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    • A campaign that gets
      the audience directly
      involved in an
      activity or event that
      enhances the
      advertiser’s business
      and your station
• Audience Promotion
  Brings new viewers/listeners to your
• Sales Promotion
  Attracts buyer’s attention to advertiser’s
  business. Creates in-store traffic/sales
• Community Promotions
  Helps solve a community problem
   An audience promotion can
involve one or more advertisers
 and become a sales promotion,
  building store traffic and new
viewers or listeners at the same
• Station designs a       • Station may provide
  special promotion         air personalities,
  and helps advertisers     station mascot,
  execute the campaign      promotional vehicles,
• Station may provide       inflatable attractions.
  prizes, print flyers,   • Extra costs of
  entry forms, boxes,       promotion must be
  and use of other          built into the cost of
  media.                    the promotion.
   Planning a sales promotion
• Is primary purpose of promotion to project
  station image or sell time?
• Will promotion be sold to existing
  advertisers, new advertisers, or both?
• What benefits will the client receive? New
  customers? New Image? New positioning?
• What media will be used?
• What are the total expenses or prizes,
  supplies, airtime?
• What is the most effective date to
  schedule the promotion for advertiser
  and station?
• Will the campaign be evaluated on the
  basis of dollars generated or on the basis
  of getting and keeping new advertisers?
• Does the promotion conflict with plans by
  the Non Traditional Revenue team?
    Synergistic Promotions
  Joins compatible advertisers
Dinner,movie   Software +     A uto dealer
club = A       Hardware +     + bank =
Night to       web site =     new car for a
Remember                      year
Hardware +     Bakery +       A irline +
Bank = Make    coffee roaster Hotel =
your home      = Office       V acation of a
like new!      Coffee Break Lifetime
   Join Compatible Advertisers
   into one exciting promotion
• Great restaurant and • Auto Dealer and
  dancing at the hottest   bank = “Drive a
  club in town = “A        BMW for a Year”
  Night to Remember”       contest.
  contest                • Travel agency,
• Hardware dealer,         airline, hotel = “Your
  contractor and bank      Vacation of a
  = “Live in The Home      Lifetime”contest.
  of Your Dreams”        • No lotteries!