Principals message by maclaren1


									Principal’s message                                 During 2008 the school community mourned
                                                    the loss of Mrs Bernadette Melville who had
Seaforth School celebrates the uniqueness           taught at the school for a number of years.
of the individual. Classes and programs are         A special memorial service was held in her
structured to provide an optimum learning           honour with a plaque being placed in the
environment for each student.          The          Memorial Garden.      Mrs Melville‟s family
individual skills of each teacher are               were appreciative of this opportunity to
considered when classes are formed and              honour her memory.
students allocated. All classroom programs
follow the guidelines of the Quality                Our     annual    report  highlights   the
Teaching Framework. In addition to the six          achievements of students at the school. It
key learning areas students are offered a           reflects our emphasis on educating the
wide range of extra curricular programs.            whole child whilst ensuring that academic
The dedication of our staff is evidenced in         excellence is maintained.
teacher‟s willingness to accept these
additional responsibilities.                        I wish to take this opportunity to formally
                                                    acknowledge the contribution of the whole
Parents and staff work collaboratively in           school staff. Their enthusiasm, commitment
achieving the optimum outcomes for all              and skill enable Seaforth to provide
students.    Parent fundraising enables the         students with a quality educational
school to provide high quality resources to         experience.
support teaching. By the end of 2009 all
classes Year 1 to Year 6 will be equipped
with Smartboards.      Staff has embraced           Our achievements
this technology enthusiastically.                   Results in the NAPLAN testing reflect the
                                                    high academic standard achieved by our
The school continues to grow with increasing        students. These results are tabulated in this
enrolments in Kindergarten and Junior               report. The school is committed to total
School. Several students from out of area           transparency of the results of NAPLAN.
have enrolled to access the school‟s special        Any parent wishing to gain further
programs.     The extension class program           information are invited to contact the
continues to provide for those students             school.
identified. Several support programs are in
operation to support those students who             The strength of the school‟s creative arts
have challenges in their learning.                  program is evidenced in the variety of
                                                    opportunities provided and by the standard
The school is privileged to have first class        of performances and Art Show.
facilities and a physical environment that is       A “Winter Wonderland” art show was held in
ideal for learning. Our facilities include a        term 3. This was co-ordinated by Miss
fully equipped computer laboratory, a mini          Rochelle LaMotte. The standard of work
laboratory in the library, a modern well            achieved by all students received favourable
equipped library, specialise science room,          comment from all parents and friends who
art room and bright well resourced                  visited the art show.
classrooms. In 2008 major improvements
have been made to the sporting facilities           All students were involved in either the
available in the playground.      A grounds         kindergarten pantomime or “Magic and
committee ensure that school gardens are            Mystery” concert. The concert was based on
kept well maintained.                               class performances supported by the choir;
                                                    boys dance group and a group of students
                                                    chosen for special roles. The concert was

performed on three nights at the end of              of skill of our students. The science
term 3.                                              program has been actively supported by
                                                     parents who together with our science
Our choir was selected to perform at the             teacher have organised special activities for
Sydney opera house and the Met Nth                   science week and a regular science club. A
Showcase. The dance groups were both                 highlight of this year was the visit of the
chosen to perform at Glen Street Theatre.            planetarium.
Our band program has been most successful
with the band‟s performance at the Yamaha            The achievements of our students across a
festival being a highlight of the year.              wide range of activities reflect the school‟s
In term one “Seaforth stars” was held. This
concert is an opportunity for the extra
curricular performing arts groups to be              Key Evaluations

The focus on technology has resulted in all          Pupil Welfare – Anti Bullying
classes and staff being actively engaged in
regular computer lessons accessing one of            Background
the two laboratories available. Interactive          The determination to review the school‟s
whiteboard technology has been expanded              discipline policy in relation to anti bullying
with additional boards being installed and           came from the Principal and the Parent and
further staff being up skilled in this area.         Citizens.       This    was    made    as    a
The computer clubs continue to provide for           recommendation to the committee who
those students with a special interest in this       determined that this was an appropriate
area. The librarian has supported this focus         evaluation for 2008.
by making the mini lab available for use at
lunchtime.                                           A survey was developed to which 50% of
                                                     families responded. The aim of the survey
During 2008 the number of PSSA sport                 was to determine specific areas where the
teams available for students has been                school could develop a more effective policy
expanded. Parent initiative has resulted in          and procedures. In addition to the parent
specialist coaching being available at               survey students and staff were surveyed.
lunchtimes. This coaching is being carried
out by leading players in the chosen sport.          Findings and Conclusions
In addition staff continues to provide               78% of parents surveyed indicated that
weekly training for sporting teams. Our              there was “a little” bullying in the school.
students represented the school at both              The result from students was similar. 23%
district and regional level in a number of           of students and 27% of parents reported
areas. We were also honoured when Sam                that they or other children had never been
Ireland    and    Timmy      Kendrick-Little         bullied. The gender distribution was almost
represented the school in state level                equal. An interesting statistic was that the
competitions.                                        incidents of bullying reported from senior
                                                     students or senior students‟ parents were
The enthusiasm for science continues at the          significantly less than for the junior school.
school under the leadership of our science           There is a significant disparity in statistics
teacher Mr Gary Tilley. The quality of the           from students and parents in relation to
classroom programs is reflected in the               frequent bullying. Student percentage was
science competition results and feedback
from secondary schools indicating the level

10% whilst    parents   were    significantly             Re- survey parents and students in
higher.                                                    June ‟09.

Gender differences were significant in
indicating of the type of bullying. Girls           Literacy
recorded they were left out of games, called
names or teasing while boys indicated the           Background
type of bullying to be physical or swearing.        In the cycle of curriculum review it has
It was significant that only 25% of boys and        been determined to review the school‟s
10% of girls reported the situation to class        literacy programs. In reviewing the literacy
teachers and/or teacher on duty.                    programs it is important to link the special
                                                    support programs that are provided by the
It would appear from the survey there is            school.    These programs are an essential
some confusion in the minds of parents and          feature of the overall literacy teaching in
students as to what constitutes bullying.           the school.    Parents and staff have been
Parents and students also perceived that            surveyed. Response from these surveys has
there are times where their concerns re             been high. This is an indicator of the
this issue need additional follow up.               importance placed on literacy by the staff
                                                    and parents. In 2008 literacy support has
In addition to the above a significant              been provided by Reading Recovery, part
percentage of the community felt that               time literacy support class and teachers‟
bullying was a minor issue and were totally         aides supporting students in the classroom.
satisfied with the present procedures.              2008 has seen the introduction of
                                                    interactive white boards and significant
Future directions                                   expenditure on new resources to support
      Develop a new anti-bullying policy           the teaching of literacy. The school has
       involving all stake holders. This will       commenced using the data and follow up
       be based on a zero tolerance for             lessons made available from the NAPLAN
       bullying.                                    testing to improve literacy.
      Provide a school mascot “Captain
       Seaforth”: who says “No” to bullies          Findings and Conclusions
       and if you bully you are breaking the        The schools literacy program has been
       rule.                                        reported as being highly successful. Data
      Develop an effective system where            made available form NAPLAN indicates all
       all students who are or perceive             Year 3 students are achieving at grade level
       they are bullied report it to the            or above.     Reading and writing are the
       executive member who is responsible          strongest areas. The emphasis that has
       for their section of the school.             been placed on the systematic teaching of
      Actively involve the principal in the        grammar and spelling have resulted in
       above process. The principal will            significant gains. The trend data indicates
       manage each section of the school            continuous improvement in all areas of
       for one term.                                literacy from 2006 to 2008. In year 5
      Introduce the new policy at a special        there are 3 students who have not reached
       parent meeting.                              grade expectations. The data indicates a
      Develop a booklet to assist parents          significant improvement in the number of
       in dealing with bullying.                    students being placed in band 7 and 8. The
      Implement additional educational             percentage gain of students being placed in
       programs specifically focussed on            band 7 was 16%. The gain in band 8 is 4%.
       anti-bullying.                               These gains have been achieved by the

systematic delivery of curriculum; supported        in the progress of students.      Whilst the
by effective support programs. An example           number of students regularly borrowing
of the success of the support programs is           from the school library had increased there
gains made by students in Reading Recovery.         was still a significant minority who did not
Several students have gained 10 reading             choose to borrow or use the school library
recovery levels or more during their period         as a resource for research. Strong parent
in the program.                                     support was indicated for parent workshops
                                                    focussing on the reading process and the
Feedback     on    the   effectiveness    of        interpretation of NAPLAN results.
interactive   whiteboards was positive.
Teachers reported that after they had time          Future Directions
to master the use of the software                         Expansion of the use of data and
significant improvements were noted in                     specific teaching lessons to follow up
student engagement.      As the program is                 school weaknesses highlighted by
expanded in the school further gains will be               NAPLAN
realised.   Staff surveyed on professional                Completion of a school based
learning indicated the need for further                    standardised assessment schedule.
training in interactive technology, reading               Introduction of a support class for
recovery techniques, scaffolding multi-age                 Year 1
class, accelerated literacy and innovative                Expansion of the teacher‟s aide
practices for the teaching of grammar.                     program to support stage three
The need for a school based spelling                      All classes year 1 to Year 6 to have
program was highlighted.                                   an interactive whiteboard in the
Resource availability received a mixed                    Specific professional learning as
response.     An equal number of staff                     highlighted in the findings
reported needing additional resources to                  Further updating of resources
those staff indicating current resources                  Workshops for parents in the area
met the needs of the classroom programs.                   of levelling, the reading process and
                                                           home reading
Improvements in standardised testing                      Further updating of resources as
across the school received favourable                      indicated by staff members
comment.     This area was indicated as an                Introduction of a whole school
area for further development in 2009.                      spelling program
                                                          Parent information evening to outline
40% of school families responded to the                    school literacy program
survey.     90% of parents indicated their
child had no difficulty reading and                 Parent and Caregiver Involvement
comprehending at grade level.      Half the
                                                    and Participation
parents surveyed were not aware of the
                                                    We have had a very successful and fulfilling
school‟s literacy program. A very high level
                                                    year in terms of fundraising and social
of satisfaction was indicated from parents
                                                    events culminating in the Big Night Out for
whose child had been included in the school‟s
                                                    the parents and the Camp Out for the
literacy support programs.      The survey
                                                    children in November.
clearly indicated that parents of the school
are providing their children with a rich
                                                    I have written many times about the
literacy experience at home.         Parents
                                                    contribution of time and effort from
assisting with reading at school indicated
that they had seen significant improvement

parents and carers and I will again for this                Computer & Science Lab equipment
last time in 2008.                                          Yatama Campus canteen upgrade
                                                            Additional Smartboards
Thankyou to:                                                Library Resources
    Martin Dutton – P & C Vice-president                   Contribution    to    the     general
    Jon Williams – P & C Vice-president                     operating costs of the school
    Cate Carpenter – P & C Secretary
    Wayne de Nysschen – P & C                       In 2009 our aim is to support the school as
      Treasurer (retiring)                           follows:
    Betty King – P & C Fundraising                       Additional Smartboards
      Co-ordinator (retiring)                             Goal Posts for Yatama Campus
    Margie Dutton - Uniform shop                         Contribution to the general
      (retiring)                                              operating costs of the school
    Karen Kingham - Science and                          Support & maintenance of
      Kindy stuff                                             technology
    Vanessa Teague - Disco, Kindy                        Maths & Literacy resources
      Welcome Party, Entertainment                        Hall Renovations (stage, lighting,
      books                                                   sound, ventilation)
    Kristin Hipp & Aubrey Wicks -
      Mothers Day Stall                              This is not a definitive list and we welcome
    Shane Pasfield & Debbie Sparks –                suggestions from the school community.
    Elaine Stern – Skate „n‟ Scoot, Big             I would also like to take this opportunity of
      Camp Out                                       also thanking Mr Ogilvie, the teachers and
    Paul Carpenter - Captain Seaforth               support staff for their dedicated support
    Gina Hughes & Caroline Baptist – Big            of our children. Their efforts make our
      Night Out                                      efforts all the more worthwhile.
    Kirsten Crothers & Angela Denton –
      Art Show                                       To the Year 6 students who are leaving us
    John Killingback – Qantas Tour                  this year, we wish you every success on your
      (BNO)                                          journey through high school and to those
    Richard Duncan – Anti-Bullying, Art             returning in 2009 have a safe and enjoyable
      Show & BNO MC                                  summer holiday.
    Julie Somerville – BASC                         Tony Gray
    Pam Batemen – Grounds                           P & C President
    Barbara Keating – Book Club
    Phillipa Stewart – Finance Committee            P & C Fundraising Summary 2008
    Jenny Buck – Newsletter
      Advertising                                    Event                          Funds Raised
    Alison Harrington – Skate „n‟ Scoot
                                                     Slide-a-thon                       $3,376.00
Through your efforts we have been able to            Hot Cross Buns                      $453.00
assist the school in providing the following         Café Bunny                            $50.00
additional resources and equipment:                  Café Kindy                          $360.00
                                                     Entertainment Books                $1,800.00
      Goal posts on Kempbridge oval                 Mothers Day Stall                  $2,550.00
      Play equipment and games           line       Parents First Aid Course            $320.00
       marking                                       Sausage & Spider Day                 $417.00
      Class playground equipment                    Art Show                          $21,000.00
      Sports Uniforms

Art Show Calenders & Photos               $300.00            classes to work alongside peers that are not
Kindy Welcome Party                       $200.00            in their class.
Science Event                              $371.00
Skate n Skoot                            $3,000.00           In 2009 we will have a separate Year 1 and
Parents Big Night Out                   $51,000.00           Year 2 Extension Class. This is to cater for
School Disco/Band Disco                  $1,200.00           increased enrolments.
Family Campout                           $1,000.00
Jumping JJ‟s K-Yr2                        $300.00            The school‟s extra-curricular program
Water Wars Middle School                  $250.00            provides for extension for students
                                                             identified as Gifted and Talented in non
Library Fund Donations                 $35,000.00            core academic areas. The options available
Uniform Shop                           $24,158.00            include choir, dance, band, computers,
Newsletter Advertising                  $5,000.00            cartooning and sport

TOTAL                                $152,105.00             Literacy Support Program
                                                             The school supplements the staffing
Note: The above figures are approximate only as the
accounts are yet to be finalised for 2008. That aside,       allocation to provide additional support for
it is a remarkable effort.                                   students identified as having challenges in
                                                             the basic skills.     Reading Recovery is
                                                             available for students in Year 1. The school
                                                             employs a Reading Recovery teacher for
                                                             three terms each year. During 2008 a Year
                                                             3/4 literacy support class has operated 4
                                                             mornings per week.       This class supports
Special Programs                                             students identified as having challenges in
                                                             literacy. A program has been developed to
                                                             support Year 2 students.       This program
Gifted and Talented                                          operates on an in class team teaching model
The school‟s program in this area has been in                with limited withdrawal of the students.
operation for 5 years. The establishment of                  Senior students have been supported by the
extension classes have ensured that                          use of a teacher‟s aide team teaching in the
students identified are placed in an optimum                 classroom. In 2009 we are forming a Year 1
educational environment.        Testing for                  support class which will operate as a full
placement in the classes is conducted in                     time class. Reading Recovery will continue.
Term 4.      The testing is based on the                     Support will be available for Year 3 to 6
recommendations from the Gerric Unit at                      using a team teaching model with limited
University NSW.         The curriculum is                    withdrawal.
differentiated to meet the needs of these
students.      Students in the extension                     Science
classes participate in all other school
                                                             The school conducts a science program
                                                             taught by a specialist science teacher; Mr
                                                             Gary Tilley. This program is part of the
An innovation in 2008 was the introduction
                                                             teacher‟s “Relief From Face to Face”
of “Make and Move” Craft. Visual Arts,
                                                             Teaching allocation. The program is taught
Dance and music are taught in these periods.
                                                             from a dedicated science room.          The
For the Make and Move program the
                                                             program focuses on discovery learning and
students are divided into stage based
                                                             investigation. In addition science clubs are
groups across all classes in the stage. This
                                                             held at regular intervals after school.
allows for the students in the extension
                                                             These clubs provide opportunity for

students with special interest and talent in         School   0     0        4         23    46   27
this area to extend their learning. The              State    2     7        15        27    29   20
science room is well equipped thanks to the
support of parents in fundraising. The level         Numeracy
of enthusiasm towards this subject area has          Band     1    2         3         4     5    6
been noted by staff and parents. Science
                                                     School   0    0         8         25    27   40
has engaged many students who find other
                                                     State    3    7         23        27    22   18
areas of the curriculum a challenge. There
has been a “flow on” from the science
program to literacy engagement and success.          NAPLAN Test Year 5
It has been noted that the interesting               NAPLAN Test Results
scientific investigation and gaining further         % in skill band. Band 8 is the highest skill
information has been a motivator for boys‟           band.
literacy engagement and skill improvement.
Extra Curricular Activities                          Band     3     4        5         6     7    8
“Seaforth School celebrates the uniqueness           School   1     2        11        17    47   17
of the individual.” The extensive extra
                                                     State    4     9        24        31    22   10
curricular program that is a feature of the
school allows each child the opportunity to
                                                     Band     3     4        5         6     7    8
excel in an area of special interest.
Programs provided include choir, band,               School   3     3        22        36    25   11
dance, drama, competitive sport, computers           State    5     15       27        26    15   11
cartooning and chess. With the exception of
the band program each of these activities is
taken by class teachers either before/after          School Based Assessment
school or at lunchtime. 2008 saw an
expansion of these programs       centred on         English- % of Students A-E Grades
the library. The library has also been the            Year    A          B        C         D     E
centre for the writers‟ competition where            Group
students have been encouraged to expand              1         3        52        36         9    0
their interest and expertise in writing. It          2         3        38        55         4    0
has been most exciting to see the number of          3         4        67        25         2    0
senior students who have entered this                4        10        53        25        12    0
competition. A special thanks goes to our            5         6        68        16         9    1
librarian Mr Cowling for this and other              6        15        55        28         2    0
innovations that have occurred in the library
this year. Mr Cowling has exciting plans for
                                                     Maths-% of Students A-E Grades
the expansion of senior students‟ interest in
                                                      Year    A          B        C         D     E
reading literature texts in 2009.
                                                     1         6        56        36         3    0
Student Performance                                  2         0        48        49         3    0
NAPLAN Test Year 3                                   3        19        38        43         0    0
NAPLAN Test Results                                  4        25        35        27        13    0
% in skill band, Band 6 highest skill band           5        11        49        35         3    2
                                                     6        18        42        31         9    0
Band     1     2      3      4      5        6       Mandatory Requirements

                                                                                           Average progress in w riting
Staff Retention                                                                             betw een Year 3 and Year 5
No staff members are leaving in 2008.                                               90

Staff Qualifications

All staff have appropriate tertiary                                                 50
qualifications.                                                                     40
Two staff members are currently working                                             20
towards a graduate diploma                                                          10
                                                                                          2004 - 2006     2005 - 2007      2006 - 2008
National Benchmarks
                                                                                                 School      LSG       State
Average progress             in   reading    for   matched

                   2004 - 2006    2005 - 2007      2006 – 2008                           Average progress in num eracy
                                                                                           betw een Year 3 and Year 5
School                58.7            89.5         87.2                            120
LSG                   87.4            87.5         86.4
State                 87.6            87.5         86.8                            100
        Average progress in writing for matched

                   2004 - 2006      2005 - 2007         2006 - 2008                60
 School               80.9             86.0                93.0
 LSG                  66.9             80.7                71.2
 State                69.6             77.5                71.2                    20

        Average progress in numeracy for matched                                          2004 - 2006    2005 - 2007    2006 - 2008
                   2004 - 2006      2005 - 2007         2006 - 2008                             School     LSG     State
 School               84.8             106.3               74.4
 LSG                  96.4              87.9               84.4
 State                76.9              83.7               80.4
                                                                      Parent       Teacher                              Student
                   Average progress in reading
                                                                      Following    analysis  of     survey    data
                    betw een Year 3 and Year 5
                                                                      staff/student and parent satisfaction is
              90                                                      recorded as high. The enrolment increase
              80                                                      for 309 students in 2004 to 415 in 2009 is
              70                                                      an indicator of community satisfaction.

              40                                                      Staff Attendance
              30                                                      The average staff attendance rate was

                                                                      Targets for 2009
                   2004 - 2006 2005 - 2007 2006 - 2008

                          School      LSG       State

                                                                      Target 1
                                                                      Student Welfare

 Reduction in perception of bullying in the       Target 2
 Whole school program developed to
                                                      All students have developed appropriate
  address welfare curriculum
                                                       technology skills.      This will include
 School community work together in
                                                      All Year 1- Year 6 classes have access to
                                                       Interactive Whiteboard technology
Strategies will include:                              Appropriate     planning    and   budget
 Implement new policy based on Captain                decisions are in place for the ongoing
  Seaforth mascot                                      replacement for obsolete computer
 Implement new reporting system                       hardware
  ensuring all cases of bullying are               Strategies will include:
  addressed by executive
                                                          Technology committee to develop
    Continue effective levelling system.
                                                           scope and sequence.
      Classroom role plays
                                                          Additional Interactive Whiteboards,
    Welfare committee wrote
                                                           Professional learning, Teacher
      lessons/power point for
                                                           buddy system.
      implementation Term 1 2009
                                                          Survey by technology committee.
    New Anti-bullying policy. Use of
                                                           Staff make whole school decisions.
      “Restorative Justice”.
                                                          Audit of software-careful purchase
    Teacher Professional Learning Term
                                                           of new software to ensure value for
      2 SDD focus
                                                           money spent.
    Restructure of team to include
                                                          Smartboard tools transferred to
      Welfare Committee. Monitoring
                                                           staff home computers
      procedures established
                                                          Professional learning made available
    ABC continues. Parents and Staff
                                                          Planning for budget implications of
      follow up policy implementation and
                                                           keeping hardware updated
      its effectiveness.
                                                          Computer club offered to Junior,
                                                           Middle and Senior school. Support
Success will be measured by:                               for staff involved.
      Reduced perception of bullying in
       the school                                  Success will be measured by:
      Follow up parent survey reveals                 All staff using school scope and
       significant (50%+) decrease in                      sequence
       incidents of bullying                            All classes have access to
      Increased student resilience in                     Interactive Whiteboard Technology
       dealing with minor conflict                      Laboratory, mini-lab and classroom
      Effective classroom lessons                         computer receive optimum use
       developed and implemented                        More effective use of software
      Increase in level of student                     All staff competent in the use of
       acceptance of responsibility                        technology
      Beginning teachers develop more                    Forward planning for update of
       effective behaviour management                      technology
       strategies                                         Continuation of computer club
      Learning Support Team effectively                   program
       monitor welfare issues
      Whole school community work
       together on Welfare focus.                  Target 3

   No student placed in Band 1-3 in                                             2005        2006           2007         2008
    NAPLAN                                              School                   95.1        93.9           94.8         95.2
   All staff gain additional skills in literacy        Region                   95.7        95.7           95.7         95.7
    teaching                                            State                    93.8        94.0           94.0         94.1
   All staff make appropriate gains in
    literacy                                                                     2004   2005        2006      2007        2008
   Continue to increase % of students in               Male                      178    187         193       204         205
                                                        Female                    136    150         149       166         171
    Band 5 (Year 3) Band 6 (Year 5).
Strategies will include:
       Develop whole school standardised                                         Student attendance rates
        assessment plan
       Systematic follow up of NAPLAN
        results. Continuation of support                                   80
        programs for Years 1,2,3 students.                                 70

                                                         Attendance rate
       Specific systematic instruction for                                60
        students making less than 2 skill                                  50
        band improvements                                                  40

       Establish Year 1 support class in                                  30
       Continue with successful extension                                  0
        class program                                                            2005       2006         2007           2008
       Continuous update of resources                                                         Year
       Specific focus on fiction                                                  School       Region          State
        reading/borrowing in 2009
                                                        Note: Attendance rates for central
       Successful program continued
       Targeted students offered the
                                                        schools are for K-6
        program using successful 2008                                                   Enrolm ents
        model                                                              400
Success will be measured by:                                               300
       Accurate information is gained to                                  250

        support planning                                                   200
       No students placed in Bands 1,2,3 in                               150
        NAPLAN test                                                        100
       All students in Year 5 make                                         50
        appropriate value added gains                                        0
       Establish a Year 1 class in 2009 to                                      2004   2005       2006      2007        2008
        allow more intensive teaching                                                          Year

       Students         identified        as                                           Male       Female

        gifted/talented are being challenged            Note: Enrolment rates                               for central
       Appropriate resources are available             schools are for K-6
        for all staff
       Library provided opportunity to
        further promote literacy                        Staff Attendance
       Science program continues as a                   In 2008, the average daily staff
        motivator for reluctant boy readers              attendance rate was:              95.6%
       Reading recovery to continue                    Note: Staff attendance is determined by
                                                        subtracting the number of short-term,
                                                        unplanned days absent from the total
Student enrolment

  available teaching days. The attendance rate              Anthony Gray - Parent
  is reported as N/A if the school has less                 Cate Carpenter – Parent
  than 3.4 staff members.                                   Anthony Watson – Staff
                                                            Monica Hitchenson- Staff
                                                            Kris Elsworth - Staff

  Financial Statement Summary
    Date of financial summary      30/11/2007
              Income                    $
 Balance Brought forward              42835.67
 Global funds                        182961.98
 Tied Funds                           50274.99
 School & community sources          348319.15
 Interest                              8296.79
 Trust Receipts                        16613.19
         Total Income               649301.77

 Teaching & Learning
          Key Learning Areas             71636.32
          Excursions                     53359.64
          Extracurricular               135222.06
 Library                                     7133.31
 Training & development                   26286.40
 Tied funds                                51552.59
 Casual relief teachers                    59644.91
 Administration and Office               102532.77
 Utilities                                 63510.63
 Maintenance                               22192.87
 Trust accounts                            15381.67
 Capital expenditure                        3290.39
          Total expenditure             611743.56
 Balance carried forward                  37558.21

  About this report
In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
committee has gathered information from
evaluations conducted during the year.
Additional information about the school‟s
practices and student learning outcomes has
been accessed. The self-evaluation committee
has determined targets for the school‟s future
development.   These have been endorsed by
the school community.

Members of the school self-evaluation
committee include:
         Ray Ogilvie-Principal


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