DeSort last he had heard was contacting other Villages to see what they have for ordinances.
    Trustee Huff requested Executive Session for litigation

Motion by Trustee Huff, properly seconded to go into Executive Session for Personnel, litigation and a contract issue.

Mayor Hyde attempted to motion to come out of Executive Session. It was stated that a Trustee has to motion to come out
of Executive Session. Trustee Herrmann motioned to come out of Executive Session, properly seconded and then to go
back into the committee meeting.

Motion by Trustee Herrmann, properly seconded to adjourn the committee meeting. Being that no further business was
discussed, the meeting adjourned at 9:46 pm. All in favor.

 Christine Kaczmarek, Village Clerk