Dear Student_ by maclaren1


									Dear Parent(s) and Student(s),
         Welcome to Starr-Iva Middle School, home of the Tiger Cubs. If you are returning most
of this information is the same. If you are a new 6 th grade parent/student or a new parent/student
to our community this will be new to you. Please read over it carefully and if there is anything
you don’t understand please do not hesitate to call and ask about it.
    This handbook is being provided so that you will have this important information nearby
throughout the year. We are committed to ensuring that your years at Starr-Iva will be beneficial
to you as a parent and to the total development as a student. We expect you as parents to
continue to be a part of your child’s education and as students to show pride in yourself, pride in
your work, and pride in your school. Remember that the success you experience will depend
upon your effort. It is our goal to challenge students to learn in a safe, caring environment. We
want to help you in any way we can.

                                                             Mike Ruthsatz, Principal
                                                             Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
                                                             Starr-Iva Middle School

                  Starr-Iva Middle School Information
School Name                                                  Starr-Iva Middle School
Address                                                      1034 Rainey Road
                                                             Starr, South Carolina 29684
Phone Number                                                 (864) 352-6146
FAX Number                                                   (864) 352-2095
School Colors                                                Black and Gold
School Mascot                                                Tiger Cub
Principal                                                    Mr. Mike Ruthsatz
Assistant Principal                                          Mr. Jamie Lindley
Guidance Counselor                                           Mr. Dan McCullough
School Nurse                                                 Rhonda McGuffin
School Resource Officer                                       Ray Graham
Impact                                                       Kristen Jordan
Cafeteria Manager                                            Melody Simpson
                      OUR SCHOOL DAY-CLASS PERIODS
                                           BELL SCHEDULE
7:40-7:52                                                          All Students Report to Gym
7:55-9:07                                                           Homeroom/1st Period
9:12-10:06                                                          2nd Period
10:11-11:05                                                         3rd Period
11:09-12:23                                                         4th Period and Lunch
12:27-1:21                                                          5th Period
1:25-2:19                                                           6th Period
2:23-3:20                                                           7th Period
*Our schedule is subject to change to accommodate the needs of the instructional program and students.
**As the needs arise in accordance to the safety of the students and staff in relation to the total school
environment and academic achievement, changes may occur to accommodate the needs. As much as
possible, written notification will be sent to the school population.

                            The Vision of Starr-Iva Middle School
We envision a school in which
        Our students are challenged intellectually and are successful learners
        Students and staff treat each other with respect in an atmosphere that is warm, caring,
         supportive, and safe
        Parents, families, and community members are involved and support the efforts of the
        The staff is committed to professional growth and development
        Quality instruction is a top priority.

                             HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL
    1.    Be considerate and respectful of others. This includes fellow students as well as
    2.    Be prepared for classes by bringing pencils, notebooks, paper, and other necessary
    3.    Participate in class. Listen closely and ask questions. Check to make sure you
          understand assignments before leaving class.
    4.    Schedule time for assignments each day.
   5.  When an assignment is a long-term project, do a little each day instead of waiting until
       the last minute. It will be easier and the work will be better.
   6. Maintain a positive attitude---about yourself, about others, and about your work.
   7. Concentrate. Keep your mind on what you are doing. It will be easier and will take less
   8. When taking a test, relax and forget other matters. Read the directions carefully and
       follow them.
   9. Strive for educational excellence.
   10. Take note of those classmates that you feel are most successful and seem to have fewer
       problems. You will probably notice that they seem happier and are less self-conscious
       (positive attitude); that they are less likely to make fun of or be critical of others
       (considerate); that they do not have major problems with their grades (preparation and
       concentration). In general, they are probably well-adjusted individuals who take an
       active part in their school and community. You would do well to pattern yourself after
   11. Realize that the principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, teachers, and staff are
       here to help.
   12. Get involved in school activities. There is a place for you in sports, drama, Beta Club,
       Student Council, Cubs for Christ, Starr-Iva Singers, yearbook, etc.

Keep your head and your heart in the right direction and you will
never have to worry about your feet.

                       The Communication Plan of
                        Starr-Iva Middle School
School Communication:
    Report Cards are issued every nine weeks on Mondays.
    Progress reports are issued every 4 ½ weeks on Mondays.
    The Starr-Iva newsletter and the monthly calendar of events are sent home during the first
       week of the new month.
    Current information is posted on the school website and is available twenty-four hours a
    School Sign lists current events for the month.
    School Messenger calls students’ families about absences or other school updates.
    Open door policy to talk to administrators.
    Homework is posted on school web site
    Safety Hotline
   Class Communication:

   Each teacher/team develops his/her own plan of communication with parents to support the
   school’s plan. This information is always given out at the first of the year. Communication
   is vital and all teachers have a plan for regular communication.
   Parent Communication:

   Use notes, emails, regular mail, personal visits, etc. as needed. Parents should send excuses
   for absences. Parents should sign and return progress reports and report cards and return
   grade report sheets or other papers as designated by teachers.

                                        “Stay in touch!”

Ongoing and positive communication between the home and school is an important part of our
program and will contribute significantly to your child’s opportunity to experience academic
success. We encourage you to telephone, write, e-mail, or visit as often as you feel it is
necessary. We will plan to do the same. School information is given out each Monday. Each
student will be given a folder at registration to serve as a communication tool. Additional folders
may be purchased in the school office for $1.00 as needed. Each team of teachers will send
information regarding the schedule for sending grade sheets and other information. The district
community calendar gives the dates for progress reports and report cards. Parents should expect
information such as grade sheets, progress reports, report cards, or newsletters at a
minimum of every two weeks. Please review the information, sign any necessary papers,
and return the information to the school with your student on the next school day. If you
have any questions, please call and leave a message for the teacher or email the teacher
directly from our school website,

Homework information is posted on the website. Contact the school or your child’s teacher for
additional information. Current school information and monthly calendars of events are posted
on our school web page. In addition, other vital information is available as part of our
communication with you.

                  Starr-Iva Middle Parent Involvement
Each year we explore additional ways to involve our parents. We welcome your suggestions or
 ideas. At the present time, the primary ways for you to be involved are the following ways:

School Dances                  Athletic Events  Field Experience Chaperone
Parent Assistant Substitute     Open Houses               Cub Walks
Technology Assistance School Lunches Cub Parent Reading Corner     School
Improvement Council      Parent Volunteer
                          Starr-Iva Middle Events
       We want to see you at our events. Refer to our school calendar, weekly or monthly
       communication, our school website, or call the main office for more information.

Open House Meetings                    Band/Athletic Competitions              Fine Arts Festival
Academic Competitions                  Science/Social Studies Fair             Renaissance
Celebrations                           Veteran’s Day Assembly                  Pep Rallies
Back to School Night                   Thanksgiving Meal                       Drama Shows
AR Celebrations                        Dances                                  Parent Meetings
Athletic Events                        Beta Club Induction                     Award Ceremony

            Starr-Iva Middle Clubs/Organizations
            We encourage your child to become involved in our clubs and organizations.

Student Council (Government) Accelerated Reader                                Library Club
Science Club                 Step Team                                         Drama Club
Starr-Iva Singers/Chorus     Beta Club                                         Flag Corp
Band                         Impact                                            Renaissance
Yearbook                     Cub Advisory                                      Cubs for Christ
Pro-Team                     Sports
Cub Morning Homework/Assistance

                                      MAKE-UP WORK
   Students will be given make-up work based on school and teacher policy. Teachers will assist
students with the make-up work as needed at a teacher arranged time. It is the responsibility of
the student to secure and complete the make-up work in the time frame given by the

                                       REPORT CARDS
   Report cards and interim (progress) reports will be issued. The appropriate copy of the computerized
report card should be signed and returned to the school. The grading scale is as follows:
                                            93 –100 = A
                                            85 – 92 = B
                                            77 – 84 = C
                                            70 – 76 = D
                                            Below 70 = F
                               Academic Assistance Programs
                                    “Learning is our #1 Priority!”

Starr-Iva Middle School has programs in place to assist students with homework, academic
needs, reports, tests, and projects. We may have morning homework/tutoring before school,
afterschool homework assistance, and an afterschool program. In addition, we may have
Saturday School during the second semester. We will let you know if these will be available.
PASS Hour may be offered during the last nine weeks. Students or guardians need to contact
teachers or the office for additional information. After school detention will be assigned to assist
students with behavior and attendance to promote student achievement.

                                  HONORS AND AWARDS
HONOR ROLL Students who earn the grades of “A” or “B” during a nine-week period in all
subjects will be recognized as on the Honor Roll. Honor Roll students are recognized in the
newspaper, on the school web page, and in the building.

RENAISSANCE Students who earn the grades of “A” or “B” in all subjects AND citizenship in all
classes for each nine weeks will be eligible to participate in the Renaissance celebrations each quarter.
Our Renaissance Program recognizes citizenship and excellence in academics each quarter. Students are
not eligible to participate in any Renaissance reward or program unless academic grades and citizenship
grades meet the established criteria.

CUB PRIDE Starr-Iva Middle School recognizes students for outstanding achievement in all
subject areas and for other activities connected with the school. Students caught doing
something “good” are rewarded with a Cub Pride Card.

                             “Be present everyday and on time!”

   Regular attendance at school is extremely important. Absences from school will be classified
as excused or unexcused. In accordance with South Carolina law and Anderson District Three
policy, a student at Starr-Iva Middle School may not have more than 10 unexcused
absences during the school year. A student’s grades will be negatively affected for classes
missed as a result of an unexcused absence. In addition, a student will be considered for retention
due to excessive absences and will be reported to the attendance officer for possible legal action.
Repeated tardies to school will result in notification from the school attendance office and could
result in a referral to the county attendance office.
    Our Attendance is based on period attendance. For a child to be counted present for the
day, he/she must attend all seven periods through the day. For perfect attendance, students must
be present for all class periods every day. If a child is excused during the day, the child will be
counted absent in the classes that were missed. Excessive absences resulting from early
dismissals repeatedly from the same class (period) through the year will negatively affect a
child’s grade. Acceptable reasons to have an absence excused include personal illness of the
student, death or serious illness in the student’s immediate family, religious holidays, or legal
matters involving the student.
   After 10 days of unexcused absences, all absences must be excused. The school will accept
five notes written by a parent as excuses for days absent from school. After the five parent notes
have been used, the school will then only accept excuses signed by a physician, dentist, or court
official. The notes should contain 1) the student’s name, 2) the date of the absence, 3) the
specific reason for the absence, 4) the specific time of the appointment, and 5) the signature
of a parent, doctor, or court official.
    Students will be marked absent according to the periods missed in a school day. It is the
student’s responsibility to make up the work missed due to absence. Homework requests may be
made through the school office if a student will be absent three or more days. Students absent
less than three days should call a friend for assignments. Independent Study Contacts may be
arranged for anticipating absences.

                                    CELL PHONES
                                     “Keep them at home!”

Cell phones and electronic devices such as iPods, MP3players, cameras, etc., are not allowed at
Starr-Iva Middle. There are phones available on the school campus to make calls as needed for
before and after school activities. Disciplinary actions will follow if a student chooses to bring a
cell phone or other electronic device to school or has one in his/her possession. These devices
will be taken and kept by the principal or assistant principal. The devices will only be returned
after the student serves an after school detention (ASD). If a student chooses to bring one of
these devices to school and it is stolen or misplaced, the school is not responsible for the device.
                                        CAR RIDERS
    The circle drive should only be used for emergencies. Please park in the front parking
lot if you need to come in to the office for any reason.

   Students should arrive at school no earlier than 7:35 a.m. and no later than 7:55 a.m.
After 7:55, students that are not in their classes can be counted tardy. Students must be
picked up by 3:45 p.m. Supervision is provided from 7:35 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. only. Students
may not be picked up between 3:00 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. due to dismissal routines. Please
keep this in mind when making appointments.
   Students must be picked up and dropped off on the car rider side of the building. The front
entrance is reserved for visitors and students with special needs. Please notify the office if
accommodations need to be made for your student. Exceptions will be made with physician’s
                                          Bus Riders
All students are required to follow the guidelines for bus transportation. Students may lose their
privilege of bus transportation if the guidelines are violated or disruptive behavior jeopardizes
the safety of the passengers. Students may not change buses or ride home with other students
unless both students have notes and there is space availability on the bus. Notes should be given
to homeroom teacher. They will be verified in the office. Students get the notes from the office
at the end of the day. Students must have the notes to board the bus. Disciplinary action for
infractions of bus rules is assigned by school administration. Other questions or concerns should
be addressed by calling the Transportation Office at 352-3200.

   Lockers are available for use during the school year. Locks will be rented yearly for $3.00.
Only locks rented from Starr-Iva Middle School may be used on the lockers. Lost or damaged
locks must be replaced at a cost of $6.00. Lockers must be locked at all times. Students may
not trade or share lockers. No adhesive materials (stickers) may be applied to the lockers. You
are responsible for the contents and/or damage to your assigned lock and locker. Students
may go to their lockers during designated times only. Book bags can be stored in students'
lockers from the first designated visit through the last designated visit. Please notify the
office if accommodations need to be made for individual students.


                                 CLASS TARDY POLICY
    There are two types of tardies: tardies to school and tardies to class. Students arriving late to
school must stop at the office. The tardy will be recorded, and the student will be issued a pass
to class. Students should study their schedules and match their pace between classes in order to
reach their classes before the bell rings. Students arriving late to class need a signed note from a
staff member verifying the reason for tardiness. The following are the consequences for tardies
to class:

      1st Tardy – The teacher will tell the student that this is his/her first tardy and record the
       tardy. This is the only warning.
      2nd Tardy to the same class – The teacher will call the parent or guardian of the student.
      3rd Tardy to the same class –The teacher will write a behavior referral to the student. An
       administrator will assign the consequences.
      4th Tardy to the same class– Automatic Referral to the office. The student will be sent to
       the office immediately. The student will not be allowed into the class until approval is
       granted from the principal or assistant principal. Possible actions include (but are not
       limited to) Principal’s Detention (PD), Parent conference, After School Detention, In-
       School Suspension (ISS), and Out-of-School Suspension (OSS).

Safety is a priority at our school. Students are expected to follow the rules and make every
reasonable effort to get to class on time.

                                EARLY DISMISSAL POLICY
 Students are dismissed early only to the parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian must
come to the school office to sign their child out of school early. Students are not released early
between 3:00 and 3:20 p.m. unless of extreme emergencies.
                       EMERGENCY SCHOOL DISMISSAL
    Due to weather conditions, there may be instances when it will be necessary to begin school
late or close school early or for an entire day. When severe weather occurs, we suggest that
parents listen to WRIX-Honea Path/Anderson-103.1 FM or television channels 4 (WYFF-
Greenville) or 7 (WSPA-Spartanburg). If no announcement is made, school will operate on a
regular schedule. Please do not call the school, as the telephone lines need to be open in
order to handle the emergency.

                          HEALTH ROOM/MEDICATIONS

   Parents should fill out health forms including phone numbers where they can be reached and
phone numbers of emergency contacts. If a student becomes ill at school, it may be necessary to
call the parents and ask them to pick up the student. The school does not supply medications.
The school gives medications only if the proper paper work has been completed.
   Our district permits the Principal or designee to administer medications during school hours
under the following conditions:
     Medications must be supplied from home in the original container or properly labeled
        pharmacy container. NO aspirin or salicylate-containing medicines are allowed.
     A consent form signed by a parent or guardian must come with the medication. It
        needs to include the student’s full name, the name of the medication, the dose, and the
        time it is to be given. No exceptions will be made to this requirement.
     All medication will be kept in the nurse’s office for distribution. Students are not
        allowed to keep any medication with them. The only exceptions are medicines such as
        inhalers and Epi-pens; however, a written statement from the doctor is required.
     We must be able to reach the parent/guardian if an emergency occurs. If you do not
        have a phone, we must have a way to insure that the parent/guardian can be contacted.
        Please notify the office and school nurse of any changes in your phone number during the
        school year.

    Lunches will be served daily in the school’s cafeteria. Menus will be posted monthly.
Students are also welcome to bring lunches from home. Credit is not extended for more than
10 lunches or a total of twenty dollars ($20). If a student owes lunch money from a previous
year, no credit will be extended. All lunch money should be given to the homeroom teacher
in the morning in the student lunch envelopes. Students are expected to follow standards of good
behavior during lunch and must remove their own trash and leave the table and area in neat
order. No food or drinks may be taken out of the cafeteria. Oftentimes students elevate their
lunch accounts with these extra purchases. Weekly notices are usually sent out on Friday or
Monday regarding the status of a student that owes on his/her lunch account. Parents,
grandparents, and community members are always welcome to eat lunch at Starr-Iva Middle
School. Visitors should report directly to the main office first.

                          DELIVERIES TO THE SCHOOL
      Starr-Iva Middle School allows balloons/flowers to be delivered to students on their
birthdays. Please realize these items cannot be transported on the school bus. No deliveries are
accepted for students on Valentine’s Day.

   By authority of Section 59-31-290 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina: “The State Board
of Education Regulations require payment for the loss or damage to any book, ordinary wear and
tear excepted. Schools may require pupils, parent/guardians to pay for lost or damaged books.
In the event of non-payment, further benefits of the FREE Textbook Program may be denied by
the school.”

                                 GUIDANCE SERVICES
   Guidance services are available for every student in the school. These services include
interpretation of test scores; study help; help with home, school, and/or social concerns; and any
other matters the students would like to discuss with the guidance counselor. The guidance
counselor does not change schedules or create schedules. Students wishing to visit the guidance
counselor should get a pass from his/her teacher and see the secretary in the guidance office.

                                      INTERNET USE
    Students who have met the criteria set by the district regarding acceptable use of the Internet
may have access to the Internet. The purpose of Internet access is to allow expanded opportunity
for research and education; therefore, all use of the Internet must be in support of education
and research consistent with educational objectives of Anderson School District Three.
Students will be allowed to access the Internet only through their teachers. No student may
access the Internet without permission from their regular classroom teacher. Substitute
teachers are not allowed to give permission for student access to the Internet. Students’ use
of the Internet will be supervised at all times by a staff member. The use of the Internet is a
privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of the privilege and
disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of the student to know and abide by the district
policy for procedures for use and rules governing use.

                                     SAFETY DRILLS
   During a Fire Drill, students are expected to line up and leave the building in an orderly
manner. Students are expected to refrain from talking and remain with their teacher. Students
will return to class upon hearing the proper signal.
   During a Tornado Drill, students will report to the area designated for your class. Students
are to assume the protective position shown to them by their teacher. Students are expected to
remain quiet and follow directions issued by their teacher. Students will return to class upon
hearing the proper signal.
   During an Earthquake Drill, students will assume the position shown to them by their
teacher inside the classroom. Students are expected to refrain from talking, follow the teacher’s
instructions, and return to their desks upon hearing the proper signal.
   During a Lockdown drill, students will be instructed by the teacher as to the location for
cover within the class. No student or staff member will be allowed to move in the building or
enter or exit the building during lockdown unless designated by the officer or administrator in
charge. Parents/guardian will not be allowed to enter during lockdown procedures. Lockdown
procedures will remain in place as long as necessary.

                             Promotion, Retention, Placement
Our school follows the guidelines established by the Anderson County School District Three
Policy on Promotion, and Retention. Students may be retained multiple years at the middle
school level according to academic performance and recommendation.

                                 ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES

    Students at Starr-Iva Middle School have the opportunity to participate in school athletics.
The school fields teams in football, boys’ and girls’ basketball, and cheerleading. In addition,
seventh and eighth grade students may participate in the following sports at Crescent High
School: golf, baseball, girls’ volleyball, girls’ softball, girls’ track, boys’ track, cross country,
soccer and wrestling. While serving as a member of one of these teams, the student is a
representative of Starr-Iva Middle School and should conduct himself/herself in a manner which
reflects positively on the school.
   Physical forms must be on file and current before a student will be allowed to participate in
practice or try-outs. Eligibility for these activities is determined by standards established by the
High School League. Currently, in order to participate, a student has to have earned promotion to
the current grade. Students who have been placed in the current grade may become eligible for
second semester if they meet the standards set for promotion during first semester. Eligibility
criteria are being reviewed at this time. Students and parents will be notified if changes are made
for the current school year. The student must be in attendance at school in order to
participate in an athletic event scheduled for that day. Students suspended from school
may not participate in any school-sponsored activity during the term of suspension.
Questions or concerns should be addressed following the established procedures in the Anderson
District 3 Policies for Student Athletes.

                 Starr-Iva Middle Athletic Eligibility Requirements
                                  First Semester
A student is eligible for first semester sports if the student was promoted to their current grade.

A placed student may also be eligible for first semester sports if the student and his/her
parent/guardian agree to a contract outlining expectations for the student. The key expectations
are as follows:
   * The student must maintain passing grades in all core content
      classes-Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
   * The student must maintain an overall 70 average in all classes-core
      content and enrichment classes.

   If a student is placed on a contract, the student’s progress will be reviewed at the time of the
first progress report (approximately 4 ½ weeks after the start of school). If expectations are not
being met, an academic mentor will be assigned to the student.
   Evidence of continued progress must be made by the student. If progress is not made, the
athletic department reserves the right to suspend the student from one or more games. Continued
lack of progress may result in the athletic department and school administration removing the
student from athletic activities for the remainder of the semester.

                                        Second Semester
For second semester, a student is eligible for athletic activities if the student has maintained an
overall 70 average and passing grades in all four core content classes for the first semester.

Cheerleading tryout eligibility is determined by second semester sports.

                                           Special Note
If a student is placed a second time, the student will not be allowed to participate in sports.

                                         DRESS CODE
                                 “When in doubt, don’t wear it!”

 Student appearance is in direct relationship to good work habits and behavior. It is generally
accepted that cleanliness, good grooming, and appropriate dress help reduce distraction, promote
health, and provide a productive learning environment. Routine dress code checks do occur
through the year. Extremes in dress and personal appearance which tend to cause distraction or
pose health problems are not acceptable at school. Student appearance cannot be disruptive
to the educational process. Should any student have a question about the appropriateness
of his or her attire, the safest course of action would be not to wear it. The following list
provides guidelines as to what is unacceptable.

      Sagging pants or baggy clothing: Shirts should be tucked in. Baggy shirts that hang
       to the lower buttock area should be avoided for school attire.
      Short shirts that show the BELLY, BACK, MIDRIFF, STOMACH area, deep
       armhole areas, or CLEVAGE: When the student raises his/her arms to shoulder height,
       bare skin of the back and stomach areas can NOT show. When the student is sitting,
       the bare back should not show.
      Low rise/low cut pants that reveal the hip area when seated or with movement.
      See-through garments. Tank tops, halter tops, sundresses, etc.
      Shorts, skirts, or skorts that are above the top of the knee. All shorts, skirts, skorts must
       be knee length.
      Clothing with holes/slits that attract attention and cause disruptions: NO slits, holes, or
       frayed threads or weak spots are allowed in pants ABOVE the knee.
      Sleeveless garments with a width less than 4 adult fingers at the shoulder area.
      Shirts/dresses with an arm opening or neck opening that exposes the side/chest area or
      Hats, caps, sweatbands, sunglasses, and visors inside the building.
      Caps/hats are unacceptable for attire during school events such as Renaissance, Award
       Celebration, dances, school assemblies, pep rallies, etc.
      Bandanas or similar head coverings, combs, picks, or curlers.
      Articles of clothing or clothing accessory bearing any words, phrases, or images which
       are obscene, vulgar, suggestive, or otherwise in bad taste or which may cause a
       disruption: This includes T-shirts, flip tops, and other items advertising or promoting
       products that are illegal for a student to use (alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, etc.)
      Shoes with wheels or cleats are not allowed.
      Bare feet or footwear not designed for public use: Shoes must be worn at all times.
      Writing, words, or messages across the seats of pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts.
      Bike pants, spandex, skin tight/form fitting clothing, and unitard knit tights (unless
       covered by a skirt or shorts that meets the dress code of knee length.)
      Chains or articles hanging from clothing, as well as items that have the potential to cause
       harm to one’s self or others (neck wear/bracelets with spikes, fish hooks on hats, etc.)
      Displaying of gang symbols. Gang symbols include, but are not limited to, any article of
       clothing, bandanas, badges, signs, lettering, hairdos or personal adornments which is
       intended by the students or is recognized or acknowledged by other students to designate
       a gang symbol or to signify affiliation with participation in or approval of a gang.
      Exposed body piercings (other than earrings) and non-human hair colorings are strongly
       discouraged. These could disrupt the learning environment. The discipline policy
       concerning disruptive behavior will be followed.

The student will be referred to an administrator. The administrator will determine the
appropriate action. Possible actions include but are not limited to the following:

      Clothing change
      Parent/guardian called
      Letter to be signed and returned
      Principal’s Detention
      In school suspension
      Out of school suspension
      After school detention
      Other actions deemed as necessary

*The administration reserves the right to make final decisions pertaining to dress not
specifically mentioned in the dress code statements.
*Exceptions will be made based on physician’s statement for the designated time frame and
need of the student.

                                     CLASS CHANGE
   When changing classes, keep hallways open by walking to the right whenever possible.
Running, pushing, and loitering will not be tolerated. Students should continue walking and not
block traffic by standing in groups. Attendance will be taken in each class. The tardy to class
policy will be enforced. Students should proceed to class in the routes that are designated.
Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are not allowed on hallways that do not match his/her
current grade level except at designated times during the day such as locker visits, morning or
afternoon dismissal, with the direct supervision of a staff member. Referrals will be given for
out of designated area.

                                        HALL PASSES
   Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a
teacher or have hall passes in their possession. The hall pass must state the student’s destination,
the reason for the pass, the time the student left the classroom, and the name of the teacher who
issued the pass. The pass may be countersigned at the destination. The student must be able to
show the pass upon request by any staff member.

                                 Student Schedule Changes
Our student schedules are carefully made. As much as possible we develop the schedules based
on availability of courses, the student requests for electives, and academic needs of the students.
Schedules will rarely be changed unless of extenuating circumstances. All schedule changes
must be given final approval by the principal. The guidance office does not change or create

                                  PROPERTY DAMAGE
   We are proud of our school. We continue to work on our school environment and campus to
make it safe, attractive, and kept in good condition. Our buildings and equipment cost the
taxpayers to purchase and maintain. Students who willfully destroy or vandalize school property
will be required to pay for damages. If a student should damage something accidentally, a
teacher or the office should be informed immediately. Students will not be expected to pay for
accidental breakage. Breakage as a result of carelessness or deliberate action will be billed based
on repair or replacement costs. This could affect registration procedures for the next school year
if restitution is not made.
                                     SCHOOL DANCES
From time to time during the school year, various groups sponsor dances for students. The
school dress code applies to dances. Students from other schools in and out of the district may
not attend our school dances. The standard policy regarding students’ attendance at dances is
listed below.
     1. Students may not attend dances if they have received a referral to the office two weeks
         prior to the dance.
     2. Students who have been suspended for a Level III offense forfeit their eligibilities for
         dances for the school year.
     3. Students who are excessively late being picked up from a dance will forfeit attendance
         privileges for the remainder of the year.

                           SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER
   Starr-Iva houses a full time School Resource Officer (SRO). The SRO is a deputy with the
Anderson County Sheriff’s Department. You may get in touch with our SRO by calling the
school at 352-6146.
   In an effort to increase the safety of our learning environment, Starr- Iva Middle School and
Verizon Wireless have joined together to provide a safety hotline for students, parents, and staff.
You may leave an anonymous tip or leave your name and number.
You may report information about crimes, threats, or suspicious activities by calling 245-
Students are expected to show respect to all staff members. Behaviors such as talking back,
using inappropriate language, cursing, using profanity, wearing a hat inside the building, talking
during instruction, arguing, bullying, or making fun of someone is not acceptable at our school.
Respect is a sign of good character that is a life-long skill.

                                      Student Accounts
Library (Media Center)-Students are responsible for lost and/or damaged books. In addition,
library books should be returned on the due date. A fine of five cents per day is charged until the
library book is returned. When a library book is lost, payment must be made for the book.

Field Trips-Deposits for field trips will not be refunded. The remaining amount will be
considered if a written request is given and the request occurs before the field trip excluding
emergencies. An emergency is defined as a medical concern with a doctor’s statement, accident,
administration ruling on behavior, or death in family. Students may not be denied from a field
trip unless it is approved by the principal.

Off-Campus Competitions-The school is not responsible for expenses if students choose to
pursue the competition advancement at regional, state, or national levels. The school will make
efforts to assist in the cost as much as possible but it is not guaranteed.

   The teachers and staff at Starr-Iva Middle School strive to provide the best possible education
for students. Discipline is a cooperative effort of students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
In order to produce the best environment, it is necessary that all students demonstrate appropriate
cooperation and respect toward teachers, substitutes, and staff members. Classroom misbehavior
is not acceptable. Students must show respect toward others at all times. It is expected that
language directed toward teachers and fellow students will be polite and appropriate. Disrespect
for those in authority will be reason for severe action. Staff members of the school are
responsible for the supervision of all students. Students must obey and respect every member of
the staff whether or not under their direct supervision. Directions by teachers, substitutes, and
other members of the school staff must be followed. A student may disagree with the directions
of a member of the school staff but does not have the right to disobey the direct instructions of a
teacher. Students of middle school age should realize that there are consequences for their
actions, both good and bad. The consequences of good conduct include the establishment of a
good reputation and the opportunity to become an educated person. Consequences of bad
behavior may vary with the offense. (Parent conferences, in-school suspension, and out-of-
school suspension are considered appropriate actions for the school to be taken in order to
maintain an atmosphere which will lead to a good education.) We expect our students to be
well mannered and considerate of others; we will accept nothing less.

Bullying or any behaviors that are connected to bullying are not allowed. Any students that
participate in bullying will be punished according to our code of conduct. Students that are
bullied or see bullying are expected to report it immediately.

                          DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES
   Students who demonstrate negative behavior and disrupt the education of other students may
receive various consequences as determined by a school administrator.
            Work-Detail (WD) may be assigned for a portion of a student’s school day.
            Principal’s Detention (PD) may be assigned to a student. While in PD a student
               will complete assignments under the supervision of a school administrator.
            In-School Suspension (ISS)-Students may be assigned to In-School Suspension
               (ISS). The regular teachers will assign work while the student is in ISS. Students
               may be assigned for period ISS or all day ISS. ISS
               is the preferred alternative to out of school suspension.
            Out-of-School Suspension (OSS). Students who continue their misbehavior will
               be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion. OSS days are counted
               as unexcused absences. Students who have been out of school suspended are not
               normally allowed to make-up missed assignments. School rules and the
               consequences of those rules appear in this section of the handbook.
            Afterschool Detention (ASD)-Students may be assigned to afterschool detention
               for behavior and attendance to improve student achievement. Parents/guardians
               will be responsible for transportation. Parents/guardians will be notified.

                                            Level I
               Failure to report to teacher/area upon due notice
               Forgery/lying/dishonesty/cheating
               Out of designated area and/or no hall pass
               Cutting class without leaving school grounds
               Disruptive behavior
               Inappropriate/obscene language, gesture, or symbols in any manner
               Fighting- pushing/shoving with intent to cause harm
               Distribution or sale of material unauthorized by the principal
               Loitering/misbehaving before, during or after school in restrooms, hallways, or
                other parts of the campus
               Dress code violation
               Improper use of school machines, computers, phones
               Inappropriate display of affection between students (any bodily contact other than
               Food or drink out of designated area
               Possession and/or playing of radio, CD/tape player, electronic games, etc.
               Possession of telecommunication device, cell phone, electronic device
               Bullying
Possible Sanctions:
          Verbal reprimand
          Withdrawal of privileges
          Parent conference
          Corporal punishment (with parent’s permission)
          Work Detail during a portion of the school day (WD)
          Principal’s Detention (PD)
          In-School Suspension (ISS)
          Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)
          After School Detention (ASD)

     After being assigned to ISS for multiple days for the same offense, a student may be
       assigned OSS for up to two days.

                                             Level II
               Disobedience/disrespectful toward a district employee or visitor
               Use of obscene language/gesture to another student or in the classroom
               Tampering, removing or discharging fire extinguishers without cause
               Possession/distribution of obscene literature, pictures, and/or devices
               Gambling
               Intentionally setting off fire alarms falsely
               Continuous disruption of learning process
               *Harassing/intimidating other students or district employees
               *Use/possession of tobacco/tobacco products or paraphernalia
               *Trespassing/riding school bus while under suspension
               *Total disruption of school
               *Conduct/activity that endangers or impairs the safety and/or well being of others
                *Fighting- one or more parties engaging in combat not resulting in serious bodily
               *Vandalism
               *Proven theft of property
               *Threatening other students
               *Trespassing
               *Use of obscene/profane language/gestures to district employees
               *Leaving school grounds without permission
               Bullying

Possible Sanctions:
                 Parent Conference
                 Work Detail during a portion of the school day (WD)
                 Principal’s Detention (PD)
                 In-School Suspension (ISS)
                 After School Detention(ASD)
                 Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) up to 5 days
                 Referral to outside agency
                 Restitution of property and payment for damages when appropriate
                 Notification of law enforcement agency

                 After being assigned to ISS for multiple days for the same offense, a student may
                  be assigned OSS for up to five days.
                 Infractions of offenses listed above with an asterisk (*) may result in an out-of-
                  school suspension for up to 5 days. In-School suspension will not routinely be
                  assigned for these offenses.
                 Continuous disruption of learning is defined as at least three prior Level 1 offenses.

                                                 Level III

                Assault and battery
                Extortion
                Bomb threat
                Fighting- one or more parties engaging in physical assault resulting in serious bodily
                Sexual offenses
                Showing, using, transferring or threatening to use weapons, smoke bombs,
                 ammunition, explosives, etc.
                Possession, consumption or under the influence of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages
                Arson
                Selling, purchasing, or possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs or alcoholic
                Possession, use, or transfer of explosives including, but not limited to, fireworks,
                 ammunition for firearms, etc.
                Unauthorized entrance accompanied by theft or damage of property
                Possession, use, or transfer of weapons
                Any criminal act

Possible Sanctions:
   Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) up to 10 days
   Restitution of property and payment for damages when appropriate
   Notification of law enforcement agency
   Recommendation for expulsion
   Possession, use, or transfer of any type of firearm will result in a mandatory
    recommendation for expulsion.


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