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					Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 17:32:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Coldwell Banker The Professional Group < >
Subject: Short Sales, Foreclosures & REO information!

Are You Ready For The
Foreclosure & Short Sale

     Coldwell Banker The
Professional Group Is Offering
You This Limited Opportunity
   To Be Part Of The Finest
Training Required For Today's                               Phone:408-215-2229

 How quickly could you find a buyer for
  a property that is 30% under market
   and can close in 10 days or less?

       "In Fact, I Guarantee You Will Make At
   Least $25,000.00 More Over the Next 12
  Months that you did the Last 12 Months or I
    Will Pay You the Difference in Cash!"
                                               Jerry Sato
        Are you ready? Are you willing to work hard and
make a lot of money while others drop out of the real
estate business? My name is Jerry Sato and I am
known as an "untraditional" Real Estate Broker who
thinks "out of the box." I am in constant need of
Realtors who think or want to think "out of the box" and
willing to go for "it" but don't know where "it" is.
Experienced and brand new agents may apply right

       To be successful in today's real estate market
requires specialized and cutting edge systems &
training to deal with today's issues. Not yesterday's,
not tomorrow's, but today's techniques. Learn the
insider's secrets of Foreclosures and Short Sales.
              Wholesale vs. Retail
         Smart buyers are buying now and smart agents
are finding the deals that are 30% below market.
Wholesale deals. Can't find a deal at retail. Do you
know anyone who would buy a property 30% below
market? How many buyers could you attract to a
property that is 30% below market? These BEST BUYS
are seldom available on the MLS. There are no deals on
the MLS. Learn where the deals are. We will teach you
how to attract these deals.

               The Secret:
If You Have The Deals To Offer, You Will
Attract The Right Buyers Who Can Close
            On These Deals.
         Learn to turn ordinary buyers into investors
who will buy multiple properties. We are not speaking
about the equity draining schemes used by
unscrupulous companies that have driven honest,
hardworking folks into the poor house. We will show
you how to help them make their fortune back. Still
sounds too good to be true? For an ordinary real
estate agent who thinks in the old fashion way, it is too
good to be true. Invest a few minutes and speak to us
and if we can't prove to you beyond a shadow of a
doubt that we can do what we promised, what have you
got to lose?
 What I'm Offering You Is The Training
  Required To Explode Beyond This
    Crisis That Is Upon Us Today
       What I'm offering is a very different kind of real
estate career. Real estate companies and agents are
leaving the business like the falling leaves of Autumn.
They are traditional folks doing traditional things. They
don't get it. Will you get it? Get it or get out. Make
lemonade with the lemons you have been given.

  It's Not About Learning How To List
  And Sell Foreclosures & Short Sales
         Most experienced Realtors will tell you that
working the foreclosure and short sale market is a
waste of time. It requires a lot more work and endless
hours of chasing after the loss mitigation department
and tons of extra paperwork required and very poor
odds of the sale being accepted. All the extra work and
effort and not getting paid. That is the reality of
foreclosures and short sales. They are right! It is
stupid! Plus -
        And buyers are waiting for prices to go down
another 10% to 15% before they buy because if they
buy now and the prices continue to drop, they will
lose. They are right. Those same buyers will buy today
if they could get 30% below market. If prices drop
another 20% over the next year, they are still 10% plus
and looking to buy more properties that are 30% below
market. Do you get the picture? How many buyers
could you find in the next week that would be willing to
buy a property 30% below market?

   Still Sounds Too Good To Be True?
       Are you that person I'm looking for? Are you that
person who will take advantage of this opportunity that
others see as a disaster? If you're the right person
willing to work hard and want to make a lot of money in
this market, you will have to learn the secrets we offer.
This is open to everyone willing to make the effort. The
easy market ended 2 years ago and many agents and
companies have not made the necessary changes
needed to thrive. This is your last opportunity or you
will miss the boat. This is ideal for the licensed agent
with successful experience in the past or the brand new
agents who is inexperienced but eager to climb the
mountain of success.

 The Main Point I'd Like To Make Now -
 This Market Will Be Here For The Next
   12 To 18 Months. Can You Survive
 Without My Innovative Training? Call
  Me If You Want To THRIVE, Not Just
         What happens if you don't make a change?
What happens if you come and talk to me and don't
make a change? At least you will learn what we are
doing and you go back to doing what you have been
doing and getting the same results as the past 2 years.
No loss, just not gain. If you feel this might be the last
boat out and you don't want to miss the boat, it is vital
that I hear from you IMMEDIATELY, so I don't fill the
positions without interviewing you.
   For more information on this rare opportunity call

  The Professional Group

  P.S. Next time you drive north on 101 near Whipple
  Ave in Redwood City, take notice of a boat on the right
  side of 101 that is elevated and has a message on it.
  "Don't Miss The Boat" is one of our lead generators.
  Now, that is out of the box marketing! So don't miss the
  boat. Call me today.

                             How To Find Us?
     - From US-101S take the San Tomas Expwy exit toward Montague Expwy, go 2.7 mi
                             -Turn Right on Zanker Rd, go 1.0 mi
  -Turn Left on Junction Ave, look for the road sign pointing to 2833 Junction on your right
        We are located at Central Park Plaza, 2833 Junction Ave, Suite # 200, 2nd floor

                - From US-101N take the Oakland exit onto I-880N, go 2.4 mi
           -Take Montague Expwy exit toward Montague Expwy West, go 1.9 mi
                           -Turn Left on E Plumeria Dr, go 0.1 mi
 -Turn Right on Junction Ave, look for the road sign pointing to 2833 Junction on your right
       We are located at Central Park Plaza, 2833 Junction Ave, Suite # 200, 2nd floor

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